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VisitorsCoverage Review: Is It Legit?

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Travel can be stressful enough without having to worry about unexpected disasters. And let’s face it: travel is just a list of unexpected disasters waiting to happen. That’s where travel insurance platforms like VisitorsCoverage step in. Here’s our full VisitorsCoverage review to help you find and buy more affordable travel insurance coverage.

What if you need to cancel a trip at the last minute? Will your health insurance work if you need medical attention while traveling abroad? What happens if someone backs into your rental car?

From lost luggage to medical expenses, plenty of situations can lead to your journey not going as smoothly as planned. Fortunately, these are the situations that products like travel insurance and visitors insurance were designed to address.

Whether you’re planning a trip to another country for vacation or extended business travel, visitor insurance and travelers insurance are definitely worth looking into. Some countries even require visitors and expats to show proof of international insurance before entering.

The good news is that plenty of companies now offer comprehensive coverage for both U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens alike. The hard part can be finding the right insurance plans for your unique needs. That’s where companies like VisitorsCoverage come in.

What is VisitorsCoverage?

VisitorsCoverage Logo

VisitorsCoverage is a pioneer in the insurance industry. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2006, VisitorsCoverage Inc. is a member of the U.S. Travel Insurance Association (UStiA) and a licensed insurance broker.

But what exactly is it designed to do? Well, to break it down, VisitorsCoverage is kind of like the Expedia of travel insurance plans. It’s not necessarily an insurance provider in itself, much like Expedia is not actually an airline or hotel chain.

Instead, VisitorsCoverage is a third-party site designed to help travelers find all the best visitor insurance and travel insurance coverage options, all in one place.

Rather than spending hours searching through individual insurance company offerings, you can use a convenient questionnaire to find the perfect insurance options for their needs.

Once you find the right choice or choices for you, you’ll then be able to purchase coverage right from the VisitorsCoverage website.

Review Methodology

Using any online service for the first time can be nerve-wracking, especially regarding something as important as medical insurance. We aim to give you a thorough overview of VisitorsCoverage, what it is, and how it works.

We’ll review everything from its services to its ease of use. That way, you can decide whether it’s right for you.

VisitorsCoverage Features and Products

VistorsCoverage offers a huge range of insurance options for U.S. citizens and residents traveling abroad, as well as non-U.S. citizens who plan to visit the United States. If you’re looking for coverage for the first time, it’s important to understand the difference between the types of plans offered.

Product Offerings

VisitorsCoverage offers a wide range of products for every situation. Some are designed to cover medical bills, while others offer coverage for trip cancellations or lost luggage.

When you first log onto the VisitorsCoverage website, you’ll find several different categories to choose from. The first introduces different types of Visitors & Travel Medical Insurance.

VisitorsCoverage Product Options

Visitors insurance is designed for non-U.S. citizens who plan to visit the United States. Travel medical insurance is a similar product designed to cover U.S. citizens’ medical expenses while traveling to other countries. VisitorsCoverage does a nice job of explaining what each option offers and for whom. Options include:

  • Visitors Insurance
  • International Insurance
  • Worldwide Health Insurance
  • Missionary Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Group Travel Insurance
  • Europe/Schengen Visa Insurance
  • Multi-Trip Insurance

Further down, you’ll find a number of travel insurance options that are designed to offer protection against mishaps along your journey.

VisitorsCoverage Trip Insurance Options

Travel insurance is designed to cover things like last-minute trip cancelations, delays, mislaid luggage, and any other interruptions.

If you need to change your plans due to unforeseen circumstances, you can file a claim to get reimbursed for expenses that would otherwise have been nonrefundable. For example, many trip insurance policies also pay for things like lost passports or lost or damaged luggage.

VisitorsCoverage also offers a solid range of options for specific situations. You’ll find coverage for both non-U.S. citizens and U.S. residents traveling as students, au pairs, or on work or travel visas.

VisitorsCoverage Other Insurance Plans

It’s also possible to select policies with benefits such as emergency medical evacuation or death & dismemberment claims for travelers and their families.

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Understanding Various Options

While VisitorsCoverage offers a wide range of products, the site also offers a comprehensive breakdown. Say, for instance, that you were interested in international travel insurance.

VisitorsCoverage Travel Insurance List

If you want to learn precisely what this type of insurance entails, click the “Learn more” link. The site will then present you with an easy-to-understand breakdown of international travel insurance and why it’s important.

International Travel Insurance in VisitorsCoverage

You can also scroll down to the end of the page to find a quick checklist of benefits.

International Travel Insurance Benefits

If it looks like this type of insurance is right for you, then click on “view plans” to see a variety of different options in this category.

Insurance Options

A scrollable list of coverage options will appear, each with details about the insurance company, what the policy offers, and the plan rating.

As you’ll notice, this page also has a handy checklist to help you customize your options. You can specify whether you’re looking for:

  • Limited or comprehensive coverage
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions or the acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Covid-19 benefits
  • Coverage including or excluding the USA
  • and more

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Broader Search and Filter Options

If you’re looking for insurance plans for travel for the first time, then looking through all your options may seem intimidating. That’s why VisitorsCoverage also offers a quick questionnaire to help you find the right plans.

Imagine you’re a 35-year-old with no pre-existing conditions looking for health insurance coverage for an upcoming trip to France (totally not revealing anything about myself here). From the VisitorsCoverage homepage, you’ll select the Visitors and Travel Medical Insurance option.

VisitorsCoverage Travel Website

On the next page, you’ll specify the country you intend to travel to, as well as any additional countries you plan to visit throughout your trip.

Sample Country to Travel

Next, you’ll enter your age, home country, and country of residence.

VisitorsCoverage Number of Travelers

If you want coverage for more than one traveler, you can also enter their information here as well. Last but not least, you’ll enter the dates of your trip.

VisitorsCoverage Travel Date Selection

The site will then filter out and present your best options.

Insurance Options

You’ll also have the option to customize the insurance plans in your results. Select the specific types of coverage you’re looking for, your minimum coverage amount, and more.

You can even check the “compare” box of up to three different insurance plans simultaneously to view a side-by-side comparison.

VisitorsCoverage Insurance Options Overview

Whether you’re looking for a lower price, deductible, or better coverage for certain medical conditions, the comparison feature offers a thorough breakdown of your selected choices.

Once you make your final choice, you can buy the policy from the VisitorsCoverge site. Rest assured that all the prices on the VisitorsCoverage website are the same as if you purchased the plan directly from the provider.

You’ll also create a VisitorsCoverage sign-in through the payment process, allowing you to log in and manage your policy details and documents anytime.

VisitorsCoverage Sign in Section

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Resource and Customer Support

VisitorsCoverage also has a nice range of content to help familiarize first-time customers with different types of visitor insurance and travel insurance. You can purchase medical insurance from VisitorsCoverage at any time, but just be aware that your coverage will only apply to new medical conditions.

VisitorsCoverage Resources for Travelers List

Choose from helpful articles for both non-U.S. citizens and U.S. residents traveling abroad. Or learn about different types of coverage from a series of educational videos.

VisitorsCoverage Set of Educational Videos

If you still have questions or need help filing a claim, you can reach out via chat, email, or phone for assistance. You can also contact customer service to cancel most medical insurance policies before coverage begins for a full refund.

If the coverage is already active, you can also get a partial refund for any unused days you no longer need. Trip insurance plans can only be canceled under specific circumstances after a free look-back period.

VisitorsCoverage Consultant Contact Number

VisitorsCoverage Alternatives

VisitorsCoverage makes it much easier to find the right insurance company for you. But how do they stack up against the competition? The site enjoys an excellent rating of 4.7/5 stars on TrustPilot and an A+ rating from the BBB, though they are not yet accredited. While we found a few complaints filed on other less reputable websites, overall, our reviews for VisitorsCoverage were positive. You can also check out the site’s various rewards and qualifications on the VisitorsCoverage website.

VisitorsCoverage competitors include similar sites like Insubuy and World Nomads. While we couldn’t find as many customer reviews for Insurby, the company is accredited and rated A+ by the BBB.

Insubuy offers similar options to VistorsCoverage, as well as a few additional options. These include:

  • Fiance visa insurance
  • Marine Crew health insurance
  • Hazardous sports insurance
  • A vision and dental plan
  • Kidnap & ransom insurance
  • Short-term and group domestic insurance

World Nomads is an Australian-based travel and visitors insurance company specializing in covering over 200 extreme sports. Interestingly, World Nomads does not fare as well as on TrustPilot and currently has a 3.7/5 star rating.

While World Nomads may be worth looking into for some travelers (and many of us at ViaTravelers are frequent users), its insurance offerings are far less comprehensive and flexible than what’s on offer at sites like VisitorsCoverage.

VisitorsCoverage Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of using VisitorsCoverage to find travel or visitor insurance for your next journey.


  • Offers a huge range of options for everything from trip cancelation to medical insurance with comprehensive coverage.
  • Plenty of options for non-U.S. citizens and U.S. residents alike.
  • Search filters and questionnaires make it easy to find the right options for you.
  • Offers plans with coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions during travel.
  • Offers coverage from reputable insurance companies such as Seven Corners, Atlas Travel Insurance, United Healthcare, Patriot Insurance Company, and more.


  • Some VisitorsCoverage reviews complained that the site felt overwhelming due to the many options offered.
  • Because VisitorsCoverge is a third-party site, experiences may vary based on your chosen provider.

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Visitors Coverage Category Ratings:

Ease-of-Use: 5

Due to the numerous options available on VisitorsCoverge, some first-time users may inevitably find it a bit overwhelming. However, the site is built to direct customers to the best plans for their needs as easily as possible.

Features: 5

First-time users will find a thorough breakdown of coverage options as well as an easy-to-use questionnaire designed to present them with the most relevant policies. The site’s filtering and comparison options make it possible to find the best results quickly. 

VisitorsCoverage also offers an impressively thorough resource section with tools designed to answer questions about different types of insurance products.

Customer Service: 4

VisitorsCoverage offers various customer service options, including chat, email, and phone support. Based on reviews, customers seem pretty satisfied with the services offered.

The only reason we give it a 4 rather than 5 is that their phone service is only available Monday- Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. PST. This could present a challenge if you traveled in a different time zone or needed assistance immediately.

Value for Money: 5

While you won’t necessarily save money with VisitorsCoverge, you’d be hard-pressed to find lower prices elsewhere. The site’s coverage options are legally bound to be listed for the same prices you’d pay through any other insurance provider or broker.

It’s also important to note that the billing process of medical insurance plans can vary depending on which facility you choose to visit. Ask how insurance works before your visit is a good idea if possible.

While some facilities may be able to bill the provider directly, others may require upfront payment, which you can file a claim to have reimbursed later.

Overall VisitorsCoverage Ranking: 4.75

Overall, we highly recommend VisitorsCoverge as a travel insurance solution. The site offers leads on comprehensive medical insurance, visitors insurance, and trip insurance for various situations.

If your medical insurance in your home country doesn’t extend to an area where you plan to travel, it’s not worth the risk of setting off without proper coverage.

VisitorsCoverge offers plenty of options to protect you and your family if you request treatment for injuries or illnesses abroad.

In addition to medical insurance, VisitorsCoverage also makes it easy to cover any expenses you would incur due to trip cancelation, luggage issues, or other unexpected hang-ups.

Just be sure to read through each policy in detail to ensure that the one you select offers the right comprehensive coverage for you.

Final Thoughts: Is VisitorsCoverge Legit?

VisitorsCoverage Review: Is It Legit?

Are you planning to get insured with VisistorsCoverage but don't know if it's legit? Here is VisitorsCoverage review for you.

Product Brand: VisitorsCoverage

Editor's Rating:


  • range of options
  • Plenty of options for non-U.S. citizens and U.S. residents alike Search filters and questionnaires make it easy to find the right options for you.
  • Offers plans with coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions Offers coverage from reputable insurance companies


  • VisitorsCoverage reviews complained that the site felt overwhelming due to the wide number of options offered. VisitorsCoverge is a third-party site, experiences may vary based on the provider you choose to go with.

Yes, VisitorsCoverage is a legitimate company that offers health and trip insurance plans for travelers (among many more). While not an insurance provider, it is a licensed insurance broker.

The VisitorsCoverge website allows customers to compare plans from a number of different providers in one convenient place. The site also offers a number of questionnaires and filters that can help direct customers to the best plans for their unique situations.


What kind of insurance can I find through VisitorsCoverge?

A whole bunch! Visitors insurance, which covers medical expenses for short-term visitors to the U.S. International travel insurance, which covers medical expenses during international trips. Trip insurance covers expenses related to flight cancellations, trip interruptions, or baggage delays.

Immigrant and “Green Card” insurance includes short-term medical coverage for new U.S. immigrants and holders of Green Card. European and Schengen visa insurance covers medical expenses during European trips.

Student visa insurance covers medical expenses for students studying abroad. And last but not least, COVID-19 coverage!

Can you purchase travel medical insurance after arriving in the U.S.?

Yes! With VisitorsCoverge, you can buy a plan after arriving in the U.S., know that the plan only covers anything after the policy start date.

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