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Delta Airlines Review 2023: Is This The Best Airline?

Delta Airlines has been a staple for my travel schedule and travel plans. After flying this airline for years, I thought my wisdom would come to use in this full Delta Airlines review.

Delta Airline is one of the pioneering airline companies in the United States.

While it initially started off as a domestic airline company, it has grown to become one of the US’s largest operating airlines.

Today, its aircrafts fly across the globe to more than 330 destinations across 64 countries.

These include global tourist hubs like Paris, Amsterdam, and Tokyo, along with popular US flight routes to New York, Salt Lake City, and Detroit.

Moreover, it has an impressive aircraft fleet with various features and cabin configurations that can fit the needs of all kinds of flyers.

Special offers include Business Class, Delta Comfort+, and the Delta One.

Delta Airlines Review

However, it is okay to be apprehensive about choosing an airline, even if it’s immensely popular.

To help you out, I have mapped out all the details about Delta Airlines in this Delta Airlines review so you can make the ultimate choice.

Delta Airlines Review

You see, sometimes choosing an airline to travel with is not about going for the cheapest rates.

Delta Airlines Logo

If that’s what you’re going for, you are likely to meet many traveling issues and in-flight hassles that turn your spark off even before you arrive at your destination.

As a frequent traveler, that’s what I look for in most of the flights I book.

Obviously, nobody would want to pay extraordinary rates for regular flight routes, but the price is not the only thing that matters.

While booking the right flight for yourself, you have to check whether you’re getting a good balance of in-flight comfort, airport facilities, utility features, and customer service, which ultimately adds to the value for your money.

If you don’t get any of that upon booking a cheap flight and end up reaching exhausted to your vacation site, you practically threw your money down the drain.

For me, Delta Airlines has never failed to deliver all these aspects. That’s why Delta Airlines has been a staple for my travel schedule and travel plans.

After flying this airline for years, I thought my wisdom would come to use in this full Delta Airlines review. I have covered all the aspects including,

  • Delta Airlines amenities
  • In-flight offerings
  • Delta Sky Club benefits
  • Delta Airlines online app facilities

After reviewing all these features, you can decide whether this is the best airline to plan your next vacation or not.

Where is Delta Airlines Based?

Delta Airlines has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This means the airline dominates one of the country’s busiest airports, with hundreds of flights arriving and departing every day.

Besides that, the airline company has foreign airline partners, which include,

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • China Eastern
  • Air France
  • KLM
  • Alitalia

That’s good news for Delta Airline frequent users as they can use their Delta Airlines flying points to book flights with its partner airlines from anywhere in the world.

I’ll include more details about Delta’s loyalty program, SkyMiles, further in my Delta Airlines review.

Delta Airlines Amenities

Did you know? With the increasing popularity of long-haul flights, most tourists plan to sleep through their flights.

Along with helping them dedicate more time to their planned activities at their destination, this also lets them save up on accommodation costs.

Consequently, this means that more tourists than ever are looking for flights with excellent onboard and airport amenities to ensure a comfortable journey.

Delta Airlines offers excellent amenities depending on the cabin class you choose to travel in. I have listed the details and a few aspects I found appealing during my flights with Delta to give you some insight.


Delta Airlines Classes

Depending on the length of your flight and your budget, there are many options you can choose from at Delta Airlines. Those who want to go for the cheapest flights they can find should opt for the Basic Economy class.

Delta Airlines Classes

You won’t be paying for any amenities with your ticket in this class, except for boarding the flight. You will have to pay an extra fee for any add-on you need, like priority boarding, extra luggage, food, and entertainment.

However, if you’re willing to stretch your budget for a comfortable flight, the Delta Comfort+ is an affordable option with multiple amenities. This class offers a spacious overhead luggage bin and roomy seats.

After that comes the First Class, which comes with a spacious seat, expedited boarding, food, entertainment, and a slightly higher price tag.

Finally, if you’re going for long-haul international flights, the Delta One and Premium Select are the best packages for you.

Here, the amenities include a foldable seat that turns into a bed, along with luxury food and drinks and entertainment on-demand.

Baggage Policy

Compared to the other amenities Delta Airlines has to offer, the baggage policy was quite a turn-off for me. If you’re traveling basic economy, you’ll have to pay $30 for the first and $40 for the second bag you check-in.

Similarly, Economy Class passengers can only take 50 pounds of luggage while First Class passengers can take 70 Pounds.

However, if you hold their SkyClub card or an American Express card, you can check in your first bag for free.

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Delta Airlines Seats

Regardless of the flight’s length, nobody likes to spend their journey on an uncomfortable seat. Luckily, Delta Airlines offers comfortable seats across all cabins to ensure a comfortable journey to its passengers.

The most attractive ones are its recliner-style seats in the First Class cabin. These sleek and modern seats offer ample legroom.

Similarly, all its seats sport a moveable armrest along with a moderately-sized tray table. The seatbelts are accessible and easy-to-use, while a narrow storage area near the armrest lets you place your extra belongings until you get off the flight.

Another attractive in-flight feature of Delta Airlines is its relatively large windows. Compared to other narrow-bodied aircraft, Delta Airlines planes have broader windows, making the in-flight space seem more spacious.


Delta Airlines has impressive entertainment options for its passengers. Although the airline has removed most of its physical magazines due to COVID-19 restrictions, it provides its virtual versions on-screen.

Besides that, the First Class seats of the Delta Airlines A220 has one of the largest screens that show quality content. Similarly, you can also bring your content to watch or read and use the USB ports to charge your devices.


Delta Airlines offers a free meal if you are flying through a journey of more than 250 miles. Furthermore, they throw in complimentary snacks like delicious Kind bars and occasionally some packs of Cheez-its.

On flights that are longer than 900 miles, the airline also offers a menu with diverse options that include items for purchase.

Delta SkyClub

The SkyClub membership is one of the most attractive amenities provided by Delta Airlines to make flying easier for their customers.

Once you become a member through their website, you can use your privilege to get many perks and facilities in-flight and on multiple airports worldwide.

Firstly, you can get access to a Delta flight assistant at the airport.

This expert ambassador will help you get all the information you need about your flight and guide you flawlessly through the exhausting pre-boarding formalities.

Secondly, members get numerous in-flight perks as well including diverse menu selections exclusive for SkyClub members and complimentary wifi connection. This way, you don’t have to eat meals you don’t like or miss out on any work commitments during the flight.

Thirdly, one of the best in-flight perks for SkyClub members from Delta Airlines is the in-flight bars and entertainment options. You can select from a wide range of complimentary wines, beer, and spirits.

Besides that, you’ll get more content options to watch other than those available on the screens. These include the latest news updates and live programs as well.

Lastly, if you’re traveling for work and need some assistance during the flight, you can access fax machines, printers, and data ports exclusive for SkyClub members.

Similarly, if you have a meeting right after your flight lands, you can freshen up at the luxurious Delta Airline bathrooms available for SkyClub members at select airports.

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Delta Airlines App

Delta Airlines is at the top of their game with their smartphone app. You’ll have everything you need to know before you fly, during your flight and after your flight.

Book a Flight on the App

Delta makes it easy, simple and clean to book a flight using their mobile app.

Book a Flight Delta App

If you have already planned to visit a destination, simply click on the ‘Book a Flight’ option on the app.

You will be redirected to a page where you can compare multiple flight offerings from Delta Airlines according to the price, facilities, and destinations.

The best part is, with the recent Delta Airlines app update, passengers can not only select the flights they like but also pay for them and confirm the booking within minutes.

Get Flight Updates

Operating the Delta Airlines mobile app is a breeze. All you have to do is use your Delta Airline credentials to log into the app and get your travel updates in one place.

Once you book a flight through the app, you can check all its details on your app’s front page. This includes departure and arrival details, boarding gates, live flight status, and your seat number.

You can even use the mobile app to check into your flight and receive a virtual boarding pass. This way, you can finish the boarding formalities and catch your flight even if you’re running late.

Track Your Bags

You can even track your bags. I think this was a huge gamechanger for Delta and the airline industry as a whole.

No more thinking about where your luggage bags are anymore. They will be stuck in your app like your Google Maps GPS.

Here is how you can track your bags in the Delta app.

Track Your Bags Delta

Start by providing your baggage number, or scan the barcode on your baggage tag. After that, the airline system will give you real-time updates about your bag’s location and from where you can collect it upon arrival.

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Other In-App Facilities

Delta Airlines has integrated some unique features into its mobile app to make air travel convenient for its customers.

Along with your flight information and real-time updates, you can also access your entire travel history through the app.

Additionally, you can track your SkyMiles awards and SkyClub facilities through the app. After you board the flight, you can order extras and view exclusive food and beverage menus on the app.

Here is how you can earn more Delta SkyMiles awards points.

Pros of Delta Airlines

There are a lot of pros to flying Delta Airlines. The top 5 pros are:

  • The booking process: Delta has done a great job streamlining their booking process. You purchase your ticket, use the mobile app for check in, seat selection, upgrades, and more. Everything can be done without ever having to pick up the phone. They make it so easy it is hard to book with anyone else!
  • Flight options: Delta operates all around the world and has trusted partners for areas they don’t cover. With Delta you can find a flight at any time to basically any place in the world.
  • The flight crew: the flight crew on Delta is always professional and helpful. They treat passengers like guests and will always go the extra mile. Their pilots are experienced and welcoming. And the flight attendants are personable and easy to talk to. I can’t stress how important this is. As a person who is afraid of flying–yes I travel nearly every week and am afraid of flying–the Delta staff is always available to help. One time, after a particularly bumpy ride, a flight attendant gave me the Delta wing pin for being brave. She knew I was a fearful flier and came to check several times. Now that type of care is what creates customer loyalty!
  • In-cabin services: here’s what really sets Delta apart–their in flight options for passengers. From drink selections and snacks to in-flight entertainment, Delta excels at providing the ultimate in-flight experience. Their aircrafts are updated and most are equipped with a screen on every seat that shows your flight progress, movies and shows, games, and other distractions. There are also plenty of USB chargers so you never have to worry about your phone or laptop dying.
  • Credit cards: Delta has some excellent branded credit cards through American Express for passengers to rack up miles on every single purchase. And there are hundreds of options for earning double miles on Delta purchases, for shopping at small businesses, and more. Delta makes it easy to earn miles for free flights. And if you sign up with this link for the Amex Blue card, you will get 60,000 miles which is enough for a free flight to Europe!

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Cons of Delta Airlines

Although there are many reasons to love Delta Airlines, there are a few downsides as well.

These negative aspects might be negligible to some flyers, while others might consider them serious deal-breakers.

I have listed them here so you can decide for yourself.

  • Limited Legroom: Although the seats on Delta Airlines planes are pretty spacious, they provide limited legroom between each seat than other flights in their league. However, a person with moderate height can easily fit his legs in a sitting position, but when shifting the seat to a reclining place, legroom is an issue on Delta Airline flights.
  • It Gets Cold On-Board: Some passenger reviews show that there is minimum temperature regulation in the cabin. This means the cabin can get quite cold during long-haul flights, and passengers may require extra blankets to stay warm.

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use – 5 / 5
  • Features – 5 / 5
  • Value for Money 5 / 5
  • Customer Service 5 / 5

Is Delta Airlines The Best Airline?

Although it has some disadvantages, Delta Airlines is undoubtedly one of the best airlines in the country.

In addition to its affordable pricing and great credit card systems, the airline company goes the extra mile to give passengers a positive experience while traveling for work or vacation.

Delta Airlines


Customer Service


Availability & Reliability









  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Industry Leading Technology
  • Part of SkyTeam Alliance
  • Great Amenities
  • Reliable Flight Times


  • Higher Cost

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