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20 Cheapest Places to Fly to Right Now

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If you’ve been scouring the internet to find a cheap flight lately, you’ve probably been struck by the flight prices you’re seeing. As it would seem, the cheapest flights are no longer what most consider ‘cheap’!

Post-pandemic airline troubles, supersized inflation, and other ingredients have contributed to a recipe for high airline prices. If you are someone who loves to find flight deals, like me, the lack of cheap places to fly is heartbreaking.

However, don’t throw away your deal-finding inspiration yet – cheap destinations are still out there. We get alerts from (Scott’s Cheap Flights) about incredibly cheap flights for domestic and international travel destinations.

It may seem like you need to work a bit harder to find cheap places to fly, but when the cheap flight deals come directly to you, you’ll quickly realize how many destinations are affordable to visit.

Meanwhile, budget airlines, known as low-cost carriers (LCCs), frequently serve cheap flights to various destinations worldwide. There are more possibilities beyond that to find discounts on flights.

It depends on your origin-destination, so knowing some of the cheapest places to fly to right now, the airlines that can get you there, and the travel tips and tricks to find cheap flights, you can still be lucky to get a great flight deal on your next trip.

It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about the East Coast, West Coast, or a bucket list trip abroad. There’s always some place with cheap fares!

1. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Aerial View

The first city on our list may be the cheapest destination on the East Coast. Sunny Fort Lauderdale is on Florida’s Atlantic coast and has long been a favorite for families, spring breakers, and couples. Fort Lauderdale International Airport consistently comes in so cheap because it is a major operating base for low-cost Spirit Airlines and JetBlue.

These budget airlines flying many nonstop routes to places all over the country have a reputation for cheap airfare, and it’s impressive that they can hit all these destinations with incredible fares. Another smaller budget airline, Avelo Airlines, flies into Fort Lauderdale at great airfare prices.

Travelers to Fort Lauderdale love the popular destinations along the shore for beautiful beaches. Don’t forget that the vibrant city of Miami is only about 40 minutes away, meaning Fort Lauderdale is also a great secondary for this party city.

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2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan Ocean Scenery

The sunny capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, is definitely one of the cheapest places to fly right now. That is very fortunate for anyone looking for an exotic, tropical destination just a few hours from home!

Nearly all major US airlines offer direct flights to San Juan from the eastern part of the country, with some options coming from the west.

All of that competition and plenty of demand create great prices for vacationers. I’ve actually found great prices on flights from Expedia, though booking through a third party does have risks.

Once you find a cheap flight, you’ll want to check out the Isla Verde or Dorado Beach areas for a beautiful resort. The island has amazing beaches, a tropical rainforest, and even super-wild bioluminescent bays. Check flight prices on Kayak to San Juan to get the best deal on airfare.

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3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Cityscape

Sin City is home to plenty of cheap flights from all over the country. Travelers fly into Las Vegas for the famous entertainment, to be in party central, and because this desert city is an access point to several of the most visited National Parks in the country.

Las Vegas flight prices are surprisingly low for a number of reasons. For one, it’s a major base for Southwest Airlines, and as a massively popular budget airline, other carriers are forced to compete with their prices.

For two, solid demand for flights to Vegas nationwide drives flight prices down even further. And for three, everyone flying to Vegas must find cheap flights to waste the rest in the casino! In all seriousness, Las Vegas is a fabulous destination, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or something longer.

If you want to explore further, make this your starting point to drive to Bryce Canyon or the Grand Canyon for the trip of a lifetime. Check flight prices on Kayak to Las Vegas to get the best deal.

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4. San Francisco Bay Area, California

Golden State Bridge

The San Francisco Bay Area may be known as one of the most expensive cities to visit and to live in on the West Coast, but believe it or not, it does make it on the list of cheapest places to fly. If accommodation isn’t a problem, flight deals exist to Northern California’s hub.

One of the Bay Area’s lifesavers is that there are two airports within immediate proximity to it. San Francisco and Oakland airports are connected to the entire metropolitan area by rapid transit and offer flight options from all over the continent and the world.

Your local airport is almost certain to offer nonstop service to one of them. Northern California is an exceptional destination with a ton of diversity.

The iconic streets of San Francisco, its famous Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island, and the Golden Gate Bridge are all great things to do without leaving the city. Getting further out can reveal some dramatic seashores and the tranquil peace of Lake Tahoe.

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5. Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfall

If you’re looking to go abroad, Costa Rica is one of the cheapest countries to fly to from North America. This tropical paradise in Latin America is loved by nearly any type of traveler and is within just a few hours of home.

One of the great things about Central America is that it’s home to some of the cheapest flights abroad without getting on a long-haul connection across an ocean. The major US carriers, as do the low-cost airlines like Spirit Airlines and Southwest, offer daily links to Costa Rica, driving fares to rock bottom.

If you choose La Pura Vida for your cheap flight getaway, know that you’ve got picture-perfect beach options on both the Caribbean and Pacific sides.

You’ll also want to pack good hiking shoes, a comfortable backpack, and your best camera to see some of the wild-looking rainforests in the world.

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6. The Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Aerial Shot

A bucket list destination for many, the Virgin Islands could be considered a domestic destination if you are headed to St. Croix, St. Thomas, or St. John. At the same time, the neighboring British Virgin Islands would be traveling internationally.

Whether you want to grab your passport or not, these islands are incredible beach destinations to save money flying to. You can find incredibly cheap flights to the Virgin Islands when departing from another one of the cities on our list, Fort Lauderdale.

As long as you aren’t booking at the last minute, flights from Florida are often under the $100 mark each way. Prices from cities like New York and Atlanta can also be surprisingly low for such a luxurious destination.

The three main islands and entry points to the US Virgin Islands are St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. St. Croix is famous for its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, while St. Thomas and St. John are a bit more mountainous and connected by ferry. All are sure to be wonderfully scenic islands.

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7. Key West, Florida

Sunset in Key West

Returning to Florida, the southernmost point in the continental United States, can also be one of the cheapest places to fly. Key West is the last of the tropical islands that make up the Florida Keys, and it is an ideal spot for relaxing remoteness and home to some great party places.

Key West is home to a small international airport offering flights to a handful of cities nationwide. As the runway is relatively short, takeoff weight is restricted here, so you won’t find any nonstop flights to the West Coast from this airport.

The major US airlines operate feeder flights to their big hubs, while low-cost Allegiant Air serves several secondary cities with the cheap fares they’re known for.

People like to fly into Key West, even from mainland Florida, to avoid the long drive. You can use a flight here as an entry point to see other western Florida Keys or enjoy one of the many beach resorts on the island. Don’t miss the nightlife Key West is known for, either.

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8. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Sceneries

On the west coast of Mexico, the state of Jalisco is the gateway to the Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta. This vibrant city has long been a popular destination for young adults and families on spring break and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

A relatively cheap destination, Puerto Vallarta isn’t costly to get to for international flights. While the major US airlines all fly there from their biggest hubs, the real value is in the secondary and low-cost carriers.

Alaska Airlines, Sun Country, Southwest, and others provide seriously competitive fares from the Midwest and the Western US. Domestic flights operate to other cities throughout Mexico for those who want to see the whole country.

Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit are known for their long stretches of beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches and authentic Mexican culture. Renting a car and driving the coastal highway will bring you to some of the most picturesque seaside villages on the continent.

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9. The Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii Scenery

Are you surprised that the Hawaiian Islands are some of the cheapest places to fly right now? With seven islands and five major airports offering direct flights all over the country and Pacific Rim, finding a flight deal to Hawaii is not hard.

Especially from the western United States, it’s hard to find a major city that doesn’t have direct flights to Hawaii. All the big airlines operate there, with the latest entry being Southwest, which dramatically shook up the market with its low fares and lack of baggage fees. That’s only good news for travelers trying to save money on their transportation.

We could write a book on what to do in Hawaii, but here’s the short version. Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island are the most visited islands.

Which one you choose will depend on whether you want idyllic beaches, giant waves for surfing, active volcanos, massive ridges and canyons for hiking, and more. Whatever your choice, you won’t be disappointed.

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10. San Diego, California

Beach in San Diego

Next up is sunny San Diego, at the southern limits of California. This city has a major international airport that won’t break the bank when flying in or out.

The San Diego airport is the second busiest single-runway airport in the world. The approach to the airport is known to take travelers wonderfully close to the city, providing great views.

While each of the big three US airlines has a presence here, the low-cost carriers like Frontier and Allegiant will get you the best deals to and from southern California.

San Diego is a fantastic destination for its sandy beaches, sea cliff shorelines, a world-famous zoo, and fun things to do, such as Sea World. It’s also the gateway to some vast forests and preserves nearby and for crossing to Tijuana and northern Baja California.

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11. Dublin, Ireland

Temple Bar, Dublin

If you’re looking to get across the pond to Europe, Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, always seems to have a deal on flights. It’s also one of the shortest connections to Europe from North America, appealing to anyone not excited to spend several hours in coach.

You can find familiar airlines like United, Delta, and American flying to Dublin from various points on the east coast. Irish national carrier Aer Lingus offers service throughout the US, including many West Coast cities. Fares are not exorbitant due to the relatively short distance between Ireland and North America.

Ireland is an amazing place to visit for history lovers and outdoorsy people, and it’s consistently one of the cheapest countries in Europe to fly to. But, it’s also a great hopping point to get further into Europe. The continent’s prominent ultra-low-cost carrier, Ryanair, is based in Dublin, meaning you can get just about anywhere for next to nothing.

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12. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Aerial View

Let’s head back to Mexico, where the sun always shines, even in the off-season. Cancun has to be Mexico’s most famous destination, offering ancient Mayan history and postcard-worthy beaches on the Caribbean Sea.

There’s a ton of demand for flights to Cancun and plenty of supply. You’ll find essentially every US carrier operating flights here to both big-city hubs and smaller towns.

Spirit Airlines and Frontier, in particular, operate some very cheap flights to secondary airports with lower operating costs, which are the ones to look out for.

You can take many different vacations in Cancun. Spa retreats, family spring break getaways, bar crawl party trips, and more are all possible in this Caribbean city.

I recommend trying Isla Mujeres, a small island off the coast, where the rest of the world seems to keep its distance and allow you to relax under the Caribbean sun as you please.

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13. Greek Islands

Santorini, Greece

The Greek Islands are a dream destination for many people, and they aren’t that far out of reach, even for the tightest of budgets. Especially being one of the first European destinations to reopen to tourism after the pandemic, these islands have always been hugely popular destinations and are served by many daily flights.

Plugging Santorini or Mykonos into Google Flights from a North American departure airport won’t always produce the cheapest results. The key here is to fly to other relatively cheap European cities, like Dublin, London, or Milan, and book separate flights.

Low-cost carriers like Easyjet, Ryanair, and Wizz Air offer connections for less than 10 Euros each way – trust me, I’ve done it!

While Santorini and Mykonos are the big ones everyone dreams of, don’t count out islands such as Corfu, Zakynthos, or Kefalonia. My favorite is Milos, which can be reached from Santorini by ferry and is sure to be exponentially less crowded.

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14. Tahiti

Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti

No, it’s not a mistake – Tahiti can be reached without spending your life savings! I know from personal experience that French Polynesia does not have to be a destination just for the rich and famous.

The only international airport in the islands is in the capital, Papeete, which offers limited connections to the rest of the world.

However, United Airlines and low-cost carrier French Bee serve one in San Francisco. Thanks to this competition dynamic, flight deals from the Bay Area can be unbelievably low.

Even if you’re not from San Francisco, you’ll notice that it is also on our list above, and you can probably get there for a good price.

Tahiti is a beautiful island, but since you’ve come all this way, you should see as much as possible. Save even more on costs by skipping Bora Bora and taking the inexpensive and quick ferry to Moorea across the channel, where you’ll get just as high-quality beaches.

15. Houston, Texas

Houston City

Houston is a good bet if you’re looking for an affordable gateway into the Lone Star State. This large city is full of Texas attractions and has two major airports.

Regarding cheap flights, two airports are always better than one. George Bush Intercontinental Airport is home to a massive operating base for United, which connects Houston with the entire country and several other continents. The smaller William P. Hobby Airport is Southwest’s base in the area, serving dozens of domestic and international cities with low fares.

Houston is a great city to explore, famously hosting the US Space Program’s headquarters, several interesting museums, and traditional Texas hospitality. You can also get to Galveston and all its Caribbean Sea beaches from Houston.

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16. Orlando, Florida

Disneyland's Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse’s hometown airport is also one of the cheapest places to fly. The Orlando International Airport is an operating base for Spirit Airlines, Southwest, and JetBlue and is served by essentially every airline in America.

Florida is an important destination for Americans on the East Coast as it’s a number one choice for family vacations and retiree travel. Thanks to the short distances between Orlando and major cities like New York, Baltimore, Washington, and Boston, along with most of the Midwest, fares are quite low.

Of course, the most obvious things you can do when flying into Orlando are visiting Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. But Central Florida is also home to some great hiking and less than an hour to beautiful beaches.

17. Portland, Maine

Boats in Portland

We have the perfect place for you if you see too many beaches on this list and not enough city breaks. Portland is a small city in the northern state of Maine, sitting on the state’s scenic Atlantic coast.

Portland may only have a small airport and limited destinations, but the good news is that many are inexpensive places to fly from. Carriers like Southwest and Frontier serve the Portland International Jetport (yes, that is its name) with connections mostly around the East Coast.

Portland is a real hidden gem in New England and great for any vacation. You’ll have the best lobster of your life, fall in love with its little downtown area, and have other Maine sights like Bar Harbor just a short drive away.

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18. Colombia

Colorful Buildings in Colombia

If you’re a fan of true Colombian coffee, why not go get the real stuff? Well, it’s definitely possible, especially when you can fly to this destination in South America on a cheap flight!

Colombia has several international gateways, such as Bogotá, Medellín, and Cartagena, to name a few. It is definitely one of the cheapest places to fly in the South American continent, thanks to its airline service by carriers like Spirit and JetBlue, who fly mainly to Florida.

Even if you aren’t from the States, its airports are some of the cheapest to fly to, so you can also utilize these Colombian flights. Bogota, Colombia, provides flights at an average price of $861 roundtrip.

A Colombian adventure can be diverse, ranging from vibrant city streets to wild tropical rainforests to tranquil Caribbean beaches. Make sure to leave room in your suitcase to bring some famous Colombian coffee home, too!

19. Berlin, Germany

Berlin Cityscape

The German capital of Berlin is a history-rich and lively city that’s great for any European itinerary. It’s also great for cheap flights, thanks to the large easyJet base there and certain long-haul routes from North America.

Norse Atlantic is Europe’s most recent airline, having just started operations this summer with a fleet of brand-new Boeing 787s.

Their launch city was Berlin, flying to New York City for obscenely low trans-Atlantic fares. Besides Norse Atlantic, legacy carriers like United, Lufthansa, and British Airways can get you to Berlin for reasonable prices.

Berlin is a great destination, with attractions like Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Tower. It’s also a great starting point for other destinations in Northern Germany, like Rügen Island and Heligoland.

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20. London, United Kingdom

London Sceneries

Finally, the capital of the United Kingdom is definitely one of the cheapest places to fly right now on the other side of the pond. You can find nonstop routes between London and countless cities in the US, big and small.

London benefits from not two, not three, but five airports serving it – with some people counting more depending on how far you’re willing to go.

It’s also the only European city that US airline JetBlue serves and another place served by low-cost Norse Atlantic. Due to all the services to London and its relatively close distance to the US, fares can be exceptionally low.

You could spend a week in London and still have plenty more to do. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Eye only scratch the surface of this great city. A short train ride can bring you to the famous White Cliffs of Dover and the lively beachfront of Brighton.

Airlines With the Cheapest Flights

Now that we’ve seen where you can go, you may wonder who will get you there. A few airlines stand out if you want to know who offers the cheapest flights. Stay updated on the latest information on fare offers from airlines like United or Delta Air Lines through their official sites or apps.

Factors like baggage fees, economy class, comfort class, business class seats, and in-flight services can also influence your overall travel cost and experience.

Here’s a summary table of the airlines, bases, routes, and unique selling propositions:

AirlineOperating BasesNotable Cheap Flight RoutesUnique Selling Propositions
Alaska AirlinesSeattle, Portland, Anchorage, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San DiegoWest Coast routes, transcontinental flights from Seattle and PortlandFree carry-on, complimentary snacks and soft drinks, mileage plan rewards
Spirit AirlinesFort Lauderdale, Detroit, Orlando, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Chicago-O’HareDomestic US, Caribbean, Latin AmericaUltra-low-cost fares, customizable travel options with “à la carte” pricing
Southwest AirlinesDallas, Las Vegas, Chicago-Midway, Baltimore, Houston, Denver, AtlantaExtensive domestic network, flights to Mexico, Central America, and the CaribbeanTwo free checked bags, no change fees, open seating policy
United AirlinesChicago-O’Hare, Houston-Intercontinental, Newark, Denver, Los Angeles, San FranciscoDomestic US, international flights to Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin AmericaMileagePlus rewards program, basic economy fares for budget-conscious travelers
American AirlinesDallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Miami, Phoenix, Chicago-O’HareDomestic US, extensive international networkAAdvantage rewards program, basic economy fares, partnerships with other airlines for more affordable international travel options
Delta Air LinesAtlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York-JFK, Salt Lake City, SeattleDomestic US, extensive international networkSkyMiles rewards program, no change fees for domestic flights, partnerships with international airlines for more affordable travel
Sun CountryMinneapolis-St. PaulDomestic US, Mexico, Central America, CaribbeanLow-cost fares, smaller airports for less hassle, bundles that include bags and seat selection to save money
RyanairDublin, London-Stansted, Brussels-Charleroi, Frankfurt-Hahn, Barcelona-El PratExtensive European network, Morocco, JordanUltra-low-cost fares, frequent sales and promotions, priority boarding and extra legroom available for purchase

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Website

Alaska Airlines is one of the beloved budget carriers on the US West Coast. This airline operates a fleet almost exclusively of Boeing 737s used for short to medium-haul routes.

Alaska Airlines’ main operating base is in Seattle, but it has hubs up and down the western states (including Alaska). While they have a low-cost model, passengers find the service friendly, routes convenient, and flight prices very fair.

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Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines Plane

On the other coast, we have Spirit Airlines, mentioned several times above and well-known by Americans for their crazy fares. With bases in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, and others, Spirit can fly all over the continent, including Central and South America.

Most flights operated by Spirit face heavy competition from the legacy carriers, which is only good for the average traveler who benefits from lower prices.

Remember that you’ll have to pay for anything extra on Spirit Airlines, but even with those fees budgeted in, you can still find some serious savings.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Website

Everyone knows Southwest Airlines as one of America’s friendliest carriers. From my experience, this is definitely true, as the staff seems to come from a different universe where everyone knows good customer service.

Most people love flying Southwest for that friendly service and because there is no such thing as baggage fees. They’ve never charged change fees; you don’t need to pay for seats. That means you can fly with a giant surfboard to Hawaii and potentially be in row one, all at no extra charge.

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United Airlines

United Airlines Website

Now, we are getting into the “Big Three” airlines of the United States and will begin with United Airlines. This mega-airline is recognizable all over the world and is guaranteed to serve a city near you. United is not a low-cost carrier, but frequent fliers would argue that they have begun to resemble one in recent years.

Due to the rise of Basic Economy fares, United is moving closer to being in the same category as Spirit, which is never fun for loyal customers. However, this does mean lower fares, which is a happy thing for budget travelers.

American Airlines

American Airlines Website

The next of the Big Three on our list is American Airlines, another giant. American Airlines is the biggest airline in the world on multiple levels: based on fleet size, scheduled passengers carried, and revenue per passenger-mile (a common industry metric; the amount of money they make for transporting one passenger one mile).

You can spot American Airlines planes in over 50 countries and at more than 10 hubs. Its sheer size and far reach around the country help drive lower fares for the average passenger, translating into great savings for those who know how to look.

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Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Website

To finish off the Big Three, we have Delta Air Lines, another massive air carrier flying just about everywhere. Delta is known for its unique European and African routes that other US airlines don’t experiment with themselves.

Delta’s headquarters and largest hub is at the busiest airport in the world, the Atlanta International Airport. But you’ll also find massive Delta bases in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, where they fly to every inhabited continent.

Don’t count them out on your search for cheap destinations, as fares can be quite reasonable. Read more about the airline in our full Delta Air Lines review.

Sun Country

Sun Country Plane

Sun Country Airlines is an often overlooked airline that offers some amazing airfares around America. This relatively small airline is based in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport can fly leisure routes domestically and to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Sun Country is an especially attractive airline thanks to its direct flights to some of the most popular vacation hotspots during the wintertime for Minnesotans.

But even if you aren’t living near the Twin Cities, look out for routes departing from other airports around the country that operate seasonally.

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Ryanair Website

If you are heading across the pond to Europe as record numbers of Americans have in recent times, don’t head straight for the famous railroads crisscrossing the continent. Ultra-low-cost carriers like Ryanair can almost certainly get you around faster and cheaper.

Ryanair is a massive airline headquartered in Dublin, with dozens of operating bases and hundreds of airports served. Ryanair can take you to northern Africa and the Middle East beyond Europe.

They are famous for their special sales of tickets for under 10 Euros – I’ve done it myself, and I can assure you that it is very real and cheap.

Tips to Find the Best Flight Deals

While all those places to fly and airlines to use are great, it’s important to know how to actually find the cheapest flight possible. Flexibility with your travel dates and destinations can be the key to unlocking incredible flight deals.

We’ve published a comprehensive guide on how to find cheap flights, but here is a snapshot of some of the most important tips you need to score the best prices in the sky.

Sign Up for Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights)

Going Webpage

This is the easiest tip that can often land you the best results. Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) is an awesome deal-finding service that does the time-consuming work of searching for cheap flights for you. When they find an amazing deal, they immediately send you an email to let you know the details.

Signing up for Going is simple. After making an account, enter your home airport or multiple home airports.

That’s it – Going’s team will be searching the entire world from your departure airport and not just one destination. When they come across gold, they will let you know, and it’s up to you to finish the job!

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Use Search Engines like Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Kayak

Skyscanner Website

Hopefully, you are used to using a flight search engine like Skyscanner, Google Flights, or Kayak. Rather than searching airline websites by airline website, harness the power of flight search engines to compare fares from various airlines and uncover the cheapest flights available.

A search on one of these will show you all airlines operating to a given destination simultaneously, saving time. Another great advantage of using these sites is that they have tools like price drop alerts, suggestions for cheap destinations from your airport, and visualizations of flight deals based on flexible dates.

We’ll talk more about that last one next, but use as many of these tools as possible to find the cheapest places to fly and the cheapest time to go.

Be Flexible with Dates and Airports

Kayak Flight Dates

As you may know, having some flexibility to find the absolute best flight deals is essential. Even being able to move your departure or return by just a day can save you hundreds of dollars, which is why using a flexible dates search on Kayak or Skyscanner is so important.

Don’t forget to search for a combination of one-way flights rather than round-trip, as this can seriously lower your final bill by putting you on a combination of airlines. Travel during the off-peak season to destinations like the United Kingdom or the art-filled streets of France for a significant reduction in costs.

Flying to places like New York or San Francisco outside peak tourist times can offer more than just budget-friendly airfares; it’s about the overall experience. Be sure also to check the box to search nearby airports at your final destination.

Choosing indirect routes with connecting flights over direct ones can be smart for those prioritizing budget over convenience. Read our full review to see more about how you can use the platform.

Which country has the lowest flight prices?

The country with the lowest flight prices is Indonesia, with an average flight price of $485, making it the cheapest country to fly to, according to Skyscanner. Flight prices are subject to change based on seasonality, demand, and airline pricing strategies.


What are some cheap places to fly in the US right now?

The US is a big place with many airports, helping reduce prices. Some of the cheapest airline tickets domestically are to low-cost carrier hubs such as Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Oakland, and Seattle.

How can I easily find the cheapest flight right now?

If you are looking for the absolute lowest-price ticket from your home airport, your best bet is to use a search engine like Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google Flights. You can immediately see the best deals found to any destination worldwide from there and even the cheapest month to fly.

What are the cheapest countries to fly to abroad?

If domestic destinations are too close to home, many international ones can still be affordable. Some of the cheapest are in Central America and South America, where many of the US major and low-cost carriers fly, such as Costa Rica and Colombia.

Are budget airlines actually worth it?

While low-cost airlines like Spirit and Frontier are known for tacking on extra costs for everything they can, they can still be the cheapest options compared to full-service airlines.

This is especially true if you don’t need a large suitcase, don’t mind getting a randomly allocated seat, and don’t need food or drinks on the plane, among other things.

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