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Château de Sacy Review: Uncovering Its Charm and History

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Château de Sacy is a lesser-known treasure in the charming little village of Sacy, France, tucked within the heart of the vineyards on the mountain of Reims. As I approached this exquisite jewel, I couldn’t help but be captivated by its picturesque surroundings and historic charm.

With 12 luxurious rooms and suites, a restaurant offering fine dining featuring local products, and an Ec(h)o wellness area, Château de Sacy is an ideal destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in French culture and indulge in true relaxation.

Upon my arrival at Château de Sacy, I was warmly greeted by the attentive staff and instantly felt at ease in a fabulous room. As I explored the hotel, I was taken aback by the perfect blend of historic and modern elements, which created a unique atmosphere that can only be sincerely appreciated in person.

Whether it was the carefully curated decor, the meticulous attention to detail, or the unparalleled level of service, Château de Sacy indeed left an impression on me that I will not soon forget. During my stay, I had the opportunity to indulge in some of the most delectable dishes from the on-site restaurant – an experience I highly recommend.

The menu and dishes highlighted the flavors of fresh local ingredients in a refined and innovative way. As I savored each bite, I couldn’t help but marvel at the culinary talent and the stunning views of the surrounding vineyards, adding a layer of sensory delight to my experience.

It’s no wonder Château de Sacy has garnered rave reviews from travelers across the globe, offering a truly memorable adventure for all who enter its doors. And this is one such rave review!

Château de Sacy Overview


Entrance to Chateau de Sacy, France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Château de Sacy is nestled in the charming village of Sacy, a picturesque area at the core of Champagne country (Its exact address is Rue des Croisettes, 51500 Sacy, France). It is located on the mountain of Reims and offers stunning views of the surrounding vineyards.

From my point of view, it is an ideal spot for visitors looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Champagne region. The city center of Reims is just a short drive away, and there you can find numerous historical sites and popular attractions like the Circuit de Reims-Gueux and Sensas Reims.


Le Château, France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

From what I researched, this stunning château dates back to the middle of the 19th Century (I came across a sign proclaiming so on my morning walk). This remarkable property combines historic architecture with contemporary touches, creating a romantic and unique atmosphere.

Over time, the Château de Sacy has undergone multiple transformations, slowly becoming a luxurious, 12-room hotel. But it’s not your typical hotel – heck, it’s not even your typical French hotel!


Scenic Sacy Vineyards in France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Château de Sacy is enveloped by picturesque vineyards, making it a focal point for wine enthusiasts such as myself. The scenic location allows guests to fully experience the magnificence of the vineyard view of the Champagne region.

These vineyards not only provide exceptional views but also contribute to the production of exquisite local champagnes. Visiting nearby vineyards and indulging in tastings is one of the many activities guests can enjoy at this enchanting château.

Image Gallery

I spent a lot of time taking pictures during my stay here and thought this gallery was a nice way to show how charming this chateau is.

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View from Room at Chateau de Sacy
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

There are 12 pristine rooms and suites, ensuring an intimate experience. Many of the rooms offer stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and the charming village of Sacy.

The beds are comfortable, and the guest rooms are inviting, ensuring that I had a good night’s sleep. Each room has free bottled water, a flat-screen TV, and air conditioning for convenience and comfort. Guests also have the option to request extra beds if needed.

At Château de Sacy, I found the rooms elegantly designed and comfortable. Walking into my room, I couldn’t help but notice the blend of modern and historical styles, which added a touch of extravagance to the classic double room.

A genuine, bonafide French rooster was my alarm clock each morning, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Normally, being awoken at the crack of early by some boisterous bird would put me in a bad mood, but it genuinely added to the overall ambiance paired with the vineyard view and the orange-hue sunrise.


Luxurious breakfast at Chateau de Sacy with vineyard view
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Château de Sacy offers every amenity you would expect that catered to my needs during my stay:

  • Breakfast: A morning continental breakfast stacked with all kinds of amazing French breakfast delights was the perfect touch. I looked forward to it every morning.
  • Free WiFi: I was pleased to find complimentary high-speed wireless internet access throughout the hotel, essential for me as a traveler and digital nomad.
  • Lounge: A cozy and well-decorated lounge area provided me with a comfortable space to relax, read a book, or even enjoy a drink with other guests.
  • Free Parking: They offer on-site parking for guests, so I didn’t have to worry about finding a place for my car.
  • Pets: As a pet lover, I appreciated the hotel’s pet-friendly policy, allowing me to bring my furry companion along.
  • Ec(h)o Wellness Area: This dedicated space, in collaboration with the French natural mineral cosmetics brand Gemology, allowed me to enjoy much-needed relaxation and wellness during my stay.
  • Bicycle Rental Service: In addition to its awesome spa services, Château de Sacy also offers a bicycle rental service for guests to explore the area from the saddle.

While not all rooms feature air conditioning, I was fortunate enough to have a room with this amenity to ensure a comfortable temperature.

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Dining and Bar

On-Site Restaurant

Chateau de Sacy Restaurant - Fine Dining in a French Castle Ambiance
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

I enjoyed dining at their on-site restaurant and terrace bar while visiting the Château de Sacy. I was impressed by the elegant ambiance and the attentive staff. The menu featured French cuisine, highlighting local products, such as fresh produce and regional cheeses.

My dinner consisted of multiple courses, and I particularly enjoyed the appetizers, which showcased the chef’s creativity and attention to detail. The main course was exquisite, as the ingredients harmonized perfectly in flavor and texture.

To complement my meal, I opted for a glass of the recommended wine, a delightful addition to the dining experience. All in all, it’s simply fabulous food.

Booking a table in advance is advisable, as this dining venue can get busy during peak hours since they welcome non-guests to dine. Remember to leave some room for dessert, as the options are stunning, showcasing the best French pastry.

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Gourmet appetizers at Chateau de Sacy bar featuring smoked salmon and cheese spread
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

After dinner, I ventured to Le Comptoir à Bulles, the Château’s well-stocked bar. I enjoyed the cozy and inviting atmosphere, which allowed for pleasant conversations with other guests. The selection of drinks was outstanding, covering an array of international and local beverages, including Champagnes and fine wines.

One unique aspect of the bar is its wine-tasting offerings, where I could sample Champagnes from the surrounding vineyards. These tastings provided a chance to savor the region’s unique flavors and learn more about the production process and the area’s history.

For a more casual and refreshing experience, I suggest visiting Le A’aqua, the Château’s poolside bar. I enjoyed a coffee and a light snack there, enjoying the serene ambiance and soothing surroundings. It was the perfect spot to unwind after a busy day exploring the beautiful countryside of Sacy.

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Spa and Fitness Facilities


Chateau De Sacy Hot Tub - Relax in Style
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

During my stay at Château de Sacy, I had the opportunity to experience their Ec(h)o wellness area, which provides a variety of spa services, treatments, and facilities. The spa promotes natural and eco-friendly products from a well-known French brand, which gave me peace of mind knowing that I was pampering myself in an environmentally conscious way.

I indulged in one of the available massages, which refreshed and rejuvenated me. The spa also offers other treatments, such as facials and body wraps, to its guests.

One of the highlights of the spa facilities was the hot tub. Soaking in the warm waters while looking out over the picturesque vineyards was relaxing. In addition to the hot tub, I also enjoyed the sauna, which provided a soothing heat that helped ease the tension and soreness I tend to collect in my shoulders.


While at Château de Sacy, I didn’t want to neglect my fitness routine, so I took advantage of their on-site fitness center. Although it’s not a large space, it has all the essential equipment for a good workout. I found the fitness room with cardio machines, such as the treadmill and stationary bike, and free weights helpful for maintaining my exercise habits.

Additionally, the peaceful atmosphere of the surrounding vineyards provided a beautiful backdrop for outdoor activities, such as jogging or yoga. I appreciated that the Château de Sacy catered to its guests’ fitness needs while maintaining its setting’s serenity.

Overall, the Château de Sacy offers a wonderful combination of relaxation and fitness facilities within its Ec(h)o wellness area and fitness center. With a focus on sustainability, natural products, and beautiful surroundings, guests can soothe their minds, body, and soul while staying at this charming hotel.

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Services and Staff

The helpful staff and services at Château de Sacy exceeded my expectations, making my stay comfortable, stress-free, and enjoyable. Their commitment to exceptional service and hospitality was evident throughout.

Front Desk

During my stay at Château de Sacy, I found the front desk staff friendly, attentive, and professional. They efficiently handled my check-in and check-out process, and I appreciated their warm welcome upon arrival. I also noticed they were well-versed in providing information about the hotel’s facilities and the surrounding areas.


The hotel’s concierge service proved helpful for me while exploring nearby attractions and restaurants. They assisted with booking reservations, offered suggestions for things to do in the charming village of Sacy, and even aided in arranging transportation when needed. Their knowledge and expertise in the local area made my experience more enjoyable and seamless.

Additional Services

  • Luggage Storage: Château de Sacy offered convenient luggage storage, which I took advantage of when I arrived early and had to leave a bit later than the check-out time. This allowed me to explore the village without worrying about my belongings.
  • Babysitting Service: Although I didn’t require this service, the hotel provides babysitting services for guests traveling with children. This added convenience can benefit families who want to enjoy adult time without worrying about their little ones.
  • Pet-Friendly: The hotel is pet-friendly, allowing guests to bring their furry friends to stay at Château de Sacy. This can make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable for pet owners.

Nearby Attractions

Champagne Mobillion - Premium Sparkling French Wine
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

While staying at the Château de Sacy, I found several nearby attractions to keep me entertained and make the most of my visit.

Cultural Sites

Illustrated map of Champagne Houses in Sacy, France amidst vineyards
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

While I was in the area, I made sure to visit the Basilique Saint-Remi, a beautiful historical church that dates back to the 11th Century. Another cultural site I did not want to miss was the Museum of the Surrender in Reims, which offers an insightful look into France’s World War II history.

Restaurants and Cafes

Some excellent dining options near the Château de Sacy include:

  • L’Assiette Champenoise: A renowned Michelin-starred restaurant in Reims offering exquisite French cuisine.
  • Le Comptoir à Bulles: A charming bar in Sacy with a great selection of champagne and cocktails.

Recreational Highlights

For those who enjoy interactive experiences, I discovered some recreational highlights near Château de Sacy:

  • SENSAS Reims: A unique sensory adventure that combines team challenges and fun activities.
  • Studio Riddle Escape Game: A thrilling escape room experience where I needed to solve puzzles within a given time limit.
  • Circuit de Reims-Gueux: A historic racetrack built in 1926 that motorsport enthusiasts will love.

Wine-Related Activities

Veuve Clicquot tasting room with orange decor and champagne in Reims, France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

As a wine lover, I could not miss exploring wine-related activities in the region. Here are some of the excellent local champagne houses I visited:

  • Maison Ruinart: A renowned champagne house offering guided tours and tastings.
  • Champagne Lallement Massonnot: A local winery with delightful champagne tastings.
  • Veuve Clicquot: An iconic brand with tasty champagne.

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Guest Experiences

Chateau de Sacy Room - Luxury Interior Design
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

During my time at Château de Sacy, I had an extremely positive and memorable experience. From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the hotel’s charming ambiance and exquisite decor. Positioned among the picturesque village of Sacy, it provided me with a truly satisfying escape into the heart of Champagne country.

The exceptional service was one aspect of the Château de Sacy that made my stay particularly enjoyable. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and happiness throughout my visit.

They were happy to share their expertise about the local area, recommending the must-see sights and activities. As a photographer, I was also impressed by the incredible photo opportunities I could capture inside and outside the hotel.

From the beautiful grounds with their manicured gardens to the charming interior design, every corner of the Château de Sacy invited me to capture its essence through my lens.

I particularly enjoyed dining at the hotel’s restaurant, feasting on delicious and refined cuisine created with local products. The dishes were beautifully presented and expertly prepared, adding another layer of satisfaction to my overall experience.

Additionally, I took advantage of the on-site Ec(h)o wellness area, which offered a range of treatments utilizing natural mineral cosmetics from the French brand Gemology.

The tranquil atmosphere and expert staff made for a rejuvenating and soothing experience that refreshed and energized me. Overall, this was such a wonderful stay that I’d love to return to Château de Sacy and enjoy it again!

Château de Sacy Review: Uncovering Its Charm and History

Experience charm and elegance in this Château de Sacy review, a historic French boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Champagne.

Product Brand: Château de Sacy

Editor's Rating:


  • Offers stunning views of the surrounding vineyards Focal point for wine enthusiasts On-site restaurant and terrace bar Provides a variety of various spa services, treatments, and facilities Helpful staff and services


  • Not all rooms feature air conditioning

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