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14 Best Things to Do in Chaska, Minnesota

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Chaska, Minnesota, is a town on the southwestern side of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolis. Route 212 runs through the middle of the city and the Minnesota River along Chaska’s southern boundary.

The town has a very long history that’s heavily impacted by the presence of indigenous people. Even its name, “Chaska,” is derived from a Sioux word meaning “firstborn son.” European history records began in the 1850s, and Chaska has since been successful as an industrial area.

Once named “The Best Small Town in Minnesota,” you’ll find Chaska a welcoming town. I’ve compiled a list of top attractions and fun things to do in Chaska, Minnesota, that won’t disappoint. By the end, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth a trip!

Things to Do in Chaska, Minnesota

1. Visit One of Chaska’s Many Parks

Address: 4527 23rd St SE, Buffalo, MN 55313, United States

Check out one of Chaska’s ten community parks and 23 neighborhood parks. Each one has a variety of amenities, including dog parks, concession stands, ball fields, walking trails, and more.

City Square Park is a great place to enjoy community events or picnics. Enjoy a softball game at Athletic Park. Get active at Community Park or Lions Park with various energy outlets, like trails, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, and more.

When looking for family things to do in Chaska, Minnesota, visit Fireman’s Park. Check out the monument honoring Chaska’s firefighters and history as a brick-making community.

Go fishing on Firemans Lake, enjoy the swimming beach, or take the kids to the splash pad. There are concession stands and walking bridges across the water.

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2. Go Mountain Biking at Hawk’s Ridge

Bike Trail in Hawk's Ridge
Hawk’s Ridge / Carver Trails

Address: Chaska, MN 55318, United States

Find Hawk’s Ridge next to Pioneer Ridge Middle School along Pioneer Trail and Audubon Road. The site was an old park in Chaska that the community has revitalized. Now it’s a series of mountain biking trails called Carver Trails. There’s a transparent trail system that’s kept manicured by local volunteers. They keep updates on Twitter as to when the trails are open.

You’ll find courses hilly with tight curves but still accessible for all ages. You can hike the trails on foot or bike them, but remember that all cyclists must wear helmets. Dogs aren’t allowed on the trails.

3. Check out Chaska’s Landscape Arboretum

Scenic Trail at Chaska’s Landscape Arboretum

Address: 3675 Arboretum Dr, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

One of the best things to do in Chaska, Minnesota, is to visit the Landscape Arboretum. This 1200-acre preserve includes nature trails, orchards, gardens, and plant research facilities. Check their website for classes and events they host throughout the year for all ages.

Find all kinds of things to do at the Arboretum, like walking specialty gardens with rare plants. The Sensory Garden is interactive with things to touch, move, smell, and more. Enjoy walking trails and leashed dog-friendly trails.

The Learning Center has interactive exhibits for kids and a play yard. There’s an art gallery, a cafe, a gift shop, and more! Visit the farm and tour the barn or learn about the agriculture work at the Arboretum. Working with the University of Minnesota, they helped to develop and bring new varieties of apples to market, including the famous Honeycrisp apple.

Check out the Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center. There, you can take classes to learn how to handle and extract honey: special walkthrough exhibits and a pollinator garden. Visit the Apiary, picnic, and observe beekeepers tending bees!

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4. Catch a Curling Game at the Chaska Curling Center

Curling Game Stone

Address: 3210 Chaska Blvd, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

Fireman’s Park is home to the Chaska Curling Center. Watch a game, get a membership, take curling classes, or join a league. The Curling Center also hosts the National Training Center for USA Curling!

Grab a drink at the Crooked Pint Ale House, which overlooks the arena. Stay toasty warm there while you enjoy your beer and watch curlers play! The Center has bonspiels throughout the winter, including a significant event in February with different winter sports games.

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5. Join Other Seniors at the Chaska Community Center

Address: 1661 Park Ridge Dr, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

Stop by the Chaska Community Center for some of the best things to do in Chaska. There are all kinds of things to do at the Community Center:

  • Swim laps in the pool
  • Play with the kids in the pool
  • Take water aerobics classes
  • Go ice skating
  • Play hockey
  • Take ice skating lessons
  • Do weights or cardio in the gym
  • Relax in the Lodge (for ages 55 and up)

Check out the aquatic center with lap pools and heated spas. There are free swim hours for adults and children, hours for swimming laps, and classes you can take. There are two ice rinks at the Community Center.

Check the city website for specific free skate times, including days for adults 18 and older and times for young children only. For those 55 years and older, check out The Lodge, where you can play a game of cards and meet new people. There’s a pool table, a library, and more. Come to the Lodge’s monthly events that cover various topics geared towards older adults.

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6. Hit the Green at the Golf Course

Aerial vew of Chaska Town Course
Chaska Town Course / Facebook

Chaska is home to 3 top-notch golf courses across town:

Chaska Par 30

Address: 1207 Hazeltine Blvd, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

Find Chaska Par 30 off Lakeshore Drive and Hazeltine Boulevard near Hazeltine Lake. Try this course if you’re a beginner. It’s on the smaller side with some sand bunkers and water hazards for decent challenges.

Chaska Town Course

Address: 3000 Town Course Dr, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

This public course is nestled between Bavaria Road and Pioneer Trail, next to Lake Bavaria. This is an entire 18-hole course that has hosted the US Amateur Championship. Come here for lessons at any level. Adults and children alike can join leagues. Enjoy a craft beer or artisan sandwich at Oak19.

Hazeltine National Golf Club

Golf Course in Hazeltine National Golf Club
Hazeltine National Golf Club / Facebook

Address: 1900 Hazeltine Blvd, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

The Hazeltine has hosted many prestigious golfing championships over its 80-year history. Play all 18 holes and use the practice facilities. Become a member, and you’ll have access to amenities, including various social events throughout the year.

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7. Visit a Haunted House in Chaska

Inside a Haunted House

Address: 7410 US-212, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

For some classic Halloween fun, check out Chaska’s ScreamTown! This highly-rated attraction is located about 10 minutes south of downtown Chaska on Route 212. Throughout October, you can head out to the woods for a haunted hayride.

It’ll take you to acres of scary fun. Book ScreamTown tickets in advance or pay with cash at the door. With the price of admission, get access to 7 different full-sized haunted house attractions.

CNN named ScreamTown one of the top haunted house attractions across the country. Surrounded by a 200-year-old forest, ScreamTown is a pleasantly scary event. Every year they hire over 90 professional actors from the Twin Cities area. This attraction is recommended only for kids ten and older.

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8. Take a Picture with the World’s Largest Mustache

World’s Largest Mustache in Chaska, Minnesota
World’s Largest Mustache / Facebook

Address: 516 N Pine St, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

For silly fun, visit the World’s Largest Mustache, across from the Chaska Curling Center on Chaska Boulevard. One of the best things to do in Chaska, the mustache, was created on a 3D printer in 2015.

Creator Matthew Udermann built it for fun and has brought it to many locations around town. The mustache has been used to raise money for charity over the years. Today, it’s just a quirky stop in Chaska that’s fun to check out.

9. Go Shopping in Downtown Chaska

Head to downtown Chaska to do some shopping! Find a variety of small, locally-owned shops here. Shop 501 on North Chestnut St is a great shop selling home goods and children’s clothing.

They also have a selection of antiques, salvaged goods, and artwork. For gently used goods, check out Body Expressions Consignment on the corner of W 5th Street and North Chestnut. The store has been a mainstay in Chaska for more than 20 years. Stop by for upscale consignment and dancewear for gymnastics, dance, and figure skating.

Step into Carver Junk Company. The Carver Junk Company sells vintage-inspired and contemporary home goods and trendy gifts and accessories! They’re located on North Chestnut Street near East 2nd Street and are open Friday through Sunday.

10. Enjoy Good Food

Tacos and Different Mexican Dips

Check out Chaska My Love on W 4th Street, next to the City Square, for a Chaska favorite. They sell authentic Mexican food for a very reasonable price. Order some $2 tacos or the Menudo!

Located on W 1st Street and South Chestnut Street, you’ll find Tommy’s Malt Shop. Enjoy the atmosphere of this old-fashioned malt shop that serves American classics. We recommend the 50/50 Burger and chocolate malt.

If you’re looking for a good brew, Chaska has you covered. Find Schram Haus Brewery off of Chaska Boulevard. This is a German-style beer company with a taproom. They serve pints and usually a few bar food options, like pretzels or pizza.

They often have live music or fun community bingo nights. Check the city calendar for when they’ll have a food truck out front. Are you looking for a different tipple? Check out Dolce Vita Wine Shop on Chaska Blvd. They also hold tasting events, seminars, and a fine selection of beer, wine, and spirits!

11. Visit the Mindfulness Center in Chaska

Mindfulness Center in Chaska, Minnesota

Address: 212 N Chestnut St, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

Visit the Mindfulness Center on North Chestnut Street between E 3rd Street and E 2nd Street. Triple Gem of the North runs the Mindfulness Center. They follow the teachings of Buddha and offer meditation classes, yoga, and workshops for anyone interested.

View their class schedule on their website ( at this stop on our list of the best things to do in Chaska. Check their events calendar for seasonal retreats around “Anxiety and Coming Back to Yourself.”

Painting exhibit at Reid Thorpe Fine Studio and Gallery
Reid Thorpe Fine Studio and Gallery / Facebook

Chaska is home to several photographers and artists. Two artists in town have galleries where you can view their work.

Address: 114 E 2nd St, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

Find the David Lloyd Gallery on E 2nd Street near North Walnut Street. He paints scenes from life in a contemporary style using acrylics.

Exhibit in Reid Thorpe Fine Studio and Gallery
Reid Thorpe Fine Studio and Gallery / Facebook

Address: 516 N Pine St #1946, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

Thorpe runs his studio and gallery out of his home. Schedule a viewing of his work through his website. He paints contemporary landscapes and offers a variety of classes for children and adults.

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13. Attend a Chaska Town Event

Aerial View of Chaska, Minnesota
Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock

One of the best things to do in Chaska is to join in on the fun around town! Check the events calendar on the city website, and you’ll see that there’s always something going on, whether it’s live music at Schram Haus Brewery or the weekly 5k Park Runs.

Plan to be in Chaska for River City Days at the end of July. This big end-of-summer festival has been held for almost 50 years. There are many things, such as food vendors, kids’ games, and an arts and crafts show. There’s a parade, live music, and more. Find everything going on in City Square Park.

Or help out with Christmas in May, an annual humanitarian event where those in need apply to have their homes cared for. Groups come in to clean up yards, paint houses, and do other repair work. Residents of Chaska can apply to volunteer on the organization’s website.

14. Learn about the History of Chaska

Building of Chaska Historical Society
Chaska Historical Society / Facebook

Finally, on our list of the best things to do in Chaska, Minnesota, is to visit the Historical Society. Stop by their building on W 4th St, next to City Hall. There, you can check out exhibits about the European and indigenous history of the area. Visit the gift shop and purchase a brick, reminiscent of the city’s days as a brick manufacturing center.

The Historical Society has an excellent program on its website called “Cemetery Stories.” Take it to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery above Firemans Lake. For a powerful experience, find the gravestones of the people on the list and watch the accompanying videos.

While you’re there, pick up a brochure for a walking tour of downtown or use this link. Walk to dozens of locations and learn about each site’s past and present. There are pictures to compare how the areas used to look to how they look now.

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