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3 Best Zip Lines in Germany

3 Best Zip Lines in Germany

Thrill-seekers love the German countryside for its lush green landscape and mountainous regions. It’s no surprise high rope courses and zip lines are such a big part of the German culture.

Ziplines are amazing fun for everyone and it’s no wonder zipline tours are extremely popular all over Germany. They’re a unique adventure that allows you to see the landscape from an entirely different perspective.  It doesn’t matter whether ziplining is your first time with this

If you’ve never been on a zip line, Germany is the perfect place to try it for your first time!

Best Zip Lines in Germany

Zipline Adventure

Since ziplining is such a popular tourist activity, you’ll find zip lines all across Germany – from Berlin to Frankfurt to Münster and many other locations!

3 ziplines are found in a 3 km  “green” area of forest just 5 min. away from Stuttgart! It’s perfect for beginners who want to experience ziplining without zooming across huge distances like on other ziplines in Germany.

You’ll zipline across the forest canopy and if you’re lucky, even spot a few deer on a ziplining tour Zu Weilheim!

If you want an adrenaline rush to zipline through Germany’s beautiful landscape, this is where to go! Here are the best German zip lines.

Hamburg zipline

The zipline in Hamburg is a huge success. It’s the longest zipline in Germany, and holds the record for being the biggest zipline in Europe!

You can’t miss it on your zipline tour through this city.  It’s just outside of town but only takes you 15 minutes to zipline through the beautiful surrounding countryside.

It is located outside of town in the northern Hamburg district called Bergedorf.

The zipline in Hamburg is open all year round and operates from 09:00 to 17:00.

Berlin zipline

In Berlin, you can zipline across the city’s Alexanderplatz. You’ll soar for 300 meters and fly over the bustling traffic of one of Berlin’s most exciting public squares! The zipline in Berlin is located in Alexanderplatz, a square in the heart of the city.

The zipline in Berin is open all year round, weather permitting. The zipline is open from 10:00 to 17:30 on weekdays and Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00.

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Bayern zipline

Bayern ziplines has ziplines located throughout the entire state, from north to south. You can zipline in Bad Füssing, Bayerisch Gmain, Berchtesgaden, Schrobenhausen and Tittmoning.

There’s the Bavarian zipline in Bayrischzell – zipline 300m across the forest from one station to another.

There are ziplines in Bayerisch Gmain, ziplining 750m, zig-zagging up and down along a fir wood tower. Berchtesgaden zipline is 850m through the trees over 2 platforms, ziplining through nature.

There are ziplines in Bad Füssing and Schrobenhausen, zipline near the Ammersee lake.

Tittmoning zipline is close to the Austrian border, zipline 750m across 2 platforms as you make your way up a fir tree tower.

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If flying through the air at 80 km/h over treetops and beautiful German landscape is your idea of a good time, I’ve got some really good news for you. At the end of 2012, Germany opened its newest and longest zip line in Rappbodetalsperre (Rappbode Dam) near Elbingerode.

At 1,000 meters long there’s plenty of time to enjoy the ride over the Rappbode Dam lakes and treetops as you descend 120 meters to the landing point below.

You can even share the experience with a friend or loved one, as it’s one of the few double zip lines where two people can ride at the same time, and it’s the longest double zip line in Europe.

Whether you’re flying solo or with a friend, the Rappbodetalsperre zip line is a face-first, prone position style zip line over a beautiful German lake and forestry.

The zipline is open from 10:00 to 17:30 on weekdays and Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00.

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The previous title holder of the longest zip line in Germany was held by Hirschgrund. A 7 zip line course located in Schramburg, Germany. You can book trips for 8 people easily and they can even accommodate larger groups, but no matter how big your group is, they prefer you call ahead to book your appointment.

Each group of 8 or fewer gets their own personal guide to escort their high-flying adventure at Hirschgrund.

Each person will enjoy soaring through the trees, over hills, and through valleys on 7 different zip lines. Altogether there’s a grand total of 1.6 kilometers to be traversed through the beautiful Black Forest landscape at Hirschgrund park.

Their longest single zip line ride at Hirschgrund is a 570-meter long ride over a valley. You can see it in the video below.

While Hirschgrund isn’t as fast as the new Rappbodetalsperre course or as long, it’s still a great place to get your first zipline experience. Especially if you’re in the southern part of Germany for Oktoberfest and you’re looking for some outdoor adventure.

Just don’t expect this to be a great Christmas adventure as the park is closed from November to February.


How much fun would it be to experience Germany’s first zip line park?

Located in Eastern Germany near the Czech Republic you’ll find this beautiful little piece of German forestry with more than a few zip lines for your adventures.

The Abenteuerwerkstatt is its own little adventure park. So no matter if you’re searching for several of Germany’s classic zip line courses, rock climbing, canoe rentals, paddle boarding, geocaching, hiking or camping they’ve pretty much got you covered for your outdoor adventure.

It’s open from April to October, but it will be closed between November and March. November 1st is the opening day of the ziplines for this year.

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Where Can You Zipline in Germany?

Ziplines in Bavaria are spectacular ways to experience the forest areas and enjoy fantastic views. Bavaria is home to a number of ziplines, but travelers inside other regions may miss out on this adventure. Hof offers visitors the chance to zip right through the Bavarian countryside in all its magnificence.

If you are unable to visit these destinations, here are some recommendations of top zip lines in Germany. However, be warned that you should only try these zips if you have the strength and courage for enormous thrills!

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