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14 Best Things to Do in Lima, Ohio

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It’s easy to mistake Lima, a city in Ohio, for a quiet and unassuming place. But, hidden within its streets and alleyways are amazing tourist attractions.

Lima has beautiful parks, some with lakes to enjoy swimming and other fun activities. As such, if you are an outdoors person, you can be sure to have some great times as you take in the city’s lovely outdoors and participate in breathtaking activities.

Secondly, the city also has amazing entertainment spots for the whole family. Whether you are seeking some daytime fun or lively nightlife, Lima, Ohio, has an incredible number of such spots.

Lucky for you, we have curated this comprehensive list of the top fun and best things to do in Lima, Ohio.


  • Most significant landmark – The Veterans Freedom Flag Monument
  • Outdoor activitiy – Faurot Park
  • Free activity – Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit
  • Activity for kids – Allen County Farm Park
  • Activity for adults – Allen County Historical Society and Museum
  • Best restaurant – Fat Jack’s Pizza
  • Place to stayCountry Inn & Suites by Radisson

Things to Do in Lima, Ohio

1. See the Veterans Freedom Flag Monument

Veterans Freedom Flag Monument
Image by Jonathan Weiss /

Address: 1161 Buckeye Rd, Lima, OH 45804

The magnificent Veterans Freedom Flag Monument is one of Lima’s best things to see. This is among the city’s most visited locations.

The monument was erected to remind us of past heroes who greatly contributed to Lima and the region’s rich history. And it’s common to come across events organized by Lima locals celebrating the monument.

The Veterans Freedom Flag Monument comprises five pillars. These pillars are arranged to create the flag of the United States. They represent the five branches of the US Armed Forces: Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and Air Force.

This symbolizes and celebrates the lives of past, present, and future veterans who fight to maintain US freedom. It was dedicated in 2010 by the UAW Local 2075 Veterans Committee. The monument has 64 boulders that symbolize the 64 wars and conflicts the US has been part of.

Another important fact is that small soil collections from different battlegrounds are buried in this site. Also, small fields of poppies represent the wars that America has fought in Europe, while tall grasses represent the jungle wars that America has fought.

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2. Visit and Shop at Alter Ego Comics

Alter Ego Comics
Image by TripAdvisor

Address: 230 N Main St, Lima, OH 45801

A favorite of locals and visitors is the Alter Ego Comics shop. This is a definite addition to your list of things to do in Lima, Ohio.

Alter Ego Comics has different sections for kids and adults to browse. These include TV series, comics, and movies. The shop has a vast collection of collectibles, toys, posters, games, and action figures.

The worlds of DC and Marvel meet in this amazing space. There are also fantastic Star Wars memorabilia and much more.

Even better, the staff is always ready to lend a helping hand in picking the best items to purchase. Plus, you can access the free WiFi and research before deciding.

3. Play at the Hidden Creek Golf Club

Hidden Creek Golf Club
Image from TripAdvisor

Address: 6245 Sugar Creek Rd, Lima, OH 45801

Imagine playing golf surrounded by spectacular views and nature! You get This image when you head to the Hidden Creek Golf Club. The Floyd Young family owns this club and has done a great job maintaining and keeping it all splendid.

The Hidden Creek Golf Club is perfect for tourists to let loose and meet new people. This well-maintained 18-hole golf course is also ideal for keeping your skills sharp. Plus, once you’re done playing, several other fun activities keep you entertained.

There’s a restaurant where families can eat delicious meals and relax. Also, check out the bar if you wish to unwind or the spectacular golfing equipment shops that ensure you have all you need for a great time. Folks who want to host events can rent the large group’s pavilion, providing ample room for festivity.

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4. Enjoy the Outdoors at Faurot Park

A welcome sign board at the Faurot Park Lima Ohio
Image by TimTonjes, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Address: Faurot Park, S Cole St, Lima, OH 45805

Are you a big fan of the outdoors and the beauty and serenity that nature offers? Do you want to experience the best of Lima when the weather is just right? Ensure you add a trip to Faurot Park to your list of things to do in Lima.

This is an 89-acre park that’s been part of Lima since 1935. And you can only imagine the fulfillment this place offers to nature lovers.

The outdoor park is ripe with lush green areas open to all visitors. There are also recreational structures available and many trees that provide ample shade. Pack a picnic lunch and allow the kids to run around as you spend a relaxing day outside.

How about hiking up and down the paved trails for fresh air and exercise? The trails at Faurot Park lead to lakes that dot the landscape. The park also has sports facilities, including a skate park, baseball diamonds, and volleyball courts.

If you visit Lima in July, be sure to catch the Star-Spangled Spectacular that happens each year. Locals and visitors get to celebrate the 4th of July with a beautiful fireworks display. Many activities also take place during this day for the whole family to enjoy.

The good news is Faurot Park isn’t far away from the modern amenities of the city, so you won’t feel so isolated. Nearby, there are some excellent choices for food if you or the family get hungry. Check out LuLu’s Diner, Fat Jack’s Pizza, or J’s American Pub.

5. Visit the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office

Tourists in Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office
Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office / Facebook

Address: 1682 Slabtown Road, Lima, OH 45801

Different parks dot the landscape in the city of Lima. All these parks are run by rangers and naturalists located at the Metropolitan Park District Office. While you might not find lots to see at the office, the surrounding park is beautiful.

This is among the best Lima tourist attractions, with lots of large trees and amazing trails. The naturalists and rangers always offer educative tours to visitors who visit the park. Here, you can learn about animal rescue and the local flora and fauna.

Also, special events are frequently hosted, so be sure to inquire within. From here, you can learn about all the beautiful parks in Lima. Plus, there are stores in the area where you can buy souvenirs and other Lima merchandise. For a budget-friendly stay nearby, check out the Quality Inn.

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6. Unwind at Schoonover Park

Schoonover Park in Lima, Ohio
Schoonover Park /

Address: 794 Findlay Rd, Lima, OH 45801

Another great outdoor area in this beautiful city is Schoonover Park. It is one of the best quaint places in the city to relax and spend time unwinding. And you can also enjoy the amazing view of the 25-acre lake smack in the middle of the park.

Schoonover Park is a great place for the entire family. Bring your swimsuits, as swimming is allowed in the lake. Folks also enjoy sitting on the banks and fishing or just watching various aquatic animals swimming. And if you prefer not to swim in the lake, the park also has a swimming pool open to visitors.

The view around the lake attracts many visitors who want to spend a day doing different activities. It is a great place to paddle board and also host a picnic. There are picnic facilities available, surrounded by big shady trees and other local flora, giving you a chance to enjoy some of the most serene moments.

Stay until it gets dark, and you won’t regret it. This is the best time to visit the only observatory in Lima located in Schoonover Park. So many astronomical events happen each year, making this a popular destination. Kids will love stargazing!

7. Spend a Day at the Allen County Historical Society and Museum

Allen County Historical Society and Museum
Image by Otisgpug used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Address: 620 W Market St, Lima, OH 45801

One of the best places to visit in Lima is the Allen County Museum. It’s among the most popular tourist attractions in the area. Summers are the busiest time when locals and visitors flock to the museum.

Without a doubt, the Allen County Museum is the best place to learn about Lima’s history. One of its main exhibitions showcases the different industries that have kept this place on the map. A good example is the locomotion industry in Lima, which you’ll certainly love.

Different displays detail the railroad and train industry, a major part of Lima. Plus, you might see one of the train engines come to life. The museum showcases different train engines, some of which can still function.

Away from the exhibitions, one of the best things to do with kids in Lima is ride a real traditional train. That will definitely be the highlight of this museum tour for the entire family. Afterward, step into the MacDonell House, a Victorian-era mansion with fabulous furnishings.

The house is also home to unique historical artifacts and stained window glasses. Both offer great detail of how life was in the area long ago. Touring the Allen County Museum, there’s no shortage of experiences for adults and kids. And for the adults, just up the street is Mulligans, a highly-rated sports bar.

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8. Allen County Farm Park

Address: 1582 Slabtown Rd, Lima, OH 45801

When planning things to do in Lima with kids, add a Allen County Farm Park tour. The Allen County Farm Park is a great place to tour for the whole family and have the best time. There are numerous activities fit for all ages.

The first great thing to see here is the old barn – you’ll realize it’s more than an old barn as its history unfolds. Open grounds also represent the farming culture that’s still part of Lima. Plus, a horseback ride will give you a glimpse of the amazing landscape surrounding the park.

Tourists and locals visiting the Allen County Farm Park also experience the Biennial Apple Festival. This is a must-attend event to enjoy apple products from local Lima farms.

Lastly, the beautiful scenic grounds are inviting and perfect for relaxing. There are large open spaces and staff available to help. All this makes the park worth every minute of your visit – a chance to create the most memorable vacation, especially for your kids.

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9. Relax at the Ottawa Metro Park Beach

Swimming Area in Ottawa Metro Park Beach
Ottawa Metro Park Beach / Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District

Address: 2632 Ada Rd, Lima, OH 45801

Lima has no shortage of spectacular parks where you can relax with the family. For example, you can enjoy the outdoors at the Ottawa Metro Park and participate in different fun activities.

The park is set on a beautiful 287 acres of land. There’s an 89-acre Lima Lake Reservoir with beautiful beach access right in the park. Visitors are welcome to swim in the water or relax by the shore.

In the same area, there’s the Ottawa Metro Park Campground with 30 spacious campsites, some with handicap accessibility. But perhaps the biggest attraction here is the Ottawa Metro Park Beach, which stretches 450 feet.

This beach paradise is simply a place where serenity resides. And with park rangers all over, you are assured of your kids’ safety and yours.

10. Learn Some History at the Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit

Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit
Image by David Wilson, used under CC BY 2.0

Address: 199 S Shawnee St, Lima, OH 45804

The rail industry has been a part of Lima for a long time. And it makes sense there’s a place to showcase this amazing history. So, be sure to add a visit to the Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit to your list of things to do in Lima, Ohio.

The Exhibit is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm and welcomes visitors of all ages. Here, you can enjoy an outdoor display showcasing amazing features of the rail industry, including steam engines, cabooses, passenger cars, and several other railroad artifacts. And if you stay till late, you can see the exhibit come alive under the bright lights.

Check out the informational material that details different train industry facts. Plus, there are clean bathrooms for visitors to enjoy your tour. There are spots to sit outside under the shade and a picnic pavilion where you can gather to eat. For a comfortable, local stay, the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson is just a mile down the road.

11. Have Fun at the Westgate Entertainment Center

Bowling Balls in a Bowling Alley

Address: 721 N Cable Rd, Lima, OH 45805

Fun indoor spots are also a great hit with visitors. A good example of such a place in Lima is the Westgate Entertainment Center. This is the place to be if you’re searching for a family-friendly bowling alley.

At this entertainment center, bowling takes center stage, as both young and old have loads of fun. In addition, the center hosts special events, including birthday parties and graduation celebrations.

There’s also a restaurant where you and your group can dine. The Char Grill Restaurant & Fireside Lounge has a menu with a variety of eats, guaranteeing mouthwatering bites. There’s also a take-out menu for people wanting to carry out food and drinks.

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12. Watch a Movie at the Regal Cinemas 12

Regal American mall stadium Lima
Image from TripAdvisor

Address: 2830 W Elm St, Lima, OH 45805

Nighttime activities that the kids will love include heading to the movies. One of the best places to do so in Lima is the Regal Cinemas 12.

Also known as the Regal American Mall, this theater has an amazing staff, is always clean, and has pretty comfy seats. This way, you can do so without discomfort when your kids watch their favorite animated movie or the latest blockbuster.

So, whenever you are in town, grab your ticket and some popcorn and prepare for an epic time. There are 12 screens in the theater where moviegoers can enjoy different films. Remember also to try out the different foods and drinks available at the theatre’s concession stand.

13. Have Fun at the Edgewood Skate Arena

Edgewood Skate Arena
Image by TripAdvisor

Address: 2170 Edgewood Dr, Lima, OH 45805

Roller skating is fun no matter where you are, especially with friends and family. At the Edgewood Skate Arena, visitors of all ages can have a blast. This roller-skating arena has been around for over three decades and certainly hasn’t lost its charm.

Rental skates of all sizes are available at the skating arena. But you can always bring your own skates and protective gear. Even better, novices who’ve never worn skates must not fear visiting the skating arena. The staff is always available to help you learn and have fun.

Apart from roller skating lessons, this is also an amazing place to host birthday parties. Birthdays can be of any theme, as several decorations are available at the arena. Check out the birthday packages that can also include private room booking.

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14. McLean Teddy Bear Park

Playground in McLean Teddy Bear Park
McLean Teddy Bear Park / Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District

Address: 2004 N Dixie Hwy, Lima, OH 45801

Just nearby the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office lies another incredible park – the McLean Teddy Bear Park. However, don’t expect to find some cuddly teddy bears lying around based on its name.

The park was named after Mr. McLean. He was a great gentleman who began the tradition of giving teddy bears to children staying in Allen County Hospitals.

The well-maintained facility is peaceful and beautiful, offering many spots to enjoy a family picnic. Plus, the park has hiking trails that are about 3.5 miles long, ensuring outdoors enthusiasts will have a great time.

The trails offer both a great place for walks and hikes, as well as allowing you an incredible view of the wildlife. Plus, the kids can catch fish in the pond within the park.

Places to Stay in Lima

1. Hampton Inn Lima Top Recommendation

The Hampton Inn Lima hotel is located right off of Interstate 75 and is a short drive from Shawnee State University and Ohio State University. Visitors can enjoy the indoor pool, fitness center, free hot breakfast and WiFi. The airport is just a 20-minute drive from the hotel.

2. Howard Johnson by Wyndham Lima

This Howard Johnson hotel in Lima, Ohio offers guests an indoor pool and a game room with billiards and table tennis. Guests staying at Howard Johnson Lima can also enjoy the convenience of an on-site business centre and free Wi-Fi can be accessed throughout the hotel. A breakfast grab and go is served at the Rise and Dine. The rooms feature amenities like a flat-screen cable TV, microwave and refrigerator.

3. Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Lima, OH

Country Inn and Suites Hotel by Radisson, Lima in Ohio is conveniently located just off of I-75 at Exit 129. The hotel is only minutes from the Wildwater Kingdom, Splash Lagoon Indoor Waterpark plus many other attractions. The Lima Mall is within walking distance so you can shop till you drop! Enjoy a complimentary full hot breakfast served daily to each guest.


What are some free things to do in Lima?

There are a dozen of free things to do in Lima. These include hiking through the different parks, visiting the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office, and picnicking at McLean Teddy Bear Park. It all depends on your liking.

What are some family-friendly activities in Lima?

If you are traveling with a family, some family-friendly activities you can consider in Lima include visiting Faurot Park, touring the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District, skating at the Edgewood Roller Skating Arena, or watching a movie at the Regal Cinemas 12.

What are the best tourist attractions in Lima?

The best tourist attractions in Lima are the city’s many parks, including Faurot Park, McLean Teddy Bear Park, Schoonover Park, and the Ottawa Metro Park. For something other than parks, the Allen County Historical Society and Museum and the Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit both provide a fun and interesting experience for all visitors.

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