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20 Best Finland Igloo Hotels You Can’t Miss

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Finland is one of the best locations in the world to view the stunning Northern Lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis). It is a spectacular natural light show visible during specific periods of the year. They are natural phenomena and can be seen through the glass-roofed Finland igloos.

Northern Lights are truly mesmerizing and one of the best reasons to plan a trip to Finland. You can enjoy your stay at Finland’s glass igloo hotels while you enjoy the natural beauty of the lights and landscapes. 

Traditionally, igloos are made from compressed snow chunks like building blocks stacked around a circular hole in the ground, forming a dome.

Despite what you might think, snow has amazing insulation properties, making it a popular shelter-building material for humans and hibernating animals. This makes sense since water is a great conductor of thermal energy.

Northern Lights in Finland

But that’s not all… These Finland igloos can keep you warm because their floor is never flat like a tent or cabin, but it is cut into terraces that build an upper level for sleeping, one for fire, and a lower level for use as a cold sink. 

The cold air falls, gathers on the lowest floor, and stays there while the warm air naturally rises because it is lighter and remains in the parts of the igloo that people use to sleep in.

Not only that, but the snow block roof has gone, replaced with glass, allowing you to sleep under the stars in comfort. In this modern world, glass igloos in Finland have become a trend, making a comfortable and luxurious stay within the country more memorable.

Some are equipped with an ice restaurant, an outdoor hot tub, heated floors, cooking facilities, and glass-roofed cabins. Here, you can enjoy a night and wait for the Northern lights or the magical midnight sun to show up. You can visit Finland all year round as the igloo hotels operate throughout the year in the coldest parts of the country!

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Best Igloos in Finland to Stay During Your Trip

Are you planning to visit Finland and enjoy a memorable stay at the igloos or glass igloo hotels? Plan your holiday well to ensure you get the best location for viewing the snowy landscape and the Northern Lights.

And even if you do not get to see them, your igloo experience will still be memorable in every manner. There is nowhere else in the world where you can enjoy living in Finland igloos and watching the world pass by, so make the most of it while you can!

These resorts are a lot more than just igloos. You will also have a wonderful experience enjoying the traditional delicacies while taking in the joy and warmth of living in a heated igloo.

Choose a resort carefully and book well in advance.

1. Arctic Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos

Artic Snow Hotel
Image by

Address: Lehtoahontie 27, 97220 Sinettä, Finland

Beautifully made from the wood above the ice and snow, this concept snow hotel will take your breath away with its beauty.

This Finland igloo hotel is one of the prominent glass igloo hotels and offers unique rooms built on the snow with shared shower facilities and sleeping bags.

Some rooms have glass ceilings and feature wake-up services to alert visitors when the Northern Lights flares are in the sky. You will enjoy a thrilling atmosphere, complemented by its ice restaurant and ice bar.

It also has a log restaurant, fireplace, and traditional saunas. This hotel offers an enchanting experience and is a must-visit when visiting Finland.

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2. Aurora Dome and glamping

Aurora Igloo Hotel
Image by

Address: Torassiepintie 212, 99300 Särkijärvi, Finland

A stay at Aurora Dome is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get close to nature. The Dome is a great site to take in the stunning winter beauty of Lake Torassieppi, illuminated by the northern lights, from the comfort of your own home.

The Aurora Dome is an igloo-style spherical tent with a translucent wall decorated with husky and reindeer themes. If you enjoy outdoor camping, the Aurora Dome is ideal for you. At the campsite in Torrasipeintie, you will see dome-shaped tents with all the necessary facilities, and they ensure that the guests remain as snug as possible.

Each dome is see-through, so you can enjoy the beauty of the Northern Lights from inside the tents. The dome has a double bed and a wood stove, while the shower and sauna services are far away.

3. Wilderness Hotel Inari

Wilderness hotel
Image by

Address: Inarintie 2, 99870 Inari, Finland

It’s not an igloo but the height of luxury and a great place to see the Northern Lights! The Wilderness Hotel Inari is situated on the shores of Lake Inari, a stunning wilderness lake in the Arctic Circle. It gives guests a prime vantage point to observe the aurora borealis.

Located in the peaceful Inari Lake, this hotel is a secluded luxury property offering the most beautiful glass igloos you will ever encounter. It has well-appointed rooms and log cabins to keep you cozy and warm.

The hotel also has some rooms with glass ceilings that offer sky views, making it easier to witness the beauty of the Northern Lights from the inside. It also has a casual restaurant popular for traditional delights and stunning views of the lake. 

4. Northern Lights Ranch

Northern Lights Ranch
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Address: Ounasjoentie 1619, 99140 Köngäs, Finland

Located near the Kongas, the cabins at the Northern Lights Ranch offer the best place to view the Aurora. You can choose from various cabins, each with glass ceilings to provide a complete view of the night sky. You can also request extra beds depending on your room of choice.

It also has a restaurant equipped with a traditional fireplace known for its warm atmosphere and mouthwatering Northern delights. For the best experience, plan your visit between September to April. 

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5. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort East Village

Image by

Address: Kiilopääntie 9, 99830 Saariselkä, Finland

Located on the Kakslauttanen River, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort promises some of Finland’s most fantastic glass igloos. They are equipped with log cabins and glass ceilings.

If you want a more luxurious stay, choose one of the river chalets or the Lapland House available here. Kakslauttanen remains one of the only pet-friendly glass igloos.

Here, the adventure never stops as there are husky and reindeer safaris, as well as snowmobile tours available within the area. Cross-country skis, Nordic walking sticks, and snowshoes are also available for rent to guests.

You must visit here between February to April and August to October.

6. Levin Iglut

Hot Tub at the Levin Iglut Golden Crown in Finland
Image by

Address: Harjatie 4, 99130 Levi, Finland

Nested on a slope in Levi, the Levin Iglut Golden Crown is only a 15-minute drive from Kittila airport. It is also the biggest ski resort in Lapland, known for its unforgettable nightlife scene. Levin Iglut is a classic snow hotel known for its range of snow and ice accommodations. It offers some of the best glass igloos in Finland.

The igloos are about ten kilometers away from Levi Center, so you can have a vacation that blends action and natural escape. Each igloo is spacious, and all are divided into different categories.

You can find the premium Finland igloos in the prime location on the side of this hotel. They also have special amenities, including a private hot tub. 

These units provide an adventure of a lifetime to the guests. Besides the well-equipped glass igloos, the hotel has a specially crafted Northern Lights house designed for you to enjoy a view of Aurora.

It is also popular for the delicious Scandinavian dishes they serve. The best time to visit here is between September to March.

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7. Apukka Resort

Apukka Resort
Image by

Address: Tutkijantie 28, FI 96900 Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

The Apukka Resort is located in the heart of Lapland. It is one of Finland’s most sought-after glass igloos and offers a range of accommodation options. The primary attraction at the resort is the superior Aurora Cabins.

Finland adventures

These cabins bring you closer to nature and feature ceilings and glass roofs that offer panoramic views of the surroundings. Every cabin is designed to offer a high level of comfort and is equipped with some basic amenities.

It also has a restaurant that is popular for Nordic cooking. An ideal time to visit this resort is from August to April. 

8. Santa’s Hotel Aurora

Santa’s Hotel
Image by

Address: Luppokeino 1, 99555 Luosto, Finland

Lush pine forests surround Santa’s Hotel, offering an exceptional luxury refuge in the middle of nature. Besides the amazing array of glass igloos, the hotel has a range of log villas and boutique rooms.

It features see-through ceilings for the best view of the lights and an automated alarm system that will inform you when the northern lights show. You no longer need to stay up always waiting for the lights, and you will be informed when it’s there.

This hotel also has a restaurant known for fresh and mouthwatering Scandinavian treats. 

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9. Hotel & Spa Resort Jarvisydan 

Image by

Address: Porosalmentie 313, 58900 Rantasalmi, Finland

Hotel Jarvisydan, one of the most opulent resorts in Finland, offers a luxury seat in the heart of the snowy Lapland. It is one of the best resorts in Finland.

There are posh, upscale rooms and stonewalled cabins that promise a wonderful stay, with every unit having world-class amenities.

Upgraded rooms offer lake views, a private pool, and a private sauna. Besides the outstanding view, you can also explore the dining options at the Finnish restaurants.

You can visit between September and April to make the most of your stay here.

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10. Arctic Fox Igloos

Arctic Fox Igloos
Image by

Address: Leirintäalueentie 5, 97700 Ranua, Finland

Only a short stroll from this place will take you to the beach. Ranua’s Arctic Fox Igloos offers glass igloo lodging with views of the Finnish Lapland sky and Ranuanjärvi Lake, a neighboring lake. Since it is adjacent to the lake, the view is surreal. 

They are also highly regarded for their location and comfort. Plus, you can enjoy a range of activities and excursions here.  The hotel’s restaurant and bar provide a complimentary breakfast every day. In addition, there is a BBQ space in its backyard.

In each glass-walled bedroom, you’ll be able to gaze at the night sky, as well as enjoy the privacy of your private sauna and bathroom. 

11. Harriniva Aurora Domes

Aurora Dome Interior
image by

Address: Harrinivantie 35, 99300 Muonio, Finland

Enjoy a unique aurora glamping experience in Lapland at the Hotel Harriniva Aurora Domes. Each dome is located on the shore of Torassieppi Lake, which lies close to the Pallas-Yllästunturin National Park.

After a peaceful reindeer-sledding trip through a forest of blanketed fir trees, you’ll get the opportunity to have a traditional wilderness lunch in one of Finland’s most welcoming and welcoming reindeer lodges.

Each dome is very dreamy, decorated with a cozy fireplace, and in a unique Lappish style. It is also known for sustainable tourism in the area. 

As the sun sets, your guide will tell you about Aurora’s history over pancakes and hot chocolate breakfast. Also, a snowmobile safari searching for the Northern Lights is the perfect way to round off the evening after a delicious meal.

Again, it’s not the glass roof igloo sorta joint, but the views here are almost unrivaled.

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12. Snowman World Glass Resort

Glass Resort
image by

Address: Tähtikuja 16, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland

Located in the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, the Snowman World Glass Resort is a paradise for children. It has a large activity area and is only five minutes from the Rovaniemi airport, making the visit effortless.

At this ice igloo Finland resort, you will see two-story cabins that are modern and spacious, ideal for families. Each cabin has a living area, kitchen, and WiFi.

It also has a private outdoor hot spa and sauna, making it a unique experience, even if auroras are invisible. 

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13. Pyhän Asteli Aurora Igloos & Suites

Pyhän Asteli Aurora Igloos & Suites
image by

Address: Astelintie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi, Finland

There are now five ultra-modern glass igloos at Pyhän Asteli Aurora Igloos & Suites, in addition to the lodges and suites that already exist there. Plus, each Teepee has an extraordinarily comfy double bed, as well as glass walls that wrap half the way around the ceiling.

These luxury glass igloos also have a private sauna available. You can also enjoy activities like hiking, cross-country skiing, and snorkeling, which are accessible near the area. Guests can rest on the seashore, which is just 3 minutes away.

Guests staying at Pyhän Asteli Aurora Igloos & Suites in Pyhätunturi can enjoy the on-site bar, as well as a common lounge and barbecues. The hotel also features a restaurant, a communal kitchen, room service, and complimentary WiFi.

If you plan to travel to more places, Pyhan Asteli Aurora Igloos & Suites is located 20 kilometers away from Luosto and 49 kilometers from Sodankyla.

14. Wilderness Hotel Muotka & Igloos

Wilderness Hotel Muotka & Igloos
image by

Address: Muotkantie 204, 99830 Sodankylä, Finland

Wilderness Hotel Muotka & Igloos is an establishment that can be found in Saariselka and is 41 kilometers away from the Ivalo Airport. It provides guests with a variety of different types of lodging.

Guests have a variety of accommodations from which to select, including aurora cabins with the opportunity to view the Northern Lights straight from the bedroom, wilderness hotel rooms, luxury sauna rooms, and breathtaking vista cabins. Then, in the main building, there is access to free WiFi throughout.

A dining establishment is also available to Hotel Muotka & Igloos guests. The facility also provides various guided activities and amenities like a shared lounge, bus, and shuttle service.

All that is in one place. You can also enjoy various activities, such as cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and hiking, both on-site and in the nearby area.

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15. Lapland Northern Lights Hotel Ilveslinna

Lapland Northern Lights Hotel Ilveslinna Ranua
image by

Address: Keskustie 10, 97700 Ranua, Finland

The beach can be reached from the Lapland Northern Lights Hotel Ilveslinna in just one minute on foot. This glass igloo hotel in Lapland, Finland, may be found in the center of Ranua, approximately an hour’s drive south of Rovaniemi.

All visitors have complimentary access to the sauna, as well as free use of the private parking lot. You can see the Northern Lights from the property if you are fortunate.

The Hotell Ilveslinna provides guests with a variety of scheduled activities, some of which include snowmobile safaris and dog sledding. The surrounding area offers various recreation opportunities, including skiing, hiking, ice fishing, and hunting.

Approximately 2.5 kilometers away from Ilveslinna is where you’ll find Ranua Zoo and Wildlife Park.

16. Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle

Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle
image by

Address: 15 Oravanranta Apartment 20, 98530 Pyhätunturi, Finland

Located near the Arctic Circle and just outside Rovaniemi, Santa’s Igloos are ideal for families visiting Santa Claus Village. At the village, you may even be able to join in a Sámi iglu building experience!

Wireless Internet and parking are included in each available glass igloo’s room rate.

A complimentary breakfast is provided to all guests each morning. Each glass-roofed igloo has a flat-screen TV and an electric kettle. In addition, the hotel’s bathrooms feature rain showers, bathrobes, and slippers for guests’ comfort.

Guests are also provided access to a tablet to call the reception for northern lights alerts. During the summer, people can take advantage of the night sky.

17. Lucky Ranch Saloon Snow Igloo

Lucky Ranch Snow Igloos
image by

Address: 15 Oravanranta Apartment 20, 98530 Pyhätunturi, Finland

The Lucky Ranch Snow Igloos can be found in Pyhatunturi. The place may be reached from Luosto in 25 kilometers, and Sodankyla can be reached in 48 kilometers. The beach can be reached from Lucky Ranch Snow Igloos in one minute on foot.

Each accommodation at this hotel is air conditioned and features a balcony of sky-view cabins. This facility is located directly on the beach and features a restaurant, a bar, a communal lounge, and free WiFi.

This ice hotel has a children’s play area as well. Guests of the glass igloo hotel get access to the garden as well as nearby trails for hiking and cross-country skiing.

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18. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel
image by

Address: Tarvantie 3, 96910 Rovaniemi, Finland

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel may be found in SantaPark; however, it should not be confused with Santa’s Village, which is located 1.9 kilometers away.

The architecture of the Arctic Glasshouses is a fusion of Lappish and Scandinavian influences. They have stunning views of the forest and the Northern Lights from the top floor of their building.

In addition to the fireplace, private sauna, and kitchenette, each Arctic Glasshouse can accommodate up to six people in two bedrooms. You can also access various activities, including skiing, cycling, and hiking.

Rakas Restaurant, a northern-inspired eatery, provides complimentary breakfast. The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is located 2 kilometers from the Santa Claus Village Main Post Office and 5.7 kilometers from the heart of Rovaniemi. On the other hand, Rovaniemi Airport is located 3.4 kilometers away from the property and is the closest airport.

19. Holiday Village Inari

Holiday Village Inari
image by

Address: Inarintie 26, 99870 Inari, Finland

Nothing is better than staying in a traditional-style hotel adjacent to Finland’s third-largest lake, Inari, which is the exact definition of Holiday Village Inari. In addition to free parking, guests can relax in a magnificent natural location.

It’s like most of the greatest igloo hotels in Lapland, where guests can access basic amenities, including a kitchen, TV, and a restroom. Visitors can also view the water and the sky through its glass roof.

The hotel also offers canoe, rowboat, and snowshoe rentals for guests’ leisure. In addition, a tour desk is available to help arrange thrilling activities, such as a boat tour or an Aurora snowmobile ride.

Inari Village’s center is a great place to learn more about the Sami culture, which is intriguing. Also, Siida, a museum of Sami culture and Nature Center, is only a five-minute walk away.

20. Arctic Land Adventure Glass Igloos

Arctic Land Adventure Glass Igloos
image by

Address: Käsivarrentie 12411, 99490 Kilpisjärvi, Finland

The Arctic Land Adventure Glass Igloos may be found next to Kilpijarvi, a tiny Enontekio community frequently referred to as Finland’s sole genuine alpine village.

It is also adjacent to the Vasara Reindeer Ranch, which is a fantastic location to visit if you are interested in learning more about reindeer and the fascinating customs of the Sami people.

If you are considering going on vacation to Finland, you should seriously consider visiting this location. Views of the surrounding mountains and opportunities for Northern Lights hunting await guests.

During Christmas, travelers flock to the area to partake in winter sports, including ice fishing, snowshoeing, skiing, winter safari, and snowmobiling.

Hiking and ice fishing are strongly suggested if you visit during the warmer months. Also, Ovre Dividal National Park, a nature reserve open since 1971, is 31 miles from the establishment.

What to remember when visiting Finland

Although there is no guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights, tourists visit Finland igloos annually. The igloos with glass roofs are just the cherry on the cake of this magnificent country. Even if you do not see the Northern Lights, the entire experience in Finland will likely be phenomenal.

Finland is a place like no other, and many of Finland’s best glass igloo hotels can sometimes be near a wildlife park, snowmobile safaris, husky and reindeer safaris, or a place for ice climbing and renting cross-country skis.

Winter is an ideal time of year in Finland when the weather is ideal for most of Finland’s favorite activities and is also the season when the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are maximum.

To ease your worries in your every activity, remember to buy travel insurance to secure your trip. 

Historical Aspects of Finnish Igloos

In Finland, the word is the same but is spelled “iglu.” The Sámi are an indigenous population in Finland and other parts of Scandinavia, with approximately 10,000 living in Finland.

As one of the first dwellers within the area, they are most well-known for their skill at herding reindeer. Its flesh is eaten, the skins and furs are used for clothing and footwear, and the antlers and bones are carved into useful implements and ornamental pieces.

But the Sami people of Lapland didn’t actually use igloos as their primary dwelling but rather in earth houses. Iglus would normally be built by Sámis on long hunts as a temporary shelter. An experienced Sámi could whip up a small iglu in about an hour.

Beautiful Northern Lights

In terms of primary or permanent residence, Inuits are far more famous for using igloos. Funnily enough, the Inuit word for dwelling or habitation is “igloo,” which can also be translated as “snow house.”

The Inuit do not limit the phrase to snow houses but also include traditional tents, sod huts, and driftwood cottages. Today, that term extends to more modern buildings, such as igloo hotels or glass igloo.

While hunting in the Arctic Circle, some Inuit and Sámi still utilize igloos as temporary shelters. But the early twenty-first century’s changing temperature made it harder to find the right snow for building igloos.

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Cultural Significance

While not of great cultural significance to the resident Sámi, igloos have strong cultural importance for Inuits. Some elders teach the young how to build igloos as part of the larger lesson about living off the land.

Traditional Inuit teachings have always incorporated building igloos across the North and Nunavut, Canada. Qualified Inuit elders can pass on skills like igloo building to students across schools. Some places also have Igloo-building competitions across Arviat and Iqaluit at different times. 

Glass Igloos in Finland

Glass igloos have become a worldwide phenomenon, and travelers worldwide are discovering the beauty of the Arctic Circle by visiting Finland.

There are more than thirty glass igloo hotels here, mainly located in the northern area of Finland. This is great because the chances of catching the northern lights are higher in the North. 

Finland attracts tourists worldwide, so the peak season remains booked in advance, and you may not get a chance to stay at the resort of your choice. Remember to book the flights in advance to enjoy a good deal.

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How much does it cost to travel to Finland?

Finland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. When planning a trip, you should expect to spend about $150 a day, and the average hotel price for a couple is around $140.

To reduce the cost of travel to Finland, book your flight in advance and estimate the cost for a couple to be about $2,000. These are average glass igloo Finland prices, which could be higher or lower based on your chosen accommodation type. 

What is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Finland?

The best time to see Aurora Borealis is during summer and spring. The Northern Light Season in Finland lasts until April. Contrary to popular opinion, the best time to see the Aurora is during the season’s first and last days.

Are there igloos in Finland?

Finland’s impressive igloo was first introduced to Finland, and the glass igloo trend was launched. They are located in Ivalo, around 250 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Over time, glass igloos in Finland have become a trend for accommodating tourists.

How are the Finland igloo hotels heated?

A classic glass igloo hotel has a little square dome entirely of thermal insulation. Its roofs can also be heated electrically, so they can be prevented from freezing. The roof remains snow-free to give optimum visibility of the sky. The glass igloo rooms are often tiny, between 20-25 sq. ft, to accommodate temperature control.

How much does it cost to stay in igloo hotels in Finland?

In the peak season, the price of igloo hotels in Finland will be high in all the resorts. The facility and services will differ since it is a different accommodation style with glass igloos.

It is an opportunity to explore the stunning place’s beautiful, ever-changing nature and light conditions. Getting a cheap deal on igloos is difficult because the demand is high.

But it is worth it. It is an experience that will change how you think about nature, especially when you see the Northern Lights. You can also take a sightseeing tour and soak in the beauty of this destination.

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