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8 Rental Cars That You Can Take Out of State

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Are you going on an adventure out of state? Are you wondering if there are rental cars that you can take out of state? Do you have to go on a business trip but don’t have a vehicle waiting for you in the state you’re traveling to? Maybe your car broke down before a big road trip with your friends or family!

I bet you’re wondering: can you take a rental car out of state? Don’t worry about being unable to get around because we have done all the work for you! Read this article and find out which car rental companies allow you to take their rental cars out of state.

You don’t have to worry about calling an Uber or taxi to get you around town. With this list of car rental companies, you will be able to know which ones will let you take your rental across state lines.

Of course, you’ll want to double-check with whichever company you end up with to ensure you don’t get charged fees or break any contract.

This wouldn’t be good for anyone! So, just always be sure to check with your car rental company beforehand. Look at the best rental car options you can take out of state.

Rental Cars That You Can Take Out of State

1. Budget Rental

Mman handing car keys over

There are Budget Rental offices all over the United States. About 90% of Budget Rental locations in the US allow you to drive across state lines. Check with your local location because some locations have unique specifications or do not allow travel across state lines.

Some locations regulate how you use their vehicles. Taking a rental car out-of-state can have its limitations. Rentals in Hawaii must stay on the island on which they were rented. You cannot travel to other islands.

Most of the Budget Alaska locations require the vehicle to remain in-state. The Las Vegas, Nevada locations allow out-of-state travel to the following states: Arizona, California, the rest of Nevada, and Utah. All other states are prohibited.

Depending on your location and the availability of vehicles, you are allowed to book a one-way rental to other cities in the US.


Q: Can I take my Budget Rental car out of state?

A: In most cases, yes. Find the location page on, scroll to Terms & Conditions, and click on Travel Into Other States. Or call your local location and talk to a representative.

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2. Alamo

Woman Driving a Car

Check out Alamo for all your car rental needs that happen to be out-of-state! They have a special deal going on right now, so book before July is over.

Alamo is a good option for a rental car you can take out of state. Most of Alamo’s vehicles can be rented in the US and driven throughout Canada. Some classes of their vehicles, including exotics, large passengers, cargo vans, and other specialty vehicles, are not allowed to travel across the border into Canada.

Travel into Mexico is prohibited. Some exceptions exist, but you must purchase additional insurance and coverages to travel to Mexico in an Alamo car rental.

There is a one-way car rental policy for Alamo car rental out of state. There are specifications and limitations regarding how you use your rental car to cross state lines. Remember to check with your location to see which limitations you must adhere to. Some of them include:

  • Some car rentals are charged as a one-time drop or mileage charge on top of your rental rate.
  • The fees vary by rental location, return location, and time of year.
  • One-time drop charges are payable at the pick-up of your vehicle.
  • One-way trips must be booked in advance.


Q: Can I return my rental to the same location for a lower rate?

A: Rentals booked on a one-way trip, and returned to the same location as pick up are subject to fees, drop charges, and higher rental rates.

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3. Hertz

Concrete Road and Green Scenery
Kaique Rocha / Pexels

Check out for all your rental car comparisons. Search some of the best out-of-state car rental deals throughout the country.

Hertz has a one-way rental policy similar to Alamo. A simple one-way rental policy is perfect for many reasons. If you are going on a road trip and are planning to stay awhile at your destination, or your vacation gets interrupted by something urgent and need a car quick and fast, Hertz will be there for you.

There are three different package levels to choose from, so you know you’ll be riding in style if you want to. With 4,000 locations, Hertz will be there for you wherever you go. You can trust this company with rental cars you can take out of state. This is your option if you’re looking for a Hertz car rental out of state.


Q: Can I book online or must I come to the nearest location to reserve a one-way car rental?

A: As long as you are sure to read the Terms and Conditions, you are more than welcome to reserve a one-way reservation online.

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4. FOX Rent A Car

Silhouette of Father and Child Near White SUV

FOX Rent A Car has two options for reserving a FOX rental car driving out of state. The first option is going to be another one-way car rental. A one-way rental charge will be added to the rental agreement. These rentals are only available in Washington, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California. They will always be subject to availability and location. Charges can range anywhere from $20-$500.

If you sign the rental agreement and drop off your vehicle at a location different from what was agreed upon, you will be charged a one-way drop fee on top of all other charges.

The second option is to travel through the states. Vehicle rentals that originate in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Washington are only allowed to drive in the states listed: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Rental vehicles from Florida can only be driven within the state of Florida. Rentals originating in Texas can only be driven in the following states: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Rentals originating in Illinois are allowed to drive in the states Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky.


Q: Can I drive to Mexico or Canada in my FOX Rent A Car?

A: FOX rentals may be driven in Mexico and Canada. If you are going to MEXICO, MEXICO Insurance must be purchased beforehand. You are allowed to cross into Canada only if the rental was picked up from the FOX location in Seattle, Washington.

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5. Enterprise

Steering Wheel and car interior

Can you take an Enterprise rental car out of state? Let’s find out! In case you need to fly before you pick up your rental, make sure to check out Skyscanner for all the best deals on flights.

Enterprise is a good option for renting cars out of state. Yes, you sure can. Enterprise is one of the few companies that offer car rental unlimited miles out of state.

Unlimited mileage is available for most car classes in both the US and Canada. The best rental car for out-of-state travel is going to be something that fits your needs and your family or friends’ needs.

If there are many people, it is best to get something roomy so there is enough space for everyone. A small sedan or compact car will be the best option if it is just two people. This is going to be the most affordable and least gas-guzzling.

Unless it’s your vacation, and you don’t mind blowing a bit of cash on a fancy, luxury ride for the weekend.

There are no mileage restrictions or restrictions on driving state-to-state. There are also very few restrictions on driving across the border to Canada. Enterprise is one of the most trusted car rental companies, so they will always have your back no matter where you’re headed.


Q: Is there unlimited mileage on one-way rentals as well?

A: Unlimited rentals are available on most one-way car rentals for most classes in both US and Canada. Check your vehicle class to ensure you qualify for unlimited mileage.

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6. National Car Rental

BMW steering wheel and dash
Ingo Joseph / Pexels

National Car Rental offers a solid one-way car rental contract that allows you to rent the vehicle at one location and drop it off at another.

To our knowledge, there are no state-to-state restrictions. There are factors that the contract depends on, such as location, date, and vehicle type. A one-time drop charge or mileage charge could be added to the rental. When booking on the website, these fees will be disclosed and payable at pick-up.

The rental rate is subject to change if the rental is not returned to the agreed-upon location or if the rental is brought back to the location it was picked up at. These fees include drop charges, mileage charges, or a higher rental rate.


Q: Can I take my rental out of the country?

A: Some rentals can be taken across the border to Canada. If you wish to go to Mexico, special limitations apply, along with purchasing additional vehicle coverage while in Mexico.

Before booking your car rental, book the best flight deals with Scotts.

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7. Avis

A person is sitting on top of a rental car

Avis is one of the best car rental companies for driving across state lines and unlimited miles. Most of their rental cars come with unlimited mileage attached. Besides a few high-end luxury groups, your car rental will likely have unlimited mileage.

You can verify your unlimited miles during the reservation process. The price of the rental car and mileage depends on availability, location, time of year, and, of course, car type.

You can enjoy traveling for a single day with unlimited miles. Make it a one-way trip, or return it to the same location you picked it up. Are you driving nationwide for a big move or a business trip?

Or maybe going on a wild road trip adventure with your friends! Worry less when you rent with Avis and pick up a car for a week with unlimited mileage.

Is it just going to be a weekend getaway, but I don’t have a car? Not to worry, go wherever your heart desires with a weekend rental included with, you guessed it, unlimited miles.


Q: Will my luxury car rental come with unlimited miles?

A: Depending on which vehicle you choose with Avis, the high-end luxury groups will not have unlimited mileage options.

Make sure to book through for the best deals on hotels, like the Indigo Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

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Steering Wheel and Car Interior

SIXT rental car company is sort of a mix of all of the above-mentioned companies. They have a mixed contract of out-of-state usage. SIXT is a great option for a rental car you can take out of state.

In general, the rental vehicle is usually only allowed to be used in the state of the original pick-up. This means it could be dropped off in the same state, either at the same location of pick-up or at a different location in the same state.

There is a second option for crossing state lines with SIXT. Depending on what state you are in and what car you are trying to rent, usually, the rental car is allowed to be used in the surrounding geographical area and the same state of pick-up.

Follow this link to see which geographical category you fall into and where your rental can travel. Rental agreements that are signed state the contractual agreement between the renter and SIXT company, stating that a vehicle in violation of the territorial restrictions will be charged a 50-cent fee for each mile.

If there is a reservation under your name for a one-way rental, and the state is any other state than pick-up, the restrictions above do not apply. The only restriction is that the vehicle must stay within the continental US.

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Q: Can I change it to a one-way rental even though I did not book the reservation as so?

A: No, one-way reservations have to be made before pick-up. Otherwise, additional fees and higher charges may apply.

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