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27 Best Van Camping Equipment [Essentials & Gadgets]

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Camping is fun, but not without the right equipment. If you wish to make your road trip or camping adventure one to remember, here are some camper van accessories you must have.

While on that road trip, your RV or van might be your only home for several days or weeks. So, as you pack your stuff for the trip, you must consider all the necessary van camping accessories that will help make your entire trip memorable.

Life away from the comfort of your home and the city’s essentials is never easy. Although thrilling, you must plan well for it and ensure you have all the necessary gear.

No one wants to ruin that quiet, serene, beautiful adventure just because they forgot some camping chairs or even a simple coffee maker.

That’s why we’ve developed this minivan camping accessories list to ensure that you pack everything you need for the next camping trip. The list is derived from personal experience and in-depth research on the essential camping gear for a van trip.


Category Product Name
Best Overall A Comfortable Mattress
Most Practical Thermal Insulation Blinds
Essential Tools Van Jump Starter
Best Tech Mobile Wi-Fi

Best Minivan Camping Accessories

If you’re planning a trip in your minivan, here are the must-have van camping essentials.

1. A Comfortable Mattress

best camping mattress

The right mattress is necessary to enjoy your camping trip without crankiness, a stiff neck, or an achy back. A good night’s sleep will ensure you wake up with a good attitude and enough energy for the day’s activities.

Milliard’s Tri Folding Mattress is an excellent van mattress option to ensure you get the best night’s rest. Not only is it foldable to fit your camping van’s space constraints, but it’s also known to have some therapeutic qualities and offer maximum comfort. Put one on your camper van accessories list, and thank me later.

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2. A Warm Blanket

van camping equipment: insulated blanket

Some evenings might become cool and breezy, even on the hottest days. And if you wish to enjoy a stunning sunset, you need something to keep you warm throughout the spectacle.

Kelty Bestie Blanket is an excellent item for this purpose. The blanket offers the best nestling option through the cold evening breeze with its cloud loft insulation.

Its compact size allows you to fold it up and easily store it in minimal space. Enjoy each moment as you watch the night unfold without enduring the cold weather.

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3. Thermal Insulation Blinds

Car insulation blinds

The weather is not always as you expect it to be. Some days might be quite hot, while others might be considerably cold. These variations can take a toll on your camping trip if you don’t have the right equipment.

Insulation blinds are designed to help control these variations by keeping your van insulated. During scorching sunny days, the apparatus helps to maintain a cooler environment inside the van. And on cold days, it helps to maintain that much-desired warmth.

You can conveniently regulate the van’s internal temperatures, as you also enjoy the privacy that these insulation blinds offer. As such, it should always be among the essential campervan accessories to take with you. No debating about it!

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4. A Portable Clothesline

ITOWE portable clothesline

You might still need to do some laundry, even on a weekend trip. A portable clothesline will therefore come in handy to ensure your laundry dries completely, eliminating any wet clothes in your mobile home.

The clothesline is essential for hanging things like your kitchen or bathing towels that might be used every day. Although you might have enough clothes to avoid major laundry, you still need this item for minor laundry loads. Looks simple, right? However, its use is quite substantial.

5. Collapsible Food Containers

collapsible food storage containers

Packing food for your entire trip might be challenging without the right equipment. Food storage containers can become considerably essential to simplify the whole thing. You need somewhere to store your food without taking up much space, and these collapsible containers offer just that.

To ensure that you carry enough food for your camping trip, stored in the right manner, Vremi Silicone Food Storage Containers will serve this purpose perfectly. They are microwave and freezer safe, making it easier to freeze or warm your food anytime.

6. Propane Heater

van camping equipment: propane heater

This one couldn’t miss our list of the best camper van accessories. And this is why: sometimes your chosen camping destination can be chilly. This means you must always be armed with a heat source to make your camp life bearable.

That’s where Mr. Heater’s F232000 MH9BX Buddy Heater comes into play. This portable heater, made from steel, nickel, and plastic, is ideal for spaces up to 225 square feet, helping you keep warm. You must ensure that you never leave the heater on while you sleep. It might cause more harm than the intended good.

7. Cooking Utensils

Travel kitchen utensil set

Kitchen utensils are must-have van camping accessories for any road trip. Otherwise, how do you nourish your body without having freshly cooked meals?

Before you start your journey, ensure you have a complete set of kitchen utensils for all your cooking needs. Camp like a pro! You don’t want to come out of your camping trip malnourished.

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8. Suitable Backpack

packable travel backpack

During the day, you want to go hiking and see the beauty that nature presents. This means that you’ll be leaving behind your van. So, to enable you to carry everything you need for the day, a backpack will serve you right.

With the right backpack, you can comfortably pack your food and devices, such as phones and cameras, as well as any other essentials. Outlander’s ultra-lightweight hiking backpack is among the best camper accessories for successful van camping.

However, ensure that you choose one that will accommodate all that you might want to carry. This way, you are not forced to leave any important items in the van, which would have improved your hiking experience.

9. Flashlight

BORDAN multi-use flashlight

A flashlight is another van life accessory that you should never leave behind. It comes in handy, especially at night or when you want to look for things in dark places.

You can easily walk around the campsite with a good flashlight, even on pitch-dark nights or during a blackout. Also, in case you have an emergency and your car needs repair, the flashlight ensures you can see even the hidden parts of your vehicle.

The BORDAN Multi-use COB Flashlight is an excellent option for you here. It can be used both as a ceiling light and flashlight. And it can last you up to 6 hours with just a 1.5-hour charge, making it quite efficient and reliable.

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10. Portable Butane Campstove

van camping equipment: butane stove

Fire is necessary during camping to warm your food or to chase away the cold in your van. A portable camping stove is handy for this, and there’s no better one than the Coleman Portable Butane Stove.

The stove has an adjustable burner, which allows you to control the heat you need and a wide base for stability, especially when stirring. It also has a matchless Insta-start ignition, which is quite convenient.

Best Van Life Emergency Gear

11. Hydraulic Car Jack

van camping equipment: hydraulic car jack

This one is more than obvious. You need a car jack anytime, everywhere! Some mishaps, like a flat tire, you can’t avoid. However, you can ensure that you are ready for this emergency and that it doesn’t spoil your trip or schedule.

A properly working hydraulic car jack is one way to handle such eventualities. And what better way to handle this than with Amazon’s best choice: the 4Ton bottle jack by Pro-Lift Store? With this hydraulic car jack, you can easily lift your van off the ground and make that tire change seamlessly.

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12. Car Emergency Kit

Car emergency kit

Although we hope for the best, planning for the worst is always wise. When an accident happens, even a minor one, you must have the right car emergency kit to handle the damage.

This 90-piece car emergency kit by First Secure is one excellent emergency kit to have in your car. Unlike most other kits, it includes all the essential tools to help you handle any car breakdown or emergency.

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13. Car Jump Starter

Van camping equipment: jump starter

You can’t afford to start your journey without that jump starter. With cars, some emergencies are almost inevitable. And when they do occur, you need to be ready. When that battery dies, and your van can’t start, you want the right tools to turn the stage around.

It might seem like a simple gadget, but it might save you from spending a night in the middle of nowhere. Remember, you might be too deep into the woods where not many cars pass by every too often.

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14. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Kidde smoke & carbon monoxide detector

Safety is always a priority, even during your camping tour. A smoke and carbon monoxide detector is one van life gear most campers advise you to have.

The gadget alerts you depending on the hazard it detects. If it detects smoke, the alarm will announce the word “fire” and “warning carbon monoxide” when the hazard is carbon monoxide.

Remember, any of these hazards can lead to irreparable damage or even death. This way, you can easily rectify the situation and prevent any danger. Since a gas like carbon monoxide is undetectable with our naked senses, this device will be quite essential. I recommend trying out Kidde 21026043 combined detector for your next trip.

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15. Car GPS Tracker

Mini Real time GPS Tracker

Returning after a long day’s hiking adventure only to find your minivan gone is the worst nightmare for a van life camper. As such, it’s vital to have a security system for your van to ensure you can easily track it even if this happens.

Tracki 2020 GPS car tracker is one of the best gadgets on the market that is not only small and easy to mount but also offers unlimited distance tracking. The device is easy to hide, the SIM works globally, and it has a 15-second ping feature.

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16. Fire Extinguisher

Van Fire extinguisher

Although no one wants to be in the situation of using it, this is one of the must-have van accessories. It is one of the life-saving gadgets that could save your life or that of your travel mates in case of a fire emergency.

And the best news is you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. Numerous reliable and affordable van fire extinguishers can help guarantee safe, fire-free camping. The EZ Fire Spray Fire Extinguisher is safe for paper, fabric, electric, or grease fires.

This portable fire spray can discharge four times longer than most fire extinguishers. Also, it’s easy to grasp and spray with and is non-toxic and biodegradable. The 3-year limited warranty is also an added advantage.

Essential Van Life Gadgets

17. Mobile Wi-Fi

Low cost Travel Hotspot

Reliable internet always comes in handy. Even during that off-the-grid camping trip, you’ll sometimes need to connect with the rest of the world or even listen to some sweet, cooling music.

With the Huawei E5576-320 4G LTE router, you can travel worldwide without worrying about connectivity. You can easily use this device to provide internet for up to 10 devices, which makes it ideal for group or family travel.

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18. Mini Projector

mini projector

Leave the common motorhome TV alone – there is something even better. A Vamvo L4200 Portable Mini Projector! Yes, that’s right. This portable mini projector allows you to watch whatever you want, and whenever you want, by just connecting it to your phone or any other streaming device.

If you want to make your camping even more exciting, this is of the must-have camper accessories you should add to your packing list.

19. Solar Power Bank

Solar power bank

Keeping all your gadgets charged during your camping trip will help ensure your van life isn’t too dull. Carrying a solar power bank is an excellent way to ensure all these devices are always powered.

It doesn’t matter where you are – as long as there is some solar energy to charge the device. With a device like the FEELLE 24000mAh solar power bank, your power problems are solved.

The device has three foldable solar panels, allowing you to charge and store power whenever the sun is up. It has an impressive 24000mAh capacity and can charge three times faster than most portable solar panels. This way, your power needs are covered.

20. 12-Volt Power Inverter

van camping equipment: power inverter

If you want to charge devices like laptops from your camper van, a power inverter is an essential device. While most camper vans have a cigarette lighter port, some devices will not charge directly. But a 12-volt inverter can turn all this around. It helps to convert the 12V DC power to 110V AC power.

An excellent example of such an inverter is the Maxboost 300W Power Inverter. With two 110V AC ports, you can comfortably charge two laptops from your van. It also contains some USB ports that you can use to charge your phones.

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21. Phone Car Mount

Van camping equipment: car phone mount

Phones are a major cause of numerous road accidents around the globe. Grabbing your phone from the dashboard or even the car phone’s compartment can take your mind away from the road.

A cell phone car mount offers an excellent solution to ensure you can answer your phone and maintain focus on the road. When mounted on the dashboard or the windscreen, these devices give you easy access to your phone while driving. And at just a small cost, you can get yourself the AUKEY Car Phone Mount. This will make receiving calls while driving another seamless task. It’s a small cost that might save even your life.

22. Campervan Awning

Campervan accessories; Van awning

If you want to expand your living space or get some fresh air, a camper van awning is one of those must-have van camping accessories. It allows you to achieve a larger living space and offers excellent shelter from the sun or rain when relaxing outside the van.

You don’t need to spend a lot looking for something big or complex. This CAREFREE 701009ACD Black Drop RV Awning is enough. It’s sturdy polyester and can block out around 85 percent of direct sunlight. This way, you can remain cool outside your camper van, even on the hottest day. With some camping chairs and a foldable camping table, you’ll feel like you enjoy some breeze in your backyard.

In addition, it’s easy to mount without requiring any tools. A campervan awning will undoubtedly add more juice to your incredible trip.

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23. A Portable Toilet

SereneLife Portable Toilet

Now, when it comes to nature’s calling, this is serious business. And while most RVs or camper vans will have a built-in toilet, a portable one can make the experience even better, especially when camping as a group.

Also, you never know when the van’s toilet can block or have some issues. When this happens, you need to be well-armed. Try this SereneLife Portable Toilet for camping, boating, or hiking, and you’ll not regret it.

A portable toilet is among the few camper accessories every camper should have, but most forget or ignore. It’s strong, has a wide capacity, and allows you to do business anytime, anywhere. But of course, during your expeditions!

24. First Aid Kit

First Aid Only Emergency Kit

Next up on this list is a first aid kit. It should be among your top priorities when going camping. Have you ever thought you could easily get injured on those camping trips?

The hard fact is this can happen. And when it does, this first aid kit will undoubtedly come in handy. Stay safe with this 298 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit by First Aid Only in your van.

Note: Even the smallest injury can be hard to handle without an emergency kit. And with a first aid kit, you can tackle even a major injury as you await to reach the nearest health center.

More Campervan Essentials You Might Need

25. Camping Shower

Campervan accessories: summer camping shower

A van camping trip is not complete without a good shower. And although you can always use public facilities, it’s still best to have your own, especially if you plan to stay in one spot for a while.

This will also ensure privacy when you need to freshen up, and you can get hot water when needed. Luckily, different camping showers, from solar-powered to battery-operated ones, are available in the market. You only need to choose one that will fit your needs and budget.

Try Amazon’s best Advanced Elements Summer Shower for your next trip and get the best out of your camping adventure. It is a sturdy solar camping shower that guarantees a hot bath in less than three hours. You don’t have to stay tired. You can freshen up with a hot shower during outdoor expeditions.

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26. A Sleeping Bag and a Pillow

Sleeping bags

You will need a comfortable place to sleep during your trip. And that means bringing a sleeping bag and pillow, especially when you are tent camping, or the camper van can’t accommodate all of you.

If you don’t have one, consider buying a mummy bag, which is cheaper and more comfortable. This simple Sleeping Bag for Adults Backpacking is Amazon’s best choice and can serve you well. It’s high-quality, durable, warm, and offers plenty of room. However, don’t forget to bring an extra blanket, too, just in case the temperature drops at night. It will make all the difference.

27. Laundry Bag

Travel laundry bags

No one wants to see their dirty clothes scattered everywhere, even camping. So, what better way to handle this than with a laundry bag?  This will help keep your things organized, especially when you need to do laundry on the road.

HOMEST 2 Pack XL Wash Me Laundry Bag fits this task perfectly. It’s extra tough, has a large capacity, and helps to keep the van clean and fresh. It might not seem like one of the essential accessories for your camping trip, but keeping that van fresh and clean is undoubtedly crucial.

Planning for the best van camping trip might seem challenging, especially if you don’t know what to pack and what not to pack. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for you.

With this guide on the necessary van camping equipment, you can start your travel with complete confidence that you have all the basic items you need.


What are some of the must-haves for a van camping trip?

Sleeping bag, pillow, laundry bag, and a camp shower.

What should I consider when buying a camp shower?

Size, type (solar-powered or battery-operated), and portability.

How can I keep my things organized while on a van camping trip?

Bring a laundry bag to help you keep your things in one place. You can also use storage bins or containers.

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