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The Ultimate Paris Olympics 2024 Itinerary: How to Make the Most of Your Trip

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The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris is set to be a truly spectacular event, offering visitors the chance to witness world-class athleticism against the breathtaking backdrop of one of the world’s most iconic cities. For those lucky enough to spend a week in Paris during this exciting time, there is no shortage of incredible events and experiences.

I’ve had these dates marked ever since Paris was announced as the host of the 2024 Olympics. Paris is a special city, one of my favorite cities in Europe. I’ve visited dozens of times and during different times of the year, along with different events and festivals.

When I moved to Amsterdam, the reality of attending the Paris Olympics became much closer. Once tickets opened up, I made sure I was in the queue and purchased them that day. So, below, you’ll find some tips about visiting Paris during this special event, along with our day-by-day breakdown of events and activities.

Iconic Olympic Rings at Hotel de Ville, Paris, France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

We’ve put together the ultimate one-week Paris Olympics itinerary to help you maximize your time in the City of Light based on our itinerary with events. Who knows? We may just run into each other.

Olympic Events and Venue Guide

Our journey to Paris for the 2024 Olympics begins on July 27th, when we’ll depart Rotterdam on a train at 11:58 am, immediately after disembarking from a cruise in Norway. The train will arrive in Paris at 2:48 pm, giving us plenty of time to check into our centrally-located Airbnb in Bois de Boulogne and settle before our first event.

DateEventVenueTimeTicket Info
July 26, 2024Opening CeremonyEiffel Tower8:00 PMOfficial Ticketing Website
July 27, 2024Swimming – 400m Individual Medley (Men’s Final)Paris La Défense Arena10:30 AMOfficial Ticketing Website
July 28, 2024Gymnastics – Men’s Team FinalBercy Arena7:00 PMOfficial Ticketing Website
July 29, 2024Tennis – Men’s Singles FinalRoland-Garros Stadium3:00 PMOfficial Ticketing Website
July 30, 2024Athletics – Men’s 100m FinalStade de France9:50 PMOfficial Ticketing Website
July 31, 2024Basketball – Men’s FinalLille Métropole Stadium8:00 PMOfficial Ticketing Website
August 1, 2024Skateboarding – Women’s Park FinalPlace de la Concorde2:30 PMOfficial Ticketing Website
August 2, 2024Handball – Men’s FinalStade Pierre-Mauroy8:00 PMOfficial Ticketing Website
August 3, 2024Rugby Sevens – Men’s FinalStade de France6:00 PMOfficial Ticketing Website
August 11, 2024Closing CeremonyEiffel Tower8:00 PMOfficial Ticketing Website
Note: The dates, times, and specific event details are based on the preliminary Paris 2024 Olympic Games full schedule and are subject to change.

Tips for Maximizing Your Paris Olympics Experience

Get Around Paris Sustainably

Paris Public Transportation Ticket - 2.10 Euro fare for versatile city transit pass
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Sustainability is a big theme at the Olympics; visitors should embrace it fully. The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games organizers prioritize sustainable transport options such as public transportation, cycling, and walking to reduce reliance on cars and minimize environmental impact.

I’ve included a photo of my 2.10 euro SNCF ticket above. Expect the prices to be more than 2.10 euros during the Olympics.

Leaving as small of a trace as possible is incredibly important while traveling anywhere, and with this global scale, extra caution is necessary. Here is a summary of the different transportation options:

Mode of TransportAreas CoveredCostEnvironmental Benefit
MetroExtensive coverage throughout Paris, with well-spaced stations for easy access to Olympic venuesSingle ticket: €1.90, Day pass: €7.50Reduces car usage and traffic congestion
BusComprehensive network serving all areas of ParisSingle ticket: €1.90, Day pass: €7.50Lower emissions compared to private vehicles
Bike (Velib’)Over 1,400 bike stations across Paris, ideal for short trips and last-mile connectionsDay pass: €5, 7-day pass: €15Zero-emission transport, promotes active lifestyle
Electric ScooterAvailable throughout central Paris, perfect for quick tripsUnlock fee: €1, Per-minute rate: €0.15-€0.20Low-emission alternative to cars for short distances
TramServing outer areas of Paris, connecting to metro and bus linesSingle ticket: €1.90, Day pass: €7.50Energy-efficient transport option
WalkingSuitable for exploring central Paris and areas near Olympic venuesFreeZero-emission, healthy, and allows for immersive city exploration

Embrace the Excitement

People relaxing on grass at Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris under a clear blue sky
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

As someone who knows Paris extremely well, I want to share some insider tips to help you make the most of your time in the city during the 2024 Olympics. First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that Paris will be bustling with even more energy and excitement than usual during the Games. The city is already a popular tourist destination, but it will be packed with the added influx of Olympic spectators.

Plan Ahead for Security Measures

Bustling Montmartre Art Market with Sacré-Cœur in Background - Paris, France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

One crucial piece of advice is to plan and be prepared for increased security measures. The authorities will limit car access in the main city as much as possible, so getting around certain neighborhoods may be challenging unless you live there or have a residence nearby.

Don’t let this deter you, though – embrace the opportunity to explore Paris on foot or by public transportation. Walking is often the best way to discover the city’s hidden gems and charming corners.

Dedicate a Day to Getting Oriented

Serene Pond and Medici Fountain at Luxembourg Gardens, Paris - Historic 17th-century monument in tranquil oasis.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

To maximize your Olympic experience, I recommend dedicating a day early in your trip to getting acquainted with the city’s layout. Take note of the locations of your accommodations, event venues, and any other places you plan to visit. This will help you navigate the crowds more efficiently and avoid last-minute stress.

Be Strategic About Dining Plans

Luxurious brunch spread at Ritz Paris showcasing French cuisine with truffle eggs, roasted herb potatoes, and champagne.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Another key tip is to be strategic about your dining plans. Paris is renowned for its incredible food scene, from cozy bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants.

However, with so many visitors in the city during the Olympics, popular eateries may be booked up well in advance. Consider making reservations beforehand, or ask locals for recommendations on hidden gem restaurants that may be less crowded.

Allow Plenty of Time for Travel

Springtime in Jardin des Tuileries with blooming tulips and historic Parisian buildings
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

When attending Olympic events, give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue. As I mentioned, getting from one area of Paris to another can be time-consuming, especially with the added security measures and crowds.

For example, if you plan to watch the equestrian jumping event at the Palace of Versailles, remember it’s a massive complex. Getting from the palace to the gardens can be a long journey, so plan to leave early and arrive with time to spare.

Soak Up the Olympic Atmosphere

Paris' Hotel De Ville at night with Paris 2024 Olympic banners and Christmas lights.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Finally, don’t forget to soak up the once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere of the Olympics in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Take advantage of any free time in your itinerary to explore Paris’ iconic landmarks, stroll along the Seine, and immerse yourself in the city’s rich culture and history. With a little planning and an open mind, your Paris Olympics experience will surely be unforgettable.

Our Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Table Tennis at the South Paris Arena

On the evening of July 27th, we’ll attend the table tennis event at the South Paris Arena from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm. The competition will be spread across Arena 4, Arena 5, and Arena 6, allowing us to see some of the world’s top players in action. After the event, we’ll likely keep things low-key, resting after our long journey and getting ready for the week ahead.

Day 2: Free Day to Explore Paris

Bustling Montmartre Art Market with Sacré-Cœur in Background - Paris, France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Sunday, July 28, is the one day we don’t have any specific Olympic events planned during our trip. We’ll take advantage of this free time to explore Paris and soak up the festive atmosphere surrounding the Games.

This will be a great opportunity to get our bearings, see some of the city’s top attractions, and sample some of its world-famous cuisine. With extra security measures and large crowds expected, a day to get a feel for the city will be key to making the most of our time here.

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Day 3: Equestrian Jumping at the Palace of Versailles

Pond in front of the Royal residence at Versailles
BRIAN_KINNEY / Adobe Stock

We start early on Monday, July 29th, with the equestrian jumping event at the iconic Palace of Versailles. The competition begins at 11:00am and runs until 2:30pm, so we plan to have a quick breakfast at a local cafe before making the journey to Versailles.

Given the size of the palace grounds and the expected crowds, we’ll want to leave Paris by 8:30am at the latest to ensure we arrive on time. Seeing the world’s top horses and riders compete against the stunning backdrop of Versailles’ gardens is sure to be an unforgettable experience. After the event, we’ll explore Versailles before returning to Paris for a free evening.

Day 4: Archery at Les Invalides

Les Invalides in Paris, France - Golden Dome and Historic Landmark
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Tuesday, July 30, is a relatively relaxed day, with a free morning and afternoon to continue exploring Paris. At 5:30pm, we’ll head to the historic Les Invalides complex for the archery competition, which runs until 8:00pm.

Watching the world’s best archers compete at this former military hospital and museum will be a unique and exciting experience. After the event, we’ll likely have a late dinner on the Left Bank near Les Invalides.

Day 5: Tennis at Roland Garros Stadium

Front and sign of the Roland Garros Stadium in Paris, France
yorgen67 –

The morning of Wednesday, July 31, is free, but at noon, we’ll make our way to the iconic Roland Garros Stadium for the tennis competition. As the venue for the French Open, one of tennis’ prestigious Grand Slam tournaments, Roland Garros is steeped in history and atmosphere. Our tickets are for one of the earlier rounds of the competition, which runs from noon to 2:30pm.

This will allow us to see various men’s and women’s matches on the famous red clay courts. After tennis, we’ll spend the rest of the day exploring Paris.

Day 6: Beach Volleyball at the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower and Trocadéro Gardens on a sunny day
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Thursday, August 1, is another day with a free morning and afternoon, giving us plenty of time to relax, sightsee, and gear up for an exciting evening event. At 8:00pm, we’ll head to the Eiffel Tower for the beach volleyball competition, which runs until 10:00pm. Watching the action unfold against the backdrop of Paris’ most famous landmark, illuminated at dusk, will be spectacular.

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Day 7: Relaxing and Enjoying the Olympic Atmosphere

Visitors enjoying a sunny day at Luxembourg Palace and Gardens in Paris, France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Friday, August 2, is our final full day in Paris, and we’ve left it completely free to make the most of our remaining time in the city. We’ll spend the day soaking up more of the Olympic atmosphere, perhaps checking out some cultural events and festivities around the city.

This will be a great chance to revisit our favorite spots from the week, do some last-minute souvenir shopping, and indulge in more of Paris’ incredible food scene.

Day 8: Athletics at Stade de France

Front and gate of the Stade de France in Paris, France

The morning and afternoon of Saturday, August 3, are free, but the evening has us heading to the Stade de France, France’s national stadium, for the athletics competition. From 7:00pm to 8:30pm, we’ll watch an exciting lineup of track and field events like sprints, relays, jumps, and throws.

Seeing world-class athletes compete in this impressive stadium is the perfect way to close out our time at the Paris Olympics. After the event, we’ll likely celebrate with friends around the stadium before returning to central Paris.

Day 9: Au Revoir Paris, Bonjour Marseille

Aerial view of the Prado Beaches and the city of Marseille, France
Patricia W. / Adobe Stock

Our Olympics adventure continues on Sunday, August 4th, but this time outside of Paris. We’ll board a high-speed train to travel south to Marseille, where we’ll take in the sailing competition.

While we may not be quite as close to the action as at other events, the chance to combine world-class Olympic sailing with the stunning coastal scenery of the French Riviera is too good to pass up. After a long but exciting day, we’ll catch a train back to Paris in the evening.

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Heading Home

Enchanting Parisian Street View with the Iconic Eiffel Tower - High-resolution image capturing the romantic atmosphere of Paris, featuring the Eiffel Tower, classic French architecture, and vibrant urban life.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

After an unforgettable week at the Paris Olympics, on Monday, August 5, we will depart the City of Light. With lifelong memories, new friends, and a deep appreciation for the unifying power of sport, we’ll head to the train station to begin our journey back to Amsterdam. Paris and the 2024 Summer Olympics will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Attending the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and there’s no better place to do it than Paris in 2024. By planning, choosing events wisely, and embracing the festive atmosphere, visitors will surely have an unforgettable week in this timeless city.

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