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16 Best Flight Price Trackers to Find Great Deals

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Are you planning a trip soon? Would you love to spend less during your travel? Here’s a great list where you can choose the best flight price tracker to help you find the cheapest flight deals.

Smart travel requires finding the cheapest flight from your location to a specific destination. But finding the best price for a flight isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t know where to look.

Luckily, with technological advancement and the explosion of internet services, things are much more straightforward. You can now use an online flight price tracker to get the best flight deals to any travel destination.

A flight price tracker lets you quickly access information on the best flight deals. It allows you to siphon through all flights using a simple interface to get the lowest price. All you do is key in your starting point, destination, travel dates, and a class of service.

Some price trackers even make it possible to plan trips. You can also see last-minute deals and get alerts when prices drop before buying an airline ticket.

Some of the best travel hacks to find flights are just a few keystrokes away. Read on to learn where to find the best prices when booking flights!

Best Flight Price Trackers

1. (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) Logo

Air travel doesn’t have to be too expensive – and Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) ensures just that. Consequently, we’re big fans of Scott’s! With its cheap flight tracking feature, you can save money on your airfare. You can also get amazing deals on travel during off-peak seasons.

So, if you are tired of overpaying for your flights, is the way to go. The platform allows you to save up to 90% on your airfares.

To use, you must sign up for free and enter your departure city and home airport. The site will then notify you whenever cheap flights are available from your airport.

The best part is that you can also specify the days you’re willing to travel and the price you’re ready to pay. This way, you’ll never miss a good deal! Use our code VIA20 for 20% off a premium membership with

Read our full review if you’d like to know more about the platform and how to use it to score incredible flight deals.

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2. Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club Logo

Dollar Flight Club, a veteran in the cheap flight alerts arena, boasts a vast user base that exceeds a million daily subscribers. The site tirelessly scans for affordable airplane tickets across many routes, ensuring you receive an alert whenever a cost-effective option matches your preferences.

The flight fares they identified typically range from 60 to 90 percent less than the standard prices. On average, their members enjoy savings of approximately $500, attributable to their service.

For premium subscribers, the benefits extend to high-value deals like error fares and domestic offers. The value proposition is so compelling that even a single flight booking post-registration can yield returns up to ten times the investment.

Whether you choose the no-cost or the paid membership, you can gain financially from these timely flight deal notifications. Read our full Dollar Flight Club Review for more info about the platform.

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner logo

Skyscanner is also among the most trusted flight price trackers worldwide, with millions of users. We use these guys all the time! The platform always stays on its toes regarding the flights you choose. And in case of the slightest price drop, you get an immediate email notification.

When you want to travel to a specific destination, you can look for the price details on this platform. If the flight price is too high, set up alerts and wait, or add nearby airports to your search. That way, you get immediate flight alerts if the price changes or better flight options arise.

It’s possible to start planning a trip by browsing flight prices, booking hotels, and renting cars with Skyscanner. The platform even offers a ‘Greener Flights’ filter for users who mind the environmental impact of air travel. Read more about the platform in our full Skyscanner review to see how you can maximize your travel savings.

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4. Google Flights

Google Flights Logo

Among the broadest flight price tracker platforms available online is Google Flights. This Google brainchild has one of the most diverse flight price ranges. Google Flights requires users to key in specific details when tracking flight prices.

For instance, users must input their origin and destination. Next, add the travel dates, followed by the number of tickets and class of service. Google Flights also allows you to screen for specific flight stops to better understand the journey.

If the flight price drops or increases when you add in the details, Google Flights alerts you about the change. You can also find the cheapest time to fly to the destination of your choice. Tap the search button on your screen to track flight prices.

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5. Airfarewatchdog

Airfarewatchdog logo

Travelers seeking the best travel deals to specific destinations can benefit from using Airfarewatchdog. This great flight price tracker is handy when seeking the cheapest flights to a particular place.

You can also see different fares to hotspots worldwide besides the city of choice. By clicking on ‘Choose an Adventure,’ a flexible traveler can see the cheapest flight price deals to the most sought-after destinations.

This flight price tracker also has an alert tool for setting price alerts. To do so, add the details for your upcoming trip and check the alert box.

Airfarewatchdog will email you price drops to help you make better decisions. Please read our full Airfarewatchdog review for more information on how to use the platform to save money.

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6. Expedia

Expedia logo

Searching for and booking cheap flights on Expedia, a popular flight tracker, is possible. You can fill in details on this online travel agency to get flight deals. And it’s possible to use this as a flight price predictor to find last-minute flight deals.

All you need is to add where you’re flying from and the preferred destination city. Expedia also needs the travel dates, after which you hit the ‘Search’ button to check flight prices. On the homepage, you can see all the popular flight destinations plus price deals on flights departing near you.

Expedia offers customers details on the cheapest days to buy flight tickets in the US and other international markets. They also offer information and advice on how to save money on your flights.

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7. Hopper

Hopper logo

Smartphone technology continues to make it easy to use a phone for multiple reasons. Among them is a flight price tracker for the best flight prices. Hopper is one of the most popular platforms for using your phone.

Hopper is a mobile flight search engine that makes checking and booking cheap flights easy. Here, you can benefit from price alerts, which hint at the right time to buy specific flight tickets to your destination.

Hopper is a simple website that allows you to save money on travel. Adding details about your destination helps Hopper predict and give you a price alert when the flight is the cheapest. You get a notification with the right time to buy your flight ticket.

Apart from flights, you can also use Hopper to book cars and hotels depending on your destination.

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8. Kayak

Kayak logo

Kayak was among the first flight price tracker sites to enter this industry. It has a significantly wide reach and a good reputation.

Since its launch, many other flight search engines have emerged with the same concept. But this hasn’t deterred the popularity of this flight search engine.

As a flight price tracker, Kayak allows you to set price alerts that provide crucial information on available flights. These alerts tell you the price of specific flights over a set duration. It’s a straightforward price tracker with flexible search features.

As a potential traveler, you can use Kayak on a laptop/PC or download an app on your phone to search flights for the best deal – and more! After choosing a flight, you can also check out different hotels and rental cars available at your destination. There’s even a list of things to do for fun in the area!

Like what you are hearing? Read more about the platform in our full Review.

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9. Momondo

Momondo logo

Momondo is a great flight price tracker that works as a metasearch. This means you’ll be redirected to other websites when it’s time to purchase airline tickets. It’s an award-winning platform that’s gained popularity among online users.

Once you pick Momondo, you can compare different flights and their prices. All you need is to fill in your departure airport and intended destination. Also, you must include your travel dates before getting details on tracked flights.

Momondo will search low-cost carriers, travel websites, and airlines to track the best flight ticket. Once you choose a specific one, Momondo will direct you to a site to buy this travel ticket. Users can enjoy Momondo online searches on the phone or using a computer. The platform’s interface is friendly with only a few clicks, and the ticket is ready.

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10. Kiwi

Kiwi flights logo

Kiwi is another great platform to consider when searching for flight discounts or deals. Once you have your eye on a specific trip, Kiwi works to alert you on price drops when they happen. The alerts also note price changes you can take advantage of while traveling.

Kiwi requires users to sign up for an account to track flight prices. Afterward, you must set up price alerts on this platform and wait for email notifications. Kiwi provides users with numerous refund options in case of flight cancellations or similar issues.

It’s possible to fly for less to the destination of your choice, as this platform is open to all. The Kiwi code ensures you don’t miss out on the cheapest flights!

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11. Priceline

Priceline logo

There are many flight price tracking platforms that you can use to get the best deals. However, online travel agencies like Priceline offer great deals on cheap flights. This travel agent offers cheap flights, hotels, car hire, and cruises.

Priceline is a great way to plan a trip, especially when budgeting vacations. All the details are available at the click of a button. You can enjoy the lowest prices for flights and any other services you want available on Priceline.

To check the flight deals, click ‘Flights’ and enter the necessary details. Priceline requires your departure and arrival airports and travel dates to access the best deals. Apart from the website, you can also download the Priceline app to use as you go.

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12. Travelocity

Travelocity logo

When you want to track prices as you book vacations, check out Travelocity. It’s among the oldest platforms on our list, dating back to 1996. Travelocity is an online travel agency founded by Expedia.

It offers a lot of information for travelers. There are details on flight deals, cheap cruises, car rentals, and hotels at any destination.

Besides letting you check out cheap flights to a specific place, they also show things to do when you get there! Travelocity allows you to book tickets to popular attractions and also informs you about upcoming popular events. You only need to check out the website or download their app.

Travelocity is the answer when you want a one-stop travel service provider. It’s a convenient choice when travelers want to know the entire travel budget to a specific destination. The good news is that this platform lacks choices and travel varieties.

13. Jack’s Flight Club

Jack’s Flight Club Logo

Jack’s Flight Club is among the best options for getting the cheapest flight when planning a trip with a general timeline. Similar to, however, we particularly like it for flight deals within Europe.

Usually, flight price deal searches are only a few days apart for many platforms. But, when you sign up for Jack’s Flight Club, you’ll get deals directly to you in advance.

Ensure you have a timeframe and a budget in mind when using Jack’s Flight Club for the best results. This can help you pick some excellent tracked flight prices. There’s also a chance to check last-minute deals, the latest deals and tips, and trending deals.

It’s an easy-to-use platform and only requires you to join using your email. Read our full Jack’s Flight Club review to see if the platform fits you.

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14. FareCompare

Farecompare logo

As you plan your trip, FareCompare eases your mind regarding finding agreeable flight prices. This platform makes accessing promo codes and flight deals easy, lowering travel costs.

Apart from that, FareCompare is also an excellent tool for setting up price alerts. As a flight price tracker, setting up alerts lets you know of price drops free of charge. That way, you can make accurate changes and pay the lowest amount for the flight.

Use FareCompare to compare different flight deals and pick the cheapest among them. All the tracked flight prices end up on your screen. You also get to see information on the departure and arrival airports.

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15. Hellotrip

Hello trip logo, best flight price trackers

Travelers who prefer using mobile phones to book flights can enjoy Hellotrip. This is a great flight price tracker with an excellent mobile phone interface for iOS devices. A flight price predictor helps users save money when traveling to specific destinations.

Once you pick Hellotrip, you will receive up-to-date, accurate flight prices. Thanks to their price prediction technology, you will know the best time to buy a ticket. It’s all about getting the best flight deals for less money!

Here, you can check notifications for flight price fluctuations. Provide the platform with your travel dates and how much you’re willing to spend. Hellotrip will find you cheap flights to your destination.

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16. CheapOair

CheapOair logo

On CheapOair, you must key in the starting point and destination. The platform also requires travel dates and class of service. Travel experts at a call center can also offer guidance on cheap flights to your destination.

This reliable flight price tracker emails your booking information immediately. It offers 24-hour cancellation and flexible payment plans for travelers seeking the cheapest flight deals.

On CheapOair, you can access details on domestic and international flights depending on your location. But while you see the cheap flight rates available, you can only know the airline after booking. Read our full CheapOair Review for more details.


Is there an app to track the prices of flights?

Yes, a flight price tracker app is a mobile application that allows users to monitor and track the prices of flights to various destinations. These apps typically use real-time data to provide users with up-to-date information on flight prices. They may also offer features like price alerts, fare comparisons, and booking flights directly from the app. Some popular flight price tracker apps include Hopper, Skyscanner, and Kayak.

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday?

Flight prices do not necessarily go down on Tuesdays. While some evidence suggests that airlines may release sales on Tuesdays, it is not a guaranteed occurrence. Additionally, flight prices are highly variable and can be influenced by numerous factors, including seasonality, demand, and airline competition.

How do I find accurate flight prices?

A meta-flight search engine such as Skyscanner is the best way to find accurate flight prices. These meta-flight search engines aggregate flight pricing data directly from airlines, so the prices reflect what is being offered at the airlines and are as accurate as possible.

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