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12 Essential Travel Tips for Flying with Vitamins

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Traveling is something we should all experience whenever our bank accounts and schedules permit it. There’s so much of this beautiful world; skipping memorable experiences without traveling would be a shame.

Let’s say you find an opportunity to travel. But how should you prepare for it? You need to pack clothes, some gadgets, and other essential items. Don’t forget about your vitamins, though! Taking vitamins while traveling helps you stay in peak physical condition.

With so many spots to hit during your vacation, the last thing you want is to feel under the weather. Take some vitamins to lower the chances of that happening. Flying with vitamins is easy enough.

Throughout this article, we’ve included tips to easily fly with vitamins on a plane and keep them near to hand on your travels. Check them out for yourself and see how convenient the whole thing can be!

Tip #1: Do Not Worry about the TSA

a snapshot inside an airport

Before we get to anything else, let’s discuss the most important topic immediately. Can you bring vitamins on a plane? We know how strict the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can be regarding certain items you take on a flight.

It’s fair to wonder if your vitamins and supplements may be flagged during screening. Thankfully, flying with vitamins is not going to be an issue.

Airport Screening section
FWL / Adobe Stock

According to the TSA, passengers can store their vitamins in their checked luggage and carry-on bags. Choose whichever form of luggage is a more convenient carrier of your vitamins.

Theoretically, you can pack your bag of vitamins and get cleared, although the TSA agent may have some questions for you first! However, note that only solid vitamins qualify to be stored in carry-on bags in large amounts.

If the vitamins you’ve brought are liquid, they are subject to the TSA rules and restrictions.

Vitamin TypeGuidelinesCarry-onChecked Luggage
Pills/Capsules– No restrictions on quantities
– Can be packed in original containers or pill organizers
Gummies/Chewables– Treated as solid food items
– No restrictions on quantities
Powders/Drinks– Counted as liquids/gels
– Limited to 3.4 oz (100 ml) or less per item
Liquid Vitamins– Counted as liquids/gels
– Limited to 3.4 oz (100 ml) or less per item

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Tip #2: Leave the Liquid Vitamins at Home or on the Store Shelf

picture of a hand holding a clear glass full of red juice

As we noted above, the TSA restricts how much liquid you can carry with you on the plane, so if you rely on a liquid vitamin, you may want to look for alternatives for convenience in the security screening process.

They specifically require passengers to place the liquid in a 3.4-ounce container if they want to include it in their carry-on bag. Anything with more volume has to be placed in your checked luggage.

Bringing a liquid item on a flight can lead to a longer screening process. Is it worth going through the extended screening for your liquid vitamins? That’s up to you to decide.

I stick to solid or gummy vitamins because they are less troublesome to travel with and still give me the benefits I want. You also don’t have to worry about potential spillage with solid vitamins.

I recommend leaving the liquid vitamins at home or on the store shelf if you’re on vacation. Go for the solid alternatives instead.

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Tip #3: Keep Your Vitamins in Your Carry-On Bag

a medium shot of a medium-sized carry on bag

My next tip for flying with vitamins is to store them in your carry-on bag. Things can get hectic when you’re traveling. Your normal routine gets interrupted, and you might forget to do certain things.

When you realize you must take your vitamins, it might be the time you also realize that you placed them in your checked luggage. Oops! And what if you make the flight, but your checked luggage doesn’t?

Missing the right time to take your vitamins is not ideal. So, can you take vitamins on a plane? In the cabin? The answer is yes, and they should be stored in your carry-on bag, along with any medication you need.

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Tip #4: Use a Special Container to Hold Your Vitamins

various pills inside a pills container/organizer

Have you thought about how you will store your vitamins? While planning your trip, you should consider how you want to store the vitamins inside your carry-on bag. This may be the time for you to invest in a special container.

Products such as this Asija pill container are great if you intend to fly with vitamins. You get a compact leather case that fits easily inside a carry-on. Inside that case are seven smaller containers that can house your daily dose of pills.

The smaller containers even come with two compartments to separate the daytime and nighttime dosages if necessary. I prefer this product, but there are other options available. Search online until you find the container that works best for you.

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Tip #5: Purchase Vitamins That Are Packed in Good Containers

Woman with bottled pills
Red Fox studio / Shutterstock

Do you want to avoid purchasing an additional container for your vitamin pills? That’s perfectly understandable. Traveling can be expensive, so saving whenever possible is a good idea. Instead of purchasing a special container for your vitamins, you can look for items stored in better packaging.

These vitamins from Physician’s Choice are stored in fantastic containers. The bottle can keep its contents at a temperature where they won’t start melting.

Manufacturers note that you don’t have to refrigerate the vitamins as long as they’re stored in the original bottle. The sturdy bottle won’t shatter even as it knocks and jostles around your carry-on.

You can find other vitamins packed in similarly durable containers. Seek them out if you want to make flying with vitamins and supplements easier.

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Tip #6: Look for Hard Vitamins

Variety of vitamin pills in wooden spoon on white background with green leaf, supplemental and healthcare product, flat lay surface
1989STUDIO / Adobe Stock

When traveling, I prefer bringing as many hard vitamins as possible. I’m talking about the ones that you can chew to consume. The main reason why I prefer those hard vitamins the most is that they are the easiest to bring along. If you’re heading out, you can place those vitamins into a small plastic bag, which will likely remain intact.

Even if the hard vitamins break into smaller pieces, you can still take them. Their efficacy won’t be reduced just because they’ve fractured. You should bring water if you’re taking hard vitamins, but you were probably going to do that anyway.

That said, virtually every commercial flight (except VERY short-haul or teeny-tiny flights) will provide water, and your destination likely (hopefully anyway) has water, too.

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Tip #7: Choose Your Softgel Vitamins Carefully

a couple of golden soft gels in the right side with a pale blue background

Let’s say that your preferred vitamins come in soft gel capsules. Are they still suitable for travel? Can you fly with vitamins if they are of the soft gel variety? The answer to both of those questions is yes.

The TSA still classifies soft gel capsules as solids, so they aren’t subjected to liquid restrictions. The real issue with vitamins that come in soft gel capsules is their potential to melt.

If traveling to a tropical tourist destination, your soft gel capsules may melt before you reach your lodgings. When you’ve checked your bag, the capsules may have congealed into a big, squelchy vitamin goop.

The solution to that potential problem is to purchase specially formulated soft gel capsules. Soft gel vitamins like these ones sold by NatureWise may stick together, but they will harden and separate after hitting room temperature again. Shaking the bottle can also dislodge stuck capsules.

So yes, you can take soft gel vitamins on vacation, but choose them carefully.

Tip #8: Pack Vitamins That Are Water-Soluble

white pills inside the spoon and scattered in a yellow background

Not everyone can handle capsules and tablets, so you may want to consider powdered supplements. I have friends who have long struggled with medication because they struggle to swallow their pills or keep those capsules and tablets down.

The good news is that you can avoid those vitamins without using liquid alternatives, either. Nuun offers water-soluble tablets that can turn an ordinary water bottle into a sports drink. You drop the tablet in the water and let it dissolve.

The Nuun vitamins are a great compromise option. You can continue flying with vitamins because they are in tablet form, yet they transform into liquid vitamins, too.

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Tip #9: Select Vitamins You Don’t Have to Take Too Often

a collection of white oval medication-tablets and white medication capsules

The flight you booked may be a long trip to your destination. For many travelers, that flight lets them catch up on their sleep.

Some people need that little extra rest time to preserve their energy for when they reach their destinations. If you want to sleep through most of your flight, you should pick up vitamins that allow for that.

You can find vitamins and supplements that only have to be taken twice or even just one time per day. Take them before you nod off, and you won’t have to worry about them until the day after.

These vitamins are much more convenient if you plan to be out and about during your vacation. Get them out of the way early in the morning and proceed with your itinerary!

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Tip #10: Buy Vitamins That Can Supplement Your Physical Performance

Happy African American woman standing at the cuisine table in the home kitchen drinking dietary supplements,
kucherav / Adobe Stock

We’ve put the question “Can I fly with vitamins” behind us. Now, ask, “Which vitamins can help us enjoy our vacation more?”

Natural supplements packed with elderberry, magnesium, and vitamin D are the ones you should prioritize if you plan to spend a good chunk of your vacation in the wilderness.

Elderberry supplements are recommended because they help boost your immune system. If you spend hours on the slopes or hiking in damp forests, these natural supplements will help keep your immune system fighting fit. Magnesium supplements are great to have on hand because they help you regain energy faster.

a backside view of a hooded backpacker with a large backpack

Take the magnesium supplement before you sleep; you’ll have more energy when you wake up. Instead of sleeping off the jet lag in your hotel room, you can start having fun right away with the help of magnesium-infused vitamins.

Magnesium can also help if you have an upset stomach or bowels! Lastly, vitamin D supplements can unlock the full potential of your body’s physical capabilities. They aid your immune system, your mental health, and your recovery from physical injuries, too.

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Tip #11: Find Multivitamins Containing the Nutrients You Need

a pile of white, pink and brown-oblong-and round medication tablets

Flying with vitamins is not an issue with the TSA, but it can be an issue for you. Space inside your carry-on bag is prime real estate. You don’t want vitamin containers taking up all the available space there!

I suggest searching for multivitamins to avoid packing vitamins in your carry-on bag. Multivitamins like these sold by Centrum include many essential nutrients that adults need and come in pill form.

Those nutrients come bundled together in neat little packages, making them ideal for traveling. It’s worth noting here that multivitamins often feature different compositions.

Look for multivitamins that contain the nutrients you want/need the most. Many are available online, so the search shouldn’t take too long.

Opting to purchase multivitamins also makes sense financially. They are often priced in the same range as other vitamins, so you shouldn’t let cost affect your decision here. Make your vacation more affordable by buying multivitamins.

Tip #12: Bring an Extra Bottle of Your Preferred Vitamins

close up of two pink speckled tablets in a human palm

Last, I recommend bringing an extra bottle of your preferred vitamins if you’re going on vacation. This is especially important if you’re heading to a foreign country.

You don’t necessarily know where pharmacies will be located in your vacation destination. If your vitamin stock is low, you may not get the chance to replenish it until you get home.

Vitamins may also be more expensive in your new location. Do you want to spend much of your money on potentially overpriced vitamins?

Plus, there’s always the possibility that you may misplace your vitamins somewhere. By keeping one bottle of vitamins in your carry-on luggage and another in your checked luggage, you will always have supplements to spare.


Can I bring my vitamins on a plane?

Yes! TSA, the airline company you are flying with, and airport security may want to inspect your vitamins – but they can be carried on in checked baggage with no limitations. Just be sure to place it in a zip-top bag with its identifying information or in its original package.

Can you carry vitamins and OTC medication on a plane?

You can bring vitamins onto the plane but must notify the airline beforehand. Mostly, any medications other than prescription ones are not permitted through security screenings.

The final say, however, will always be up to the screening officer’s discretion, so it doesn’t hurt to try. It may just come down to how far into your trip you are or if they feel that taking a few pills out of your bag before flying will cause problems in flying if they find them later during screening.

How do I pack vitamins for international travel?

When traveling, one of the first questions is how to pack your vitamins. It is important to have a TSA version. Bring the original box with you if you take any prescription medicine. If somebody takes them from you and says they will replace them but then does not, this can be very bad.

If you drink liquids, check TSA’s rules before flying. If you are not flying, it is possible to carry them on board, too, if they are put in a ziplock bag that is the size of a quart.

Can I put gummy vitamins in my carry-on?

Gummy vitamins can be put in your carry-on. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that all liquids, gels, and aerosols must be placed in a clear, quart-sized bag and in a separate bin during the security screening process. Additionally, it is recommended to check with your airline for any specific restrictions on vitamins or supplements in your carry-on.

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