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20 Best Luxury Travel Gifts for Women: Gift Ideas for Her

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Wanna show that lady traveler in your life some appreciation? Surprising her with a unique travel gift is always a good idea. Here is a list of the best luxury travel gifts for women to help you choose a good option for that special lady.

Giving someone a gift should always be a thoughtful process. However, if you have to find gifts for special occasions and interests, the options get limited.

If your significant other loves to be on the road, you must be eager to give her the best luxury travel gifts. In doing so, you should to give her something that radiates class but is also useful on the move!

Sure, a new Celine bag or pair of red-soled Louboutins can make an easy gift. But if your gal is on the go, it’s probably not something she’ll use while traveling.

In this gift guide, I’ll discuss the best luxury travel gifts for women who are off trotting the globe. Regardless of the recipient’s style, I promise you’ll find the best luxury travel gifts for her on my list.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best for Comfort Luxury Travel Pillow and Eye Mask set
Best for Style Gucci Silk Scarf
Best for Convenience ProCase Travel Gear Organizer
Best for Luxury Burberry Women’s Leather Travel Bag

Best Luxury Travel Gifts

Luxury Travel gifts for her

Buying luxury gifts, particularly for travel, can be a bit complicated because the item should be functional too. Besides being comfortable, travelers also want to ensure they have everything they need.

So, you should give her a gift that will help her trip be as smooth as possible. And to make the selection more manageable for you, I’ve divided this guide into smaller sections.


Headphones make the best luxury travel gifts for women and men, considering they’re a must-have for long-haul flights. While traveling, a person might also have to take multiple trains, buses, and ferry rides. Noise-canceling headphones are your best companions during long commutes.

While you can easily find a pair of $20 headphones on Amazon, why not spoil her with a more expensive, higher-quality model that will last for a long time? The difference in sound quality and comfort is well worth the price tag.

1. Bose QC25 headphones

Bose QC25 headphones
Bose QC25 headphones / Amazon

When you think of headphones, the Bose QC25 headphones are a great pick. They have a folding design and cut down the ambient noise significantly.

With two noise cancellation modes (aware and quiet) you can decide how to deal with the surrounding noise. The quiet mode brings about total noise cancellation, while with the aware mode, you can hear a bit of what is happening around you but still enjoy your music.

The audio quality of these headphones is also pretty impressive. And with the help of the adjustable EQ, you can easily personalize the audio. The EQ allows you to choose either bass, treble, or mid-range levels to optimize for your personal preference.

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2. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones
Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones / Amazon

Likewise, you can give her the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones with active noise cancellation. Since they’re compatible with Alexa, it will be easier for her to get digital assistance with a single tap.

Generally, these noise-canceling headphones are much better than the models you can get for under $100. But they might also not fall in the ‘luxury’ category for some people.

If you can relate, check out our next pick. It might be just what she needs.

3. Apple Airpod Max Over-Ear Headphones

Apple Airpod Max Over-Ear Headphones
Apple Airpod Max Over-Ear Headphones / Amazon

Apple’s high-end Airpod Max wireless over-ear headphones are the perfect gift for any Appleholic world traveler. If the woman in your life is an iPhone user, it only makes sense to pick up a pair of high-quality headphones tied into Apple tech – after all, once you’re used to Siri helping you out all the time, it’s a hard habit to shake.

The Airpod Max offers balanced sound and a range of convenient features. Audiophiles may prefer the Bose or Sennheiser options above, but travelers who are all about convenience and comfort on a long flight are sure to love these. While it’s true you’re paying a premium for the brand, Airpod users consistently rave about their favorite headphones thanks to smart technology like on-head detection, adaptive EQ, simplified connectivity, and a long battery life of up to 20 hours.

4. Apple Airpod Pro Wireless Earbuds

Apple Airpod Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds-green.jpg
Apple Airpod Pro Wireless Earbuds / Amazon

Audiophiles and those with sensitive ears tend to prefer over-ear headphones, but minimalist and one-bag travelers prefer tiny earbuds that can easily fit in the smallest carry-on bags. There are a million wireless earbuds out there, but the Airpod Pros top our list because of their convenient wireless charging case, in-ear comfort, and always-impressive Apple compatibility.

If you’re an Android user, you may be less impressed, but it’s hard to overlook the seamless integration between Airpods and iPhones. Order a pair for your next trip, and then pick out a colorful case or custom decal to help these otherwise plain white earbuds stand out.

Travel Gadgets

While traveling, you can only take along so much. But it’s important to pack things that are an absolute necessity.

People are often so busy putting together the best outfits that they forget to put useful gadgets in their luggage. You can be her savior and give her the best luxury travel gifts, including tech items.

5. Michael Kors Gen 6 Touchscreen Smartwatch

Michael Kors Gen 6 Touchscreen Smartwatch
Michael Kors Gen 6 Touchscreen Smartwatch / Amazon

There is no shortage of smartwatches on the market today – but plenty of them are bulky, heavy, and packed with features that only ultramarathon runners will use. This beautiful smartwatch from Michael Kors finds an elegant balance between class and function.

You’ll no longer feel like you’re wearing your phone on your wrist or find yourself squinting at a small square screen once you pick up this stunner. It’s available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can customize the watch to match her style.

The Michael Kors Gen 6 is compatible with Android and iOS, and it functions as both a fitness watch and an everyday watch. You’ll find tap-to-pay functions, quick-charging options, step and activity tracking, health metrics, and a built-in GPS to track excursions accurately.

The best part is that this watch will never feel out of place, whether she’s on a wildlife tour of Yellowstone National Park or spending the day browsing the finest boutiques in Paris. This smartwatch is certainly a splurge, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find travel gift ideas that are this functional.

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6. Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags
Apple AirTags / Amazon

With all the news of lost luggage, it’s a no-brainer to pick up a pack of Apple Airtags as the perfect gift for any frequent traveler. While these aren’t exactly expensive luxury items, they’re actually a fantastic bargain; they’re the sort of invaluable travel accessory that you don’t realize you need until you finally have it. It’s no wonder that Airtags were one of our favorite gifts for travelers this year.

She’ll be able to pop the tag itself in her checked luggage (or any other important bag, or on a set of keys, or in a wallet – truly, the sky is the limit), and then be able to use the Find My app to track it all down. There have been countless stories of savvy travelers who used Airtag tracking to retrieve their lost luggage days before the airline even acknowledges that it was missing.

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7. Airfly Pro

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Receiver
Airfly Pro / Amazon

The Airfly Pro is the sort of gift that won’t break the bank, but it offers a luxury travel experience to those who happen to carry it on their flight. Nobody carries wired headphones anymore, but if she likes to watch an in-flight movie, those cheap hand-out earbuds aren’t comfortable, either.

Enter the Airfly Pro. All she has to do is plug it into the seatback headphone jack and connect her Bluetooth wireless headphones or earbuds, and she’s free to watch her favorite sappy chick flick or binge-watch trashy reality TV. Nothing makes a long flight go by faster than a good movie or show, and we think the Airfly is one of the most underrated and unique gifts on our list.

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Nothing screams luxury more than expensive luggage or a travel trunk. If your partner travels for work or leisure, she’ll definitely need a bag. Why not buy her something she can flaunt at the airport?

8. Away: The Carry On

Away: The Carry On
Away The Carry On Bag / Away

Away has perfected their craft, and if you look around popular airport lounges, you’ll see plenty of their signature bags being wheeled around by travelers. Their study and stylish Carry On comes in two sizes – one that’s suitable for international travel and smaller cabins, and one that maxes out the capacity of domestic overhead bins.

Away’s lightweight hard shell luggage is known for being durable and reliable, and just about every traveler we’ve encountered has raved about their Away bags. Smooth spinner wheels, a USB port, internal compression straps, and plenty of other thoughtful features make Away luggage an industry leader.

9. Briggs & Riley Spinners, Black, 26-inch Luggage

Briggs & Riley Spinners, Black, 26-inch Luggage-green.jpg
Briggs & Riley Spinners 26-inch Luggage / Amazon

Alternatively, you can get her a Briggs & Riley Spinner if she’s the type to flaunt the latest trendy brands. Briggs & Riley is a top-quality brand that blends classic design with contemporary style. The flat-shell design allows for more packing room, making this a thoughtful gift for the over-packer in your life.

The case has an orange interior fabric, an outside handle for easy carrying, and eight spinner wheels to roll it along. It also has a SpeedThru Pocket which makes it easy for airport inspections, as well as helps store your valuable items, all while coming in a few fun colors.

10. LEVEL8 Gibraltar Carry-On Luggage

LEVEL8 Gibraltar 20" Aluminum Frame Carry On Luggage-green.jpg
LEVEL8 Gibraltar Carry-On Luggage / Amazon

Now, if she likes to travel light, the LEVEL8 Gibraltar Carry-On Luggage is among the best travel gift ideas for her. The durable construction of this luggage will last forever and help her stand out from the crowd. Its shell is made of 100% aluminum-magnesium alloy, making it wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, and heat-resistant up to 1800℉.

The interior is also generous, giving her enough space to pack anything she may need on board. This zipperless luggage comes with double TSA locks to guarantee security for her belongings during international travel security checks.

11. TUMI – Voyageur Sheryl Business Laptop Tote

Black TUMI Voyageur Sheryl Business Tote
TUMI Voyageur Sheryl Business Laptop Tote / Amazon

If she is mostly traveling for business, a good luxury laptop tote bag is a must. And the Sheryl Business Laptop Tote bag by TUMI has all the features she needs for her trip.

This tote bag comes with tons of must-have pockets, which can store her laptop, documents, and other small items. The Tumi Voyager features multiple interior pockets, including a tablet pocket, media pockets, a pen organizer, and a card pocket. The exterior zip pocket and key leash, plus the signature Tumi tracer, will help keep her organized on a road trip or long-haul flight.

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Health, Beauty, and Comfort

12. Dyson Air Wrap

Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler for Multiple Hair Types and Styles-green.jpg
Dyson Air Wrap / Amazon

Review after review makes it clear that the Dyson Air Wrap is a home run. Consistently named one of the best gifts (and best products, overall) on nearly every list you can find, anyone who receives an Air Wrap is sure to find themselves jumping for joy.

The Air Wrap is perfect for a frequent traveler because it dries and styles all at once, saving a ton of time in hotel rooms, rental homes, and lodges. Nobody wants to waste time in their room when they could be out exploring the cities! The styling wand replaces a bunch of individual tools that women may bring along – no need to bring a hairdryer, curling iron, and a straightener – just pack the Air Wrap and she’s good to go.

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13. Cadence capsules

Yellow Candance Capsule
Candance Capsule / Keep Your Candance

If you pay attention to the luggage and packing scene (who doesn’t?), then you’ve seen Cadence Capsules around. These are one of the hottest travel accessories, and they make for a perfect gift.

Magnetic, leakproof, and customizable pods make it easy to bring beauty and hygiene products from home. No more dealing with cheap hotel shampoos or soaps, and forget about her having to pick up sunscreen or lotion at her destination. Load up some Cadence Capsules and she’s all set.

The best part about these capsules is that she can decide what to take depending on the trip. Heading to the beach, or a place where she’ll be out in the sun? Better bring some extra SPF.

Heading to meeting after meeting? Primer, foundation, and setting powder it is. She can really customize her dopp kit with these, and they’re the perfect splurge for a holiday gift.

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14. Jet&Bo Cashmere Set

Jet&Bo 100% Pure Cashmere Travel Set
Jet&Bo Cashmere Set / Amazon

Traveling involves catching a lot of planes and spending hours stuck in a seat. However, it doesn’t always have to be boring or uncomfortable.

This luxurious cashmere travel set includes a pillow, eye mask, and wrap to keep her comfortable on planes. Whether she needs to catch some sleep on a redeye or is just tired of being chilly and restless on her flight, this is sure to elevate her travel experience.

15. MONOS Metro Folio Kit

Black MONOS Metro Folio Kit
MONOS Metro Folio Kit / Monos

Keep everything organized with this beautiful folio from Monos. With room for a passport and travel documents, credit cards, a small tablet or kindle, a key fob ring, loops for pens and cables, and a zip pocket, this is the perfect gift to keep all of her things in one spot in the airport or to use as an in-flight organizer.

Minimalist travelers will love the sleek look, and it’s appropriate for business trips and convenient enough for leisure travel. In fact, this is one of the travel gifts on our list that’s sure to become part of any woman’s everyday carry.

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16. Drunk Elephant The Littles Travel Skincare Set

Drunk Elephant The Littles 6.0 Skin Care Set
Drunk Elephant The Littles Travel Skincare Set / Amazon

If you’re looking for a comprehensive travel skincare set, you can’t top Drunk Elephant’s travel set, called “The Littles.” With six travel-sized products and a clear pouch, it’s easy to bring through TSA. Even the most minimalist travelers should take care of themselves while they’re on the go, and this kit makes it so easy.

Drunk Elephant is a high-end skincare brand, and this kit includes the C-Firma Fresh Day Serum, Protini Polypeptide Cream, Umbra Sheer Daily Defense SPF 30, TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, Beste N0. 9 Jelly Cleanser, and Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil. While I have found that Drunk Elephant products are great for my sensitive skin, do be sure to subtly ask about skincare preferences before dropping a bunch of cash on beauty products.

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Best Luxury Travel Gifts For Hotel Stays

Everyone wants to be comfortable when they travel, so splurge on a luxury travel gift that keeps her comfortable. Gift-giving is easy when you think about the little things that can make long flights and layovers much more bearable. Frequent travelers spend enough time in airport lounges and in cabins, and she’ll appreciate anything gifted to make that experience a bit better.

17. Ultra-Comfortable UGG Slippers

Black UGG Women
Ultra-Comfortable UGG Slippers / Amazon

Minimalist travelers will not like this, but anyone who prioritizes comfort knows the benefit of a hotel, house, or camp shoe. Forget scratchy and dirty hotel carpets or cold hardwood and tile in rentals.

These uber-comfy Uggs feel like a hug for your feet. Treat your favorite woman to the kind of comfort she deserves – she’s worth the splurge.

18. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis-green.jpg
LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle / Amazon

We’ve all been there – cozy in our hotel rooms, ready to turn on the TV and catch up on a true crime show or the latest episodes of 90 Day Fiance, only to realize that we didn’t fill up a water bottle from the bar or the water cooler, and the only option is the bathroom sink water. Ugh! Not to mention the tiny bathroom highball glasses…

I’m not sure about you, but hotel glassware always grosses me out. Luckily, the Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle is a straightforward solution to a really common problem.

Not only does this bottle keep itself clean with a UV filter that activates at the tap of a button, but it also improves the taste of tap water. When traveling abroad, it also helps make sure the water she’s drinking is safe. It’s no replacement for a physical filter like Lifestraw or Sawyer, but it certainly makes me feel better about hotel bathroom or kitchenette tap water.

More Unique Luxurious Gifts for Her

19. Handpresso Portable Espresso Maker

Handpresso Pump Set Black
Handpresso Portable Espresso Maker / Handpresso

There are a lot of small, portable coffee makers on the market, but the Handpresso Pump kit is the go-to luxury gift for anyone who lives off of caffeine and finds comfort in a perfectly crafted cup of espresso.

Sure, almost any hotel room will have a coffee maker, but those old-fashioned machines don’t quite hit the mark for a discerning hobby barista. The Handpresso is small and light enough to be toted around anywhere, and it’s sure to be a hit with minimalist travelers as well as those who pack their whole closet when they hit the road.

20. Day Pass or Membership To The PS Lounge At LAX

The Saloon at PS Lounge, a private luxury lounge at LAX
Kim Magaraci / ViaTravelers

A day pass to the PS Lounge is the ultimate luxury gift for anyone flying out of LAX. This exclusive (and pricey) experience is unlike any other, and it begins when she arrives at the airport – or, really, at a secret spot across from the airport, far from the usual LAX crowds. Private Suite and Salon guests will be escorted into the private terminal, where they can relax with complimentary drinks from the full bar and enjoy gourmet dishes prepared by talented chefs.

After a couple of drinks, light snacks, or a whole meal, her concierge will collect her when it’s time for her flight. She’ll go through a private TSA screening with no lines, and then be driven on the tarmac directly to her flight.

Pricing tiers vary, and frequent Los Angeles fliers can sign up for an annual membership for either the Private Suites or the communal Salon. To say a day at PS Lounge makes for a great gift is the understatement of the century.

One Last Thought…

Some people think of gift cards as bland and boring, but with a little bit of thought, gift cards can be the best kind of luxury gift for a travel enthusiast, especially when they come from family members who know their loved ones’ travel style.

If you’re looking for no-fuss gifts for travelers, why not let your favorite globetrotter make the kind of travel memories she desires?

For instance, you can give her an Airbnb gift card that she’ll love if she prefers staying at unique lodgings rather than hotels. But if she likes hotels more, make sure to slip her a gift card through her email.

Another luxurious gift would be to give her a gift card for one of her favorite five-star hotels. Here, you can shop for points at Marriott for travel chains such as W Hotels, Sheraton, Delta Hotels, and St. Regis.

If she mentioned that she wants to shop for her own luxury gifts, travel gadgets, packing cubes, and other essentials that are easy to find on Amazon, surprise her with a gift card. The Amazon gift card limit goes up to $2000, and it does not have an expiration date.


How can I find experience gifts for travel lovers?

If you’re looking to surprise a traveler with a fun experience, take a peek at the offerings on tour booking sites like Viator or GetYourGuide. You’ll find everything under the sun on these pages – just plug in your destination and away you go!

Some of our favorite travel tours include a Key West Snorkeling Excursion, an ATV and Tequila tour through a Mexican jungle, a fairytale-like premium tour of Neuschwanstein Castle & Linderhof, and a French Wine Tasting Class in Paris..

What smaller-budget items can I use to make a travel-themed gift basket?

If you’d like to balance out your splurges with some simple travel gift ideas for the discerning female traveler, there are plenty of good options to consider. Remember, anything that makes travel more comfortable is sure to be appreciated!

Any avid traveler will appreciate an extra pair of compression socks or merino wool socks. A power bank or portable charger is a great way to ensure phones and gadgets stay charged while en route to the next destination. Think about the things that your loved one appreciates in life and add a personal touch by including some of their favorite items in your gift, and you’ll be the one on her mind while she’s traveling the world.

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