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12 Fun & Best Things to Do in Los Alamos, California

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If you’re visiting Los Alamos, good news! You’ll have so much fun in this funky town full of life, antique shopping, wine tasting, friendly faces, and hidden gems. Located in Central California’s Santa Ynez Valley, it is a tiny town, but it’s underrated in the best way possible.

Los Alamos is the small town to go for a girl’s getaway with lifelong friends or simply escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In 1896, two ranchers named Dr. James Barron Shaw and John S. Bell donated part of their properties to find the town site. The name “Los Alamos” came from the Spanish word for “Cottonwoods,” beautiful trees that is still prevalent in the area, even today.

Though the small town is only seven blocks long, it feels so special and welcoming. You can feel the love and joy the local artisans, ranchers, vineyard farmers, and townspeople pour into Los Alamos.

Los Alamos is just thirteen minutes north of Los Olivos on Highway 101, two hours and thirty minutes north of Los Angeles, and two hours and thirty minutes west of Bakersfield. Less than an hour northwest of Santa Barbara, close to the Santa Ynez Valley, and just off California’s central coast. Ultimately, it is a simply gorgeous part of California.


Here are some of the best and most fun things to do in Los Alamos, California:

  • Most significant landmark – Skyview Los Alamos
  • Park to visit – Los Alamos County Park
  • Free activity – Strolling Bell Street
  • Activity for kids – Playing at Los Alamos County Park
  • Activity for adults -Bedford Wine Tasting
  • Place to eat – Bell’s
  • Nightlife -The Los Alamos Bodega Garden
  • Place to staySkyview Los Alamos

Things to Do in Los Alamos, California

1. Stop In At The Depot Antique Shop

Depot Antique Shop Building
image by Managemeent/TripAdvisor

Address: 515 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440

If there’s one thing Los Alamos has, it’s cool antique shops within walking distance. Located right on Bell Street in Los Alamos, The Depot Antique Shop is the perfect place to hunt for vintage treasures while you unwind and relax.

The Depot is a one-of-a-kind, and one of the highest-rated antique stores in Los Alamos. It’s packed with home decor, good gifts, vinyl, art, collectibles, unique wine bottles, jewelry, and neat antiques.

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2. Taste Wine at Casa Dumetz Wines

Casa Dumetz Wines Building
image by Jim C/TripAdvisor

Address: 388 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440

Casa Dumetz Wines has a lovely wine-tasting room open seven days a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays are by appointment only). Private and public tastings are available, with the private tastings on Tuesday and Wednesday going into much more detail and explaining the winery’s philosophies, histories, and creativity.

Casa Dumetz creates three labels. They are Casa Dumetz, Clementine Carter, and the Feminist Party. Each line is special in its way.

If you love what you find, be sure to sign up for their wine club. They send you new wines regularly and even offer discounts on other items you purchase there.

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3. Stay a Spell at Skyview Los Alamos

Skyview Los Alamos Room
image by

Address: 9150 US-101 Los Alamos, CA 93440

When you visit Los Alamos, you must stay here for at least a few nights. This is an iconic roadside motel that offers thirty-three boutique luxury guest rooms that overlook Santa Barbara wine country and the Ynez Mountains. Everything about this hotel whispers fancy mid-century style and modern southwestern rustic glam.

The amenities are pretty great too. You have access to a fully restored 1950s heated pool, with full food and drink service, freshly made coffees every morning, access to Linus bicycles, access to your private patio with a fire pit, panoramic views of wine country, and rustic outdoor showers.

Just outside Skyview sits the Skyview Vineyard. It is a modest 2.5 acres but produces delicious Pinot Noir house wine. Norman Restaurant and Bar is part of Skyview Los Alamos, and wow, what a gorgeous little restaurant. You have to try their lunch menu and the cast iron cornbread.

It’s simple but so delicious. The Bates Burger and house-cut fries are just about perfect, too. Looking for something lighter? Try the Stonefruit and walnut salad. It tastes so crisp and fresh.

Looking for more hotels to stay in? offers the best deals on hotels so book your stay in advance to ensure you secure your spot at one of the top spots for accommodation in Los Alamos.

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4. Enjoy a Day Strolling Bell Street

Bell Street
image by NHRHS2010 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Address: Bell Street, Los Alamos, CA 93440

Bell Street is the main drag and main street of the town, and it just feels like such a welcoming, home-like place. Here, you’ll have your pick of wine tasting rooms, antique stores, and craft beers, all with a stark old-west backdrop feel.

The town feels vintage and modern all in one. Union Hotel especially drives this aesthetic home. Though it is no longer a hotel, it functions as a beautiful wedding venue. Union Hotel is where rough and weathered meets upscale cowboy glamour.

Alamo Motel is another option, and it does accept overnight guests. Alamo Motel is a highly rated no-frills motel with a simple bar and lounge.

Fully immerse yourself in the local culture and fall in love with the culinary scene, the locals, and all the free fun that Bell Street in Los Alamos has to offer you.

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5. Eat Dinner at Full of Life Flatbread

Full of Life Flatbread Interior
image by Levon M/TripAdvisor

Address: 225 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440

Also on Bell Street, Full of Life Flatbread thrives with its creative wood-fired pizzas, craft beers, and delicious local wines. They have so many delicious flatbreads that choosing a favorite is hard. Here are some of them:

  • Dancing Heart Bread
  • Shaman’s Bread
  • Cheese and Herb
  • Fire-Roasted Tomato Salsa Flatbread
  • Wood-Fired Cauldron Tomato Sauce Flatbread
  • Mushroom and Carmelized Onion Flatbread
  • Smoke-Dried Tomato and Mushroom Flatbread
  • Kalamata Olive and Feta Flatbread
  • Central Coast Sausage Flatbread
  • Coachella Valley Date and Bacon Flatbread

Here’s a hot tip: Eat on the front porch. From here, you’ll have an excellent view of Bell Street, it feels extra special, and you’ll get to fully immerse yourself in that small town feeling.

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6. Los Alamos County Park

Address: 500 Drum Canyon Rd, Los Alamos, CA 93440

Los Alamos County Park is fifty-one acres, and it offers lots of open green grassy fields, good views, picnic tables, fire pits, barbecue grills, benches, hiking trails, biking trails, horseshoe pits, a playground, a volleyball court, and clean, well-maintained restrooms. People love that there are many easy-access parking spaces.

The trees here are mature old-growth oaks that provide lots of splendor, shade, and well-established old-time energy to the area. It just feels like a safe and enjoyable place to spend the day. If you want a quiet place to reflect and enjoy the sunshine, this park is for you.

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7. Bedford Wine Tasting

Bedford Wine Tasting
image by Bedford Winery/Facebook

Address: 448 Bell Street, Los Alamos, CA 93440

Add this to your itinerary! Bedford Wine Tasting offers superlative wines in an ambient space. The tasting room is open daily, and tastings are free for wine club members.

You have to try the 2020 Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County wine. From Santa Maria Valley and Los Alamos, this wine deliciously combines cranberry and cherry notes with sage and spice. This wine is aged in French oak barrels for ten months.

Their 2017 Cellar Red Select Wine from Santa Barbara County is also good. It blends Bordeaux varieties and then ages them twenty months in vintage French oak barrels.

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8. Have a Drink at the Bodega Los Alamos Gardens

Bodega Los Alamos Gardens Entrance
image by Bodega Los Alamos Gardens/Facebook

Address: 273 Bell Street Los Alamos, CA 93440

The Bodega at Los Alamos offers a unique open-air beer and wine garden in the middle of Los Alamos, California.

It has clean, modern, minimalist farmhouse vibes and exceptionally friendly staff in the wine and beer garden who are happy to help you choose a drink to take out. They also serve surprisingly yummy ciders that are full of flavor and warmth.

Their gardens are beautiful day and night. During the day you have the gift of seeing the scenery, landscaping, and hills. Swooping, hanging twinkle lights at night elevate the space and give it a sweetly romantic atmosphere.

9. Stay at the Los Alamos Mercantile Building

Los Alamos Mercantile Building
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 508 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440

The Los Alamos Mercantile Building drives home the old west vibe of the town, and it’s a great place to stay. It has four spaces to stay in:

  • Billy the Kid – a three-bedroom Airbnb.
  • Butch Cassidy – a two-bedroom Airbnb.
  • Wyatt Earp – a two-bedroom Airbnb.
  • Annie Oakley – a two-bedroom Airbnb.

These spaces are charming and with that fierce but sleek old-west cowboy vibe. The rooms are decorated with brown leather chairs, serape prints, terracotta colors, a perfect blend of various textures, vintage Western hand-painted artwork, hand-carved wooden accents, cozy beds, and more.

People rave about their fully stocked state-of-the-art kitchen, big rooms, and cozy full baths. It’s the perfect place to kick back, relax, sip cabernet franc, sauvignon blanc, or grenache wines, crack open a wine magazine, and enjoy this beautiful section of the country.

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10. Eat at Bell’s

BELL'S Interior
image by Bell’s/Facebook

Address: 406 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440

Bell’s has been featured in the Michelin Guide because its food is phenomenally good. This is an adventure in flavor and one that you’ll never forget.

This French-inspired bistro from Daisy Ryan is family-owned and operated and so uniquely wonderful. It has a colorful, eclectic dining area with mismatched prints, patterns, chairs, tall vaulted ceilings, and gorgeous oriental rugs. Enough about the cozy restaurant; let’s talk about this amazing food!

Bell’s offers dine-in, takeout, and Prix Fixe Dinner. It is strongly recommended that you make a reservation. Reservations are released on the first of the previous month. So, for example, October reservations are released on September 1st at 1 pm.

Some of their best and most notable dishes are:

  • Wild Burgundy Snails
  • Steak Tartare
  • Braised Beef Chuck Sandwich
  • Santa Barbara Sea Urchin
  • Crudo of Santa Barbara Bluefin
  • Dark Chocolate Glacee

 They also have dozens of champagne, white, rose, orange, and red wines available.

11. Buy the exhibits at T&T Local Artisans Enterprise

T&T Local Artisans Enterprise Building
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 515 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440

My least favorite thing about your regular old art galleries like MoMA or the Guggenheim is that you can spend all day wandering the halls, admiring the magnificent works on display, but at the end, will they let you buy your favorite painting? No. They won’t. In fact, they’re normally pretty rude when walking out with an original Warhol or Matisse.

That’s one of the reasons Local Artisans Enterprise in the old T&T building is so dang rad. As well as being host to the stunning works of over 50 local artists, you can also spend some time shopping for your favorite pieces.

Featuring original wall art, sculptures, furniture, jewelry, clothing, and much more, T&T Local Artisans Enterprise is an essential stop for anyone looking for a unique souvenir or a dose of creativity.

12. Take a Sidecar Tour of Santa Ynez Valley

Sidecar Tours
image by Sidecar Tours Inc./Facebook

Address: 515 Bell Street, Los Alamos, CA, 93440

Among the best reasons to visit Los Alamos are the various different wines, you can sample from the local vineyards, as well as the simply magnificent landscapes surrounding the town. If you’re only here for a flying visit, you might be torn between going on a wine tour or exploring the great outdoors.

If only there was a way to do both in a pinch…wait – there is! And there’s a way to do both in style! Sidecar Tours Santa Ynez is an awesome and unique way of touring Los Alamos and the Santa Ynez Valley.

Get your helmet on and hop in the sidecar of a vintage motorcycle for the sightseeing tour of a lifetime! Your tour guide will pick you up from Bell Street and then take you on a whistle-stop tour of the area. Offering scenic tours and vineyard excursions, they also offer customizable tours.

Getting Around Los Alamos

Los Alamos Scenery and Skyline

 Los Alamos is one of a kind small town where it is almost completely unnecessary to need your own car to explore the area. Almost every restaurant, shop, winery, hotel, and point of interest is on Bell Street – you might have noticed that already. It is exceptionally easy to navigate the town, and you will only need transportation in and out of the town at the beginning and end of your vacation.

A bicycle or decent walking shoes are sufficient. If you have children, it would likely take you more time to load everyone into the car and buckle them into their seats than it would to simply stroll down the street to wherever it is you want to go.

 Even if you’re here on a girl’s trip with your wine-tasting itinerary, walking is still the better option because it is quick, safe, easy, and legal. You don’t need a designated driver if you are walking in the town. However, if you want the freedom to enter and leave when you visit Los Alamos freely, you can rent a car here.

Places to Stay in Los Alamos

1. Skyview Los Alamos Top Recommendation

During your stay, you'll enjoy access to the restaurant, outdoor pool, and bar. Plus, their spacious accommodations feature all of the amenities you need for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. So whether you're looking to unwind by the fireplace or take in the stunning views from our sun terrace, Skyview Los Alamos is the perfect place for your next vacation.

2. Victorian Mansion At Los Alamos

Situated in the heart of the Santa Ynez wine country, this beautifully renovated bed and breakfast offers unrivaled accommodations and exceptional service. You'll enjoy all the modern amenities you need during your stay, like flat-screen TVs, video players, and more. Plus, the property features stunning outdoor spaces that are perfect for unwinding after a long day of exploring.

3. Alamo Motel

The Alamo motel offers convenient amenities like free WiFi and a flat-screen TV with DISH network in every guest room. Plus, every room has a private entrance and bathroom with free toiletries. And when you need to take a break from exploring the area, The have plenty of outdoor space for relaxing, including an outdoor fireplace, picnic area and BBQ facilities. Book your Alamo stay today!


What are some fun things to do in Los Alamos, California?

Go shopping for antiques, stop in at a few wine-tasting rooms, go for a walk, stop at a delicious restaurant in the middle of town, and then head back to your quaint little bed and breakfast or motel room for a dip in the pool.

What is the best thing to do with kids in Los Alamos?

Take kids on a stroll through downtown Los Almos on Bell Street to get ice cream, and then walk twelve minutes down Drum Canyon Road to the Los Alamos County Park.

What are some things to do in Los Alamos when it is raining?

Los Alamos has many historic buildings that overlook sweeping, majestic views of the local vineyards and rolling hills. Grab a hot coffee or tea, find a cozy spot by a window to watch the rain patter down, or crack open a good book.

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