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20 Fun & Best Things to do in Rogers, Minnesota

Rogers, Minnesota is a small city that’s constantly growing and bustling with visitors and new businesses added each year. You can find it right along the edge of the Twin Cities, in the Metropolitan area. 

Nestled as a portal between Greater Minnesota and the metro area, Rogers gives you a combination of small-town charm and big city living. There’s plenty of access to shops and amenities nearby the city, just a short drive away.

While several activities can be done within Rogers, MN, visitors will also find top attractions and events on our list that are less than 15 minutes from the city center. If you’re relocating, visiting, or just a local looking for something to get into, our list has you covered. 

Check out these fun things to do in Rogers, Minnesota, and the immediate surrounding areas. 

Best Things to Do in Rogers, Minnesota

Here are the top things to do and places to see in Rogers:

1. Emagine Rogers (Rogers 18 Theater)

Pop Corn in Cinema

The Emagine Rogers Theater is a luxurious cinema that offers guests large and comfy power-reclining chairs, and huge wall-to-floor screens.

Additionally, if you’re 21 years or older, the staff will serve cocktails, beers, and other specialty drinks as well. They also have the RealD 3D effect, which is an up-and-coming generation of movie entertainment services. 

That includes bright, crisp, realistic images that take your movie viewing experience to the next level.

Seat reservation is also available through the Google app so that you know exactly where you’ll be seated. Take the whole family, go alone, go with friends, or go out on a date to the Emagine Rogers Theater while you’re in Rogers. It is an ideal family vacation spot to go.

The theater also has stadium seating and retro seating available.

The stadium seating has recliners that give the most comfortable viewing experience, while the retro seating doesn’t have recliners, but old-school seating and old-school prices. Visiting Emagine Rogers is a good experience for those coming through town that want to catch a new release in style.

Don’t forget to browse their exquisite menu with a wide variety of foods, in addition to traditional concession stand delights like popcorn and candy. 

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2. Ellingson Car Museum

Ellingson Car Museum Entrance
image by Juan Rivas/TripAdvisor

Car enthusiasts that appreciate vintage car collectibles will love taking a trip to the Ellingson Car Museum.

It is among the museums to see in Minnesota. Ellingson Motorcars is a fine car dealership specializing in carrying the Midwest’s top classic cars. They have an indoor showroom where guests can come to view nearly 100 stunning cars, motorcycles, and trucks. 

All of these beauties are for sale, ranging from iconic classics to pre-war antique cars to modern automobiles and high-power muscle cars. If you just want to come to take pictures and sit inside, Ellingson has the greatest selection of quality vintage cars in all of Minnesota. 

The owner’s name is Scott, and he’s a friendly guy that loves to talk about the cars and inform guests about the history of all the automobiles. It only costs five dollars to enter the showroom, and it’s an enjoyable activity for the whole family, especially if you like collectibles. 

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3. Mary Queen of Peace-St. Walburga Campus

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church Rogers
image by Mary Queen of Peace/Facebook

For those that would like an immersive worship experience in a small congregation setting, a trip to Mary Queen of Peace-St. Walburga Campus may be in order.

The inside of this church is adorned with large stained-glass windows and gold trimming around the altar. It is a Catholic church near the Twin Cities that has two campuses within two miles of one another. 

They have multiple worship services that guests can attend, or they can also request to do a walk through the church when service isn’t in session. Nearby the church there are numerous restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat after service. 

The members of the church are very friendly and welcoming to those that want to stop by and hear an encouraging message when in town. Visitors have consistently commented on how it’s nice to have a church family when they’re away from home or if they’ve just moved to Rogers. 

4. ProKART Racing

Go-Kart Racing

At ProKART Racing, kids and adults alike will love the high-energy atmosphere. This indoor go-kart racing facility is the perfect weekend getaway activity to get out and burn some energy and have fun. What’s cool about ProKART is that you can utilize their establishment for leisure activities or professional training. 

They have specialized equipment and meeting rooms available for those that want to host events at the location. Encourage maximum enjoyment, participation, and unity amongst family, friends, or co-workers by hosting a get-together at ProKART. 

If you’re new to karting, the guides will assist you with finding a package that suits your budget and your needs. For birthday parties, kids will love the freedom that comes with being indoors as they can travel along the dual-circuit with bumpers along the course. 

This is an excellent opportunity for people new to the area that want to create memories with loved ones for a reasonable price. 

5. Whirlyball Twin Cities

Laser Tag Guns

Whirlyball Twin Cities is amongst the top activities on our list near Rogers, Minnesota. This facility has everything you could want in an indoor entertainment center, from children’s games, bowling, laser tag, an escape room, whirly ball, and arcade games. 

There is also a full restaurant and bar at the center and the 4000 square feet arena that accommodates different events like bumper cars, lacrosse, and more. Enter into the arcade and hang out with friends and family, watch the games on multiple screens, and play a few games in between. 

The most popular options are darts, shuffleboard, billiards, video games, and more. The available games vary from location to location, so be sure to check for what’s available in the Rogers area before your visit. 

Once you’ve finished enjoying your time with one of the many group events, get a cold brew and a delicious meal at the restaurant to finish the evening.

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6. Minnesota Axe

Axe and Gloves for Throwing Axe game

Visitors traveling in large groups might get a kick out of booking a trip to Minnesota Axe for an invigorating experience throwing axes. Every detail of your visit gets coordinated by the staff that takes pride in ensuring you have a great time whether you’re new or seasoned in the sport. 

If you’re coming in alone, or you just happen to see the building and want to check it out, walk-ins are also welcomed!

It only costs $20 for an hour of throwing axes with or without the assistance of a professional thrower. It’s important to acknowledge that this is usually a group event, and therefore, the lanes may not always be available. 

However, if there are no reservations, have at it, as walk-ins are first come, first served. You’ll also be given a thorough rundown of the guidelines, and safety training to prepare you for your session. If you wish to become a member of a competitive ax-throwing league, inquire at the front desk for more information.

Those just visiting can have a cool experience to add to their books, and for new Rogerians, you may have just found your niche at Minnesota Axe. 

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7. Oliver Kelley Farm

Group of Little Sheep in a Barn

Oliver Kelley Farm is one of the most interactive activities on the list. Understand the history of agriculture, food, and farming from past to present. Starting in the 1860s, get a better idea of what it was like to work the farm, cultivate the garden, and tend to the animals. 

Kelley Farm also has nature trails that go along the Mississippi River while winding through woodlands and prairie lands that have gotten restored. 

Take the entire family and make a day of it, meeting all the farm animals, engaging and conversing with the staff as they work around the fields, house, barn, and garden. You’ll also get the chance to participate in numerous activities that display the season change and how it affects the farming cycle. 

The trails showcase various species of plants and other wildlife that are hard to find elsewhere.  Additionally, you’ll likely see gorgeous great blue herons, wild turkeys, white-tailed deers, bald eagles, and more. 

The signs situated along the trail also detail the history of pioneering, and how it affected the land. There’s also an interactive kitchen and dozens of other activities. 

8. Wild Woods Water Park

Man in Donut Inflatable

If you and the family are ready for an all-day adventure, the Wild Woods Waters Park is the place to go. Located within the Holiday Inn Hotel, this particular aquatic park has been acknowledged as one of the best in the city for guests of all ages. 

Visitors that stay at the hotel are eligible to receive passes as a part of their accommodation package, but you’re also welcome to walk in! They have. Low admission fee, plus deals for families and large groups. 

Take a step into the past with their old river town theme and 30,000 sq ft aquatic center. They have four-story water slides, which include one full-body slide, two tube slides, and a half slide before you hit the pool. 

Enjoy a relaxing time on the Lazy River, splash around in the activity pool, or take the little ones into Buddy’s Playland where there’s a zero-depth pool that has games and toys for tots. Or, you can feel free to hit the basketball court and get a couple of pickup games in if you have the time. 

After you’ve spent the day playing in the water, head over to the snack bar and pub for refreshments. There’s so much to do at the water park that you’ll never have a dull moment. If you have the time, make it your business to drop by the Wild Woods Water Park!

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9. Sand Dunes State Forest

Couple Camping

Sand Dunes State Forest is versatile and has something for any and everybody. The area consists of 225-acres and it’s tucked nicely inside in the forest. Moreover, it holds a 36-unit Ann Lake Campground and Day-Use; this includes the Sand Dunes Horse camp which operates at capacity during summer weekends.

The layout of the Sand Dunes is made of 2,700 acres of pine plantation on rolling terrain. The Sand Dunes also consist of prairie and oak savanna forest to boot. It is among the notable park to explore in Minnesota.

The vast area is useful to perform any number of recreational activities which include snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hunting, pan fishing on Ann lake, hiking, camping, swimming, and even horseback riding. Additional activities include dispersed camping, fishing on the pier, canoeing, kayaking, and so much more.

10. Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze

Woman in a Corn Maze

Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze is Minnesota’s largest corn maze. This event is a source of fun and excitement for the entire family.

Bert Bouwman who’s a corn maze developer and experienced farmer runs the festival, along with his wife and his six children. The family even produces two stands in Chanhassen and Brooklyn Park.

After successful years of farming, the family decided to have their very own corn maze. After 11 years of the maze being in operation, Bert Bouwman and his family have successfully raised more than $200,000 for local charities. 

Some of the most notable causes are the Minnesota Military Family Foundation, Minnesota Wild Foundation, Lynx Fastbreak Foundation, and more.

There are 20 acres of land allocated to the Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze. You are more than welcome to have a good time taking in the scenery and pleasant crowd. 

11. Fresh Acres

Small Goat in a Petting Zoo

In 2018, Fresh Acre’s mission came to life when they began sharing their farm with others through a corn maze that they created. The following September, Bert Bouwman opened up the corn mazes for a second year, with the event taking up approximately ten acres of property. 

You can expect to tour the property and partake in fun events such as going to the petting zoo, playing in the corn pit, and climbing the hay bale mountain. There will also be vendors there to provide food and other refreshments for your enjoyment.

As a visitor, you can bank on the corn being chemical-free because of the careful preparation. The weeds have been kept low through hands-on labor absent chemical intervention.

As a result, you enjoy the corn maze without worrying about any sort of contamination, and you can purchase some on your way out the door!

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12. Crow-Hassan Park Reserve

Dog Playing in a Dog Park

Crow-Hassan Park Reserve is a stunning park. The accompanying dog park is perfect to let your pooch run around, and the restored prairie lands are spectacular. The natural beauty of this park makes it without question the best park in the area.

No doubt, the dog park in this park is the best in miles around. If you’re ever near and you have your pup with you—it is most certainly worth the drive. Just be sure to pack a lunch, and you and your dog can enjoy a delightful walk even without a leash. 

Furthermore, there’s the bonus of the dogs having the freedom to take a dip in the Crow River to cool down during the summer months.

This off-leash dog park spans approximately two miles in a loop alongside the Crow River in Hanover/St. Michael. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how much space you’ll have at your disposal for you and your dog to roam around. 

There’s a mulch trail to help guide you along the way. Virtually all dogs seem very well behaved and socialized along the trail, which is another thing that you don’t have to worry about as a pet owner.

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13. Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel

People Playing Poker

Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel is a very nice place to go if you need a room, you want to have a good time or both! The establishment boasts luxury hotel rooms with a pool area as well. 

Additionally, the Casino portion of this facility features awesome slot machines and a great selection of tables. There’s even food available for purchase which happens to be good and reasonably priced to boot. The decor is sophisticated, and the casino has fun games for you to enjoy, such as Blackjack, bingo, and slots.

When it comes to the slot machines, Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel’s gaming floor has 1,200 of the most cutting-edge slot machines. Moreover, they also have the classic slot machines, which we all know will never go out of style.

There are even matinees and evening sessions for your convenience,  plus they host weekly progressives jackpots and new bingos games to join every month.

14. Central Park Playground and Splash Pad

Small Kids Having Fun in a Playground

The Central Park Playground and Splash Pad are fun for people of all ages. This park features several different playgrounds for people of all ages ranging from six months to 100 years old. The equipment is top-notch and made with the utmost quality.

Moreover, the park is always clean and in pristine condition even though it’s constantly busy. The park has convenient seating for watchful parents, as well as picnic tables and walking paths for your enjoyment. Everything is also accessible for those with disabilities. 

For those hot summer days, The Central Park Playground and Splash Pad is a great place to be. The kids will love it, and it’s even safe for the youngest children. The park also features spacious rooms, a skating rink, basketball courts, large bathrooms, and even a couples fire pit!

15. Corner Bar

Pouring Beer to a Glass

The corner bar is the quintessential dive bar in middle America! This hidden gem of a dive bar also serves Heggie’s delicious pizza, candy bars, chips, and jarred pickled eggs. This cozy establishment also has a patio on the side. 

Furthermore, there’s a pool table and karaoke on Thursday-Saturday nights. Not only is the decor inviting but the vibe is chill and the bartenders are skilled and personable!

So, if you want to just enjoy a low-key environment where you can enjoy a cold brew amongst friends, Corner Bar is the place to go. 

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16. Nucky’s Speakeasy

Beer and Cocktails

Constructed in 1916, Nucky’s Speakeasy is in Minnesota’s Historical Registry. The Speakeasy has its very own private entrance located in the back. As you make your way to the entrance, you’ll see a red door. Go down the outside stairway, which runs along the side of the building.

You’ll be transported back in time to the days of The History and artwork that you’ll find adorning the walls depicting bootleggers and other events that took place from 1920-1933. 

You can try out their beautiful lit bar or you can be seated at a table for two to four people. Try crafting beers, cocktails, and Prohibition-era drinks, which are available on the menu. What’s more, per the Prohibition era, there are lots of alcohol-free drinks as well.

There is beautiful outdoor seating available for when the weather permits. The eclectic menu features Asian, American, and Jamaican cuisine. You are sure to find something for you and everyone at your party.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to wear, a 1920’s style of dress is welcome to add to the overall ambiance of the place. Smart-casual is an appropriate look for Nucky’s as well.

17. Knapton’s Raspberries, Pumpkins & Orchard

Small Orange Pumpkin

Knapton’s Raspberries, Pumpkins & Orchard allows you to roam acres of pumpkin fields to pick your ideal pumpkin straight from the vine where it grew. This orchard specializes in cultivating and growing large orange pumpkins with large stems. They have squashes and multi-textured heirloom gourds as well.

Below are the other fruits which are available at the orchard:

  • Cherries in late June – mid-July
  • Tomatoes in late July – October
  • Sweet corn late July – August
  • Cut flowers mid-July – October
  • Pumpkins, Squash early September – October
  • Pears August – September
  • Plums in late August
  • Miscellaneous vegetables throughout the summer and fall. Zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, yellow (wax) beans, peppers, peas, kohlrabi, carrots, onion, garlic, beets, herbs, etc.

You’re bound to find raspberries in the field during summer and fall. The best time to pick berries is the 4th of July and a week or two before the state fair. Be sure to call ahead to enjoy some family fun and get ready to make some lasting memories. 

18. The Peabody Players

Microphone in a Comedy Bar

The Peabody Players, created by Heather Gerard-Peabody, connect the world through laughter and joy. They give top-notch comedy to audiences expecting to have their sides split. Peabody Players also specializes in Workshops, Sales Training, Team-Building Workshops, and Leadership Development.

Specializing in improv comedy, the Peabody Players have a combined performance of over 100 years. You can rest assured that the shows are family-friendly and clean.

This place features some of the best comedians in the Twin Cities. If you’re looking for a laugh, drop by the Peabody Players.

19. Albertville Premium Outlets®

Shop With Open Sign

The Albertville Premium Outlets is a mere 30 minutes north of Minneapolis. There are over 65 stores to shop around.

Here are a few stores that you can expect to see, such as UGG Outlet, Michael Kors, Lululemon, The North Face, Coach Outlet, and more. If you like to shop, stop by Albertville Premium Outlets and check out the variety of retailers in one convenient location. 

20. Drunken Easels

Glass of Beer

Drunken Easels is a place to go when you want to have a good time. Here, both painting and sipping beer marry together into a neat combination which makes for a good time. Here you can meet new friends while seeing some wonderful artwork created before your very eyes. Be sure to book an event with Matt Brown and have a wonderful time.

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