Restaurant Kyo Review: Authentic Japanese Cuisine in the Heart of Amsterdam


Restaurant Kyo is easily one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Amsterdam. This local gem is next to Nieuwmark in the old town of Amsterdam and features authentic dining in Japanese culture. The food is spot on, with hand-curated sashimi and incredible soba noodles. 

At Restaurant Kyo, they’ll get a traditional Japanese gastro-pub style, with a special focus on grilled and sautéed dishes where you can enjoy staples such as karaage, soba noodles, udon, sashimi, edamame, and plenty of other handcrafted Japanese dishes.

Authentic Japanese dining experience at Kyo Restaurant in Amsterdam, showcasing cozy izakaya interior.
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They have one of the most expansive lists of sake and Japanese beers I’ve ever seen, a person who has visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Fuji, and Hakone. if you want other great recommendations for places to eat, read the full guide to Amsterdam’s best restaurants.

Beyond its extensive sake list, Restaurant Kyo also features an incredible list of available Japanese craft beers and whiskeys. The vibe inside is minimalist and low-key, and I love the traditional Japanese art on the walls.

Menu Offerings

Close-up of authentic Japanese Soba noodle soup at Restaurant Kyo in Amsterdam.
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Restaurant Kyo offers an exquisite menu that showcases the delicate balance and harmony of flavors characteristic of Japanese cuisine. Here are the key menu highlights:

  • タラの西京焼き (Tara no Saikyo-yaki): Grilled black cod marinated in Saikyo miso from Kyoto, celebrated for its distinctive sweetness and rich color. This fresh dish exemplifies the depth of flavor achieved with simple, high-quality ingredients.
  • 炙りサバ (Aburi Saba): Broiled salted mackerel sourced from the Mediterranean seas, offering a simple yet profoundly satisfying taste that seafood lovers will appreciate.
  • 炙りチャーシュー (Aburi Chasyu): Broiled pork belly marinated in sake, sweet rice wine, and soy sauce. This dish combines the tenderness of pork belly with a savory-sweet glaze that’s hard to resist.
  • ユダヤテンダー (Yudaya Tenda): A shoulder tender beef that’s full of flavor, seared, then grilled to perfection. Served medium-rare, it melts like butter.

Whisky Offerings

They have an exquisite collection of Japanese whiskies catering to connoisseurs and newcomers to the whisky world. The selection reflects a rich variety of flavors, distillation techniques, and maturation processes, highlighting the craftsmanship of Japan’s most renowned distilleries.

  1. Hibiki Japanese Harmony: A masterful blend from Suntory, incorporating malt whiskies from Yamazaki and Hakushu and grain whisky from Chita. This blend features whiskies aged in five types of casks, including American white oak, Sherry, and Mizunara oak, showcasing the art of blending by master blender Shinji Fukuyo.
  2. Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt: Named after the founder of Nikka, this non-age statement whisky is matured in sherry casks, offering a rich and spiced aroma. It was awarded the title of Best Japanese Whisky in Jim Murray’s Whisky Awards.
Kyle Kroeger

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