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13 Best Skyscanner Alternatives to Book Travel

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If you’re a frequent flier or someone new to travel, finding lower airfares may save you a lot of money. This booking website can help, but there are other Skyscanner alternatives. Here is a detailed rundown of all the options.

Finding the cheapest flights can save you money if you’re a travel geek. Scanning online flight comparison websites is one of the best options for finding cheap flights.

While Skyscanner is a good option to find the best airfares and deals, dozens of alternatives can be even more helpful. In particular, we pair the meta flight search engine with cheap flight alerts with (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) to get flight deals on auto-pilot.

I’ve compiled a list of Skyscanner alternatives if you’re looking for cheap flights and hotel discounts. In this post, I’ll help you choose the finest flight comparison website for bargain travel.

While Skyscanner is a popular choice among travelers, you might want to check out dozens of competitors. If you have been searching for cheap flights, you might have encountered sites like Kayak and Skiplagged.

Like Skyscanner, these options deliver smooth navigation, excellent customer service, and daily deals on international flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Best Skyscanner Alternatives


Kayak website

Websites like Kayak offer the best in one convenient place for finding deals. So, which is the better option? Let’s make a quick Skyscanner vs. Kayak comparison. When you search for flights on Kayak, the calendar shows you prices for different dates so you can choose the cheapest day to travel.

You can also compare flights with websites like Skyscanner and CheapOair, and Kayak redirects you to them. The site also predicts price trends and shows you the best time to book a flight to your destination.

Kayak Explore is perfect for the beginning stages of planning your travel. It combines hundreds of airline options to give you a rough trip map. Then, it displays your prices and shows you the destinations you can travel to within your budget.

You can also create itineraries on Kayak by bundling two one-way tickets instead of one round-trip ticket on a single airline. This feature is unique to Kayak and might not be available on most other websites.

If you sign up for Kayak’s tailored database, you can get access to their personalized recommendations. It is the perfect way to plan a trip and receive updates on your chosen flights.

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booking logo

A partner of Priceline, is another of the best flight scanning websites built for business travel. On, you can book flights, hotel accommodations, rental cars, restaurants, and almost any travel reservations.

If your trip is a business tour, the website will recommend properties with all the basic facilities you need for your work. shows you a variety of booking options with different price ranges and availability statuses.

The website is straightforward to browse, even better than Priceline. It is an excellent alternative for finding the best deals on flight tickets.

On the far left corner of the webpage, you will find a trend window that gives suggestions on when to book a flight ticket based on fare price predictions. Since Kayak powers these flight results, they look the same except for the website name. Want to learn more? Read our full review of the platform.

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Momondo logo

Momondo lets you find flights from 690+ travel sites and is the next best option to Google Flights. It is not as detailed as other flight scanning websites, but the minimalistic and aesthetic interface makes navigating it fun.

Momondo categorizes your search results into three tabs labeled “cheapest, “quickest,” and “best.” This way, you can choose your flights according to your priorities.

The trend analysis feature lets you see if the prices will go up or down shortly so that you can plan accordingly. Like Skyscanner, you get to compare the rates with other websites. Moreover, using the mobile app can make the search process more comfortable.

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Google Flights

Google Flights Logo

Google Flights is a minimalistic flight scanning website that delivers quick and cheap comparison results from all over the internet. It’s a convenient starting point to get an idea of flight rates, timings, and airline availability for your trip.

The Google search bar makes it easy to search for flights and compare prices on different dates and airports near your location. Although Google Flights is a great Skyscanner alternative, it is limited to flights only and does not offer other services such as hotels and travel packages.

That said, you can use the Google price graph to explore the price trends of your travel destination. You can see how your travel date will affect your ticket’s cost and track a route’s prices.

By choosing lower prices when they pop up, you can be confident that you are picking the best deal for your trip. To monitor the lowest prices, you can receive price alerts through email. And even though there is no dedicated app, you can search flights quickly via Google Search. Logo

While is not the same as Skyscanner, it functions with a similar goal: finding cheap flights. is the best flight cheap flight newsletter with the cleanest interface to find flight tickets at reasonable rates. This Skyscanner alternative doesn’t show the cheapest flights first, but it finds open-jaw flights for you and sends them directly to your email inbox flights.

Then, you can see the prices and a helpful travel guide. You can also use the website login to view current flight deals based on rates, destination, duration, and airline, with an option to see their policies and amenities.

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Skiplagged website

Skiplagged is one of those travel comparison sites that takes advantage of a loophole in airline ticketing. The website searches not only for direct tickets but also for “hidden-city” tickets that have a layover at your destination.

Say you want to travel from New York to Chicago. Skiplagged will find a cheap flight from New York to Denver, which has a layover in Chicago, so you can get off at your destination without completing the whole flight route.

On Skiplagged, you don’t only find tickets to your final stop but also to any stop that passes through your destination. This way, you can be sure you get the best available rates anytime, anywhere.

Apart from that, you can also find the best hotel rates through “skiplagged rate.” It lets you save up to 50% on your hotel bookings. You can easily do all that using their mobile app as well. Read our full Skiplagged review if you’d like to learn more about using the platform to travel more for less.

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Expedia logo

Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel websites because it is easy to navigate with consistent cheap flights and a loyalty reward system. You can earn loyalty points with each booking and stock up on additional discounts while at it.

Then, redeem your loyalty points for your future travel without expiration. Moreover, you can browse numerous holiday packages and pay immediately or use your rewards.

Expedia has plenty of filters for easy navigation. The rates are displayed according to the amenities on each flight. It doesn’t act as a third-party website, but it lets you book flights on its website with free cancellation within 24 hours.

You can also download the Expedia mobile app for both iOS and Android. Like what you are hearing? Read more in our full review of Expedia.

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CheapOair Logo

Many users believe CheapOair is better than other travel agencies in terms of cheap flight, hotel, and car rental options. It offers various exciting deals to its members and lets you earn points on every booking you make. You can redeem these points on the bookings you make in the future.

Like other alternatives, you can use the flexible dates feature to search for domestic and international flight deals quickly. You can refine the search results and book your flight tickets directly on the website.

You can also book hotels, rent cars, create vacation packages, and book cruises on CheapOair. CheapOair has excellent 24/7 customer service to solve all your flight-related issues. You can download their iOS mobile app to get discounts on bookings. Read our full CheapOair review.


Priceline logo

Priceline is a popular flight booking website that first introduced the “Name Your Price” tool and incredible discounts. However, the tool was discontinued in 2016, and the site now hides many details until after the booking process.

The “opaque booking” feature still lets you select flight details, such as the departure and arrival times, while the airline is hidden until after the booking.

Priceline offers Express Deal flights with good discounts if your schedule is flexible. The site also offers free cancellation within 24 hours of booking.


Hopper logo

Hopper is not a website but a fast and easy-to-use app for comparing flights and booking tickets. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Hopper predicts airline prices so you can book flights and hotels at the best possible time. You can save on every booking through the option “watch this trip.”

It lets you watch the travel rates as they rise and fall by instantly notifying you of any changes. The app predicts rates of up to 1 year and claims 95% accuracy. You can also choose the flexible dates and the right time for your trip.

The booking and cancellation are both carried out inside the app. All helpful information, such as airline policies and baggage, is shown during the booking process. Read our full Hopper app review to learn how to use this platform to find great travel deals.

I Want That Flight

I Want That Flight logo

I Want That Flight is an efficient flight scanner with low flight prices. It lets you search for flights worldwide, as long as your schedule is flexible.

This efficient flight scanner compares hundreds of airlines and lets you book directly through the site. You can compare flights, hotels, and car rentals from various travel agencies.

If your travel schedule is flexible, you can find better deals on I Want That Flight than Skyscanner’s cheap flights. You can also set alerts on the site to track particular flights and their availability.



Vayama is a simple website for booking tours, which is not as well known as its competitors. However, its clean filtering option and 24-hour customer service will give you all the support you need for every trip.

Vayama compares over 800 flights to determine which is the most cost-effective. If you have a free day or two, you can try changing your reservations with flexible dates.

The only downside to Vayama is that it charges hefty booking fees of up to $25 on domestic tickets and $50 on international tickets. So, the money you save on your ticket might get used up on the booking fee.


Cleartrip logo

Cleartrip is a relatively newer addition to travel websites but has earned its status as the best flight booking site. Like other sites, it lists flight options and is reliable regarding booking and cancellations. It is transparent, with no hidden charges involved.

You can book through the Cleartrip website and apply coupons and discount codes during checkout. You can also download the mobile app to make bookings more convenient.

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What is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner website

Skyscanner is a popular flight comparison site to help you find the best prices across millions of options. It gives you all the details of ways to buy cheap airline tickets and lets you compare rates, hotel deals, and car rental offers.

Skyscanner has a user-friendly interface, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. This search engine compares round-trip flights, travel services, and travel deals with all the information you need about your travel destination.

You can book your flight tickets and services directly from the website with no extra fee. The site also lets you book services through its official app for smartphones. The app might be a simple alternative to confusing travel booking sites, but it is not the only one out there.


What is similar to Skyscanner?

There are numerous alternatives to the Skyscanner website and app in today’s ever-changing world of flight comparison sites. The app may not simply be your one-stop shop for worldwide flights; additional possibilities depend on what you’re searching for. There’s Momondo, Google Flights, Kayak, and CheapOair.

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