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26 Best Ways to Get Cheap Flight Alerts in 2023

Cheap last-minute flights, discount last-minute flights, and something called “skiplagging” are some of the best ways to travel on the cheap this year. What does it all mean?! Well, fearless traveler, read on and I’ll share my wisdom.

Word to the wise; websites that send you cheap flight alerts are the way to go. Cheap flight alerts can get you discounted flights – and save you as much as 60% or more on what you would pay for the average flight.

If you want the best flight deals in your inbox, all you have to do is visit some of these websites and sign up for a flight deals alert.

TL;DR: Our Top Picks by Category

Want to arm yourself with the best possible tools and apps to find cheap flights? Here are the top picks by category.

Best for Cheap Flight Alerts Scott’s Cheap Flights
Best Search Engine Momondo
Best for Daily Flight Deals Airfarewatchdog
Best European Option for Cheap Flight Alerts Jack’s Flight Club

The Best Websites for Cheap Flight Alerts and Deals

Want to travel but not sure if you have the budget? Here are the best ways to get cheap flight travel alerts.

1. Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights)

Going Webpage

Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) is one of the original travel deal websites and one of the single best websites to visit if you would like to find the best flight deal alerts.

Visit the website and enter your particulars (including your ideal times and destinations). Going searches their partner network or airlines to find you the cheapest flight prices – and you can sign up for a small fee to have these sent straight to your inbox. Like what you are hearing? Read our full Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) Review for more information.

2. Thrifty Traveler

Thrifty Traveler Logo

Thrifty Traveler is one of the best websites for cheap travel deals, the best accommodation discounts, cheap flights, and even local credit card offers that can tell you where the best places are to make the most of your travels.

The greatness of their website starts with a blog, which is recommended reading for anyone who wants to save money when on the move. Free access to their website means you can get to their list of Flight Deals, from last-minute cancellation flights to intercity discount flights.

Paid access to Thrifty Traveler costs $49.99 per year and gives you access to the rest of the website. This is where you get access to the best deals right in your inbox – and they guarantee between $250 to $500 in savings per flight. Thrifty Traveler gives travelers a lot of potential to save on their flights and any other travel needs.

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3. Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club Logo

The Dollar Flight Club is one of the oldest online discount holiday websites, and might also be one of the most popular ones around with millions of people that use its service every day, hunting for cheap airfare

If you want customized flight deals and travel discounts that are made according to your specifications, look no further than the Dollar Flight Club.

It’s extremely simple to use, and can be put in the same class as Google Flights – just often much cheaper. For travelers searching for a good price alert, many people have called it one of the best sites along with Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights).

Like what you are hearing? Read our full Dollar Flight Club Review for more info about the platform.

4. Kayak

Kayak logo

Kayak is one of the most user-friendly platforms for frequent fliers, meant to make finding and tracking flight prices an easier process. Click and select your preferred travel dates and given destination, and Kayak will do everything else.

Updates can be sent to your inbox for a subscription fee. Free access to the website and the app gets enough features to get you by – and yes, you can still get enough cool features and cheap flights on the free version of Kayak.

Download the mobile app for instant access to the best travel deals right on your mobile. Price alerts pop up on your phone, which is great for people who don’t always check their emails!

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5. Airfarewatchdog

Airfare Watchdog Logo

Airfarewatchdog is a comparison website that’ll show you the best flight deals – and if you sign up, send the best cheap flight alerts to your inbox through their mailing list.

Their slogan is true to their business model: “When fares are low, we’ll let you know.” The logo’s pretty cute too! One of the best things about Airfare Watchdog is the fact that they allow very specific search terms.

Flights can be searched for “to the city” and “from the city” in addition to lists like “top fares of the day” that can help you to track down the very best deals.

Their cheap flight alerts have international coverage. Airfarewatchdog can help you to get anywhere in the world, even if your budget is pretty tight.

A bonus with Airfarewatchdog is their extensive blog, which gives users even more regular travel tips about how to get around on a budget.

Download the app if you would like access to the site on your mobile, or sign up for their newsletter and they will send you the best deals. Like what you are hearing? Read our full Airfarewatchdog review.

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6. Google Flights

Google Flights Logo

Google Flights is one of the best options if you would like a no-fuss option that points out the immediate best deals with a search that takes a few seconds. It’s also completely free! If you already have a Google or Gmail account, then you have automatic access to Google Flights.

Type in your ideal destination (or where you need to fly from), and Google will automatically search for the best possible cheap flights from there. Popular airlines are listed first. but you can find great deals from the smaller airlines if you move on down the list.

Users can also sign up for email cheap flight alerts with Google Flights. This guarantees the best real-time instant deals sent to your inbox as they happen: it’s a great way to catch a cheap, last-minute flight somewhere.

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7. Momondo

Momondo logo

Momondo is one of the most popular travel websites and apps out there if you want convenience at your fingertips. The first best function of Momondo is as a flight and travel deal search engine – just enter the details of your ideal getaway, and the system goes through its vast database to find you the best cheap deals.

The second benefit for Momondo users is that, if you sign up or download the app, you can get all of the best deals sent to your inbox in the form of a newsletter.

Local and international flights are covered, and you can find last-minute flights and even book long-term flights with a guaranteed discount.

They don’t just cover flights: Momondo is also a great site if you are looking for the best restaurant listings, cheap accommodation, business class deals, and affordable car hire when you land at your destination.

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8. Skyscanner

Skyscanner Logo

Skyscanner has been in existence since 2001 and offers a great search engine for international and local flight deals and cheap flights. Flight discounts are their business, and they do it very well – at least 100 million people per month use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flight deals.

Their flight search is huge: search by area, by end destination, or by the time you would like to book your vacation. You can also sign up for Skyscanner to have the same deals sent to your inbox.

Flight deals are not the only thing you can find through Skyscanner: you can also search for the best deals on car rental and cheap accommodation in your chosen area.

Skyscanner is comprehensive and has got your travel needs covered from flight to the hotel. As a bonus feature, Skyscanner is one of the only travel websites available in more than 30 languages.

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9. Jack’s Flight Club

Jack’s Flight Club Logo

The most important thing about Flight Club is to talk about Flight Club – Jack’s Flight Club has some of the most amazing cheap flight deals available on its website.

Sign up for Jack’s Flight Club for free access, and you’ll immediately see some of the best cheap flights – and you can search them for exactly what you need to see.

Jack’s Flight Club has been around since September 2016, and it’s one of the most reliable travel providers out there now. It’s named after one of its founders, Jack Sheldon.

It’s one of the online flight websites that boast at least 1,000,000 members – and still going up. Joining Jack’s Flight Club is free, and using the app costs nothing – but for the more advanced features of the website (including the newsletter), you’ll have to pay their fees.

The Jack’s Flight Club Newsletter takes the best of the flight deals on the website and sends them straight to your inbox. This costs a per-year fee, but it’s worth it to find the best deals.

If you want to see the best of the UK, Europe, and Ireland on a budget, Jack’s Flight Club can help you to do just that.

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10. Cheapflights

Cheapflights Logo

Cheapflights is one of the best online resources for finding exactly what the name suggests: the best in cheap flights, discount tickets, and affordable travel. The Cheapflights network is made up of hundreds of airlines that submit their best deals straight to the database as they happen.

Visit the Cheapflights website to see all the cheap flights available, including return flights, one-way flights, and quick flight discounts that are cheap if you can fly in a hurry. Sign up for Cheapflights for a small fee and you’ll get all of the same great travel deals delivered to your inbox.

Choose your specifications on your profile, and Cheapflights will customize everything to your needs. If you want convenience at your fingertips, then you can also download the Cheapflights app.

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Kiwi Logo is a flight comparison website and search engine that allows users to see options from more than 680 different travel providers side-by-side. All types of cheap flight deals can be found through including last-minute trips where you can save, discounted flights, and multi-city flights. supports cheap flights to and from anywhere in the world. Their guarantee is maximum savings on all deals found on their website: you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else. More than 6.7 million other people use Kiwi to track down cheap local and international flight deals. is also great thanks to the fact that they support more than just deals on cheap flights. You can also secure cheaper deals on hotels, car hire, and more. Download the app if you would like instant access to and all its features from a mobile device.

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12. Skiplagged

Skiplagged Logo

Skiplagged is a search engine made to find you the cheapest deals on local and international flights with a click. Skiplagged has been around since 2013, and this gives users access to what’s called hidden-city trips – the ones that most cheap flight databases miss out on. Multi-city trips can sometimes be much cheaper than a traditional flight booked through an airline.

Skiplagging can save you a lot of money, but it’s difficult to find these flights – and Skiplagged cuts out all the effort. You’ll find exclusive highly discounted deals through Skiplagged. Deals and discounts cover both your hotel stay and flights.

Use their app if you would like instant access to the website features. Skiplagged has become so popular for finding cheap flights that thousands of people prefer it to Google Flights. Like what you are hearing? Read our full Skiplagged review.

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13. Logo

CheapAir is a website that specializes only in the best flight deals, cheap flights, discount flights, and specifically-timed flights that can get you hundreds of dollars worth in savings.

CheapAir has been a popular travel agency since 1989, but has moved its focus to online travel deals in the past few years – and that’s why they’re on this list!

CheapAir does a lot of research to put together your ideal flight deals. There’s even data on which time of the week and year makes for the cheapest time to book your flights if you would like to book your schedule around the most savings.

Discounted flight alerts can be customized, and you can request the best deals to be sent to your inbox. Most access to their website is free.

If you would like even faster access to the best deals, download the CheapAir app instead. Flights and discounts can be searched for by when and where you want your flight to be.

CheapAir is one of the most popular sites for cheap discount flights. They’re reliable, and ranked highly for their customer service – they get back to all questions fast.

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14. Expedia Travel

Expedia logo

Expedia Travel was founded in 1996, and it’s one of the biggest websites for travel deals and vacation packages. Cheap flights are available in their hundreds, and Expedia goes the extra mile to secure even further discounts if you book directly through their site.

The Expedia app allows you to access most of the same website features from your smartphone: book instant travel deals, flight tickets, and hotel packages at a considerable discount.

Even more things like car hire and train routes can be accessed through Expedia Travel. Other websites like and Travelocity are also part of the Expedia brand, though can be accessed separately for the best deals on going places.

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15. Travelocity

Travelocity Logo

Travelocity is a great online travel website where you’ll find the best direct-booking deals on car rentals, hotel stays, and, of course, flights. Travelocity is a huge, trusted brand that exists under the Expedia label, the same brand that owns

With their size, this means that they have some of the best buying power to secure the cheapest deals you can find. Since 1996, you can even find vacation packages on Travelocity that cover cheap flight deals and your stay is included in the deal. Sign up with your email, and Travelocity will put you on their mailing list for cheap flights, travel, and accommodation packages – for free!

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Cheapflights logo allows you to look for the cheapest flights and book your airline tickets directly through the website.  While they are based in Ohio, the company works all across the United States – and their great travel deals can take you literally everywhere through discounts, deals, and specific flight deals.

Bookings guarantee a discount, and coupons can give you an even further discount on flights.

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17. Fare Compare

Fare Compare Logo

Fare Compare was founded in 2004but it has grown massively since the start and is now one of the best cheap flight websites on the internet.

Just enter your details into the site, and Fare Compare will do everything else. You can find the best cheap flights to your city or the best deals for your ideal end destination.

The best cheap flights are easy to find with Fare Compare in just a few minutes. There’s no app, but you can find most of the stuff you’d want to know on the website.

Bookings are cheaper when made direct through Fare Compare – at least a 60% discount on what you would normally pay for local and international flights.

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18. Hopper

Hopper logo

Hopper is a great website for cheap flight alerts if you would like quick access to deals that can save you more than 60% on your regular booking and travel costs.

Millions of people use Hopper to get around the world every day, and that’s because they have some of the best deals on cheap flights – hands down!

The Hopper app will give you instant access to the best features. Users can also sign up for the Hopper newsletter to get the best travel deals and cheap flight alerts in their inbox every time they show up.

While a lot of websites make you jump through hoops, Hopper was designed to be one of the easiest apps to use. Just select which flights you would like to see most – and from there, the system does most of the hard work. Like what you are hearing? Read our full Hopper review to learn more about how you can use this great travel app to find deals.

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19. Cheap Flight Alerts

Cheap Flight Alerts Logo

Cheap Flight Alerts does a very simple task, and that’s to find the best flight deals and send them straight to your inbox from there. There’s no need to spend hours browsing the site – and in fact, users only have to fill in their most basic information to get access to flight details.

Basic Cheap Flight Alerts access is free, but Premium access gives you access to better flight deals and bigger discounts. According to their website, you can save as much as $400 on each individual flight.

International flights are covered: Cheap Flight Alerts can help you to see almost anywhere in the world, including Madrid. Updates can be set up by exactly what you need (and defined by the frequency).

Weekend flight deals in the US can guarantee up to 80% off what you would pay for a standard flight: that’s much cheaper. Cheap Flight Alerts can get you around the world on a budget. That’s why it’s recommended!

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20. JetRadar

JetRadar Logo

JetRadar is a travel search engine that lets the user search a vast database of thousands for the best cheap local and international flights. Discounts of more than 60% are one of the JetRadar guarantees – and through their website or app, you can find more than 1, 000 different airlines on the list.

The website has been online since 2012 and gets millions of visitors to the website and app every day. Note that the app is available as Aviasales: yes, it’s still the same service, but just with a different name One-way, round-trip, and multi-destination flight tickets can be found with JetRadar and just a few minutes.

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21. Logo takes a look at international and local airline deals to find you flights with up to 70% off on what you would normally pay if you had booked your flight anywhere else.

DealRay requires users to log in for access to the majority of website features. This isn’t a bad thing, but just gives you more control over your profile – and what you consider your specific idea of “savings” for a flight.

Initial sign-up with DealRay is free for the first month, though expect to pay $9.99 to get the best travel deals sent to your inbox. is worth the money, and extremely reliable for leading to the best flight deals online.

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22. Matt’s Flights

Matt’s Flights Logo

Matt’s Flights is one of the best websites for customized email alerts that will bring the best travel deals and cheap flights straight to your inbox. It’s free to sign up for travel alerts through Matt’s Flights, whose specialty is getting around on the cheapest flights the site can find.

Unlimited flight and travel support are advertised with your free plan: all flights you can find through Matt’s Flights are guaranteed to be affordable and match your specifications.

Matt’s Flights considers a whole bunch of factors. The cheapest days, most affordable airlines, and cancellations (that can get you a quick, cheap getaway flight) are all displayed by Matt’s Flights. It’s one of the best.

While free, users can also sign up for Matt’s Flights Premium Plan. This gets you access to even more if you travel often, but costs $59.99 per year. You’ll notice that Matt’s Flights is recommended often, and usually rated highly.

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23. Next Vacay

Next Vacay Logo

Next Vacay is a website that guarantees you up to 50% savings or more on cheap flight prices, discounted flight tickets, and price alerts on general travel deals.

Accommodation and car rental are also covered through the Next Vacay platform, and you can even use them to select travel packages put together to fit your budget.

Next Vacay is used by thousands of people every day. Sign up with a valid email address for price alerts or download their mobile app to get the best travel deals as they happen.

Vouchers and discount coupons can get you even further discounts on flights, hotels, and rental cars. It’s a good website to watch every day to track prices, airfare alerts, and price drops. Read our Next Vacay Review to find out what we like and don’t like about this cheap flight newsletter.

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24. Flighty (Arrival Time)

Flighty  Logo

Flighty is a useful app and website tool that you can use to track down the exact arrival time of a specific flight. This is great for when you have already booked your flight and for when you need to book your stay when you land on the other side.

Flighty can even be useful if there are flight delays, or if you are checking on someone else’s flight. All Flighty needs are the basic flight details to check arrival time.

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26. AirHint Flight Price Predictor

AirHint Flight Price Predictor Logo

AirHint isn’t just a website meant for travel deals, but a calculator with a more specific function. Visit AirHint, and the website can tell you more about the going price of flights – and where they might be in a week.

Used together with websites like Going( Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights), it can be very useful for those who travel often for calculating their overall budget. It’s also a great little tool for money-savers.

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27. LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy Logo

LoungeBuddy is a great companion app that you should use together with any of the great cheap flight options mentioned in the rest of this article.

The idea behind LoungeBuddy is to link you up to airport lounges wherever you go – and from there, details are available per airport if you have specific requirements.

LoungeBuddy recommends travel lounges in your area but also lets you book through the LoungeBuddy website or app. Airport lounges can be expensive, especially if you book only when you are at the airport but they are a great option during a layover. Avoid the cost and inconvenience of a walk-in booking just by using LoungeBuddy.

Lounge membership discounts are guaranteed, and you have the peace of mind that your booking gets secured ahead of time. Access to the app is completely free. You can also pay for Premium access which gets further discounts for frequent bookers.

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The 5 Best Cheap Flight Newsletters

Would you prefer to get all your travel deals delivered straight to your email inbox? Cheap travel deals are great, but you don’t always have the time to spend going through different websites to find a matching deal.

A sign-up to an email flight newsletter is a great way to save the time of having to look. Newsletters send the best, cheapest deals for your budget – and you can click to visit the site from there.

Here are the best cheap flight newsletters that let you sign up to find your perfect getaway vacation in every email.

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1. Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights)

Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) newsletter is our favorite option to get alerts directly to your inbox. While you can find the same deals on their website, their email-me option is one of the best travel newsletters you’ll find.

Cheap flight deals are sent to your inbox and made to meet your exact specifications for your area or budget. It’s one of the most popular sites, and one of the best newsletters.

Use our link to get a free trial of Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) so you can find the best deals directly in your email inbox.

2. Thrifty Traveler

Thrifty Traveler isn’t just a great website where you can find your travel deals. Users can also sign up for the flight email list to be sent the best-customized deals right to their inbox.

Choose flights by price, availability, and where you’d like to go. Thrifty Traveler does the rest, and even gives you added deals on accommodation and car rental through the same site.

3. Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club is one of the best newsletters to join if you would like to get access to a full airline newsletter with local and international travel deals.

Alerts from the Dollar Flight Club guarantee the potential of more than $500 in savings per flight. It’s one of the best ways to move around when you have to stick to a tighter budget.

4. Jack’s Flight Club

Jack’s Flight Club is a leading travel alert website used by millions of people. If you would like specific alerts sent to your inbox, sign up for one of the best cheap flight newsletters out there. All deals on Jack’s Flight Club have been verified, and the newsletter customizes deals according to your own parameters.

5. TravelPirates Newsletter

The TravelPirates website and newsletter have been one of the top providers of airline newsletters since 2011. Cheap flight deals include round trips, cancellations, and other discounts that will get you to see more things at so much cheaper. You can also use the TravelPirates newsletter for deals on hotels, vacation packages, and more.

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