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How to Find Cheap Flights to Germany

Both business and recreational travelers flock to Germany, a world leader in science, business, and technology that boasts a stunning natural landscape and abundant tourist attractions. Let’s get into how to find cheap flights to Germany.

German-based airlines, including Lufthansa and Eurowings, offer inexpensive options for international travel, so you can fly easily into one of the country’s major cities without breaking the bank. Beyond this, there are plenty of other low-cost carriers that operate out of several airports in Germany such as Easyjet and RyanAir.

Flying between German cities can also be a low-cost method of travel, as well as the ever-popular rail and road network.

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In this brief article, we explore some of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions and, more importantly, how to find the best deals on flights to Germany.

plane flying over modern office tower in the sun

Cheapest Cities to Fly to in Germany

Looking for some of the cheapest cities to fly to in Germany? Flight prices are based on demand so usually major cities and popular destinations end up offering the cheapest fares.

Here are the most popular flight destinations in Germany.

Flights to Berlin

Central Berlin Scenery
frank peters / Adobe Stock

Germany’s capital city has a world-class visual and performing arts scene with museums, art galleries, theatres, and orchestras galore. Plus, the history of this major city is unmatched with attractions and landmarks like the Berlin Wall, Berlin Philharmonic, and the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin is also one of the world’s leading convention destinations. Two airports, Tegel and the Berlin Schönefeld Airport serve travelers to the city.

Tegel is the larger and busier of the two and is a hub for Air Berlin, which provides discounted fare offers from different cities around the world to various German airports. Lufthansa and a host of other airlines, including British Airways, also operate out of Tegel.

Domestic airlines like Eurowings, a no-frills company owned by Lufthansa, and Air Berlin and international airlines like EasyJet operate out of Berlin Schönefeld Airport.

Given the convenient transport links from both Berlin’s Schoenefeld and Tegel airports to the city center, it’s worth comparing flight prices and browsing the available last-minute deals on flights to Berlin.

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Flights to Cologne

Cologne Cathedral and Skyline
Günter Albers / Adobe Stock

This historic city straddles the Rhine River and features stunning medieval and Renaissance architecture, vast bridges, and significant landmarks like the Cologne Cathedral.

The Cologne/Bonn International Airport is nestled beside the Wahner Heide nature reserve and is a hub for low-cost Germanwings. Germanwings offers bargain airfare from many international and domestic cities to Cologne and other destinations within Germany.

Domestic airlines like Air Berlin, Lufthansa, and TUI fly also offer round-trip service, like international carriers like EasyJet.

Flights to Dresden

Zwinger Palace and garden in Germany
Olena Zn / Adobe Stock

Known as the Jewel Box for its baroque and rococo architecture, Dresden is famous for its castles and palaces, including the Dresden Castle and the Zwinger Palace as well as some other amazing things to do.

Modern and postmodern constructions also dot the landscape, one of the greenest in Europe with many parks and forests. Dresden International is the city’s airport, and a few airlines operate out of it. Air Berlin, Lufthansa, and Eurowings are the top carriers.

Search cheap flights to Dresden now and book your trip to Germany.

Flights to Frankfurt

Iron Footbridge frankfurt
travelview / Shutterstock

This city of skyscrapers is Germany’s financial center and is home to the European Central Bank and the German Federal Bank. Believe it or not, Frankfurt Airport is the most popular flight destination in Germany (and potentially Europe as a whole).

Frankfurt also contains many cultural attractions within the city center such as Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral, Alte Oper (or the old opera house), and Saint Paul’s Church.

Frankfurt Airport is one of the world’s busiest and Germany’s largest airports. It is a hub for Lufthansa and Condor Flugdienst, Air Berlin, and a multitude of other domestic and international airlines service this airport, including British Airways and United Airlines.

There are plenty of things to do at Frankfurt Airport, so make sure to check out the airport website for more information.

If you’re looking for a cheap flight to Frankfurt, you’ll have plenty of options as this airport is a major hub for Lufthansa and Condor Flugdienst.

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Flights to Hamburg

Beautiful view of famous Hamburger Landungsbruecken with harbor and traditional paddle steamer on Elbe river
canadastock / Shutterstock

This popular tourist town offers a pleasing landscape that features waterways with over 2,300 bridges, gardens, and architecture spanning several styles.

The city also puts on many festivals and fairs throughout the year, such as Hamburger Dom, a funfair staged three times a year.

Many domestic and international airlines serve Hamburg Airport, including Air Berlin, Lufthansa, EasyJet, and British Airways.

Flights Munich

Munich Aerial Scenery
Animaflora PicsStock / Adobe Stock

The capital of Bavaria is a popular destination for tourists, especially around September and early October, when they arrive to help celebrate Oktoberfest.

Besides the abundance of local beer and the city’s culinary delights, Munich is also a cultural center for art, literature, great museums, and music.

The second-largest German airport is Munich Franz Josef Strauss International Airport, a hub for Lufthansa. Domestic airlines, including Air Berlin, Condor Flugdienst, and TUIfly, also offer service, as do international carriers like EasyJet and United Airlines.

Munich Airport offers many amenities for travelers, including restaurants, shops, and a children’s play area. If you’re looking for a cheap flight to Munich, be sure to check out the airport website for the latest deals.

Flights to Dusseldorf

An amusement fair and many eateries at a traditional festival on the banks of the Rhine river in Dusseldorf
frantic00 /

Dusseldorf is another popular destination in Germany and is a great option to find cheap flights to Germany. Given the proximity of this major city, you can easily take a train to France as well as other cities in Germany.

This destination city boasts ancient breweries and traditional German architecture. Here, you will find delicious and frothy hops, picture-perfect locales, and a variety of stops for delicious food and drink.

cheapest cities to fly to in germany

The Düsseldorf International Airport is located at the northern edge of the city and is considered one of the cheapest entry points to Germany. It is said that the average flight ticket price on this route from the United States is just around $900 round trip.

Depending on the season, you can find flight deals in the $400 to $600 range for a round-trip flight. Check Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) or ensure you are signed up for their cheap flight alerts for last-minute flights or sales on flights to Germany.

What is the Cheapest Month Buy Flights to Germany?

Mother and Daughter in an Airport Terminal
Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock

When looking for cheap flights to Germany, you also have to consider the time of the year you choose to fly.

The cheapest flights to fly to Germany are actually in February. In order to book the cheapest flight, we recommend using Skyscanner which is completely free to use and they don’t charge extra fees on top of your plane ticket cost.

When you go online to find flight deals and the cheapest prices, enter the airport you prefer to depart from and your travel dates and see how many great flight deals to Germany and low-cost airline tickets you can unlock during that time.

In addition to airfare being around its lowest point during this time, you will also find that hotel rooms and lodging are also at their lowest point because February is the peak of the winter low season.

Germany’s weather can be unpredictable this time of year so it’s no surprise that flight tickets are at their lowest during this time of the year.

You can expect some rainy and possibly snowy weather during January and February in Germany.

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How to Get Around in Germany

Red tram going on Hallmarkt square in front of Marktkirche church in old town
bbsferrari / Adobe Stock

A lot of Germany’s cities have multiple airports such as Berlin. Beyond this, Germany has several large cities with several millions of people, so there is no shortage of options to find the cheapest flights to Germany depending on where you are coming from.

The most popular airports for flights to Germany are Berlin Tegel Airport, Munich Schonfeld Airport, and Frankfurt Airport. All of these airports offer efficient bus and train transport to the major cities in Germany as well as other possibilities.

When flying to Germany, customers will receive a rail ticket which is free of charge from Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Cologne-Bonn, Leipzig-Halle, and Munich airports to all major airport destinations in Germany.

Public transportation is very efficient in Germany so you likely won’t need a car rental. However, if you do need to find great car rental deals use Kayak to search for the lowest rental car prices.

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From Berlin Tegel Airport:

Airport Berlin Tegel
Framalicious / Adobe Stock

The quickest way to get from the airport to the city center is the TXL bus. It runs every few minutes between the airport and downtown Berlin. The trip takes about 40 minutes and costs 2.70€.

Alternatively, there is an S-Bahn (commuter train) that goes from the airport to the city center. It runs every 10 minutes and takes about 25 minutes. The fare is 1.70€.

From Munich Schonfeld Airport:

Munich Airport near Freising at Night, Bavaria, Germany
Michael Thaler / Shutterstock

Theachau Bahnhof, which is the nearest train station to the airport, is about a 10-minute walk away. There are regional trains that go from Dachau Bahnhof to Munich Hauptbahnhof (the main train station in Munich). The trip takes about a half-hour and costs 3.60€.

Alternatively, there is the Autobahn, which is the nearest highway to the airport. There are buses that go from the airport to Munich Hauptbahnhof. The trip takes about 30 minutes and costs 10€.

Getting Around in Germany

City bus in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Sina Ettmer Photography / Shutterstock

Once you’re in Germany, there are a few different ways you can get around. The most common way is by riding the Deutsche Reichsbahn (the German National Railway). You can purchase tickets for single or multiple journeys, and there are different fares depending on the distance traveled.

Alternatively, you can use the Autobahn (highway). There are no tolls to pay when traveling on the Autobahn, but you will need to purchase a vignette.

Downtown Berlin is also great to explore on foot. There are plenty of things to see and do, and most of the main attractions are within walking distance of each other.

Domestic Flights in Germany

Young Traveler Looking at the Flight Information Board
Ekaterina Pokrovsky / Shutterstock

What if you are looking for domestic cheap flights in Germany? Domestic flights are also known as internal flights, and all occur within the same country. This means that you will depart from one German airport and arrive at another.

Flying is one of the fastest ways to get from one end of Germany to the other. So, while there, you may want to consider the cost of domestic flights to get from point a to point b during your trip.

Some of the best German domestic routes to consider are:

Are There Nonstop Flights to Germany from the United States?

Delta Airlines Homepage
Delta Airlines / Delta Airlines

Currently, you can find about 21 nonstop flights from the US to Germany. Some of the airlines offering these direct flights include Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines.

Nonstop flights are often faster and more convenient since you don’t have to change planes in the middle of your trip or stop at any connecting airports.

Due to the time change and the fact that it’s a long flight (6-12+ hours), you’ll be on an overnight flight to Germany from the United States. When you return from Germany, you’ll likely fly out in the morning or the afternoon.

However, these direct flights can also prove to be more expensive depending on your location. If you live in a city with daily direct flights to Germany, you’ll likely be in a good position to find cheap Germany flights every so often.

We suggest signing up for Going (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) to get flight deals sent directly to your email inbox.

Which airlines fly to Germany?

Tegel airport building and skyline
MaciejBledowski –

Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, and Berlin are all large, important German airports. For the most convenient departure times, depart from Frankfurt Airport, which is the fourth busiest facility in Germany.

Several well-known, reputable airlines fly to Germany, including Delta Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, and Emirates are among the top-rated airlines operating out of Frankfurt Airport.

With American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, you can purchase a round-trip ticket to Frankfurt Airport for under $650 depending on your travel dates.

What are the best times to visit Germany?

Berlin skyline panorama with TV tower and Spree river at sunset, Germany
JFL Photography / Adobe Stock

Summer is the peak tourist season in Germany, with July and August being the busiest months. If you’re looking for cheaper flights or fewer crowds, consider traveling during the shoulder seasons of spring (April-May) or autumn (September-Halloween).

What are some popular tourist destinations in Germany?

Munich Sunset
Travel Faery / Adobe Stock

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany are Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, and Cologne.

How Do You Find the Best Deals on Flights to Germany?

Skyscanner Landing Page
Skyscanner / Skyscanner

Whether you are going on a round trip to Germany or are extending your travels further, you want to do what you can to find the best flight prices for international flights.

To do this, make sure to start your research early and find the right destination that you want to visit.

When looking for the best deals on flights to Germany, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re getting the best price.

First, compare prices between different airlines. You can do this by visiting websites like Skyscanner, which allows you to compare flight costs and durations.

Many international airlines release seats on their flights up to 11 months in advance. As soon as you know which German airport you want to fly to, start searching for low-priced flight tickets. You can also sign up for email alerts to help keep an eye out for good deals.

Don’t stop at just one website when looking for cheap flights to Germany, either. Make sure you are searching multiple websites for the best flight deal.

Not all airlines are represented on just one site, so expand your search to find the best price. To find cheap flights to Germany, shop around and check out at least two of the top flight search engines such as Skyscanner or Momondo.

Next, consider the time of booking. The cheapest month to fly to Germany, as we have mentioned, is the month of February. However, you also need to book in advance.

find cheap flights to germany

Sometimes booking as many as 47 days out for domestic flights can help you nail down a discounted price. For international flights, 46 to 318 days in advance would be best.

There are also cheaper days during the week to travel. Most mid-weekdays, including Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, often prove to be the cheapest flight options simply because airlines are only competing for business travelers during this time.

Finally, when traveling abroad, try to remain as flexible as possible. If you can be more flexible with your travel dates, you have the opportunity to find more affordable and cheap flight options for international plane tickets.

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German Cheap Flights Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you still have questions about finding the best flight deals or what to expect as you embark on your much-anticipated vacation to Germany?

Read on for the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions we have come across.

How much is a meal in Germany?

If you choose to visit a smaller restaurant in Germany, then the average price you would pay for a meal is between 8 and 14 euros. If you choose to also order dessert, then this price will be a bit higher.

When on your trip to Germany, you should expect to spend around $130 per day or €107. This includes money for meals and transportation services each day you visit.

How long is the flight to Germany?

The length of the flight to Germany depends on where you fly out. If you are flying from the United States to Germany, then the average length of the trip would be around 8.75 hours.

Does Germany accept US dollars?

Most smaller locations in Germany do not accept US dollars because dealing with cash isn’t always worth their effort. However, some of the bigger shops and even most ATMs do accept US credit cards. When trading in your dollars for euros, make sure to check out the exchange rate. The exchange rate at the German airport may be higher than in other places.

What is the best airport to land at to visit Theresienwiese?

The closest airport you will find to Theresienwiese is Oberpfaffenhofen Airport, located in Munich. This is the German airport you will want to fly into if you want to visit this area of Germany.

What are the current travel restrictions for Germany?

Currently, there is a requirement in Germany to self-isolate or quarantine for ten days upon arrival to the country. This is pursuant to the Federal Ministry of Health’s Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations as of May 2021.

What are the most popular cities to visit in Germany?

A few of the more popular cities to visit in Germany include Hamburg, Cologne, Kiel, Munich, Dresden, Berlin, Potsdam, and Bremen. The undisputed number one best place to visit from this list, however, is Berlin. It is the capital of Germany and has almost 3.8 million inhabitants.

How much does the average trip to Germany cost?

You will find that the average price of a 7-day trip to Germany is around $1400 for a solo traveler, $2,200 for a couple, and slightly more for a family. The cost of German hotels ranges between $50 and $222 per night.

How far in advance should you buy international flights?

When you are booking international flights, you want to try booking them at least six months in advance. This gives you more time to research and monitor flight prices before your departure.

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