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17 Best Travel Blog Ideas (+Tips to Start Blogging)

17 Best Travel Blog Ideas (+Tips to Start Blogging)

Are you fond of traveling around the world? If yes, running your own travel blog can be a rewarding initiative. Here are some travel blog ideas that can help you get going!

Start a travel blog, they said! It will be easy, they said! Traveling and running a travel blog can be awesome and rewarding, but it’s also incredibly challenging. If you’re looking for travel blog ideas, you’ve come to the right place. 

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According to the Hosting Tribunal, 70 million posts appear on WordPress every month. Now, imagine how many of them must be travel related. 

You can easily make your blog with Bluehost, but before that, you have to decide what it’s going to be about. 

If I have learned anything as a blogger all these years, it’s to have a niche, a distinct voice – that’s really important. Whether you’re just doing it for fun or want to make some money out of it, you have to figure out what’s your travel brand. 

Best Travel Blog Ideas

There are many different types of travel bloggers out there, some are more common than others. You can find one that piques your interest and give it a go.

You want to choose something you’re passionate about and can perhaps write many travel blog posts for.  Here are some travel blog post ideas to help build a theme around your website:

Travel Budget Blogs

Let’s face it, travel equals money. Yes, there are those adventurous folks who go on hikes and cities with a $20 bill in their pocket, but not everyone prefers that.

If you’re good at planning, budgeting, and bargaining, perhaps this could be your thing. 

Budget travel blog

Again, there’s tons of competition out here in this type of travel blog, so you have to stand out. Find out places people haven’t covered, or where there isn’t any new information about the topic. A recent popular trend is several new travel bloggers writing about ways people can save money on cheap flights. It doesn’t just have to be budgetary; you can make blog posts or videos about money and travel. 

For instance, I absolutely love the $10 videos travel blogger Drew Brinsky makes. If you notice, they have the highest views on his YouTube.

He makes other videos too, but those $10 videos have kind of become his thing. 

If you love to save money on travel, writing blog posts about this will come easy for you.

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Traveling With Dog

If you have a dog and want to travel with it, maybe start a travel blog about that. Lots of people love to travel, and they don’t want to leave their dogs behind; you’ll be bringing them both of these.

This is one of those blog post ideas for travel that can have a lot of topics to talk about. 

Travel with Dogs

You can talk about places and hotels that are dog-friendly. You can cover all the administrative stuff one has to do to fly with a dog. This kind of travel blog would obviously focus on your dog a lot. 


A lot of us like to plan ahead and budget for our travels. But then there are some travelers who literally just hit the road. Random traveling, hitchhiking, and traveling by foot can be some crazy ideas to explore for your travels and, of course, your blog. 


Needless to say, you’ll have plenty of surreal experiences to write about; maybe good, maybe bad, or somewhere in between. You can simply create a Bluehost WordPress blog and add stories as they happen to you on the road. 

I don’t know about other people, but I would definitely read such a travel blog every week. 

Travel Photography

Ok, so traveling involves a lot of photography, but a lot of it isn’t focused on the photographs.

If you love travel photography and take some gorgeous photos on your travels, create your travel blog around photography. 

Travel Photos

From showcasing how an amateur can take nice photos while traveling to what equipment is best for such adventures, there’s just so much you can cover…  I, personally, would like to get better at using my phone for photography. You see, there’s a lot of potential there!

Bonus: You can also sell your photographs online and make money from them. Learn more about travel photography with these top books.


Mountaineering or mountain climbing isn’t for the faint of heart, but there are many people who are passionate about mountains. If you’re one of them, you may want to focus on creating a blog for mountain climbing. 

Mountains in Pakistan

It’s one of those travel blog ideas that aren’t new, but it’s not commonplace either. Now, when I say mountain climbing, I mean serious mountaineering skills. 

You obviously should have a passion for such a thing and perhaps some experience too. (Wait a minute, rookie mountain climber, that sounds good too!)

Local Tourism

Well, travel is about exploring the unknown, but what about all that’s right under your nose? A local tourism blog can be a great way to explore your own country’s travel secrets. It can be inviting foreigners to visit your country too.  You’d be surprised to see how much you have yet to explore in your country, especially if you’re in the US.

You don’t even have to write travel blog posts about the whole country, just do it for your home state, and you’ll have plenty of things to cover for the next few years. If you want examples of content ideas, you can write about day trips, restaurants, road trips, weekend getaways, and travel inspiration for people in their home state.

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Cultural Blog

If you’re looking for an endless variety of travel blog post topics, a blog that speaks about different cultures and lifestyles should be your choice.

It can be incredibly fun to make as you explore different cultures and traditions around the world and document them in your blog posts. 

Local culture Lahore

From the ancient Hindu festival Kumbh Mela to tribal cooking in the forests of Papua New Guinea, there’s so much to explore and see. 

A lot of travel bloggers only focus on sightseeing, but talking about culture is different. You’ll be going deep into the cities and far to the remote villages to find unique cultures and strike up a conversation. 

Every time I have traveled to a foreign country, I try my best to talk to locals. It’s the best way to experience a country. 

Adventure Traveler

If you like adventures and sports, perhaps that’s your niche for your travel blog. You’ll have endless ideas for travel that focus on off-the-beaten-track places.

Hills and Mountains

Similarly, you can also do cars, bikes, boats, scuba diving, skiing, skydiving, parasailing, and anything adventurous you’re passionate about.  One of the best travel bloggers in the adventure travel category is Lost with Purpose.

Alex, now the sole owner of the travel blog, travels to lesser popular places and does fun activities like swimming in an eerie lake in Siberia. If that’s not an adventure, I don’t know what is!

Dark Tourist

Ever since I saw the docuseries Dark Tourist on Netflix, I have been considering it myself. I, too, sometimes want to see the dark side of places I visit. But it’s not always possible or safe for that matter. 

If you’re into the kind of stuff David Farrier does in Dark Tourist, perhaps you can start a blog about that and document your experiences.

Such travel blog posts require a lot of research beforehand, as you want to ensure everything is fine and genuine. 

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Food Traveler

Are you a foodie? Then stop thinking about travel blog posts and get tasting around the world. It’s fun, simple, and somewhat easy too. You can document your tasting experience in text, images, and videos on your blog. 

Food Travel

Food is a big part of traveling, and it’s again one of those areas where you’ll never run out of content.

Most travel bloggers focused on food are doing videos, but perhaps you can write blogs with recipes for people to actually try out at home. 

History Buff

Woman at a Museum

One of the best blogging ideas for travel is history. From museums to fortes to cathedrals, you can explore historical places and write articles on them. 

Simply create a Bluehost blog and start writing. This is one travel blog idea where you will actually get to write a lot. You can share historical facts, and anecdotes from history books, and share actual images that you photograph. 

A lot of people are into museums and historical sites, so they would love such a blog. It will require some powerful research skills, as you’ll also need to supplement information from sources online and in books. 


Couple Camping at Sunset

Do you have an RV and like to travel in it around the country? Then why not write travel blog posts about it too?  A lot of people stuck in their day-to-day lives are looking to get away, and your RV traveling stories could be just the nudge they need to start traveling. 

You can focus your blog around camping and share tips and tricks you’ve learned over time or are still learning. You can even talk about RVs and campers if you’re an expert on that subject. 

Traveling in RV is a lot cheaper than many other options, so this would definitely attract people who don’t travel because of tight budgets


Woman Carrying a Surfboard to the Ocean

This is probably a good idea for professional surfers who are super passionate about surfing. Surfers typically are always looking for great waters to surf in and, for that reason, travel to beaches around the world.  If you’re a surfer, amateur, or professional, documenting your surfing experience can be a great travel blog idea. 

Water Activities

I covered surfing separately because I think that’s a subculture in its own right. However, other water activities also provide a great premise for travel blogs. From snorkeling to rafting to scuba diving, there are so many water activities you can cover in your blog. 

This would also encompass the many water parks around the world. You’ll be targeting all those tourists who love doing water activities and visiting water parks. You can create guides, and travel tips, or review the different spaces you visit. 

Come to think of it, you can make some good money partnering with tourist companies and water parks

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National Parks

Bryce Canyon National Park in Winter

One of the best tourism blog ideas would be to focus on national parks around the world. Did you know there are 421 national parks in the US? Well, there are those 60 elite ones, but if you consider all, there are 421 national parks.

You can cover so much in this kind of blog, as more people need to learn about the national parks and what they have to offer. By the way, there are some hidden gems among these hundreds of national parks. But I’ll leave that for you to figure out!

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Abandoned Places

No, abandoned places aren’t just an Instagram trend, they have real potential to become a money-making blog. Well, at least you’ll have all those people who want to take pictures for Instagram in such places. 

Man traveling alone

Jokes aside, this can be quite an interesting travel blog theme. Just the rawness of stumbling upon an abandoned place is a quick recipe for followers. It has to be a bit natural, though, so you’ll have to hunt for such places in your travels, like this abandoned house in Belarus. 

Tip: Think of countries and places with a history of war or natural disasters. You’ll find plenty of interesting abandoned places. Pair those abandoned places with scary destinations and you’ll be golden.

Party Tourist

Calling all those party animals who think there are no borders when it comes to partying. If you’ve been to Berghain in Berlin and Pacha in Ibiza, you may know your way around finding the best place to party. So share that with the world in a blog, and you know when you’re sober again!

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How to Write a Travel Blog Post

Travel Blogger Working by the Ocean

Travel blogging is just an idea that needs some initial travel inspiration for the travel blog and then the imagination can begin to flow and the travel content ideas will simply flow naturally.

Here are some steps to help you write a travel blog post.

Research your destination.

Researching your travel destination is a must. Research gives you ideas that you might not have thought of otherwise and helps you get to know your destination better, which will make it easier for you to write about.

When researching, try to find new things about the place. For example, if there’s a festival going on during your visit, learn more about the festival and why it’s special or different from other festivals in that area.

Start brainstorming.

Brainstorming is the first step to writing a travel blog post, and it’s one of the most important steps. When you brainstorm ideas, you can generate a ton of great content in no time at all.

You might think that this is only a good way to start if you have absolutely no idea what to write about — but even if you do have some ideas floating around in your head, putting them on paper will help get them out there so other people can see them too!

Writing down all of your thoughts gets rid of writer’s block by providing an easy-to-follow plan for what needs to be done next.

Envision your blog post structure.

Once you’ve got a handle on what the purpose of your blog post is, it’s time to get busy writing. Just as with any other type of writing, start with the end in mind. In this case, envisioning your blog post structure is just as important as knowing who your audience is and what key message you want to convey.

Once you know these things, then consider how you want to format your blog post: Do you want to use headers? Images? Bolded text? Italics? Bullet points? It helps if some items are consistent throughout all of your posts so that readers can easily find their way around them.

Write a catchy headline.

The headline of your blog post is the most important part. It’s what readers will see first, and it should be short and descriptive—but not so short that it doesn’t tell you anything. The best headlines tell you exactly what the article will be about, or make you want to read more.

Headlines in this format are called inverted pyramid headlines because they start with one idea at the top and then get more detailed as they go down.

Draft a blog post outline.

The first step to writing a travel blog post is to organize your thoughts. This can be done by brainstorming, mind-mapping, and outlining.

After you’ve gotten all of your ideas down on paper, put them in order by creating an outline for the article. Once you have this rough draft of what you want to say and how it will be arranged, start writing! To make it easier for yourself, try using bulleted lists (i.e., “I did A) B) C) D).”

Write your first draft.

If you’re new to blogging, this is the most important step of all: write. You don’t need to worry about spelling or grammar—just let your words flow. Put on the music you love, put your feet up, and let the words pour out onto paper. Don’t think about structure or what comes next. Just keep writing until you’re done for now!

Edit your text for errors and repetition.

We all make mistakes. But there are some things you can do to make sure your writing is as perfect as possible. First, check for spelling and grammar mistakes. That means looking over each word individually—like “they’re” instead of “they’re” or “your” instead of “you’re”—and then making sure that sentence still sounds right when you read it out loud.

Next, check for repeated words and phrases. For example: “It was dark outside after dinner had already started cooking on its own without anyone helping themselves yet either…which means it wasn’t time yet!”

Finally, check for incorrect or missing punctuation, like commas, periods, colons (these are the ones that look like this), semicolons (these also look different), question marks (this one looks like this), and exclamation points (this one looks like this).

You can also use this list of common punctuation errors to help you check your work. (If you’re not sure what a question mark or an exclamation point looks like in writing—and don’t worry if you’re not.

Add links to related content and internal pages.

You can also link to related content and internal pages. Linking to other posts on your site helps visitors find more of what they’re looking for, and it keeps them on your site longer.

When you write a post about a place, include links to similar places in the same region that are worth visiting. If you’re writing about food, include links to recipes or other resources that will help travelers find good meals at home when they get back from their trip (and don’t forget those hashtags!).

You could also add links to pages on your own site that are relevant to the topic of your blog post—for example, if you wrote an article about how much you loved traveling by train in Europe last summer, consider adding links near the bottom of the page so people can learn more about how easy it is to travel by train in Europe or discover which cities offer discounted tickets for rail travelers.

Insert images and videos.

Images and videos are a great way to enhance your blog post. They help break up the text, illustrate points, engage readers, and emphasize important ideas.

For example: If you’re writing about how much you love hiking in the mountains with your family, you could include a photo of yourself at the summit of Mt. Rainier—a clear shot of the mountain would work well here.

Or if you’re writing about how to get around town while visiting London, you might include a video of a London cab ride—if that’s what comes across best in terms of conveying your point (or if it’s just funny).

SEO optimize your travel blog post.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of the process. This is where a tool like Surfer SEO is absolutely critical. I don’t know what I would do without it. In order to ensure that your post gets seen by the right people, you’ll want to make sure it has a keyword in the title and URL.

You should also use your keywords throughout the body of your post, but don’t go overboard! If you do this just for SEO purposes, rather than because you think those words naturally fit into that section of your text, then Google will see through it and downrank your site accordingly.

When you write blog posts about the best destinations or experiences in particular cities or countries, don’t forget about meta descriptions either—they can be crucial for getting readers interested enough in clicking through to read more on their own accord.

The same goes for images—make sure alt text contains relevant keywords so that Google can index them correctly when they appear on search results pages.

Publish your travel blog post and promote it.

Once you’ve written your travel blog post, it’s time to publish it. Make sure your blog is published and available for the world to see. To make sure people can find your post, use social media to promote it, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising or guest blogging (if appropriate).

Tips for Finding Travel Blog Post Topics

Travel blogs are a great way to share your adventures with others. You can write about the places you visit, the food you try, or even just how to travel smarter and more efficiently. But before you can start writing about your travels, you need to figure out what topics will be most interesting to your readership.

Here are some tips for finding great travel blog post ideas:

Research what others are talking about

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the internet. Google Trends is an excellent tool that allows you to see what people are searching for across a variety of topics. You can also use Google Alerts to keep track of any new articles on those same topics, even if they aren’t published on blogs or websites that you regularly visit. If you know a topic that’s been making headlines lately, search Google News and see what comes up.

If your audience is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, check out those channels as well—and don’t forget Facebook! These platforms often contain content (like photos) with universal appeal that can be repurposed into blog posts without much additional effort or creativity required from you.

Create a niche for your blog

To find the best topics for your blog, you first need to figure out what kind of content you’re interested in creating. There are many ways you can do this:

  • Pick a topic that interests you, and look for inspiration from there. For example, if all-inclusive vacations are your jam, then focus on them and see where it takes you.
  • Consider what questions people are asking about your niche—then answer those questions! If people want to know how to be healthier on their next vacation (or any vacation), then provide the answers with new insights about what works for other travelers like them.
  • Research similar blogs that have already been successful in your niche; look at their posts and see which ones get lots of comments or shares on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. That’s probably because they offer good information that resonates with readers—and it might hint as to what kinds of things they’d like to read more often too.

Be focused

Once you’ve identified your target audience, it’s time to choose a focus for your travel blog. Your focus should be broad enough to include the subjects that interest them and narrow enough to keep people reading for more than a few minutes.

This doesn’t mean that every single post needs to have the same topic or format; in fact, variety is important when it comes to keeping readers interested in what you write about. But there should still be some sort of unifying theme within each individual post—even if it’s just that all of their photos are beautiful and they’re always in good moods while traveling.

Be passionate about your topic

If you have a passion for something, it will come across in your writing. And if someone can tell that you’re passionate about what you’re writing about, they’ll be more likely to read it and share it with their friends.

In fact, when people read your blog post and feel like they’ve gotten to know the writer on a deeper level through the way he or she wrote about his/her experiences traveling in Africa, they’ll be more inclined to become interested in reading other posts from the same person—and maybe even subscribe to their newsletter (if there is one).

The same goes for using images that are relevant to your topic—if an image shows how much fun someone is having during his/her travels or contributes something important or interesting about his/her experience abroad (like showing how different places look), then readers will want to see more photos like this one!

Know your audience

When you know your audience, your blog posts will be more compelling to them and they’ll be more likely to take action on what you have to say.

If you don’t know who’s reading (or listening) to your content, how can you write for them? The best way is by asking yourself these questions:

  • Who are my readers?
  • What do they like about the site?
  • What do they not like about it?
  • What problems do they face when looking for travel information online?

What kind of content would make them want to read more from me every day — or better yet, every week? This is the way forward to start publishing the best travel blog posts out there.

Final Thoughts

The best travel blog post ideas are out there; you just have to figure out which one works for you. As you can see, a lot of the ideas are really specific, so you need to know your way around those topics. Travel blogging can be a truly rewarding experience. You do what you love, make money from it, and continue doing it.

I think anyone with a passion for traveling should give blogging a try, especially considering how easy it is to create a blog with Bluehost


What do travel bloggers blog about?

Travel blogs often describe what they experience traveling; this includes seeing sights, encounters, and activities they did. A travel blogger can also write a review of their journeys including the places to visit, people, and activities that he or she has visited.

What do travel bloggers do?

Travel blogging is enticing because it allows you to explore the world while making money. As long as you have a laptop and Wi-Fi access, you can write your posts from the comfort of your home office or take them on the road if you’d prefer.
You’re also free to write whatever content strikes your fancy: personal stories about your travels, tips for planning a trip, reviews of hotels and restaurants (or products), photos from past experiences—the list goes on. The only limit is how much time and energy you want to put into the project.

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