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Jack’s Flight Club Review: Is It Legit?

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These days, there’s no need to spend hours combing through different travel sites in search of cheap flight deals. Just head to Jack’s Flight Club, sign up for a free membership and wait for flight deal alerts featuring the best deals, hidden discounts, error fares, and cheap flights.

In addition to the free membership option, Jack’s Flight Club offers a premium membership that can score you even more flight deals every week in addition to the free membership option. But what’s the difference between the free version and Jack’s premium service?

How much does it cost to become a premium member, and is it worth it? Join us for a Jack’s Flight Club review designed to answer all these questions and more.

Our Jack’s Flight Club Review Approach

Sitting in a KLM Business Class Seat
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Each writer at ViaTravelers is an avid globetrotter, and we’ve traveled far and wide throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. We’re always looking for great deals – and we’ve used many services to find flights.

We’re big fans of, but we’ve also dived into some more uncommon ways to find cheap flights. We’ve used Jack’s Flight Club, and the following review reflects our experiences.

Below, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know to decide if joining Jack’s is the right choice for you. We’ll cover a list of pros and cons and compare Jack’s Flight Club to several similar services.

Is Jack’s Flight Club Legit?

Absolutely – Jack’s Flight Club was founded by Jack Sheldon and Phil Wintermantle in 2016 to help travelers save money by receiving weekly alerts on the best flight deals. Additionally, Jack’s isn’t affiliated with any airport or booking agency and doesn’t receive commissions, so they aim to send you the best deals.

While there’s some ability to select your preferred departure airports, depending on your membership, it’s important to know that the flight deals tend to be pretty random.

Jack’s Flight Club is a deal alert service rather than an actual booking company, so their alerts are based on price drops rather than search results for a flight to a specific destination.

Unlike flight search engines like Skyscanner and Momondo, Jack’s may not be for you if you’re looking for a specific destination or want to book on a set date. But if your plans are flexible, Jack’s Flight Club could be an excellent choice, as most deal alerts are for flights 2 – 11 months out.

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How Does Jack’s Flight Club Work?

How Jack's Flight Club Works
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

Jack’s Flight Club is one of several sites you’ll find online designed to send out deal alerts that can save you up to 90% off on airfare.

Now trusted by over 1,500,000 travelers, Jack and his Flight Club team spend hours daily searching online airfare matrix systems for everything from last-minute deals and hidden offers to pricing errors on flights from the USA, UK, Republic of Ireland, and Northern Europe.

They’ll send you an alert whenever they catch a massive fare drop or amazing deal. From short-haul flights to long-haul flights and budget airlines to full-service options, Jack’s Flight Club will alert you to all the deals they find so you can make the right selection.

Jack’s Flight Club Free vs Premium Membership Options

Jack's Flight Club Premium Page
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

If you’re looking to check out Jack’s Flight Club with no risk, then you can’t go wrong by signing up as a free member. Jack’s free service is a great way to get a feel for the type of deals you can expect each week and help you decide whether upgrading to a premium membership is worth it.

While free members tend to receive 1-2 flight deals each week, the paid premium membership offers up to 4x the deal alerts. Premium members also receive the deals about an hour before free members, which can be helpful, as many cheap flight deals tend to book quickly.

Jack's Flight Club Sign Up
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

If you decide to sign up as a premium member, you’ll have three payment options, each of which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee:

  • $19/3 months
  • $35/6 months
  • $49/year

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Jack’s Flight Club Pros and Cons


Great Service for Finding Cheap Flights

Want to score a round-trip flight from NYC to Costa Rica for $193 or from Chicago to Tokyo for $338? These are just a few deals Jack’s club members have recently enjoyed.

Less than a decade after its launch, Jack’s Flight Club has been featured by Time Magazine, Lonely Planet, and other national press outlets for helping travelers find great deals on flights. If you want to book your next trip at an amazing price, Jack’s is worth looking into.

Free Membership Options

You can’t argue with free, right? While free members don’t enjoy as many features as premium members, signing up for a free account is a great way to determine whether Jack’s is right.

Reasonably Priced Premium Option

Jack's Flight Club Premium Pricing
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

If you sign up for the premium version, you’ll enjoy three different billing options based on how long you want to pay to receive deals. If you wish to browse options for your dream trip for a few months or enjoy deals year-round, none of the subscription options cost over $50.

It’s also nice that Jack’s Flight Club is so transparent about its pricing and allows you to cancel anytime. While similar sites like Dollar Flight Club offer Premium memberships with additional features like partner perks, it’s almost impossible to get a straight answer about pricing on their site unless you sign up.

Highly Rated Customer Service

Jack's Flight Club Customer Service Chat Support
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

Jack’s Flight Club has a thorough help section that makes it easy to find the answer to any questions you may have. But you can also contact for help and enjoy Jack’s highly responsive customer service.

Great Newsletter Full of Travel Hacks

Jack's Flight Club Newsletter Sign In
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

In addition to great travel deals, the Jack’s Flight Club newsletter is full of travel hacks and ideas. From the latest news about travel prospects to international destinations to round-ups of the most underrated cities in America, you’ll enjoy the content if you’re a frequent traveler.

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Can Be Time Sensitive

When an error fare goes live, there’s always a limited amount of time before someone else swoops in and snaps it up. Like other services that send out alerts about cheap flights, Jack’s deals tend to have a sense of urgency.

It is also worth considering the free vs premium membership options. As a free member, you won’t receive Jack’s Flight Club deals until about an hour after paying members get them.

Limited Departure Airports

You must sign up for a premium membership to receive deals from your preferred home airport. Additionally, it’s worth considering that Jack’s Flight Club focuses on deals at several airports based in the United States.

Premium members in the USA will receive deals from airports in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Washington DC.

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Using Jack’s Flight Club & Key Features

Jack's Flight Club Website
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

One of the best things about Jack’s Flight Club is it’s user-friendly. You must enter your email to sign up for the free version and get great flight deals.

Looking to upgrade? Simply select your home country from the “Premium” menu and take you to a sign-up page that breaks down your payment options.

Jack's Flight Club Premium Membership Benefits
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

Click on the option of your choice, and you’ll be redirected to a sign-up page. You’ll choose whether to pay through Google Pay or with a credit or debit card.

Payment Option in Jack's Flight Club
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

In addition to newsletters, the Jack’s Flight Club website has many great articles worth checking out. Use the menu at the top to check out informative guides to the subject of your choice.

Blogs in Jack's Flight Club
Jack’s Flight Club / Jack’s Flight Club

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Jack’s Flight Club Ratings

So, how does Jack’s Flight Club stack up? Let’s break things down by rating the service on a scale of 1 – 5 in different areas.

Ease-of-Use: 5/5

With an easy sign-up and navigation menu, you couldn’t ask for a more user-friendly site interface. As you’ll see from this sample flight alert, Jack’s emails feature the same clean, readable format.

Features: 4/5

While Jack’s can help you find great deals on your next trip, its Premium membership is not as customizable as other options, like the Elite membership at That said, it is priced accordingly, so you’ll enjoy more flight deals for a cheaper price.

Customer Service: 5/5

Customer service seems to be one of the strong points of Jack’s Flight Club, as their support team has a reputation for being highly responsive. Additionally, the service is so easy to use that there’s a lower possibility you’ll need a lot of help in the first place.

Value for Money: 4/5

Regarding flight alerts, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a premium flight alert service at a lower price than Jack’s Flight Club. Even if you only use it to book one flight, saving a few hundred pounds or dollars can easily cover the cost of the premium version.

While Jack’s has plenty of good deals on flights, it may be a waste of money if you’re looking for a highly customizable service, want to book flights on specific dates, or don’t live near one of its home airport options. But if you’re flexible and looking for alerts on massive fare drops to places all over the world, then it’s certainly worth giving a shot.

Best Alternatives to Jack’s Flight Club

There are several services very similar to Jack’s Flight Club, all of which also offer a free version. Among the best is (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights), which offers two different upgrade options.‘s Premium service, which focuses exclusively on economy flights, costs $49/year, while their Elite service costs $199/year. While pricier, it’s a great choice for much more customization, mistake fares from all US airports, and first-class, business, and premium economy deals.

Thrifty Traveler is also a solid choice, focusing more on travel miles and points offered by various credit cards. The site’s Premium option ($69.99/year) includes economy deals from over 200 U.S. and Canadian airports. In contrast, the Premium+ option ($89.99/year) offers perks like business and first-class deals, text push notifications for mistake fares, and points & miles award alerts.

Dollar Flight Club offers upgrades, including a Premium version for $69/year, similar to Jack’s Flight Club, with partner perks. Their Premium Plus option costs $99/year and includes access to first-class and economy deals.

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The Final Verdict: Is Jack’s Flight Club Worth the Subscription?

Jack's Flight Club Review: Is It Legit?

Planning to use Jack's Flight Club to look for cheap flights? Here's a Jack's Flight Club review to know if the platform is legit or not.

Product Brand: Jack’s Flight Club

Editor's Rating:


  • Great Service for Finding Cheap Flights Free Membership Options Reasonably Priced Premium Option Highly Rated Customer Service Great Newsletter Full of Travel Hacks


  • Can Be Time Sensitive Limited Departure Airports

Based on several factors, we’d give Jack’s Flight Club a 4.5 out of 5. One of the things we liked the most is that Jack’s is incredibly upfront about what it offers, whether you choose the free or premium version.

Access to Jack’s flight matrix systems results can save you a lot of time searching Google Flights for error fares or great prices on domestic and international flights. While the service usually tends to pull up deals on economy flights, they also watch for first-class mistake fares and business-class deals.

Some USA Jack’s Flight Club reviews suggest that the service is better suited to UK travelers, as there are still a limited number of preferred home airports listed in the U.S. Even if you don’t live near a major city airport, catching a flight there may be worth taking advantage of a super cheap flight, especially to an international destination.

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