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9 Best Ryokans in Hakone: Where to Stay and Relax

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Are you looking for a ryokan to stay just outside of Tokyo? Hakone offers some of the best options for impeccable views and ultimate relaxation. These are the best ryokans in Hakone to consider for your journey.

Japan remains a bucket-list destination for many and with good reason. The country is a traveler’s paradise with lush forests, a rich heritage, snow-capped mountains, ancient temples, and impressive gastronomy. One can spend days absorbing everything that this diverse destination has to offer.

However, if you want to disconnect and recalibrate amidst all the sightseeing, a stay at one of the best Ryokans in Hakone (a town just outside of Tokyo) is just what you need. It’s one of the main reasons people visit Japan alone.

A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn that goes back to the 8th century. Initially built as a respite for nomads and traders, it now serves as an authentic lodging experience for tourists and visitors.

The spring resort town of Hakone, located just outside Tokyo, is famous for many things, but it has received wide acclaim for its variety of Ryokans. Experience Japan’s culture and hospitality first-hand at a Ryokan in Hakone.

Here’s your guide to the best Ryokans this region has to offer for every type of traveler.

Best Ryokans by Category

Category Product Name
Best Overall Gora Kadan
Budget Option Onsen Guest House Tsutaya
Luxury Option Hotel Mizunoto
Modern Experience HAKONE RETREAT FÖRE by Onko Chishin

Ryokans for the budget traveler

The beautiful town of Hakone, known for its hot-water springs (onsen), attracts millions of nature lovers each year. Catch some fresh air and enjoy Japan’s natural beauty at one of the best Ryokans in Hakone for the budget traveler.

Hotel Mizunoto

Hotel Mizunoto

If you are looking for a Ryokan in Hakone that’s family- and budget-friendly, your best option would be Hotel Mizunoto, located in the Kowakudani Onsen area of Hakone. The inn features a large open-air hot spring bath that visitors can enjoy from a public or private hot spring.

It also comes with a rejuvenating massage for an extra cost. After a soak in the hot spring, end the day with a traditional Japanese meal at the inn’s restaurant. During your stay at Hotel Mizunoto, you can explore famous sites in Hakone, like the Open Air Museum (an 11-minute walk) or the Hakone Gora Park (a 5-minute drive).

  • Location: 250-0406 Kanagawa, Hakone, Kowakudani
  • Price: starting at $130 per person/ per night
  • How to get there: The hotel offers a free shuttle from the Kowakudani station. You can take a bus to the station from the Tokyo Haneda International Airport. It should take 140 minutes.
  • Reviews: The charming hotel has an 8.5 rating on and 403 reviews. It is well-regarded for its ‘excellent food’ and ‘peaceful outdoor onsens.

Hotel Nanpuso

Hotel nanpuso Hakone

Hotel Nanpuso is the ideal choice for budget travelers looking for a Ryokan in Hakone with a convenient location. Guests at Nanpuso can stay in a traditional Ryokan inn or a Western room. Some rooms also have a private open-air bath for guests to enjoy the cultural Japanese experience.

The hotel’s guests also have access to two public hot spring facilities. The region is known for its hot springs, which ease muscle and joint pain. End your day of relaxing in the springs with a hearty meal at the on-site restaurant, which features a variety of seasonal dishes.

Hotel Nanpuso is also surrounded by various landmarks, such as the Tamasudare Shrine and the Tamadare Falls, which are just a short walk away.

  • Location: 179 Yumotochaya, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun
  • Prices: starting at $100 per person/ per night
  • How to get there: You can get to the hotel from the Hakone- Yumoto station shuttle bus. A one-way trip costs $0.90 per person and takes 7 minutes.
  • Reviews: The hotel has a 4-star rating on Trip Advisor and 234 reviews. It is highly regarded for its ‘authentic Japanese stay’ and a ‘great experience for the solo traveler

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Hotel Ashinoko Ichinoyu

Hotel Ashinoko Hakone

For the authentic Japanese Ryokan experience on a budget, check out Hotel Ashinoko Ichinoyu. This boutique Ryokan features a combination of Japanese and Western-style rooms for visitors.

Guests can enjoy an open-air bath on the hotel premises and public or private open-air bath options. The public onsen is filled with Ubako water, which has added mineral properties for extra rejuvenation.

The facilities are open from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM every day. The rooms at Hotel Ashinoko come with complimentary breakfast, and you can also enjoy an authentic Japanese meal in the hotel’s dining room.

Take a break from the onsen and visit one of Hakone’s landmarks. The Hakone Botanical Gardens and Lake Ashinoko are just a short drive away.

  • Location: 250-0522 Kanagawa, Hakone, Motohakone
  • Price: starting at $135 per person/ per night
  • How to get there: The hotel is a 5-minute walk from the Kojiri bus station and a 30-minute bus ride from the Hakone Yumoto station.
  • Reviews: The hotel has an 8.2 rating on and 289 reviews. It is highly regarded for its ‘private onsens and ‘Japanese style rooms.’

Check out this experience and review of a luxury ryokan in Hakone.

Mid-range budget

A Ryokan experience in Hakone comes at a price, but thankfully, there are numerous options for every type of traveler. Here are the best Ryokans in Hakone for the midrange budget traveler.


Fukuzumiro Hakone

For an incredible Ryokan experience with a midrange budget, head to the Fukuzumiro Ryokan in Hakone. The hotel has 17 rooms with a unique design that follows classic Japanese architecture. According to ancient Chinese tradition, Fukuzumiro’s furniture features a wooden design with a carving of a bat that symbolizes luck.

The interiors are enhanced with woven-straw flooring and futon beds. Guests can enjoy one of the many spring baths on the hotel premises and an authentic Japanese multi-course meal at the hotel. The famous Amada-Ji Temple is a 30-minute walk from Fukuzumiro.

  • Location: 250-0315 Kanagawa, Hakone, Tounosawa
  • Price: starting from $345 per person
  • How to get there: The hotel is a 15-minute from the Hakone Yumoto train station
  • Reviews: The hotel has a 9.0 rating on and 865 reviews. It is highly regarded for its ‘traditional Japanese experience and ‘incredible breakfast.’


Shiunso Hakone

If you are looking for a Ryokan in Hakone with spectacular views, Shiunso is a perfect choice. This inn is near the Hayakawa River and provides riveting views of the bamboo hills. The rooms in the hotel are made of woven straw floors and futon beds for the authentic Japanese experience.

Guests can enjoy private or one of the three public hot-spring baths on the premises. Seasonal seafood meals are available daily and are served on locally-made bamboo plates.

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee at Shiunso surrounded by the momoji greenery—it’s an experience that remains unmatched.

  • Location: 250-0315 Kanagawa, Hakone, Tonosawa 92
  • Price: The starting price is $365 per night
  • How to get there: The hotel is a 5-minute drive from Yumoto Train Station and a 15-minute ride from the JR Odawara train station
  • Reviews: The hotel has an 8.9 rating on and 93 reviews. It is highly regarded for its ‘outstanding service’ and ‘great atmosphere.’

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Hakone Suimeisou

Suiemeisou Hakone

Experience an authentic Ryokan stay at Hakone Suimeisou. This inn is near train and bus stations, and various sightseeing spots are nearby. The low-key rooms at the hotel have Tatami floors and include bathhouses. Guests can enjoy a private hot spring bath and massage services at an extra charge.

There are 5 onsen spas on site, all overlooking the natural beauty of Hakone. Satisfy your cravings with the various Japanese delicacies available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Solo travelers can stay at the hotel’s single Posada (rooms designed for one person).

  • Location: 250-0311 Kanagawa, Hakone, Yumoto
  • Price: The starting price is $221 per night
  • How to get there: Hakone Suimeisou is situated in a prime location and is just a 3-minute walk from the Hakone Yumoto Station.
  • Reviews: The hotel has an 8.8 rating on and 1298 reviews. It is highly regarded for its ‘excellent location’ and ‘delicious food.’

Luxury traveler

The perfect way to unwind after a few days of sightseeing is at a luxury Japanese Ryokan in Hakone. If you’re looking to embody age-old Japanese customs with a contemporary twist, here are the best Ryokans in Hakone for the luxury traveler.

Gora Kadan

Gora Kadan Hakone

The picturesque town of Hakone is home to the stunning Gora Kadan. Among all the inns in the region, this one takes the cake.

The Ryokan once belonged to the Royal family and was remodeled as an inn. Several facilities are available onsite, including massage chairs and reclining loungers.

Guests have access to both the public and private onsens. An attendant brings the meals to your room at a pre-arranged time while you kick back and enjoy the stunning mountain views surrounding the glorious Gora Kadan.

There is also an on-site restaurant that provides authentic multi-course meals. Sites like the Hakone Gora Park and Hakone Open Air Museum are just a short walk from the hotel. The Gora Kadan is the definition of class and authenticity.

  • Location: 250-0408 Kanagawa, Hakone, Gora
  • Price: Prices start at $1,069 per night
  • How to get there: The hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the Gora Kadan station. You can also catch a taxi from Tokyo International Airport to the hotel, which will take you 2 hours.
  • Reviews: The hotel has a Hakone Suimeisou and 124 reviews. It is highly regarded for its ‘authentic experience’ and ‘excellent service.’

Hoshino Resorts KAI Sengokuhara


The Sakumo River is located at the Hashino Resort in Hakone, and while the Ryokan doesn’t offer views of Mt. Fuji, it does have some incredible valley views.

Guests can choose from a number of Japanese inn-style and Western-style rooms—most rooms have a view of the river. In addition, guests can take advantage of the onsen baths.

Indoor and outdoor options are available; each room has its bath. You can ease into the hot water and enjoy the sounds of the river flowing below. End your day at the Hashino resort in Hakone with a traditional kaiseki dinner.

This is a fixed menu that features a range of traditional cuisine dishes. Explore sights in Hakone, like the Pola Museum of Art and the Lalique Museum, a short walk from the hotel.

  • Location: 817-359 Sengokuhara, Hakone, Ashigarashimo
  • Price: prices start from $790
  • How to get there: The hotel is a 2.6km drive from the Hakone-Yumato station. You can even take the Tozan bus from the station, which drops you 250m from the hotel.
  • Reviews: The hotel has 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor and 32 reviews. It is highly regarded for its ‘unique experience’ and ‘great service.’



For a premium Ryokan experience, head to the Kinnotake Sengokuhara in Hakone. This is arguably one of the best Ryokans in Hakone, with its luxurious rooms, private baths, and stunning views.

The entire hotel follows a minimal aesthetic when it comes to design. The furniture and flooring feature wood panels that give Kinnotake a rich, traditional vibe. Each room comes with a Western-style bed and a Yukata.

Guests will also have their attendant (Nakai-san), who will bring meals to the room at a pre-arranged time. It is important to note that this hotel is not family-friendly and is for adults only.

Guests can also explore sights in Hakone, like the Pola Museum (a 5-minute drive) and the Museum of the Little Prince (a 10-minute walk). The Hakone Springs are 10.3 km from the hotel. With unforgettable views, Kinnotake is one of the best Ryokans in Hakone and a traveler’s paradise.

  • Location: 250-0631 Kanagawa, Hakone, Sengokuhara
  • Price: prices start from $726
  • How to get there: The only issue with the Kinnotake is its location. Take a 1-hour bus ride from the JR Odawara station to the hotel.
  • Reviews: The hotel has an 8.7 rating on and 46 reviews. It is highly regarded for its ‘great location’ and ‘outstanding service.’

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Places to see in Hakone

In addition to the Ryokans, the region of Hakone has a lot to offer- in fact, it is one of the most visited places in Japan. Here are a few must-see spots on your trip to this beautiful mountain locale:

Hakone Shrine

Hakone shrine

One of the most extraordinary locations in Hakone is the Shrine. It is set at the end of Lake Ashi amidst a lush forest. Some lanterns light the path to the shrine, adding to its beauty and aura.


Sculptures in the open air museum in Hakone
gg-foto /

There are several museums in Hakone, many of them near various Ryokans. The Hakone Open-Air Museum features numerous sculptures against the backdrop of the mountains.

Art buffs will enjoy a trip to the Pola Museum of Art and the Museum of Saint-Exupery.


Amazake Chaya teahouse exterior
misteridawn / TripAdvisor

One of the best experiences in Hakone is sipping tea as you take in the beautiful sights of the mountains and lush greenery surrounding you. You get a chance to do just this in the Amazake-chaya teahouse.

Given its central location, this place has been a pit stop for travelers for decades. Enjoy a rice drink (amazake) and munch on some mochi as you enjoy the stunning views.

Owakudani valley

Volcanic Smoke at Owakudani Valley, Hakone, Japan
stockdevil / Adobe Stock

A great Mount. Fuji viewpoint is the volcanic region of Owakudani Valley. The views here are spectacular and picture-worthy. This place is also known for cooking eggs; the sulphuric gases turn the eggs black.

Rumor has it that eating one of these eggs can add seven years to your life! The Owakudani Valley is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Gora Park

Forest in Gora Park in Hakone, Japan
HanzoPhoto / Adobe Stock

While the Gora park has incredible French landscaping, visitors come for indoor activities. You can experience glass blowing (¥3,800/ $35) and pottery painting (¥2,100/ $19)- both make great souvenirs. The park is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and has an entrance fee of ¥550 ($5).

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Tours in Hakone

Hakone tours

Hakone is home to numerous landmarks and is near Mt. Fuji. In addition to your Ryokan stay, explore everything this region has to offer with one of these tours from GetYourGuide:

Hakone Fuji Day Tour

Ship attraction to see on a Hakone Fuji Day Tour
Hakone Fuji Day Tour / GetYourGuide

This day tour shows you the best that Hakone has to offer. Enjoy experiences like a cruise on Lake Ashi, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Hakone, and a cable car ride around the Ohwakudani volcano.

You will also get to shop at the outlets in Gotemba and explore the hot springs. The tour lasts 10 hours, and you will be accompanied by a live tour guide who imparts wisdom on the region’s history.

Mt. Fuji full-day tour from Tokyo

Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Ticket from Tokyo
Tokyo Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Ticket / GetYourGuide

Take a break from the bright city lights of Tokyo with a full-day tour of Mt. Fiji in all its glory. The ride to the mountain takes approximately two hours, during which you will be accompanied by a tour guide who will tell you all about the history of Japan’s tallest mountain.

During your tour, you will have the chance to visit the Fuji Five Lakes and Oshino Ninja Village, where you will enjoy an authentic lunch at Oshino Shinobi.

From sights to food, explore everything this mountain region has to offer. The tour lasts 9 hours.

Odawara Hakone One-day Tour

Attrcation to see on Hakone One Day Tour
Hakone One Day Tour / Viator

This one-day tour takes you to one of Japan’s most famous spots, the Odawara Castle. The site features samurai weapons enclosed in traditional Japanese architecture buildings. The best time to take this tour is during the cherry blossom season when the flowers are fully bloomed.

The tour then takes you on a cruise on Lake Ashi with a view of Mount Fuji. You end the day with regional delicacies and a dip in the thermal baths. The tour starts at 8:30 AM and lasts for 10 hours. You will be accompanied by a live tour guide throughout the day.

Hakone Ropeway, Pirate Ship, and Gotemba Outlets

Day Trip from Tokyo to Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Lake Ashi Cruise & Bullet train
Mt Fuji and Hakone Day Trip / GetYourGuide

This Hakone tour begins in Shinjuku and takes you to Hakone by bus. The first part of the trip is a cruise aboard a pirate ship on Lake Ashi.

This is followed by a trip to Hakone Ropeway, where you can explore the region and enjoy an all-you-can-eat barbecue spread. The final stop is the Gotemba outlet, home to over 200 stores. The tour begins at 8:00 a.m. and lasts 8.5 hours. A bilingual tour guide (Chinese and English) will accompany you.

A stay at a Ryokan in Hakone on your trip to Japan is the perfect way to experience the country’s culture at its best. While they serve as a unique lodging option, the perks of staying here are much more significant.

The Ryokan offers a glimpse into the rich Japanese cultural traditions, from the onsite onsens to the delicious culinary options and the admirable hospitality.

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