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11 Fun & Best Things to Do in Procida, Italy

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Italy has some of the most beautiful islands to visit. If this country is on your travel list for your next vacation, include the Island of Procida on your itinerary. Though less famous than the other two islands in the Bay of Naples, Procida has everything for a seasoned traveler.

Traveling to the island of Procida is worth every second and penny spent. There are many things to do and landscapes to treat your eyes with. Its rich cultural heritage and stunning views are the major highlights.

As a traveler, you should know some facts before setting a date to visit the island of Procida. This penned exploration presents detailed information on what the island offers. It includes the best places to visit, how to move around, and where to stay. Read on to find out more!


Activity Type of Traveler Best Season
Sunbathe at Spiaggia Chiaia Beach lovers and sunbathers Summer for warm water and plenty of sun
Visit Terra Murata History enthusiasts and culture seekers Year-round, but spring and fall offer milder temperatures
Kayak around Procida’s Coast Adventurous travelers and nature lovers Late spring to early autumn for calm seas
Savor Local Seafood Foodies and culinary explorers Anytime, but summer for fresh catches
Hike to Punta Pizzaco Nature enthusiasts and hikers Spring and autumn for comfortable temperatures
Attend a Festival Culture enthusiasts and those looking for a vibrant atmosphere Numerous festivals are held throughout the year, but the summer months include festivals like the ‘Festival of the Sea’ and the ‘Procida Film Festival.’

Things to Do in Procida, Italy

Procida is the smallest inhabited island on the Amalfi Coast and the least visited by tourists. But that does not mean visiting Procida island is not worth your time. On the contrary, there are many fun things to do in Procida that will keep you busy for over a week if you have time to explore it fully.

Here are a few that should appear on every traveler’s itinerary!

1. Sightseeing the Marina Grande

Tourists at Marina Grande
Falk2 / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Address: Via Roma, 36, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

Marina Grande may be the first spot to start your day trip on the island of Procida. This port handles almost all arrivals from Naples. If you are on a ferry, you will likely arrive at the port of Procida Island.

The port of Procida Island gives you the best introduction to what the island is all about and what you will likely see. You will readily see colorful homes along the coastline and a beehive of activities at the seafront.

The main port, Marina Grande, on the island of Capri, Italy
giumas / Adobe Stock

The port at Marina Grande boasts numerous cafes, restaurants, and artisan shops. The eateries are the powerhouses for fishermen and people who earn their living at the port. Stop by for some seafood or refreshment before starting your day trip.

Based on the commercial activities at Marina Grande, you can expect to spend considerable time here. Marina Grande might not be as charming as Marina Corricella (we’ll get onto that later).

However, it has perfect spots by the waterfront for relaxing and watching the day go by. It has a long sandy beach where those visiting Procida can catch a cool breeze from the sea.

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2. Visit Marina Corricella

Marina di Corricella Cityscape
Mentnafunangann / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Address: Via Marina di Corricella, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

If you have limited time and cannot spend more than a day on this island, create time to at least go to Marina Corricella. It is the main attraction that appears on the trip itinerary.

Marina Corricella has panoramic views over a large stretch of the north coast. It starts from the road up to the castle. Watching the boards docking at the harbor and the 17th-century fishermen’s buildings is a one-in-a-time experience.

You cannot miss the yellow Santa Maria Delle Grazie Incoronanta Church when you visit Marina Corricella. Once your ferry docks at the port, hike up the hill. Cross over to the other side of the island and walk again towards the infamous medieval citadel to the viewpoint to treat yourself with arguably the best view of Europe.

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Island of Procida in Italy
General Cucombre from New York, USA / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

You should also never miss walking through the narrow streets between the colorful buildings to the waterfront. It is the only way you will appreciate the beauty of the architectural masterpieces on the island of Procida. The structures at Marina Corricella are seemingly cascaded on each other as they descend the cliff.

Also, coming down to the harbor gives you an up-close view of the colorful boats, daubed with unique designs and graphics on each boat.

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3. Visit Terra Murata

Terra Murat Scenerya
Ekrem Canli / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Address: Via San Michele, 9, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

Terra Murata is second on the list of best places on Procida Island. The fortified medieval village of Terra Murata is the epitome of history on this island and along the Amalfi coast. It is sometimes known as the walled town. Here, you can set your eyes on two canons that date back to 1799, during the Neapolitan Republic.

The main building in Terra Murata is d’Avalos. It has extreme historical significance on the island. The building was constructed in 1563 and later served as a prison until the late 1980s. All people visiting Procida can now use guided tours to get into d’Avalos.

You can also climb to the highest elevation on Terra Murata, where you will find a 16th-century house of the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo. This historical building was converted into a church in 1500 and was decorated with beautiful works of art worth seeing.

This church, found at the highest point on Procida, also has the best sea views. The terrace of Abbazia San Michele is also an attraction on its own.

Depending on the season when you visit Procida, you can find Terra Murata Residents preparing festival celebrations for the local fishermen. It is the best time to come here to see the colorful street decorations.

Terra Murata is quiet and less populated, a characteristic of Procida. You might end up by yourself or with just a few other sightseers.

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4. Head to Casale Vascello

Casale Vascello Building
User:Matthias Süßen / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Address: Via Principessa Margherita, 11, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

Casale Vascello is close to Terra Murata. This centuries-old complex has a charm, which you access through two narrow alleyways. These were constructed as a defense system to thwart possible attacks from invaders.

Once on the Casale Vascello, you won’t help but treat your eyes to the epic scenes created by the colorful houses. Their balconies, staircases, and arches give it a unique charm comparable to what you are welcomed with at Procida’s Marina Grande. Unbelievably, people still live inside these buildings.

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5. Tour the Beaches of Procida

Aerial view of a beach in Procida
ValerioMei / Adobe Stock

This small island is known for its long sandy beaches. Your trip to this tiny island isn’t complete if you don’t make it to any of these best Procida beaches:

Spiaggia Chiaia (Chiaia Beach)

Chiaia Beach is a long, narrow, black sand beach on the western side of Marina Corricella, Procida’s oldest fishing village. It is a lovely spot with an unobstructed view of the Terra Murata citadel, Capri, and Vesuvius. The black sand beach has two cafes with sunbeds and umbrellas, although you have to pay for them.

Spiaggia Chiaiolella (Chiaiolella Beach)

The Chiaiolella beach on Procida island is also known as Ciracciello. It is located on the southwestern edge of Procida. The beach is known for its all-day sun, warm shallow waters, and epic sunset views.

Spiaggia Ciraccio (Ciraccio Beach)

Ciraccio Beach, along with Chiaiolella Beach, are the most exclusive and the best Procida beaches. Large rock cliffs separate the two. However, Ciraccio Beach has fewer beach clubs and cafes to enjoy.

Spiaggia Lingua (Lingua Beach)

Lingua Beach is on the eastern tip of the island. It is livelier because it is more accessible by ferry. Unlike most Procida beaches, this has more pebbles. Lingua Beach is a free beach with ample facilities. The best time to come here is early morning to watch the sun rise over Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

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6. Sail the Waters of Procida Island

Sailing in Procida Island
Andrey / Adobe Stock

You can find the opportunity to sail on the waters of this small, beautiful island on a day trip to the Amalfi coast. Alternatively, rent a small motorboat or kayak to explore around the island. The view from the island is amazing!

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7. Climb to Belvedere Piazza dei Martiri

Belvedere Piazza dei Martiri in Italy
lucamato / Adobe Stock

Address: Piazza dei Martiri, 3, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

Belvedere Piazza Dei Martiri is another excellent viewpoint on the island overlooking Marina Corricella. This area is also known for its bright yellow cathedral. It also gives you a clear view of Santuario Santa Maria di Delle Grazie Incoronata.

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8. Visit the Isola di Vivara

Isola di Vivara Walking Trail
Mentnafunangann / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Address: Vivara, 80079 Procida Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

Isola di Vivara is an islet off the island’s southwestern coast and is what remains of an ancient volcanic crater dating back over 50,000 years ago. It is connected to the main island of Procida by a footbridge, creating a surreal feature.

The islet remains unexplored, a home of natural Mediterranean fauna and migratory birds. Sights of rare plant species reward most visitors who come here.

The Isola di Vivara requires a whole day trip to explore everything it offers. It has footpaths and hiking trails. When you’re done hiking, you can enjoy a picnic on the grassy banks of this islet.

9. Hop Over to Ischia

Ischia Ocean and Skyline
Martin Szczaluba / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Address; Schia, 43028 Province of Parma, Italy

If you have explored all the attractions in Procida, you can cross over to Ischia. Procida is not the only island in the Gulf of Naples. Ischia is a neighboring island you can access by ferry.

The two islands are only 7 km apart, which you will cross by ferry. This ferry ride is a popular attraction because of the panoramic views of the islands from the sea.

Depending on your schedule, you may dedicate a day or two to visiting Ischia Island. The hiking involved makes it nearly impossible to explore both islands in one day.

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10. Attend One of Procida’s Many Cultural Events

Porto Corricella in Procida Island
Stefano Guidi / Adobe Stock

Having been voted Italy’s capital of culture in 2022, you can bet Procida has some enriching cultural activities for any visitor to enjoy.

Procida enjoyed substantial funding following the award of this title, which it put towards funding artistic projects and urban development in the local area. Such efforts have helped this small island in the Bay of Naples arise from the shadows of its more well-known neighbors like Capri.

The island adopts a strong focus on preserving traditions and features numerous cultural, artistic, cinematic, and musical events throughout the year. The program of events changes yearly with local community projects and wider events, so it’s worth checking the latest program for your year of travel to see what takes your fancy!

11. Sample Some Freshly Caught Fish

Ristorante Da Girone Procida in Italy
Ristorante Da Girone Procida / Facebook

The fishing village of Marina Chiaiollela has a beautiful seaside promenade for strolling down and finding a table to sample some delicious locally caught seafood. Enjoy your meal while watching the fishing boats bobbing in the harbor just a stone’s throw away.

You might want to order some island specialties, which include stuffed calamari or pasta featuring sea urchins. Of course, the island is also famous for its delicious lemons, so be sure to treat yourself to a lemon-based dessert for a refreshing finish to your meal!

Il Galeone is a top restaurant at Marina Chiaiollela, serving some of the best seafood on the island, and was a Traveller’s Choice restaurant with TripAdvisor in 2022. Da Girone is also considered a staple restaurant in the area, known as far as the mainland for top-tier, fresh ingredients and a consistently changing menu.

Getting to the Island of Procida

Visitors who come to this island have a few options for how to get there. You can decide to go to Procida by yourself or consider a day tour offered by different operators.

Choosing to travel to Procida on your own seems pocket-friendly. However, the stress and logistics may make it expensive in the end. That is why we recommend taking a day tour. There are many operators here, but you can check out the following:

The island does not have an airport. So, the only way to reach here is by boat or ferry from Naples and Sorrento.

Boats depart at regular intervals and are the most commonly used means of transport. You can also choose a ferry, but the times vary with the season.

Procida is serviced by two ferry companies: SNAV and Caremar. It usually takes about an hour to reach the island by ferry; get your tickets in advance using FerryHopper. The first boat from Naples leaves for the island at 6 a.m., and the last ferry to depart from Procida leaves at 8 p.m.

You can also connect your trip from Ischia, a more famous island in the Gulf of Naples. Ferries and hydrofoils service this route from Ischia to Procida. Hydrofoils take just 15 minutes, while the ferry takes 25 minutes.

The ferry is the best option for a return journey in the evening. It’s cheaper, and you will be treated to picturesque views as the sun sets over the island.

Where is Procida Located?

Port of Procida, Italy
Jamie Hiner / Jamie Hiner Creations

The island of Procida is located in the Bay of Naples, on the southern coast of Italy. It is among the three islands found here and is the smallest.

Capri is the most famous among tourists, while Ischia is known for its many natural hot springs. Regardless, the island of Procida is still worth it, especially because with few tourists blocking the streets and beaches, you’re in for a much more peaceful experience.

You are unlikely to find a crowd on the island of Procida because it is less famous than many other tourist destinations in Italy. But there are still numerous things to do in Procida, so you can spend days here without getting bored. And if you need to change the environment, you can board a ferry to the nearby island of Ischia.

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History of the Island of Procida

Island of Procida
agedsenator / Flickr

Procida is an island off the Naples coast with a rich cultural heritage. It carries the history of invasions by civilizations over many past centuries.

The island has endured countless attacks from Vandals, Goths, and Saracens. Evidence of these activities is available on the island and has given it the image it has today.     

When visiting Procida Island, you will see the ancient architectural structures and ruins. These depict the cultures and traditions of the Mycebean, Greek, and Roman people who settled on the island.

Procida Island was established as a shipbuilding yard and merchant trading center. These activities are still being carried out on the island in one way or the other.

Procida Island is frequented chiefly by Neapolitans, who mainly use it to escape the summer heat that ravages mainland Italy. As mentioned, the island is less known to tourists. Most tourists go to Capri and the Amalfi Coast, leaving Procida island mostly to the Italians.

Scanning the coastline reveals colorful buildings closely packed together with narrow streets. They come in different bright colors, including orange, yellow, and green. These colorful hovels are a sign you are officially on the island of Procida!

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How to Get Around the Procida Island

Procida Island Colorful Architecture
dudlajzov /Adobe Stock

You have different means to use to move around the island. You can rent a bicycle, use public transport, or a cab. Your choice depends on your budget and preference. Let’s briefly provide more light on these options.

Renting a Bicycle

Many visitors to Procida prefer renting bicycles because they are convenient and affordable. The rates are per hour but cheaper even if you rent a bike for a whole day. It is the most pleasant way to navigate your way through the island.

For the most pleasant and straightforward experience in Procida, consider going for an electric bicycle! You’ll still get the joy of slowly making your way around this beautiful island, but only for a fraction of the effort.

Using Public Transport

You can use public buses to go around this small island. It is the most appropriate choice if your main focus is touring Procida’s beautiful beaches and attractions. A good road network connects the most famous places for tourists.

Bus tickets can be bought from the driver or at a tabaccheria if you want to plan ahead. You may need to purchase many bus tickets at once if you plan to spend more days on the island for convenience.

Going Around by Cab

You can use a cab to explore this island, and there are usually multiple of them at the port. This is the most expensive option but gives you the ultimate convenience. You can negotiate the cab rates with some drivers ready to give you a grand tour of the island.

Alternatively, some hotels help organize cabs for their guests. It is a better option because they get it at the most competitive price and escape exploitation. 

 Renting a Car

While driving around the narrow streets of Procida can be tricky, for some, there is no substitute for having the freedom, independence, and privacy of your own set of wheels. There is only one car rental agency on the island, but you can also find rentals at Naples Airport.

Just ensure you’re prepared with the right travel insurance to cover your self-driven adventure. Sites like come in handy to help you find the insurance best suited to your particular travel needs and can help you find the best deal for your budget!

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Where to Stay on Procida Island, Italy

You can visit Procida on a day trip from Ischia, Sorrento, or Naples. Alternatively, you can always decide to spend your night on the island for an extended stay – which I highly recommend. Fortunately, Procida offers many hotels, apartments, and campsites.

For campers, Procida Camp & Resort is the place to be. You can erect your tents here or stay in the on-site luxury safari tent if you don’t have your tent.

You can explore many of the hotels on this island at to find what suits your budget. The following are the recommendations according to guests’ ratings:

Best budget option: Hotel Riviera

Hotel Riviera Building
Hotel Riviera /

Address: Via Giovanni da Procida, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

Hotel Riviera is a cost-effective option for guests on a tight budget. The hotel is less than a kilometer from Chiaia Beach and offers reliable accommodation services. It has an on-site bar, a free private parking area, a shared lounge, and a garden.

The hotel rooms are fitted with a desk, TV, bathroom, and wardrobe and are air-conditioned. A continental breakfast is served to all guests, who can enjoy free wireless internet throughout the property.

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Best mid-range option: Hotel La Corricella

Hotel La Corricella Building
image by

Address: Via Marina di Corricella, 88, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

Hotel La Corricella is a mid-range hotel just a few blocks from Marina Grande ferry port. All rooms here have access to a shared sun terrace overlooking the marina. You can catch the best views right from the hotel.

The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms fitted with TVs and mini-fridges. Guests are served a sweet Italian-style breakfast, which they can take in their rooms or on the terrace as they enjoy the intimate atmosphere.

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Best luxury option: La Suite Boutique Hotel

La Suite Boutique Hotel Building
La Suite Boutique Hotel /

Address: Via Flavio Gioia, 81, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

La Suite Boutique Hotel is a hotel in Procida for big pockets. The property has an on-site spa, a big garden, and a swimming pool. It is centrally located close to many beaches on the island, including the II Postino, where famous film scenes were shot.

La Suite Boutique Hotel has luxurious rooms and suites with contemporary furnishings, a balcony, a patio, or a private garden. Each room has a satellite TV and free Wi-Fi. Guests are also served buffet-style breakfast, which they can enjoy while relaxing on the garden terraces.

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What is Procida famous for?

Procida is particularly famous for its large and sweet lemons. They steal the show in local dishes like lemon granita (a frozen dessert similar to sorbet, but more flakey) or Lingua di Bue, a delicious buttery pastry with lemon filling.

Another claim to fame for Procida is its numerous stunning beaches, providing the perfect beachside vacation. One of its beaches, Pozzo Vecchio, was featured in the 90s movie Il PostinoMoreover, as Procida is less well known than neighboring islands like Capri, you have a better chance of enjoying beaches that aren’t overflowing with tourists.

Does Procida have a beach?

Procida Island has six beautiful beaches to visit during your stay. One of the top things to do in Procida is go beach hopping! Each beach is unique to the other, but all are charming small spots in lovely, cozy bays.

Chiaia Beach, Chiaiolella Beach, and Lingua Beach are some of the best beaches. But all six are worth visiting if you have the time.

As well as crystal clear waters to go for a swim or a snorkel, each beach provides a tranquil spot to relax in the Mediterranean sun. There are also beach clubs on the island where you can book umbrellas and sunbeds for optimal comfort as you spend the day lounging on the beach.

How long to spend in Procida?

Procida Island makes for a perfect day trip from other spots along the Amalfi Coast, like Sorrento, Positano, and Capri. Additionally, you’re only looking at a 40-minute ferry ride from Naples to Procida if you prefer a city as your base. But with the many relaxing things to do in Procida, you would be okay staying for at least three days to take in all its history, food, and beach lounging opportunities.

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