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17 Warm Places to Visit in the US During Winter

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While most U.S. citizens consider the biting cold part and parcel of our winter months, cold-averse people do not have it. If you’re not a fan of frosty excursions and prefer warm weather for your winter vacation, there are several places to visit in the U.S. that will allow you to take respite from the cold.

From the sun-drenched sands and national parks of California to the canyon-flanked trails of Arizona, a warm winter vacation isn’t too far away. While these destinations may not sound as luxurious as the faraway beaches of Bali to some, they are significantly more cost-effective–with a much shorter travel segment.

So take this as your sign to trade off your heavy coats in favor of beach sandals and sunglasses – there’s plenty of sunshine where you’re heading. Maybe even your holiday season plans can incorporate somewhere warm; after all, Santa Claus could use some sun, too.

Warm Places to Visit in the US in Winter

Category Destination
For beach vacations San Diego, California
For scenic beauty Sedona, Arizona
For history and culture Puerto Rico
For design Miami, Florida
For nightlife Las Vegas, Nevada
For music New Orleans, Louisiana

1. San Diego, California

Towering Skyscrapers at San Diego

San Diego is a pleasure to visit anytime, but it is undoubtedly one of the best warm winter vacations in the United States. That’s in part because the temperatures average in the mid-60s. So, while the weather is warmer here, it isn’t scalding.

San Diego’s location along the coast makes it a perfect spot for beach vacationers. What is a warm winter destination without miles of beaches? Though San Diego’s appeal exceeds its proximity to days of sandy bliss.

Whether you’re trekking along the sandstone cliffs of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, wandering through Coronado Beach, or appreciating the postcard-worthy splendor of La Jolla Cove. For more eye candy, head to Balboa Park, the city’s cultural center, and take in the breathtaking scenery while exploring the various theaters, museums, and gardens of the 1,200-acre park.

Though it’s enticing to devote your entire holiday exploring, don’t forget to set aside some time for some learning here, too. San Diego is home to several incredible museums, including the San Diego Air & Space Museum, the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum, the Whaley House Museum, and the San Diego Natural History Museum, to name a few.

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2. Sedona, Arizona

Rocky Mountains at Sedona, Arizona

Although it’s part of the Arizona desert, Sedona’s wintertime temps range in the very cozy 60s. One reason it is one of the best warm winter vacations is because the winter is the area’s low season, so you don’t have to worry as much about people or breaking your budget. Yet the deep red rock scenery remains just as captivating as ever.

Sedona is frequently referred to as one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States. You’ll be hard-pressed to find vividly colored scenery anywhere else.

For years, artists have been drawn to the towering red cliffs and jagged sandstone buttes set against a perfect blue sky. In addition, films including Midnight Run and Broken Arrow used these stunning rock formations in Arizona as a background.

But Sedona is more than just red rocks and stunning scenes. Spiritualists worldwide have been beckoned repeatedly by the numerous New Age vortexes in the area, as they believe in their spirit-balancing qualities. Why not embrace the mysteries of the universe during your lovely vacation?

It’s easy to build an exciting Sedona itinerary. As a center for wellness, visitors can spend a day (or three) at one of Sedona’s many spas. These extraordinary spas offer traditional treatments with a local twist, such as blue corn body scrubs and red clay wraps.

If you’re looking to relax after a tough day on the trails, head to any of these top-notch spas and pair your treatment with a glass of local wine or a few on one of the area’s many winery tours.

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3. Puerto Rico

Harbor View at San Juan, Puerto Rico

Traveling to Puerto Rico in the winter is a great idea. The weather is warm and bright, there is little or no rain, and it is not too humid, especially as the month progresses.

It’s a great time of year to see some of the island’s many attractions. The winter months aren’t quite the low season in Puerto Rico, but as the shoulder season, you’ll still save quite a bit of money and elbow room.

Surfers can enjoy 20-foot waves, particularly at La Pared Beach, while families can head to more tranquil and clear waters. Choose between a historical adventure in El Moro and an urban adventure in Calle del Cristo. Compared to the other best warm winter vacations we mentioned, this one offers much more history and culture to enjoy.

The capital city of San Juan is where most visitors arrive in Puerto Rico. If you’re only traveling for a few days, the most convenient option is to stay in Old San Juan. Explore the historic Spanish stronghold, stroll the cobblestone streets, and dine at one of the numerous boutique hotels, restaurants, and shops. San Juan is the ideal starting point for day tours throughout the island, as it’s accessible from almost anywhere.

When you’ve had your fill of historic learning for a while, pay a visit to the only tropical rainforest in the United States: El Yunque National Forest. Enjoy El Yunque’s serpentine jungles to Condado or Crash Boat’s stunning beaches. Alternatively, kayaking at night in one of the island’s bioluminescent bays is a must–just be warned that weather frequently impacts whether or not you can see the brilliant algae.

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4. Miami, Florida

Coastal view and cityscape at Miami, Florida

Just because this city is known for beach parties and music doesn’t mean Miami’s experiences are limited to just that. For art and design aficionados, Miami should be right at the top if you’re seeking an affordable winter vacation.

Even in the bitter cold of the new year, Miami is the warmest place in the U.S. in January. Average high temperatures in Miami in the winter linger in the 70s, and there are as few as six rainy days each month, making it one of the best warm winter getaways in the U.S. It’s the ideal retreat during the chilly months of December, January, and February.

Miami is unique among these other warm places since its offerings vary so wildly. Those looking for a warm winter vacation can spend their days at the beach, but there are plenty of fun things to do in the city, such as street art excursions to informative museums. The street art at Wynwood, for example, is one of the city’s most popular highlights.

You can take a guided bike tour to explore as much of the neighborhood as possible while getting a street art scoop from local art enthusiasts. Zooming past the Art Deco-drenched architecture will brighten even the grinchiest winter vacationer. The Miami Beach Architectural District is too colorful to elicit a frown!

Or you could meander around Little Havana and learn about the Cuban impact and history. You may also head over to Española Way to sample some excellent dishes.

This wonderful pedestrian street with a unique Spanish flavor features flamenco dancers and quaint eateries serving great paella and tapas. Given its location in South Florida, Miami’s curation of mixed community culture is second to none.

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5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Cityscape at the heart of Las Vegas

For most people, this land of endless entertainment need not be introduced. Las Vegas is one of those quintessential warm places to visit that doesn’t include beaches so much as it does shopping, gambling, dining, and drinking, with plenty of other activities too. Summer in Sin City might be incredibly hot, but your visit in December or any winter months will undoubtedly be much more pleasant.

When you visit Las Vegas in January or February, for example, you can expect modest hotel prices and cooler temperatures in the mid-sixties. That said, don’t forget to bring a jacket when the desert evenings get chilly. You can also easily take a day tour to see the Grand Canyon with Joshua Tree National Park from Las Vegas.

When you’re done nature-watching, people-watching is a must-do in Vegas. In the milder months, you can (and should) book an outside table along the Strip to witness what the city’s residents and tourists are up to. The terraces of Lavo at the Palazzo and El Segundo Sol are great places to people-watch and eat good food.

As we mentioned for day-trippers, Las Vegas is also a wonderful launching point for out-of-town activities. Red Rock Canyon is perfect for hiking, while Hoover Dam can be explored via helicopter or bus. While most visitors think this warm winter vacation spot is only for adults, Las Vegas offers plenty for families too, like a Cirque du Soleil show, the Neon Museum, and the Bellagio Fountain show.

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6. New Orleans, Louisiana

City Buildings at sunset in New Orleans, Lousiana

If you visit New Orleans in the summer, you will be subjected to oppressive heat. As someone who doesn’t like hot weather, I can personally say that New Orleans in December is perfect for my Midwestern disposition.

But when the average temperature dips into the 60s and 70s in the winter months, it becomes a terrific winter vacation. That’s why going to New Orleans during the holiday season is such a great idea.

New Orleans is famed for its Spanish-style architecture, delectable Creole food, and upbeat atmosphere. Music plays an important role in the lives of its residents, be it jazz, Zydeco, or rock ‘n’ roll.

That’s why we’ve named NOLA as one of the best warm winter vacations for music lovers. You can easily beat the winter blues with some blues in the French Quarter.

You’ll miss the city’s most popular event, Mardi Gras if you visit in early or mid-winter, but there’s still a party year-round. You’ll find thrill-seekers spilling out of Bourbon Street clubs into the early hours.

Every weekend, there’s a festival happening in some random corner. You could also embrace the winter holidays New Orleans style and maybe find a new tradition or two while you’re there.

Begin your journey with a walking tour of the French Quarter, rich in colonial history and ghost stories. Truly there is no shortage of tours in NOLA. Be sure to visit some art galleries, like my favorite, Gallery Burguieres, and the Frenchman Art Bazaar along the way.

You may see the key architectural landmarks from here before having a delicious dinner at the incredible Sylvain (be sure to get the cornbread), followed by a wild night out or a nearly night in, whatever floats your boat.

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7. Orlando, Florida

Blue skies and swans in the lakes of Orlando, Florida

Anyone who knows me knows that I frequently make Disney World in Orlando my warm winter destination. Not only are the temperatures bearable and the weather comfortable, but nothing beats the winter holidays at Disney.

Holiday lights and decorations adorn Disney World starting on November 1 and into mid-January, leaving you plenty of time to visit. Plus, the parks are far less busy before and after the holidays, not so much on Christmas or New Year’s themselves. Those are two of the busiest days of the year.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of an Orlando visit in December is taking advantage of all the fun things to do there during the holidays and amidst the beautiful weather. Theme parks, in general, are at their best during this period as they decorate for the holidays and host a variety of holiday events. The city is also one of the cheapest shopping destinations in the United States, making it perfect for shopping procrastinators.

You’ll also enjoy free community events and ice skating rinks, with almost every corner decked with Christmas lights. Be sure to head over to Harry P. Leu Gardens for their annual Dazzling Nights event, when the gardens are decked out with millions of lights as well as displays, music, and sculptures.

If you travel during the winter, be sure to explore some of the area’s natural springs. While dipping in the water may feel cold under the scorching summer heat, the cool 70-degree water feels fantastic when it matches the weather’s temperature. Rent a paddleboard or canoe, or swim at Orlando’s springs like Wekiwa Springs.

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8. Savannah, Georgia

Buildings from the harbor of Savannah, Georgia

Aiming to avoid the cold weather? Savannah is a gorgeous and underrated city located off the coast of Georgia.

This coastal city, the oldest in Georgia, is noted for its quaint cobblestone lanes, big oak trees, and majestic Southern mansions — a visit will make you feel like you’re in a period film. It’s also the perfect warm winter getaway for folks who love the occult because Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in the United States.

Don’t miss the gorgeous Historic District, which is especially popular during Christmas. The weather in December is normally moderate, so bring a light sweater if it cools when the sun sets.

Those looking for picturesque sites will find plenty, including the River Street, the Forsyth Park fountain, Bonaventure Cemetery, and the Cathedral St. John the Baptist.

The Olde Pink House is noted for its traditional Southern-style cuisine, including Mac n’ Cheese Poppers, BLT Salad, and a Praline Basket for dessert. However, don’t forget to make reservations beforehand, as this establishment tends to get full fast. You’ll even spot The Hamilton Turner Inn, which inspired the look for The Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland.

Speaking of hauntings, a ghost tour is, of course, a must-do on any vacation to Savannah. Year-round tours are available, with walking tours being the most popular.

That said, I highly recommend booking one of the hearse tours, which will give you an even more boo-tiful view of the city with spooky stories to boot. Whether you’re in town to learn about history, explore the sights, enjoy delicious Southern food, or spend a few evenings bar-hopping, Savannah knows how to have a good time.

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9. Key West, Florida

Boats docked at the port of Key West, Florida

Ah, Key West. It’s the southernmost point in the continental United States and the ideal place to beat the winter chill.

Key West has plenty to offer for sun lovers, whether you’re planning a cruise that includes Key West, taking a road trip, or just exploring what the island has to offer. Key West is known for its beautiful beaches and quirky locals who live in the moment, providing a relaxing yet surprising beachside excursion amid warm weather during December.

The residents, lovingly known as Conchs (if they’ve lived there for at least a few years), are known for their free spirits, so you might want to get to know them and see where the adventure takes you. Because one thing’s for sure: Key West is always where the party is. There are plenty of shopping, restaurants, and bars to choose from, not to mention the gorgeous resorts.

Visitors to Key West must never miss the region’s famed key lime pie, and it’s highly advised that you sample it at every restaurant. Other must-dos include visiting the Key West Lighthouse, Mallory Square, Duval Street, and aquatic sports such as jet skiing and snorkeling. Your best bet for activities and beach time would be Smathers Beach.

One way to make Key West one of the best warm winter vacations of your life is to live it up as much as you can. Take advantage of the glorious sunny weather by hopping aboard a romantic sunset sail on the ocean or partake in one of the myriad outdoor activities. With very few rainy days to interrupt your holiday events, you can enjoy things like the Harbor Walk of Lights in style.

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10. Death Valley National Park

Hills at Death Valley National Park

If you’re in search of warm places to visit during winter, Death Valley National Park’s wintertime cooldown makes it a terrific place to visit in December or January.

While known to many as a hot and hellish landscape, the desert morphs into pleasant weather during the winter months, even if it still can be the warmest place in the U.S. during winter. The winter average temperature sits between the mid-60s to the lower 70s, with nightly lows regularly falling into the high 30s.

Thanks to the milder temperatures and clear, bright days, winter is the ideal time to visit Death Valley National Park and its hiking trails. Imagine enjoying warm, dry days with the limitless sun when the rest of the country is shivering. Instead of dealing with the cold winter months, you can revel in the stunning natural beauty without the unforgiving heat bearing down on you.

Winter weather is ideal for hiking paths into the park’s canyons and viewing the park’s unique geology. Along Badwater Road, you’ll discover accessible trailheads, including the renowned Golden Canyon trek, which is only five minutes away. Plus, Death Valley isn’t a majorly popular destination until spring break rolls around, so you don’t have to worry so much about tons of other hikers.

Cooler weather also provides ideal photography opportunities for photographers in Death Valley. Storms off the coast of California send clouds out over the desert, producing an amazing background for photos of Death Valley’s magnificence.

The cooldown gives you ample opportunity to take your time photographing without being drenched head to toe within minutes. And, if you decide to stay nearby, you don’t have to go far to get back to one of the best winter destinations in the country.

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11. Phoenix, Arizona

Blue skies and city view of Phoenix, Arizona

Often touted as the warmest place in America, Phoenix is the place to go if you’re searching for the best warm winter vacations in the U.S. There are plenty of exciting things to do in “LA without the Pacific,” and you can spend the entire winter doing all your favorite outdoor activities thanks to the moderate weather.

The warm weather attracts visitors to Phoenix, particularly in December. During the winter, when much of the country is coated in snow, Phoenix seldom gets below freezing, even at night.

Here, you can enjoy the stunning desert environment without bundling up or worrying about melting. Phoenix’s winter temperatures are mild, with average highs of 68 degrees to 76 degrees and average lows of 44 degrees to 51 degrees.

You can enjoy a hike in the desert, learn about Mexican and Native American culture, shop in charming boutiques, golf on top-notch courses, and get pampered at exquisite spas. Stick like a cactus needle to the city and spend the day at the Desert Botanical Garden, or take a hot air balloon flight above the city. Or you can take a day trip out of Phoenix to places like the Grand Canyon, Prescott, or Sedona, which we mentioned above.

Should you decide to visit in December, don’t think Phoenix is missing out on the holiday fun in its desert setting. Phoenix is full of incredible light display events, including World of Illumination, ZooLights, Glendale Glitters, and Lights at the Farm.

In fact, Lights at the Farm is the state’s largest walk-through light show. The desert never shined so bright!

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12. Tucson, Arizona

Clear blue skies in Tucson, Arizona

That’s right, Arizona, we’re not done with you yet. Tucson has more than 350 days of sunlight annually, making it one of the sunniest cities in the United States, so it should be no surprise that it is also one of the best warm places to visit when the weather takes a turn. With daytime temperatures seldom falling below the mid-60s, Arizona’s second-largest city is an excellent spot to escape the cold.

A visit to Saguaro National Park is one of the most popular excursions in Tucson. It features over 30 distinct hiking paths through the Saguaro cacti, which are considered some of the most incredible plants in the world. These cacti can live for over two hundred years!

You could easily spend a day or two touring the park alone. If you stay in Phoenix instead, you can easily visit the park as a day trip since it’s only about 90 minutes away.

Tucson, despite its ever-increasing size, still has a small-town feel to it. The Barrio Histórico and the El Presidio Historic District, for example, with their colorful adobe homes and stores, have the aesthetic of a town straight out of nearby Mexico. These neighborhoods are even more spectacular during the holiday season when they come to life with Christmas vibrancy.

It’s also easy to create a family-friendly itinerary in Tucson. The Pima Air and Space Museum, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, and the Franklin Auto Museum are all places worthy of your list. Meanwhile, Wine aficionados will enjoy visiting the region’s tasting rooms, such as Sand-Reckoner, or the vineyards around Willcox.

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13. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Beech Bike Trail

Looking for destinations for balmy weather? Then look no further than Tinseltown in Southern California. To be fair, the weather in Los Angeles is fairly pleasant all year, but the winter months won’t be as hot as the summers.

Even so, they’re still laden with lots of sunshine. Of the places we mention in this list, this is one of the most obvious warm places to visit since sunny California is frequently a popular place to be.

There’s always plenty to do in the City of Angels. Hiking across LA’s rugged environment is the perfect way to get a feel for the city.

Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to explore nature, engage in excellent people-watching, and enjoy spectacular views of LA. The colder winter temps mean you won’t be as sweaty, and the hiking trails won’t be as crowded because it’s low season.

The top theme parks (we’re looking at you, Disneyland, and Universal Studios) in Los Angeles are open all year. In addition, traveling in the winter allows you to experience the attractions and rides without having to deal with long lines–unless you visit on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Families will enjoy Disneyland, daredevils will get an adrenaline rush at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and film fans will enjoy Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens change into a winter paradise every year from November to January. Hundreds of light shows and unique, animal-shaped light sculptures are scattered throughout the zoo, complete with music and projections. So don’t let the sunny weather wear you out before the lights turn up at the zoo!

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14. Austin, Texas

People swimming at a lake in Austin, Texas

Austin is a massive music city and one of the best warm winter vacations in the United States. With comparatively mild weather and typical highs in the 60s, this warm winter getaway is perfect for every family. Though temperatures can sometimes go into the 40s, so maybe don’t leave all your long sleeves at home. Dubbed the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin has more live music venues per capita than any other city in the United States.

Several prominent musicians began their careers here, including Janis Joplin, the Dixie Chicks, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Despite its connections to fame and rapid expansion in recent years, Austin retains a unique, laid-back vibe you won’t find in other Texas towns.

The outdoorsy will find plenty of activities to choose from! For paddleboarding or picnics, visit one of Austin’s many lakes. Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, Lake Travis, and Barton Springs Lake have unique sights and water activities for the warmer days during your visit. Lake Travis is considered the best if you only have time for one of Austin’s many lakes.

If you’re looking for a good time back in the city, head to Rainey Street or 6th Street for live music, karaoke, dancing, and as many bars as you can fit into one night. You could even book a bar crawl tour to get the inside scoop on Austin’s nightlife scene. This is a terrific way to get to know the city from the perspective of your local guide.

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15. Palm Springs, California

Palm Trees along the road in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is a good place to go if you want to relax and focus on your well-being. This Southern California desert city offers one of the best winter sun destinations in the U.S. with its towering palm trees, adventurous outdoor experiences, beautiful poolside cabanas, and modern restaurants.

With highs in the mid-70s, spending the day outside during the winter is a real treat. Some of the best things to do in Palm Springs include exploring the hiking trails, a jeep excursion of Joshua Tree National Park, or taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for breathtaking views of the valley from over 8,000 feet. Desert vistas and spectacular sunsets are the names of the game here.

From retirees to hipsters and LGBT couples, the pools, spas, and nightclubs of Palm Springs are drawing a diverse range of visitors.

Plus, you won’t be disappointed if you’re going on day trips. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, as well as the Coachella Valley Preserve, are just a few of the attractions in the neighboring Coachella Valley.

Should you end up in Palm Springs during the holidays or the holiday season, the Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade kicks off the season each year in early December.

Or, on Thursday nights, head out to VillageFest for all the local shopping you could hope for. Shop to your heart’s content and grab lots of delicious food. Read our guide to the best places to stay in Palm Springs.

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16. South Padre Island

South Padre Island Aerial View
SERGIO / Adobe Stock

Not always considered so much one of the warm winter vacations as it is a spring break getaway, South Padre Island is a beachfront resort town with some of the best beaches in the country. Also known as SPI, the town isn’t just for spring breakers anymore.

Families flock here, too, for the calmer oceans. Since the water is tamer here, even little kids can enjoy an oceanic frolic with slightly less anxiety about their parents.

As a barrier island, SPI is uniquely fashioned to have lots of flora and fauna thriving there. This means that Texas’ South Padre Island is one of the ideal winter destinations for nature-focused travelers.

Spend a day at South Padre Island Birding And Nature Center, Sea Turtle, Inc., or meandering the Laguna Madre Nature Trail. Perhaps you could even fall in love with parasailing here.

Although SPI is a slightly more expensive place to visit, there are also budget-friendly elements of the city. For example, you won’t need a vehicle or ride-sharing to get around if you don’t want them. SPI offers a free public transportation system called the Island Metro, which will get you where you want to go.

One of the things that makes the island more unique for a holiday visit is the annual Holiday Sandcastle Village. The incredible life-sized sand castles are remarkable, especially if you are a major Buddy the Elf type.

Incredible local artists handcraft these holiday-themed sculptures; it’s hard to believe they can do so much with sand. You can even try your hand at expert sandcastling during your visit to SPI.

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17. Anna Maria Island

Aerial view of Anna Maria Island, Florida
JavierArtPhotography / Adobe Stock

Another of the warm winter vacations on island time, Anna Maria Island is a stunning spot to consider. Anna Maria is a barrier island along Florida’s Gulf Coast known for its laidback vibes.

Colorful buildings cover this island, bringing even more life to the place. This is an especially perfect spot if you want to take your vacation before January since the tourist high season runs from the start of the year through March.

Warm temperatures all year make Anna Maria a beach bum’s ideal place. Much of what there is to do on the island revolves around beach days, eating incredible local food, or hitting the ocean for water sports.

One of the most popular beaches is Manatee Beach Park, which can get very crowded if you show up during the busy tourist season. While life on the island is slow going, you may want to pay a visit to the Anna Maria Island Historical Museum to learn more about the area’s early days.

You can learn about the island’s history, the fishing industry, and even its connections to baseball greats. Be sure to visit the fishing village of Cortez, where you’re also bound to see a lot of pelicans.

The Anna Maria City Pier is also a quintessential part of the island to visit while you’re here. Anglers love it for its access to fish like Redfish, Snook, Spanish Mackerel, and Pompano, among others.

If you’re planning on visiting the island just for a day trip from St. Petersburg or elsewhere in nearby Florida, this is also where you’ll disembark from the steamboat. Speaking of boats, you may consider taking a glass bottom kayak tour at night to see even more undersea wildlife.

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What are the warmest places to visit in the United States during winter?

The warmest cities to visit in the US during winter are usually those located in dry, southern climates, such as Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, and Orlando. Even places considered extremely hot, like Death Valley, during the rest of the year are far more pleasant during the winter.

What are the warmest states to visit in the United States?

The warmest states to visit in the United States are Arizona, Florida, and Texas, as well as the southern parts of California. For the most part, these locations are also consistent in temperature during the winter months, so you don’t have to worry about significant cold snaps.

Where is the cheapest place to travel in the winter?

Warm winter vacations, especially if they fall over the holidays, can be drastically more expensive than other points in the year. Even so, places like Orlando and Vegas can be remarkably affordable during winter. Austin is also one of the cheaper options, particularly if you visit during January or February.

What states are fun to visit in the winter?

Depending on what you enjoy doing for warm winter vacations, several states we’ve mentioned are fun spots. Entertainment hounds and gamblers will love Vegas, theme park enthusiasts will adore Orlando, movie buffs will geek out over Los Angeles, and beach bums will love Anna Maria Island. Whatever your fun fancy, you can find it in one of the above 16 places.

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