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15 Best Things to Do in Longville, Minnesota

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Nothing beats Mother Nature when spending a quiet and peaceful vacation with your family or loved one. One amazing destination, with a dreamy, picturesque scenic view of the lakes and forest, is Longville, Minnesota.

So, what to do in Longville? It’s not just the scenic view of the city; you’ll find so much to do here that you may consider extending your trip to cover at least the main attractions.

From boating and skiing to picnics, biking, and hiking, this place has a thing for all ages. It’s called the city of all seasons. Be it the snowy winter or summer, you’ll find something to do and still find scenic views here.

Longville is located between State Highway 84 and County Road 5. But the city spreads around Woman Lake, with the Boy River and Girl Lake passing through it. There are multiple great things to do in Longville. Let’s take a look at the city’s main attractions.

Hiking and Biking Trails

Today, Longville is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. There are proper trails and bike routes, all paved for tourists. These connect with other trails and lakes along the way.

The trails extend for miles and miles, so you may have to define a cut point or stop mid-way through some of these for a breather. However, one thing is certain: each trail leads you through a beautiful scenic view of a lake and hills, so your biking journey will be breathtakingly mind-blowing. That makes biking and hiking the best things to do in Longville today.

1. Heartland State Trail

Heartland State Trail Scenery
Richard N Horne, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Heartland Trail extended to 49 miles and was one of the first rail trails in Longville, Minnesota. While biking, you can take it up from Steamboat Loop NW to Cove Lane and snowmobile up the top of Walker.

The trail is well-paved and weaves through lots of rivers and streams. You’ll pass through red, jack, and white pine and hardwood forests along the way. You can do much more here besides bicycling, horse riding, mountain biking, and simple hiking uphill.

You can go from here to Paul Bunyan State Trail and other trails or have a picnic. You’ll find much of the wildlife en route here. There are porcupines, raccoons, muskrats, beavers, red foxes, weasels, black bears, bobcats, minks, coyotes, white-tail deers, and bald eagles here near the Chippewa National Forest. Be prepared; any of these could pop out and pleasantly surprise you on the way.

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2. Paul Bunyan State Trail

Paul Bunyan State Trail Sign
Stacey Welu /

Paul Bunyan State Trail is the longest rail trail in town, extending up to 120 miles. It goes from Crow Wing State Park to Bemidji State Park, connecting the Heartland State Trail and Lake Bemidji State Park.

The trail extends to 115 miles, so you can’t miss this if you are an avid hiker or love biking along long trails! The fun things to do in Longville, along the Paul Bunyan State Trail, include hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, in-line skating, and some outdoor relaxation at the park.

One great feature is that they’ve also considered physical disabilities. The trail is paved and smooth for wheelchairs, trolleys, and strollers.

3. Other Trails

Lake and campground in Deer Trail Resort
Deer Trail Resort / Facebook

There are a number of trails here. Some notable ones you can check out include:

  • Deer Trail Resort
  • Hiram Ski Trails
  • Spider Lake Trails
  • Mesabi Bike Trailhead

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Golf Clubs and Resorts

Amongst the best things to do in Longville, you can find many resorts, recreational areas, and clubs along the coast. Here are a few major attractions you can’t miss:

4. The Woodpile Mini Golf Course

Family playing mini golf at The Woodpile, Longville, Minnesota
John M / TripAdvisor

Address: 1408 Co Rd 5, Longville, MN 56655, United States

The recent addition opened for the public as another major attraction and is one of the best things to do in Longville, Minnesota.

Initially, it was known as a great food point, with a food truck centered around the location. Late,r the same truck owners purchased the site and started the mini-golf course here alongside their well-known cuisine.

The golf course opened this June 2021, so it’s new and well-equipped with all the latest facilities. This superb little course and its facilities are designed with family fun in mind.

5. Tianna Country Club 

Aerial view in Tianna Country Club
Tianna Country Club / Facebook

Address: 7470 MN-34, Walker, MN 56484, United States

Tianna Country Club is a golfer’s paradise. Although the hills are quite difficult for new golfers, the challenge makes it worthwhile. Rolling greens and maple, pine, and oak trees surround the course. 

The golf club is located in North Central Minnesota, in the Walker area, just by the Chippewa National Forest. The course is well-maintained to cater to visitors throughout the year. The staff is friendly and welcomes everyone to the quiet and peaceful escapade. It is among the best golf courses in Minnesota.

It has eighteen holes open for all, plus other facilities for the golfers and accompanying people. There are lounges, dining areas, storage lockers, a pro shop, and showers. You can find clubs, power carts, and hand carts on the golf course. 

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6. Deep Portage Conservation Reserve and Learning Center

Kayaking in Deep Portage Conservation Reserve
Deep Portage Conservation Reserve / Facebook

Address: 2197 Nature Center Dr NW, Hackensack, MN 56452, United States

The Conservation Reserve is part of the outdoor education program and the Deep Portage Learning Center. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredits the system.

You can enroll your kids in various youth camps if you have time. The camp activities include fishing, science, outdoor recreational activities, hunting, and handling firearms.

There are also various tours and events you can check out on your visit. The Deep Portage trails are open worldwide; you can hike, bike, fish, ski, or visit the glacial hills, lake, and forest.

There’s plenty of wildlife around here, too. The hills are home to coyotes, bears, porcupines, and deer, to name a few.

7. Shingobee Recreation Area

Shingobee Recreation Area during winter
David_Justin / TripAdvisor

Address: MN-34, Walker, MN 56484, United States

Shingobee River Recreation Area is simply beautiful. There are pinewoods, ski trails, lakes, and hiking trails by the Shingobee River Valley. You can plan a visit here if you are looking for, say, things to do in Longville this weekend.

It’s a nice getaway, and a scenic trail joins in with the North Country National Scenic Trail. The trail is open year-round for hiking; you can also go skiing and sledding during winter. It is among the best places to enjoy skiing and other winter activities.

The best part is you can have the whole place all to yourself. Enjoy peaceful family time in the beautiful hills and resort with a minimal crowd. Sledding is one major fun attraction, but it is still not recommended for young kids.

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8. Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area

Aerail view of Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area
S. Wilson-Young / TripAdvisor

It’s hard to believe this area was formerly a mining site full of rocks and mining pits. With scenic vegetation and lake views, it’s one of the favorite spots of explorers today. You can take a boat or canoe if you are the enthusiast type and fish. You will find a wealth of trout, crappies, and sunfish here.

Cuyuna is mostly an underdeveloped part of the Longville area, but that’s also good news for those who love peace. Even off-highway motor vehicles are not allowed here. There are a few fun activities you can do here, like:

  • Scuba diving
  • Mountain and fat tire biking
  • Canoeing
  • Camping
  • Fishing 

Fat biking, mountain biking, and camping are great things to do here during winter. There’s also a group camp at the northwestern shore of Portsmouth Mine Pit Lake. During summers, you can also go biking, picnic, or camp out with family or fellow enthusiasts.

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Longville Parks

If you are going on a vacation with kids and looking for things to keep them occupied, you will find plenty to do in Longville with kids of all ages. There are a few parks with facilities like picnic areas, restrooms, and indoor and outdoor courts.

9. Stuart Memorial Park

Picnic Basket and Setup

Address: 107 Summehill Dr, Longville, MN 56655, United States

Just South on the State highway, the Stuart Memorial Park is great for having a peaceful, fun picnic or barbeque with friends or family. There are a lot of games you can play here too. The park has volleyball courts, basketball, a skating rink, and a tennis court.

There’s also a large playground with swings for kids.

10. Loren Thompson Park

Children Enjoying the Playground's Swing

Address: 13015 Kingwood Dr S, Baxter, MN 56425, United States

The best time to visit Loren Thompson Park is in the morning, as it does get a bit crowded by the evening. There are a lot of things to do at Longville Loren Park. There’s a baseball field, basketball and tennis courts, a playground with monkey bars, and all the equipment kids love.

The whole area is well-planned, and all the facilities are well thought out, making it a nice relaxing place for families and kids. There’s also a drinking fountain, other kitchen facilities, trails, and a warming house.

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11. Savanna Portage State Park

Pond at Savanna Portage State Park, Minnesota

Address: 55626 Lake Pl, McGregor, MN 55760, USA

This park has trails, hills, bogs, and lakes spread over 15,818 acres. Its history dates back over 200 years when explorers and Ojibwe Indians traveled through it.

You’ll find many historic areas along the trail. There’s water on each side of the trail. It flows to the Mississippi River on the west and Lake Superior on the eastern side.

The best things to do here are biking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and skiing on the four lakes. This place offers a complete package with something to interest everyone. You can also have a picnic here or play volleyball or horseshoes.

Longville Lake Area

Kayaking on Lake Longville, Minnesota

Beautiful lakes all around the area are heaven for those who love the peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are around 60 lakes in the Longville area.

There’s the Leech Lake up north, Remer on the east side, and Hackensack along the west. You can look at multiple Longville things to do while sitting and relaxing beside these lakes.

There are also the following lakes to explore:

  • Lake Inguadona
  • Leech Lake
  • Black Water Lake
  • Girl Lake
  • Woman Lake
  • Boy Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Thunder Lake

These are only a few of the major attractive lakes in the area.

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Other Activities

Besides the trails, parks, and resorts, there are still a lot of other things and activities in Longville, Minnesota, you can do:

12. Frosty’s Ice Cream

Frosty's Ice Cream interior
Frosty’s Ice Cream / Facebook

Address: 1485 Co Rd 5, Longville, MN 56655, United States

During summer, you’ll find almost everyone holding Frosty’s Ice Cream in their hands. The parlor is open throughout the summer from May to September.

There are thirty super yummy flavors of ice cream to choose from. If you want something more substantial, there’s also pizza and salads!

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13. The Pickled Loon Saloon

Tacos in Pickled Loon Saloon
Pickled Loon Saloon / Pickled Loon Saloon

Address: 44025 MN-6, Emily, MN 56447, United States

The Pickled Loon Saloon is off the highway but a fun stop. The food is delicious. You can order their famous Quesadillas for $12.95 or steak for the same price.

If you want an adult beverage, try one of their excellent Bloody Marys, a Screwdriver, or Mimosas for just a dollar each.

14. Patricks

Patricks restaurant interior
Island_GirlMN / TripAdvisor

Address: 200 Patrick’s Pl, Longville, MN 56655, United States

Another great place for fine dining in town is Patricks on Girl Lake. Everything from the food, ambiance, and expanded seating area to the customer service is superb.

They also offer takeaways and piping-hot deliveries in the surrounding area. Their food is a must-try during your visit.

15. Pine Company

Clothe for sale in Pine Company
Pine Company / Facebook

Address: 1466 Co Rd 5, Longville, MN 56655, United States

Shopping is undoubtedly one of Longville, Minnesota’s best things to do. If you are up for some apparel shopping, Pine Company is a must-visit. Located on Main Street in the lakeside community of Longville, it has apparel for men and women and things you will need when camping or in a cabin. The shop is open all year with essentials for fishing, casual wear, or simply dressing up on your trip.

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