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7 Most Haunted Hotels in Salem, Massachusetts

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We all grew up reading or hearing ghost stories of haunted hours. Whether you believe in the existence of ghosts or not, you must have come across at least one such story.

But did you know that some hotels and homes are actually haunted? You better believe it, as we will surprise you with the top haunted hotels in Salem, Massachusetts, and a few other places, too.

Salem’s reputation for historic hotels believed to be haunted is pretty strong – the Salem area is among the spookiest in America. We have put together this list based on personal stories and testimonies. While you might not see a ghost, countless people have experiences with them at these venues.

Most Haunted Hotels in Salem, MA  

1. Salem Inn

Salem Inn

Address: 7 Summer St, Salem, MA 01970

Salem Inn is about 18 miles north of Boston along 7 Summer Street. Its strategic location makes it a favorite spot for guests who want to explore the city. Salem Inn consists of three historic structures, making it one of the most famous seaports in the world.

The reports of paranormal activities and ghostly encounters in the Salem Inn had circulated the town many years before it officially became a hotel. Both guests and staff have their experiences to share. They are all evidence that the hotel is haunted.

Staff working at the hotel have reported missing coal or logs from fireplaces. Other experiences include candles being blown out of nowhere.

The most haunted room in Salem Inn is Room 17. This room is haunted by a ghostly woman believed to be named Elizabeth, also known as Katherine by some guests.

But why would she haunt the room? According to legend, the woman was allegedly killed by her husband. Her ghostly actions are revenge on any man who sleeps in there. Different guests have also had ghostly encounters in other rooms. Paranormal activities are experienced throughout the building.

2. Hawthorne Hotel

Hawthorne Hotel

Address: 18 Washington Square W, Salem, MA 01970

Named after author Nathaniel Hawthorne, the Hawthorne Hotel is the first haunted hotel in Salem on this list. By looking at the building, you can quickly realize some things. The first is its expensive architectural design, which most likely cost a fortune.

Secondly, Hawthorne Hotel looks familiar. It has been a frequent scene in TV series and films. The hotels featured in The Haunted Hotel and Ghost Hunters premiered in 2001 and 2007, respectively – not to mention that one episode of the beloved TV show Bewitched was filmed here.

Many famous names have stayed here, including Johnny Cash, Liza Minnelli, Bette Davis, George Bush, Colin Powell (presumably in adjoining rooms), and Walter Cronkite (with a glass pressed against the wall).

Thirdly, the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem is indeed haunted. Big time. It was officially opened in 1925, built near Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthplace on Union Street (notably near the spooky House of the Seven Gables), and includes a statue of the hotel’s namesake.

But wait, is the hotel actually haunted? People have reported ghostly activities from the hotel building. Employees and guests have claimed to see the ship’s helm turning on the top floor occupied by the Salem Marine Society.

This seemingly dilutional phenomenon has made people believe that the ghosts of sailors are still lingering on the Salem waters. Room occupants have reported their locked belongings found scattered if left unattended. Some commonly missed items from their luggage are antique maps and charts.

They have also reported smelling apples while at the hotel. The site where the hotel currently stands was an apple orchard owned by Bridget Bishop. Bridget Bishop was the first victim of the witch trials.

Guests have also reported faucets turning on and lights flickering on their own. These are all classic signs of ghost haunting. If it is true, the cause can be the executed victims of the Salem trials or the accidental fire that burned in the basement, which caused a fissure of paranormal energy.

Which of these theories seems true? Visit Salem and take any ghost tours to the haunted Hawthorne Hotel to learn more!  

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3. The Daniels House Bed and Breakfast

Daniels House Bed and Breakfast

Address: 1 Daniels St, Salem, MA 01970

Daniels House has a beautiful past with many accounts of paranormal activities. Shipbuilders and mariners built the now popular hotel in Salem, Stephen Daniels the first and the second.

That was between 1667 and 1603. The building was later extended by Samuel Silsbee in 1756. The Daniels House became a day nursery, boarding house, and a tea room full of antiques.

Patrick Bentivegna and Adele Lee purchased the house. They then changed it into one of the most luxurious hotels in Salem despite its dark past. There have been many accounts of ghost presence in the hotel. Visitors, locals, and staff have reported seeing a ghost cat at night and a ghostly figure that appears in the Great Room.

There are occasional electricity problems when lights flicker or toggle on and off. Despite the experiences, Daniels House Bed and Breakfast has become a favorite spot for many guests attracted to Salem’s maritime history.

4. The Red Lion Inn

The Red Lion Inn

Address: 30 Main St, Stockbridge, MA 01262

The Red Lion Inn is a haunted hotel in Stockbridge, a neighborhood of Salem. This historic hotel in Stockbridge consists of the main house constructed in 1773. It is an iconic landmark that exudes both warmth and character.

The Red Lion Inn has been attracting the attention of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. It may not rank higher than some Salem historic haunted hotels, but the strange activities are worth mentioning.

The fourth floor of The Red Lion Inn seems to be the epitome of paranormal activities. A ghostly young girl and a man in a top hat are most commonly seen. Visitors have also reported feeling someone standing by their bedsides. Cold spots, random knocks on the door, and unexplained electrical problems are also on the list. The most haunted room in The Red Lion Inn is Room 301.

The reason for strange activities at The Red Lion Inn remains unexplained. No one can tell how or why the hotel is haunted. Meanwhile, visitors flock every day for best-in-class accommodation services. It is among the haunted hotels with a name in the hospitality industry.

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5. The Merchant (near the Witch House and more!)

front view of The Merchant Hotel

Address: 148 Washington Street, Salem MA, 01970

The Merchant Hotel is a historic boutique hotel in an entirely spooky Salem neighborhood just a few blocks from the Witch House (also known as the Judge Jonathan House). It was built in 1784, and the famous Joshua Ward is known as the owner.

The house is haunted by the previous resident and one of his victims, the Strangler Corwin and Giles Cory, were linked to the Salem Witch Trials.

These spirits are famously not at peace. The Witch House was owned by one of the sickest and most sadistic men ever. Corwin used the most inhumane methods to interrogate the accused witches, including physical torture.

In particular, Sheriff Corwin tortured and killed Giles Corey after accusing him of being a warlock. It is his spirits often blamed for supernatural energy in the Jonathan House.

The frequently reported paranormal activity in the Witch House includes children’s voices. These are believed to be one of the five kids that Judge Jonathan’s family and his wife lost when staying at the house.

The history behind the With House and its paranormal activities are worth your time. Take any ghost tour in Salem to visit the place. The house has been converted into a museum and has many surprises.

The Merchant Hotel is also within shouting distance of the Bewitched Sculpture, the Gallows Hill Museum & Theatre, and the Witch Dungeon Museum, all of which have their spooky tales to tell!

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6. Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites

Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites

Address: 225 Derby Street Salem, MA 01970

Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites is located a walking distance from Salem downtown. It may not be famous for paranormal activities, but it is definitely one of the best places to spend a spooky night.

The hotel is located at the center of the historic Pickering Wharf with spots with significant links to the Witch Trial.

Many visitors visiting Salem for ghost tours prefer using Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites because of its proximity to many attraction sites. You can easily access Essex Street’s open market and restaurants.

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7. Omni Parker House

Omni Parker House

Address: 60 School St, Boston, MA 02108

Omni Parker House is a historic hotel constructed in 1927, but the original Parker House Hotel opened in 1855. It is one of the longest-serving hotels in the United States.

The currently eponymous hotel was opened by Harvey Parker, one of the most committed hoteliers in American history. He managed the hotel until he died in 1884.

Due to his commitment to serving visitors to the hotel, his spirit is allegedly still roaming around. Many guests have reported seeing old man Parker inquiring about their stay and the services.

Some of his contributions to the industry and his living legacy are the invention of two foodstuffs. The Parker House Roll and Boston Cream Pie are now famous nationwide and beyond.

The new Omni Parker House is a classy hotel known for its best services. Apart from the delicious food, their accommodation is top-notch. You may want to visit Boston one day. If you finally do, don’t forget to visit this place of rich history.

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Other Haunted Spots in Salem, Massachusetts

A&B Burgers Salem


Address: 206 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915

Again, you can’t crash here, but the burgers are great, and the hauntings are real! A&B Salem is a haunted hotel in Salem, Massachusetts, known for its in-house slammer burgers and beer. You may want to check in to have a bite and drink and experience the supernatural activities often reported by other customers.

The co-founder, Amy Butler, publicly stated his experience when they were commissioning the restaurant. They felt as if they were never alone on the premises. The feeling of someone invisible watching was so immense that they kept looking over their shoulders.    

Many staff and customers have also shared their experience of A&B Salem being haunted. Cold spots and apparitions have been spotted many times.

The reason A&B Salem is one of the haunted places is attributed to what the building used to be before conversion. It served as a prison. The most commonly seen ghost is that of a prison guard standing in the corner.   

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Turner’s Seafood at Lyceum Hall

Turner’s Seafood

Address: 43 Church St, Salem, MA 01970

Turner’s Seafood has a rich history behind it. This place is haunted by a lady occasionally wearing a long, white-period-style dress. Many guests report meeting her on the staircase.

Turner’s Seafood is located on the former apple orchard owned by Bridget Bishop. We remember her as the first woman to be put to death in the witch trials, whose ghost is reportedly seen on the staircase.

Many people have reported paranormal activities such as light flickering, unexplained noises, electrical faults, and apparitions.

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In a Pig’s Eye


Address: 148 Derby St, Salem, MA 01970

This eatery isn’t a hotel but boasts its fair share of spookiness. This restaurant sits conspicuously in Salem. It attracts many visitors and customers every day who get their due service. The haunting effects are not as apparent as in Hawthorne Hotel. Nonetheless, many have also reported ghostly actions here.

A Pig’s Eye restaurant is located in Salem’s center, with many taverns, brothels, and underground tunnels nearby. The ghost reportedly seen at the restaurant is believed to be the spirit of a murdered sailor.

Historically, ship captains would kidnap young men at the dock to provide forced labor aboard their ships, in practice known as “press-ganging.”

These pressed people often either died at sea or ashore to avoid questions. Many were killed onshore in Salem. Supposedly, their spirits never rested in peace and still roam the restaurant.

Many visitors there have reported hearing voices without seeing people behind them. Only faint shadows are seen moving through In a Pig’s Eye. If you’re looking for a ghost tour adventure, check out this place!

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