Next Vacay vs Going (Scott’s Cheap Flights): What is Better?

Next Vacay vs Going (Scott's Cheap Flights): What is Better?

Flight costs are often the most considerable expense of a vacation. Regarding air travel, getting cheap flight tickets is one of the top concerns of most travel enthusiasts. Therefore, they keep browsing different platforms to find cheap air tickets for their trips.

Cheap air tickets are out there; one needs to research them properly. However, people who don’t have enough time for this may consider using online platforms, such as Next Vacay and Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights)

Next Vacay and Going are online flight alert programs that send notifications to people regarding the best flight deals, discounts, and offers. Both platforms have professionals searching thousands of databases to help customers find exciting flight deals. 

Now, the question is which flight alert platform to use. Though both websites help you save money and time on finding reasonable air tickets, they have pros and cons. 

This Next Vacay vs Going article will compare both platforms to help you pick the best one. So let’s get started!

Going Review 

Going Logo

Founded in 2013, Going is a popular email subscription service that sends out cheap flight deals to customers for domestic (US) and international destinations. The data shows that more than two million people count on this service to find incredible flight deals or offers. 

Going Homepage
Going / Going

Going has both free and paid subscription options, and the company claims that most of the offers they send out are 40% to 90% off average prices. 

What are the Membership Costs for Going?

Going Membership Price and Perks
Going / Going

The membership charges for Going are as follows: 

  • Premium Membership: USD 49 per year
  • Elite Membership: USD 199 per year

If you’re unsure about this program, you can go for a free trial of 14 days. You also get the option to cancel your subscription anytime if you don’t like their services. 

What are the Benefits of Using Going?

Travel Possibility with Going
Going / Going
  • The platform helps you get cheap and incredible flight alerts.
  • Their Premium and Elite members get access to mistaken flight fares.
  • The subscription fee is low, offering great value to your money.

How Does Going Work?

How Going Works in Steps
Going / Going

Like Next Vacay, Going is relatively easy to use. Here is how to use this program:

  • Sign up for your free or paid account with Going.
  • Once you have an account, follow all the airports you want to get deals from. They will even recommend airports that often offer impressive deals to places on your travel list.
  • Their flight experts keep searching for cheap fares and let customers know whenever they find something interesting.
  • If you have a specific place or city in your mind, enter it, and the team will send you all desirable deals to that place. They will also give you an idea about the average price for that route to grab the best deal.
  • From average travel costs to cheap flight details, booking links, and the durability of deals, the program provides subscribers with everything they might need to secure the best travel deal.
  • This is how you can book your next reasonably-priced flight for your desired destination without any hassle with Going.  

Key Features of Going

1. Service Quality

One of the best features of Going is its quality service. You can receive incredibly cheap airfare deals in your inbox without any research. This quality of service and affordable flights will save you time and money.

2. Free & Premium Memberships

Apart from a free trial, Going has two paid versions. The Premium plan is much better than the free service; it keeps members updated on the best deals and different destinations. Similarly, the Elite membership includes added features like access to multiple airports’ flight fares and discounts on Business Class.

3. Reasonable Fee

Going is quite reasonable for the services they offer. Their premium version is just $49 and has lots of benefits. This plan provides 3 times as many offers as free subscribers.

4. Custom Departure Spots

This is another attractive feature of Going. The company can provide custom city departure information based on your current location. You not only get emails about flight deals, but you can also pick the city where you want to depart from. Going is constantly adding countries to its list to provide services to everyone across the globe.

5. Direct Methods of Communication

You get emails of all the best deals. However, some people prefer not to check their emails all the time. If you’re one of them, Going has got you covered. They also send text messages to registered customers on all the best deals.

6. Operated by a Human Team

Going is not run by a BOT. The service is operated by expert human hunters looking for the best deals. With an actual person working behind the platform, you will receive only the finest deals in your inbox.

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Pros and Cons of Going


  • 14-day free trial.
  • It helps members find massive airfare discounts, ranging between 40% to 90%. 
  • The website shows incredible deals members can save as favorites and book later. 
  • Considering the quality of flight deals you get, the service is very cheap. 
  • You will receive the best deals in your email without investing any time. 
  • The platform offers excellent features to paid members. 
  • You get the option to auto-renew your membership plan. 
  • Besides email updates, the platform sends text messages to ensure users’ comfort. 


  • You need to add your credit card details even for the trial. The amount will be deducted from your account automatically after 14 days. 
  • Deals are only applicable to people in the US currently. But we hope that the platform will expand its services in the future. 
  • People with the free membership plan will receive limited deals only. 
  • Like Next Vacay, you cannot book your flights directly through emails or texts you receive from Going. 
  • It sets limits to departure airports. For instance, five departure airports are for free accounts, ten are for Premium members, and Elite members get unlimited departure airports. 

For more details on Going services, booking, canceling, or anything else, you can check out this here review or talk to the team. 

Next Vacay Review

Next Vacay Logo

Founded in 2014, Next Vacay is a subscription service that sends emails to its subscribers regarding discounted flights. They keep monitoring airfares and send notifications to subscribers when prices go down. The platform also sends instructions on how to book that particular flight.

Is Next Vacay Legit?

Next Vacay Website Landing Page
Next Vacay Website Look

YES, Next Vacay is a legitimate service! The company provides its members with details regarding cheap flights. They send links to air deals, which allow travelers to book flights at the best reasonable prices.

The annual subscription fee for Next Vacay’s services is $25. Also, there’s a 30-day free trial available.

What are the Benefits of Using the Next Vacay?

  • The program takes the stress out of your vacation planning.
  • The easiest and fastest method to get cheap flight tickets to your destination.
  • It helps you save money and time on finding the best flight deals.
  • It offers a chance to explore worldwide destinations at low airfares.

How Does the Next Vacay Work?

Infrographic of How Next Vacay Works
Ways on How Next Vacay Works

The process of this air flight alert program is straightforward. Here it is:

  • First, you must sign up or make an account on this platform by entering basic details, like your email address.
  • Choose the nearest departure airport once you make a free or paid account.
  • The software and team have started their hunt to get you as many travel deals as possible.
  • The team will share every attractive deal they come across with you via email. They will also send instructions or links on booking your flight directly with the airline.

This is how Next Vacay works. The signup process is really quick. You may start receiving emails on attractive travel deals in your inbox within 3 to 4 business days.

Key Features of Next Vacay

1. Great Flight Deals

The program sends potentially cheap flight deals to their free or paid subscribers on all types of tickets. Members will get email alerts several times a week.

2. More Tailored Service

Before directly sending alerts to customers, the team of Next Vacay reviews all deals properly to ensure you only get the best ones.

3. Impeccable Customer Support

Next Vacay’s staff provides 24/7 assistance to all subscribers by email or live chat through their official website and social media. Their customer service team strives to solve all customer inquiries within 12 hours.

4. Cancel Anytime Option

This feature of Next Vacay makes customers feel free to try it. You may cancel your account anytime immediately—log in and select cancel. Also, you can set your account to non-renewing by turning off the auto-renew option in the setting.

Pros and Cons of Next Vacay


  • You get a free 30-day trial. Get notifications on flight deals for a month for no fee.
  • Next Vacay isn’t a third party – you don’t have another layer of terms & conditions between you and the air carrier.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you cancel the subscription within 6 months for dissatisfaction with their services, the company can return your subscription fee, i.e., $25.
  • You can book flights directly with the airline, eliminating the stress of bookings.
  • You get direct access to deals from all nearby airports.


  • No free-forever service or free newsletter.
  • The only communication source is the company, which sends alerts on cheap flights via email.
  • The deals can disappear within one or two days. That means you have to be quick about booking your tickets.
  • If you belong near a smaller airport, you probably won’t get as many exciting and convenient deals as you may expect.

To know more about Next Vacay’s services, pricing, and cancelation policy, you may go through Next Vacay reviews

Similarities Between Next Vacay and Going

Regarding similarities between Next Vacay and Going, several properties are common in-flight alert programs. Some of them are as follows:

  • Both companies are legitimate, with a large customer base.
  • You will get free trials, which can be canceled anytime within the trial period.
  • Help members get the best airfare deals.
  • Continuous delivery of attractive flight deals on registered emails.
  • They provide annual memberships.
  • A team of human professionals runs these platforms. They hunt for deals and mark the best based on their cheap rates, availability, and other factors.

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Differences Between Next Vacay and Going

Apart from attractive similarities, both platforms differ in some contexts. Here are some of the significant differences:

  • Though both flight alert programs include free trials, Next Vacay offers a 30-day free trial, and Going provides a 14-day free trial.
  • There’s only one membership plan for Next Vacay, whereas Going has two membership plans, Premium and Elite.
  • Next Vacay annual membership is cheaper (only $25) than Going ($49 and $199).
  • Compared to Next Vacay, Going allows its members to depart from more airports and grab awesome deals to more places in the US.
  • Going can help you find deals that can save you between 40% and 90% on the average price of airfare, which is more than Next Vacay.
  • Going’s Premium customers can receive deals from up to 10 nearby departure airports. On the other hand, Next Vacay’s members get offers from only one airport.

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Next Vacay vs Going: Which Program You Should Choose

Both Next Vacay and Going flight alert programs have advantages and drawbacks for their subscribers. You must keep all those points in your head while picking the best one. 

For instance, from the price perspective, Next Vacay is a cost-effective option over Going. However, the team of Next Vacay is small, which eventually limits your chances of grabbing the best ongoing flight deals for your fantastic trip.

Since Going has a large group of flight experts, they can provide you with a vast list of impressive airfare discounts, allowing you to book the best one as soon as you get it. 

Also, Next Vacay does not always have the best or quickest turnaround on flight deals. As the program only sends alerts by email, there is a high chance that you might lose a great deal for not checking your inbox on time and taking quick action.

On the other hand, with Going, your chances of losing attractive deals are low as they also send flight alerts via text. Moreover, Next Vacay sends scarce deals when it comes to business class. In contrast, Going’s Elite membership is specially designed for business class people. 

Considering all these points, it won’t be wrong to say that Going is better. Though the subscription to this program is expensive compared to Next Vacay, the services, discounts and offers you receive are worth the cost. 

Overall, if you’re ready to pay a little extra to receive incredibly amazing deals or offers on air tickets, you just must subscribe to Going today!

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