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How to Use Momondo to Find Cheap Flights

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Traveling the world doesn’t have to be expensive — thanks to booking sites like Momondo, people from all walks of life and budgets can find cheap flights, accommodations, transportation, and other activities while traveling. If you’re wondering how to use Momondo, we’ve got a guide below!

The convenience of using an online travel agency to book various parts of a trip is why so many people can travel all over the world. Online travel agencies make finding desirable locations easy and booking flights, rental cars, hotels, and excursions.

However, these platforms don’t necessarily prioritize providing the cheapest options for travelers. That’s not to say you can’t find them on those websites; finding cheap flights on larger sites like Expedia or Google Flights may take longer.

Fortunately, other sites specialize in offering travel deals with a significant price difference. One of these is Momondo, a global travel search site that shows the latest prices for flights, hotels, rental cars, and more worldwide.

What is Momondo?

How to use Momondo

Momondo is a meta-search engine that looks for the best flight deals online. Momondo searches from over 900 airlines, booking sites, search engines, online travel agencies, and discount sites to aggregate the best prices for users.

Additionally, Momondo finds and compares prices on hotels and other accommodations, car rentals, and various trip packages.

Momondo was founded in Denmark in 2006. Momondo is managed by KAYAK, whose parent company is Booking Holdings Inc. Momondo has won many awards for its unique approach to travel, including Best Meta Search Website and Best Airfare Search Site, and has been recommended by media sites, including The Daily Telegraph, Forbes, Time, and AOL.

These accolades give Momondo credibility in the travel industry and ensure travelers use an accredited and reputable company to find flights and other travel activities.

How does Momondo work?

As a search engine, Momondo does not actually sell any flights on its site. Instead, it aggregates data from booking sites to find cheap flight deals to nearly any destination city worldwide.

To find the lowest airfare, Momondo includes lesser-known and budget airlines in its search results to find the best flight deals. While other flight search engines like Google Flights may garner results faster (within a few seconds), Momondo is gaining popularity in the travel industry for consistently finding cheap airfare from all the available travel providers and platforms.

Using Momondo, travelers can browse the best prices to the destination city of their choice. Once they find a flight, whether round-trip or one-way, that they’d like to book, they are re-routed back to the original platform to book the trip.

Momondo acts as the travel middleman without completing any transactions or bookings. Because of this, travelers who use Momondo should know that any questions or concerns they have with their booking or reservation issues should be directed to the airline or travel company itself.

You may be wondering how Momondo makes money. When travelers use the Momondo website to search for cheap tickets, they are presented with various ads, including sponsored airline flights. These ads are paid for by the airline or another booking site. This is one revenue stream for Momondo.

Additionally, Momondo makes money when a booking is completed, whether a round-trip or one-way ticket, car rental, package, or any other reservation is made through the site. Momondo receives a referral fee for directing travelers to the various airlines and travel providers to book a trip.

These are the primary ways Momondo makes money. Travelers will be thrilled to learn that using Momondo won’t cost you a thing — it’s a free service!

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How to Find Cheap Flights through Momondo

Like many flight booking sites, Momondo aggregates the best cheap airfare from around the web to help travelers see the world without breaking the bank. Since airline flight tickets can be a significant cost for travelers, finding the cheapest fares is a great way to save money on travel.

Below, we detail how to use Momondo to find and compare the cheapest flights for an upcoming or potential trip.

Use Flight Search to Get a Feel for Your Needs

How To Use Momondo Flight Finder

Basic flight searches can be performed on Momondo’s website under the Flights tab. Travelers can quickly input their departure airport, destination city, and preferred dates to view flight deals.

As you can see, inputting travel dates in the search bar shows various prices and results based on round-trip flights. You can specify if you’d like to travel Economy, First Class, or Business — as well as other information, including how many people are in your party (including lap children) and how many bags you’ll have to garner the most accurate search results.

The colored boxes show different prices based on the departure dates and the length of the trip. If the trip dates are flexible, you can view prices based on weekday travel, check specific weekends, or view prices throughout an entire month to find the best flight itinerary for your adventure.

If you have an exact date for travel, you can select that here to find the lowest flight results.

Evaluate Pricing Trends

Momondo Cheap Flights Results

Upon clicking the pink Search button, you’ll be directed to all the search results for the best cheap flights Momondo could find online.

Underneath the destination information, you can select whether you’d prefer a non-stop flight. The various blue bars show the different prices based on the days of the week you can travel. The orange bar shows the current dates selected, but you can easily click a different blue bar on the calendar, and the search results and pricing will change based on the dates you selected.

Then, travelers can toggle between their preferences on how to view flight prices. You can select “best flights,” which will show you the most comfortable trip in terms of departure city, flight duration, and the number of stops. The “Cheapest” tab will show only the cheapest flights available, sorted by price.

Momondo also has a new search feature where you can filter flights by the most sustainable option, called “Least CO2.” These flights are determined based on the aircraft type, passenger load, direct flights, cabin class, and airline rating. Sustainable travel is important to so many of us, and it’s nice to consider the carbon footprint of your flight.

As more travelers become aware and concerned about their impact on the environment through travel, Momondo has considered this concern. The search results provide accurate information on the carbon emissions of each flight so travelers can make informed decisions about their airline travel and book the trip they feel most comfortable with.

Momondo Cheap Flights

Lastly, this option is also available if you’d rather create a custom itinerary. The Custom tab allows you to select the outbound and inbound flights from your destination as you see fit, mixing and matching flights together. You can still filter the results based on departure city, arrival city, flight duration, and price to find the best fit for your budget and schedule.

Sign Up for the Flight Price Alert

If you’re shopping around for the cheapest flight, Momondo allows you to sign up for daily price alerts to keep an eye on pricing and get notified if cheaper flights become available.

Momondo Pop Up Price Alerts

Signing up for a fare alert requires your desired travel dates and an email address. As you browse the flight search results, you’ll see many filter options to find the cheapest airfare.

These include modifying the duration of each flight, the price range you are comfortable with, cabin location, layover airports, flight quality (which includes redeye flights, Wi-Fi flights, etc.), and type of aircraft, and you can even specify the booking site you’d like to see results from. You can customize your search to include a car rental in the total price and plane tickets.

As you scroll through the various ticket options, you’ll notice both the departure trip and the return flight are listed, so the price is for a round trip. If you select “one-way” when first searching for flights in the search bar, you will only see results for a flight out of your departure city, not a return flight.

Momondo Cheap Flights Option

As you can see from the picture above, by clicking the arrow drop-down next to “View Deal,” Momondo shows the lowest prices for this flight on each travel website that offers that particular flight. You can click on each link to compare the prices and decide which platform you’d like to book on.

Additionally, you can see that Momondo lists the best and cheapest flights at the top of the search results, making it easy to find the best deal to determine if that flight works for you.

Confirm the Deal on the Airline’s Website

Delta Airline in Momondo

Once you select the flight you’d like to book, click “View Deal.” Momondo will redirect you to the airline booking site to view the trip, read the fine print, and purchase tickets.

Say you browse through Momondo flights but don’t make a purchase. Upon your next visit to the website, you’ll have the option to revisit your previous search. Momondo will also make a few accommodation recommendations for your convenience based on the dates you used for your previous search.

Momondo Flights and  Accommodations

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How to Use the Momondo App

Most travel sites offer mobile apps for their users, and Momondo is one of them. The app’s accessibility makes it easy for travelers to perform a flight search, compare prices, and save money.

Searching for Momondo flights on the app is convenient for those who travel often and need to find a cheap flight on the go quickly. The app is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and free to download.

The app also offers mobile-only rates, helping travelers access even cheaper prices and reducing the stress of budgeting for trips. Download the Momondo App for iPhone and Android.

Should I Use Momondo to Book Flights?

If you like to find cheap airfare before you travel (who doesn’t?!), Momondo is a great resource to compare prices and find flights without having to pay travel agencies or comb through hundreds of trips to find the best flight option that meets your travel needs.

Momondo is quickly becoming an industry favorite for finding the best price on flights, and the best part is it’s completely free to use.

Alternatives to Momondo Flights

Every travel booking site and search engine has its benefits for users. It depends on your travel needs, the flight experience you want, and the time you’re willing to spend to find cheap flight deals.

Here are two similar sites to Momondo for finding cheap flights:


Skyscanner Landing Page

Skyscanner helps travelers search for cheap fares from nearly 1,000 airlines and online travel agencies. Depending on your destination, you may find that Skyscanner finds cheaper flights than Momondo.

Skyscanner also offers hotels and car rentals and has a mobile app. The main difference between Skyscanner and Momondo is that the former offers special deals and the lowest fares via its newsletter.

At the same time, the latter requires travelers to search on its website or app to find the lowest prices and top offers in any destination worldwide.

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The website aggregates the best deals, taking into account the season and holiday travel deals, and makes a recommendation based on when the deal will expire. These deals are often extremely time-sensitive and are best to be booked on the spot. If you are looking for a cheap getaway to enjoy at the last minute, provides a fantastic service. offers a free, limited version, along with premium membership for $49 per year, as well as an elite membership for $199. The differences revolve around how many deals you receive per month, as well as whether they’re in economy, premium economy, business, or first class.

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