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22 Interesting Spanish Curse Words | Swears to Know

Want to learn some new Spanish swear words? This article gives you a number of the most common Spanish curse words to utilize. Learn these ones, and you’ll be on your way to impressing Spanish speakers and potentially your Spanish-speaking friends.

Swear words! Each country or region has its set of these. Although they vary from region to region, these words and phrases are an integral part of any language. One language that is famous for its explicit language is Spanish.

Spanish curse words are somehow quite interesting and even sound nice to listen to. But, if you want to use some Spanish swear words in conversations, you need to be careful.

First, you must understand well the meaning of these words, as well as how they are used in different regions before you start throwing the words anyhow.

Man Cursing and Screaming

You don’t want to say something that will embarrass you or hurt someone’s feelings. Spanish words are important to know but can be translated in a variety of ways depending on where you are. The literal translation you think a word is in El Salvador (Latin America) can mean something completely different in Spain.

In this article, we’ll explore more on the meaning of these Spanish swear terms, and how you can incorporate them in conversations.

The words must, however, be used sparingly and in a creative way to avoid harming people’s feelings.

Common Dirty Words in Spanish

“Joder” – Fuck

Joder Spanish Curse Word

This word is the most common cuss word, not only in the Spanish language but in English as well. The term typically means “fuck,” and you can expect to hear it in almost every Spanish conversation. Example: “I certainly won’t make it to the audition, Joder!” “Joder! That soup is too hot.”

The word is so common that it’s no longer sounds like a curse word. It’s part of the language and is one of the most versatile Spanish swear words out there.

“Mierda” – Shit

Mierda Spanish Curse Word

But how do you insert it in a normal sentence?

Example: “Man, I loved rosy like Mierda.” Or “Mierda! I forgot about the interview.”

“La Hostia” – “Holy Fuck or The Host”

La Hostia Spanish Curse Word

La hostia can be applied among friends, to mean “holy fuck or holy shit.”

However, in the southern parts of Spain, the term refers to “the host,” and it’s commonly used in holy communion.

Due to the dominance of the Catholic Church in Spain, this phrase can be termed vulgar and offensive in this region.

The swear phrase is, however, often used together with some other words to intensify its impact. Take, for instance, when you say “hostia puta,” it merely means “Holy f*ck.” “Me cago en la hostia,” on the other hand, means “I poop/shit on the host!”

For a more harsh use of this term, “Te voy a dar una hostia” will do. It means, “I’m gonna slap you in the face!”

“Me Cago en Todo Que Se Menea!” – “I Poop/Shit on Anything that Moves!”

Me Cago en Todo Que Se Menea Spanish Curse Word

My favorite swear phrase of all times. Although quite long, the phrase has an immense effect in any sentence when used appropriately.

It’s not considered vulgar in Spanish, and is also applicable in the place of “shit” or “fuck.”

The phrase is prevalent and can go with almost anything that crosses your creative mind.

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“Pollas en Vinagre” – “Cocks in Vinegar”

Pollas en Vinagre Spanish Curse Word

Yes, that is what it precisely means. “D*cks in Vinegar!” Sounds complicated, right? Well, although somehow complex, it’s also probably one of the coolest words in Spanish.

The phrase is mostly applied when expressing dissent in discussions. And, although not commonly used as some other words, it has an immense impact on a conversation when used well.

“Que te Den” – “Fuck Off!”

Que te Den Spanish Curse Word

This is one of those curse words in Spanish that is simply used when one is annoyed with something or someone. You can simply apply it to express dissatisfaction or irritation.

This phrase is simply used to tell people off your space!

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“Hijo de Puta” – “Son of A Bitch!”

Hijo de Puta Spanish Curse Word

Just as you use the phrase in the English language, in the same way, it applies in Spanish. The only difference is that it’s more prevalent in Spanish.

When used in Spanish, it’s rarely a curse word, and it’s applied when teasing someone, either enviously or sarcastically.

“Hijo de puta! You bought a brand new car?” “Your Spanish is stunning – Hijo de puta!”

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“Pinche” – “Fucking”

Pinche Spanish Curse Word

This is a Mexican-Spanish word that translates to “fucking” in English.

It’s also a widely used phrase making it an add-on term in almost every Spanish curse word in Mexico. This curse word helps to intensify the essence of a sentence in Spanish as it does in English.

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“Que te Jodan” – “Fuck You!”

Que te Jodan Spanish Curse Word

Another ingenious way of how people use the word “Joder,” as explained earlier. It simply means “fuck you.” Although used mainly to express anger and disappointment, it also can be used lightly/casually between good friends.

The tone here will significantly alter the meaning, hence the need to learn its proper use.

Spanish Sayings and Curse Words

Understanding the Spanish Language

“Los Cojones” – “Bullshit”

Los Cojones Spanish Curse Word

Bullshit! That’s the English translation of the word.

Spanish men are commonly referred to as “machotes.” The macho men are tough guys who are quite proud of their balls. They like showing off their masculinity by including “cojones” in various conversations.

The phrase, which equates to bullshit in English, can also be used to respond to people trying to offer crappy excuses. When someone pisses you off, the terms also fits well in your response to that.

Example: “Los cojones!” how does a tire puncture relate to you not sending the cash?”

Just remember that “j” is always pronounced “hh” in Spanish. Therefore, the proper pronunciation for this will be “Los co-hho-nehs.”

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“La Madre Que te Parió” – “Mother F*cker”

La Madre Que te Parió Spanish Curse Word

Although widely used by the Spaniards, this is one of the most vulgar cuss words in Spanish. The phrase literally translates to “mother f*cker” in the English language.

But even with “City Life Madrid” naming it as the third most used curse word in Spain, I still feel the word is quite extreme. But that’s only my opinion!

Example: “The guy is a “la Madre que te parió!” How could he leave such beauty for a whore?”

“Métetelo Por El Culo” – “Stick it up, Your Ass.”

Métetelo Por El Culo Spanish Curse Word

The word “meter” in Spanish, simply means to insert. When we conjugate this word to fit “the second-person imperative,” it becomes “métetelo.”

Since the word “culo,” on the other hand, means rear, the full meaning of the phrase becomes, “stick it up, your ass.”

You can apply it in a sentence just as you would in the English language. It is one of those Spanish sayings that make you feel like you’ve totally become a Spaniard.

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“Puta Madre” – “Fucking Good”

Puta Madre Spanish Curse Word

The word, which translates to “fucking good” in English, is used both as a cursing term or in a positive manner. When in a positive sentence, it often helps to show how great things are.

For example: “Angela’s bash was Puta Madre.”

It can also be inserted in a sentence to show delight. “FC Barcelona made us proud this season! De puta Madre!”

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“Tonto del Culo” – “A Real Dumb Idiot”

Tonto del Culo Spanish Curse Word

If you wish to point out how silly or stupid someone is, this is the phrase to use. These words typically translate to “a total idiot” or “a real dumb idiot” The best thing about the phrase is that it can fit in almost every situation.

For instance, Miguel is quite a “tonto del culo!” He lost all his savings in a casino. What a “tonto del culo” that lady is!

How can she leave a baby alone in a house the whole day?

The correct pronunciation for this phrase is “ton-to del kuloh.” This cursing word is considered slightly mild hence often used in normal conversations.

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“Qué Cabrón” – “What a bastard.”

Qué Cabrón Spanish Curse Word

Cabron in Spanish refers to a “he-goat” with long giant horns. And, there is even a Spanish saying that equates a man with an unfaithful wife to Cabron. This implies that the man’s antlers are growing.

The saying formed the origin of the phrase “Qué Cabrón,” and its extensive use among the Spanish swear words. Mostly, people use the phrase to curse at others, but it’s a mild cuss phrase.

It is often used sarcastically instead of actual cursing.

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“No me Jodas” – “Don’t f*ck with Me!”

No me Jodas Spanish Curse Word

Don’t f*ck with me! That’s the typical meaning of this phrase. The words fit well when you want to warn someone against messing with you.

When using it, however, make sure that you’re well conversant on how to fit it in a conversation. And, just as you would use its Minneapolis or Texas, the same rules apply in Spanish.

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Spanish Insults

“Que te Folle un Pez” – “Get F*cked by a Fish!”

Que te Folle un Pez Spanish Curse Word

This is surely one funny Spanish insult! How does someone just tell you to go get f*cked by a fish? The phrase shows just how creative Spaniards can get with insults. This is where the beauty of this language lies.

You’ll, however, need some practice if you are to pronounce some of these words correctly, leave alone using them in a sentence.

The phrase is no different from how you would use the English insult “screw you” in a conversation. You will mostly encounter the phrase in a conversation where one party is really pissed by the other.

It’s one of the funny swears in Spanish that makes my day.

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“Pendejo” – “Stupid”

Pendejo Spanish Curse Word

Yet another Spanish insult whose frequency of use is quite high in Spain and Mexico. While we translate this word to English, it typically means “being stupid.”

When you call someone a pendejo, you’re simply calling them an imbecile or a moron. And, although applied mostly as a curse word, it can also fit in a friendly conversation between friends.

Example: You are such a pendejo! How can you forget to pick the kids from school?

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“Me Cago en Dios!” – “I Poop/Shit on God!”

Me Cago en Dios Spanish Curse Word

While some Spanish swear words are just funny, others are extreme and blasphemous to others, especially for religious people. This phrase is one of those curse terms that shows the extreme side of Spanish profanity.

Properly pronounced as “meh cagon di-ohs,” the phrase translates to “I poop/shit on God!” Holy shit! Now that’s extreme.

The phrase is, however, still quite common, and you’ll frequently hear it in conversations. This is especially with people from southern Spain.

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“Gilipollas” – “Douchebag”

Gilipollas Spanish Curse Word

“Gilipollas,” whose English counterpart is “Douchebag,” is often applied as a retorting curse. In most instances, this term can also be used to mean a bastard.

If someone teases or pisses you off, calling him a “Gilipollas” seems in order, right!?

Although it comes from two distinct words, “Gili” (stupid), and “polla”(cock), its use in Spanish isn’t as vulgar as in its direct English usage.

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“Cara de Culo” – “Ass-Face.”

Cara de Culo Spanish Curse Word

Some curse words are funnier than they are insults. For instance, when someone calls you a “Cara de Culo,” what they mean is that you are a complete “ass-face.”

That’s why I simply can’t get enough of the Spanish curse words.

Some of these dirty Spanish curse words will just light up your mood even when they are meant to insult. This combination of the words “Cara” (face), and “Culo” (rear), forms an ingenious figurative curse.

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“Capullo” – “Asshole”

Capullo Spanish Curse Word

Capullo is one of the Spanish curse words that Spaniards use, more than any other people in the world. The word, which means a**hole or a jerk in the English language, can also have several other meanings based on the context and mood.

Some of these other meanings may include imbecile, draft, cheeky, or just annoying.

When Spaniards are not using it as a curse word, the word stands for a flower band. That’s quite a contrast between the two uses of the word.

But, the Spanish speaking countries know it better.

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Key Takeaway on Spanish Curse Words

When learning a new language, curse words always tend to take precedence. You’ll probably learn more swear words in Spanish before you can even construct a sentence in that language. Well, that’s just how the world is.

If you desired to learn some funny Spanish curse words, then you now have a good number that you can practice. These bad words will help feel like you speak Spanish.

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