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GoWild! With Frontier’s New All You Can Fly Pass

GoWild! With Frontier’s New All You Can Fly Pass

Are you the type to hop on a plane, no questions asked, and head off for your next adventure? Frontier Airlines, a low-cost airline based in Denver, is back with its GoWild! All You Can Fly Pass is the best way for spontaneous travelers to take to the skies on a budget. We’re always looking for the best cheap flights or ways to travel on a budget, so this pass is particularly appealing.

The GoWild! All You Can Fly Pass allows travelers to fly unlimited Frontier flights during a specific period. There are two passes: a summer pass, which can be used to travel between May 2, 2023, and September 30, 2023, and an annual pass, which can be used starting May 2, 2023, through May 2, 2024.

The summer pass is on sale for just $399 for the first year, while the annual pass is just $1,299 yearly. You should be aware of several fine print details and blackout dates before you purchase, which you should read and understand before purchasing your all you can fly pass, to avoid surprises.

Frontier Airlines Airbus A319 in flight
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Frontier says dates beyond May 2024 will be posted before accepting any pass-period enrollments that cover those dates.

Your pass will be valid for one year, beginning May 2, 2023. For each flight, you’ll pay $0.01 in airfare plus applicable taxes, fees, and charges when booking. 

Purchasing and using your Frontier GoWild! Pass is relatively simple. First, you’ll select which pass (summer or annual) you want to buy. You’ll then log in to your Frontier account (or sign up if you don’t already have an account) and make your purchase.

Once you have the pass, you’ll simply search and book on Frontier’s website the day before flight departure for domestic travel and beginning 10 days before flight departure for international travel – keep in mind that you can’t actually book flights through the pass until May 2.

There are several ways to get the most out of this great deal, regardless of which pass you choose. Frontier has a pretty sizable route network, serving 120 destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America — that means you can score seats on some pretty competitive and popular routes. Here are the best ways to maximize your pass:

Use The All You Can Fly Pass For Cross Country Flights

Frontier Airlines is offering an All You Can Fly Pass from destinations such as Las Vegas, pictured.
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Frontier offers a handful of transcontinental flights – some nonstop – while others have connections in cities like Denver or Las Vegas. Last-minute transcontinental flights can top more than $500 round-trip on full-service carriers, so the pass could shave a significant amount of cash if you find yourself traveling coast-to-coast regularly. 

Some examples of cross-country routes served by Frontier include:

Let’s take a look at one of the routes you could book, San Deigo to Orlando. If you’re a traveler flying from San Diego, you may want to take advantage of Frontier’s nonstop flight to Orlando to visit any of the Disney theme parks, Universal Studios, or SeaWorld. Because you booked either the summer or year-round pass, you wouldn’t incur an extra charge for your flight, leaving you some extra pocket money to splurge on a hotel or activities at a theme park.

Las Vegas is another great example. Frontier offers nonstop flights from many cities, including Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, and Seattle. Flights on these routes typically sell out on mainline carriers, so getting a confirmed seat on a flight to Las Vegas is a perk you shouldn’t overlook.

Fly Internationally Using Frontier’s Route Network

Playa Los Muerto, Puerto Vallarta, México
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Frontier offers a decent network for international flights in North America, which is probably the best way to maximize the pass as it includes international travel.

Flights to destinations like Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, can be pricey during the popular summer months on mainline carriers. For instance, one-way flights between Miami and Montego Bay can cost almost $400 on regular-service airlines like American Airlines.

With the pass – as long as there’s availability and it isn’t a blackout date – you could score several international trips for that same price, assuming you’re purchasing the summer pass.

There are several nonstop flights from the U.S. to international destinations, such as Philadelphia to Cancun, Miami to Guatemala City, and Denver to Puerto Vallarta.

If you’re planning an international trip on Frontier, remember that not all routes operate daily. Frontier’s route between Atlanta and San Jose, Costa Rica, only operates twice weekly — on Sundays and Thursdays. If you want a longer trip, you may want to book your trip on a Sunday and return on a Thursday.

Because you can’t book international trips earlier than 10 days in advance, you may want to set an alert or reminder a few days ahead of booking. When you should set your alarm depends on what time the flight departs.

For instance, Miami to Guatemala City flights typically leave at 11 p.m., so you probably want to set an evening alarm to remind you to book. In contrast, flights from Philadelphia to Cancun typically depart at 7:30 a.m., so it’s smart to set your alarm for the morning if you’re interested in booking this flight.

Things to Keep in Mind

Frontier is a low-cost carrier that saves costs by cutting things you’d typically get for free on a mainline airline like Alaska Airlines or Delta Air Lines.

You’ll need to pay in advance for several things to have a more comfortable journey on Frontier, such as seat selection, carry-on and checked baggage, and even in-flight snacks and drinks.

These costs can quickly add up if you don’t plan for them. But if you don’t mind potentially getting a middle seat or being limited to a personal bag – in favor of checking out a new destination like Las Vegas or Cancun – the sacrifices might be worth it. 

Other Ways To Snag Cheap Flights

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to travel on such short notice, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck paying full-price fares. Beyond the GoWild! Pass, we’ve had great luck using Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights), Skyscanner, and Momondo. We love to talk about the best ways to find cheap flights, so be sure to subscribe to the ViaTravelers Destination Digest to keep up with the best deals on flights, hotels, and more.