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okcs Retreat Hakone före Review: Rates, Where to Book

Having stayed at the okcs Hakone Retreat före villas in Hakone (formerly called the Nest Inn Hakone) was such a fantastic experience that I had to share it with others and encourage them to arrange a trip to the onsen.

I secured a one-night stay at this epic spa hotel because of my Chase Ultimate Rewards points. After I left, I was grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a fantastic journey in such a short time. There is no quick fix to travel hacking.

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Even though okcs Hakone Retreat före was a pricey place to stay, it was worth it. I’ve written about some of my favorite travel experiences in Japan, but this was something else.

What is the okcs Hakone Retreat före (formerly the Nest Inn Hakone)?

Night Lights at okcs Retreat Hakone före
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The okcs Retreat Hakone före are marketed as different experiences; I suspect this is why the resort doesn’t get the attention it deserves. In my opinion, if they advertised it as a single resort with various booking alternatives, the resort may gain some additional business – but that’s neither here nor there.

Okcs Retreat Hakone före Details

The resort’s hotel component, called okcs Hakone Retreat före, refers to the adjacent town of Hakone. The town is a tiny village of about 1,500 people. It is quaint and traditional, with old wooden buildings and narrow streets.

The lodging facility at the resort is modern, and the private onsen is excellent. The resort has various room types, but I opted for the private villa with my private onsen.

I didn’t have to share my villa or private onsen (a Japanese hot spring) with anyone during my trip to okcs Hakone Retreat före, making this feel like a retreat. Honestly, it was perfect!

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Main amenities

Outdoor Space at okcs Retreat Hakone före
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The hotel offers free WiFi throughout the property for registering guests and in public areas such as lounges, restaurants, and coffee shops. There is a parking lot in case you rent a car. restaurants and bars are available on-site. Coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster.

Kettle and electric milk frothers (for whipped cream). An electric mill can be used to grind coffee beans or spices. There is a dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer for use in the guest apartments. Soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided. Yukata robes and slippers are provided in each room type. The hot springs are the main attraction.

Empty Hot Spring at okcs Retreat Hakone före
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The hot spring bath is sourced from a local volcano, and it’s said to have healing properties. The onsen is open until 11 pm, which is great because you can enjoy them after a long day of sightseeing.

On the other side of the resort, you’ll have access to a shared onsen called the ‘birdbath’ I had a quick look and thought it was pretty lovely. Indoor and outdoor onsens are available.

Mount Hakone can be seen from the outdoor onsen. Mount Hakone, an active volcano, feeds the onsen hot springs. You’ll be close to everything if you stay at okcs Hakone Retreat före (formerly the Nest Inn Hakone). It’s called Woodside Restaurant, and it’s excellent.

It’s incredibly peaceful in Nest Inn’s coffee shop, too. Free bird is the name of the coffee business – there is no denying that I am a fan of the titles given to resort sectors! I sat there a few times to enjoy the scenery (and my morning cup of coffee).

You’ll even be offered a ride to other great attractions in Hakone, such as the Hakone Venetian Glass Museum and the Pola Museum. The rates at okcs Hakone Retreat före start at JPY52,000 (about USD 465) per night.

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Things to know about Hakone, Japan

Ship and Cherry Blossom Trees at Lake Ashinoko, Hakone
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Hakone is a tiny village in the hills with much to offer. Backpackers, explorers, and other tourists seeking a break from Tokyo’scrazes journey about 40-50 kilometers outside the capital city to this sleepy hamlet.

This makes getting around town more accessible, but it isn’t always that simple. This resort’s drive to the top is spectacular! I had no idea how difficult it would be to reach the summit, let alone how stunning the views would be.

I’d advise against using the bus system if you’ve got a lot of luggage. The roads are narrow, and the curves are sharp. The nausea was so bad that I thought I would pass out.

I rode the bus. I was forced to stand for 45 minutes and 40 stops on a mountainous bus route. Yikes! Because I’m a cheap traveler, I didn’t mind. The whole ordeal made me laugh out loud a couple of times.

Mount Hakone stands right next to the ryokan, and you’ll have excellent views of this mountain no matter where you are at the resort. It is impossible to capture the true beauty of Mount Hakone in photographs.

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Our okcs Retreat Hakone Före Review

Stairs and Trees at okcs Retreat Hakone före
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We were greeted warmly by the personnel upon our arrival. Let them know if you’re arriving by bus so they can help you get your luggage to the top of the slope in a golf cart.

okcs Retreat Hakone före was the best onsen experience I’ve ever had. Hakone’s Onsen Resort is a standout among the city’s hot springs. I was enchanted by both the natural surroundings and the stunning buildings.

The Lobby & Tea House 

Holding a Cup of Matcha Tea

When we checked in, we were given a cup of tea and a small snack while we waited for our luggage. Everything seemed to be taken care of right from the start. This was a pleasant respite after the frenzy of the previous four days. I needed some to be completely cut off from the outside world.

This ryokan and onsen provided a memorable stay. Here’s why you should go.

Our Villa

My vacation house was incredible. I felt like I’d arrived in a castle as I approached the hotel. The warmth and kindness of the individuals with whom I met left me speechless. Our hosts all showed us air purifiers, open showers, a bathtub made of solid oak, and a fireplace.

Design-wise, I’m a huge fan. However, I am thrifty. The design of my residence falls short of my expectations. Saving is more important to me than making a location work for me. I immediately knew that okcs Hakone Retreat före was the spot for me when I looked at its design.

It was an event I’ll never forget, thanks to our stay at the villa. Unforgettable in every way. The views from the other villas at the resort were excellent. These hilltop villas were spectacular. 

Child policies

Anyone 18 months and up is welcome! If you don’t know the age or number of persons in your group, add it to your search.

Crib and extra bed policies

The crib and extra bed policies at the Okcs Hakone Retreat are as follows:

  • Other charges are not incorporated into the overall cost and are payable at your discretion during the duration and before the booking.
  • The room is not equipped with cribs. The maximum number of extra beds is dependent upon the room. Check your maximum occupancy.
  • There are no age restrictions.

Guest Reviews

Reviews for okcs Retreat Hakone före
List of Guest Reviews at okcs Retreat Hakone före

This beautiful ryokan hotel has consistently received very positive reviews from its guests. Some of the highlights mentioned by guests include the superb free-flow coffee at the café, the calm nature of Hakone, the retreat itself, and its fantastic amenities. Guests have also praised the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, as well as the cleanliness of their rooms.

Is this the best onsen in Hakone?

Yes. One of the nicest onsens in Hakone, if not the entire country, is okcs Hakone Retreat före. There are other onsens in Hakone to consider, and you may want to consider if you want a traditional ryokan experience, but this incredible retreat is hard to beat.

The subtle travel hacking that got me there made it all the sweeter. You can also save money on your stay by using a site like, which offers discounts of up to 50%. It’s easy and reliable, includes free cancellation, and you’ll receive a booking confirmation directly to your email.

If you’re looking for a unique experience and don’t mind spending a little more, I suggest booking a stay here. This is one of the best onsen resorts I have ever stayed in, and I highly recommend it.


How much does it cost to stay at okcs Retreat Hakone före?

The rates at okcs Hakone Retreat före start at JPY52,000 (about USD465) per night.

How many onsens (hot springs) are in Hakone?

The area has seventeen hot spring sources, known as the Hakone Ju-nana-yu (seventeen hot spring sources).

Do onsens allow tattoos?

Sadly, no. Like practically every public pool or bath in Japan, tattoos are forbidden.

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