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Europe Travel Guides

Housing twice as many inhabitants as the United States, Europe stands as a remarkable expanse filled with historic gems, age-old remnants, grand fortresses, and a tapestry of cultural diversity.

Crafting your European travel agenda, whether it spans a single metropolis or encompasses a multitude of destinations, can be greatly enhanced by acquiring comprehensive knowledge about the locales you intend to explore. What is the native tongue? Which form of currency will you need? The cost of dining out—how does it measure up? Is it more advantageous to partake in organized excursions or to discover the sights at your own pace? It’s wise to seek answers to these inquiries as you map out your journey across Europe.

For those who have yet to set foot on European soil and are eager to soak in the quintessence of the continent, initiate your exploration with our Europe travel primer. Here, you’ll uncover a selection of Europe’s finest attractions and gain insights on navigating the continent with the savvy of a well-versed voyager.

Our Destinations Covered in Europe

Below, we’ve cataloged the European nations we’ve documented, sorted by region, to aid in your deep dive into the particular locales that pique your interest. Each country is accompanied by its own detailed travel manual.

Central Europe

Eastern Europe

Northern Europe

Western Europe

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