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19 Best Winter Travel Clothes for Cold Weather

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Traveling is equally thrilling and challenging when the temperature falls. Every traveler wants to enjoy the beautiful views of a winter wonderland while staying warm and cozy during winter trips.

Choosing the perfect outfit, especially for short winter trips, is challenging. You must pack inner layers, outer layers, wool socks, and other accessories while ensuring everything fits well into your carry-on luggage.

There are several other things to consider, such as the material of your clothing in extreme cold weather. What if clothes are not cozy enough to keep winds at bay? What if the fabric of socks is uncomfortable? What if your boots aren’t water-resistant?

These common questions may strike our minds when stepping out and enjoying chilling winds and blustery snow. Traveling is all about creating and capturing memories, and there should be no room for the cold to hinder this fun.

Here’s our guide on minimalist packing winter clothing to help you check every box on your winter travel packing list.

Best-Of by Category

Best Winter Travel Clothes for Cold Weather

After years of globetrotting worldwide during every season, I can say that traveling in winter is always more challenging than summer. A perfect winter outfit must primarily keep your feet, chest, and lower back perfectly heated.

Also, proper insulation in the clothes you wear is equally important. This can be achieved by wearing multiple layers or clothes enough to keep you warm.

Here, we have put together the top-rated winter travel outfits and clothing items to help you get travel-ready. These pieces of clothing are not ranked according to their utility; they are all equally essential with individual benefits.

1. Waterproof Ski Jacket

best travel outfits for wintertime

Imagining winters without jackets is like imagining northern lights without stars. Dull, isn’t it? No matter where you are, in the mild winter of California or snowy Alaska, this MOERDENG jacket will always be your friend.

This ultimate cold-weather coat for skiing and traveling is almost the complete outerwear package. Zip up the middle layer to give a sweater-like look. You can also fasten the outermost layer to block wind chills completely.

Made of 100% polyester, this jacket is one of the best options for freezing temperatures. This fabric makes it completely waterproof and windproof.

Also, the jacket comes with a detachable hood, allowing you to wear it with or without the cap as per your preference. The adjustable cuffs help you seal and stay warm. This multipurpose jacket is perfect for snowboarding, downhill skiing, or other winter outdoor activities. 

  • Pros: Durable fabric and water resistance, and a real bargain.
  • Cons: Non-natural fibers and hand wash only.

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2. Beanies

Carhartt Beanie

A beanie is an excellent option for traveling to a cold place or city. This item is one of the must-haves for cold weather. Beanies are less clumsy than many bespoke winter caps, making them even more comfortable and easy to manage. They are cheap, unisex, easy to use, and look great & timeless on everyone.

Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie makes an excellent investment as it is small and lightweight. Crafted with pure cotton, this can help you keep your ears and head warm in cold weather. 

The stretchable rib-knit fabric makes it ideal for everyone. The Carhartt patch on the front makes this beanie look even more classic. Since this item comes in multiple colors, you will have several options. 

  • Pros: The material is 100% cotton. Photos with beanies look fantastic. You will look artistic in pictures, especially in beautiful landscapes or skylines. Plus, that Carhartt logo speaks volumes.
  • Cons: If it’s not cold or the temperature goes up fast, beanies can make you sweat and make you mistaken for a professional skateboarder, fisherman, or emo rocker.

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3. Men’s Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Black Men's Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Hoodies are an essential garment for winter travel. If you want to look fantastic and fresh during winter, go for this men’s casual hoodies sweatshirt from Coofandy.

Made of high-quality material, the soft fabric will keep you warm and comfortable. The design or pattern of this pullover will make you look pretty flipping fashionable. 

The hood of this hooded sweatshirt will help you protect your ears and neck from the wind chill in the cold climate. It is ideal for travel, daily wear, work occasions, sports, and other casual activities like curling up on the couch with a good book or classic holiday movie. 

The sweatshirt makes a perfect present for a man (or woman, or whomever in-between; it’s a nice hoodie) on a special occasion. Show your love and affection to someone by gifting this stylish pullover. Overall, It’s a nice lightweight hoodie at a great price.

  • Pros: Perfect for everyday wear, traveling, working out, walking, or any other occasion. Adjustable drawstrings and a pullover hood blend comfort with fashion. 
  • Cons: This sweatshirt isn’t the best option for extremely low temperatures. Pair it with a jacket and a cozy scarf.

4. Winter Scarf

wintertime outfit

Speaking of cozy scarfs! Together with beanies and hoodies, scarves are another great choice during cold weather. If you want a quality scarf to stay warm, check out this unisex Alpine Swiss winter scarf

This scarf is made of 100% acrylic fabric and gives an ultra-soft, luxurious cashmere feel without the cashmere price tag. Wrap this stylish muffler around your neck for comfort and warmth. Since the fabric is lightweight, you will not feel the extra weight on your shoulders or in your carry-on. 

The scarf’s stylish print and fringe ends can elevate any professional or casual outfit. It is long enough to wrap in several ways, making it perfect for anyone looking to craft their chic. 

This winter scarf by Alpine Swiss is functional and versatile. You also can give it as a gift to anyone you love as a stylish winter present. Overall, this scarf is lightweight, super soft, and machine washable, and I want one.

  • Pros: This scarf is super soft, stylish, warm, and versatile. Also, it is multifaceted. You will look stunning wearing them if you combine them with almost any outfit. 
  • Cons: This scarf isn’t the best for extremely low temperatures. If you’re going to be seriously sub-zero temperatures, consider something a little more heavy-duty.

5. Touchscreen Gloves

Unisex Winter Gloves

Gloves are a must-have item in colder conditions. But when choosing a pair of gloves, you should go for ones that do not limit your daily tasks. We at ViaTravelers all agree that we can’t imagine a day without mobile phones. Therefore, we often go for touchscreen gloves. 

If you’re looking for such gloves, check out Achiou touch screen winter gloves with thermal soft knit lining. With 80% more conductive yarn on the fingertips, these gloves make it easy to operate electronic devices (with better speed) without taking them off. 

The pure inner polyester material will provide complete warmth to your hands. Similarly, the mixture of acrylic, polyester, and spandex inner makes the outer sturdy. These gloves are super soft and can help you keep your hands warm while running, hiking, or almost any other winter outdoor activity. 

  • Pros: With touchscreen gloves, you won’t have to remove the glove to use your phone. The elasticity is excellent and pretty stretchable stuff.
  • Cons: These gloves might not keep your hands that warm in temperatures below zero degrees,, and they aren’t waterproof. 

6. Waterproof Double-Breasted Trench Coat for Women

warm clothes for winter travel

The trench coat is another essential wardrobe piece for winter. Women need a stylish coat that keeps them dry and warm this winter. If you’re looking to buy an outerwear coat, invest in this double-breasted trench coat from Wantdo

Crafted with 100% terylene, this spring trench coat is also perfect for autumn and wintertime if you’re layering. The softshell fabric will keep you dry during light rains in the winter season. The double-breasted closure will protect you from strong winds. 

Since this coat is lightweight and dries quickly, it is perfect for traveling. The polyester stuff of this jacket can withstand the wrinkles that the clothing suffers from when packed away.

Once unpacked, hang the coat before wearing it, and many wrinkles and creases will vanish; a must-have option if you want to travel light in style. Also, you can style this trench coat with any outfit, including dresses, warm leggings, or jeans, for a chic look.

  • Pros: There are numerous styling options; this coat keeps you warm and offers an impressive appearance.
  • Cons: Mixed reviews on sizing; it can fit you perfectly or be slightly short on the arms, depending on your height. 

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7. Long Trench Winter Coat for Men

Men's Wool Trench Coat Long Slim Fit Winter Coat

When it comes to men, a trench coat makes an elegant companion – lord knows they need it. A good trench coat can make anyone look stylish and classy when worn over warm clothes. A trench coat is the ultimate outerwear investment for windy or cold weather. 

Are you looking for a warm yet fashionable trench coat? Guys, you had a better look at a zeetoo men’s winter wool trench coat. This coat is one of the best items to compliment winter travel outfits. 

This long wool trench coat comprises 80% wool and 20% polyester with 100% polyester lining, making it warm. It will protect you in cold conditions and make you feel like the total business in supreme comfort.

This full-sleeve slim-fit trench coat features two hand pockets, two inner pockets, and a unique collar design. The big buttons are easy to manipulate with gloves, too. 

This versatile knee-long coat is suitable for business events or special occasions. Though the coat is long, you can pack it easily. This trench coat is a great addition to your winter travel packing list

  • Pros: The fabric is 80% wool, which makes it ideal for cold temperatures. It is also partially water-resistant, making it suitable for snowy and rainy weather.
  • Cons: If you have traveled with this coat in your backpack or suitcase, you might need to iron it to make it wrinkle-free or look better. Also, it’s dry clean only.

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8. Men’s Hooded Warm Jacket

Maroon Men's Hooded Warm Jacket

This removable hood coat from WenVen is among the best clothes for cold weather that won’t break the bank. Made of tough polyester, this jacket is highly durable and warm.

This winter coat has a thickened flannel lining, elastic rib cuffs, a stand collar, and a button placket with a zip enclosure. The water-resistant outside of this zip-up jacket will always keep you comfy and warm. 

This winter coat is tailored with reinforced stitching. The zipper closure and stand collar around the neck will definitely keep you warm in the wind, freezing, and snowy days. The faux-fur-lined hood also helps keep rain, sleet, and snow out of your eyes and adds extra warmth.

Since this jacket is made of 100% polyester, it is lightweight and travel-friendly. It also makes a good choice for daily life and outdoor activities like traveling, running, biking, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, camping, or walking in cold temperatures.

Additionally, the side pockets of this jacket allow you to keep your hands warm. Get this men’s parka and style it the way you want. You can remove the detachable and adjustable zippered hood for a simpler look. 

  • Pros: The price is very reasonable, considering what you’re getting. This jacket is a tip-top option to keep you warm. It’s also practical, as the multiple pockets allow you to store your phone, earphones, wallet, keys, gloves, beanie, and other belongings. 
  • Cons: This jacket is only for cold conditions. You may feel uncomfortably warm if wearing it outside of winter.

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9. Women’s Waterproof Warm Jacket

extreme cold temperature outfit

Another budget masterpiece from WenVen is this warm waterproof women’s winter cotton jacket with a removable faux-fur hood. This parka coat is perfect for a daily outfit in winter or if you’re planning a trip to a cold destination. Made of 100% polyester, this is one of the best winter coats you can buy at this price.

The button-snapped front with full-length zip closure can keep you warm even when the temperature goes to -5℉. The breathable cotton shell ensures you won’t feel stuffy and burdened while wearing it. 

The fluffy artificial cotton will help regulate your body’s temperature no matter how cold it is outside. This jacket will give you a travel-girl vibe and prevent you from catching a chill from freezing temperatures.

This jacket is also perfect for working on freezing days and doing outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, camping, and driving in cold weather. Additionally, you can adjust the waist with a drawstring to look more trim-flattering or accommodate extra layers. 

  • Pros: It will protect you from the wet weather outside so that you will remain dry and warm. The high-density cotton increases the durability of this product.
  • Cons: It is ideal for cold weather only – any other temperatures will cause you to roast. Other than that, there’s no downside to this jacket.

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10. Women’s Turtleneck Pullover Knit Top

winter travel clothes

Woolen clothing gives a classic, subtle, approachable, friendly, and softer look. Therefore, a knitted sweater is one of the best clothes for winter. That said, quality woolen products can get a little pricey, so if you’re looking for woolen clothing without having to contend with the price tag, check out this KINGFEN women’s winter knit loose pullover top, crafted with 100% acrylic. 

Knitted with high-quality recycled materials, this turtleneck sweater is environment-friendly and cozy for the skin. It will protect you from the cold and make you look modish. 

The softness of this faux woolen sweater makes it the perfect comfort item for traveling and other occasions. You can also wear this long-sleeve turtleneck pullover for casual meetings, parties, dates, or family get-togethers.

This turtleneck tunic pullover is ideal for wearing skirts, jeans, leggings, coats, and jackets. Also, this pullover comes in different colors and designs!

  • Pros: This sweater is comfortable, thick, and not itchy like real wool.
  • Cons: It’s hand wash only. If you’re a taller woman, it may not fit you so much like a tunic and be more like a regular cut sweater. You will still receive all the compliments because it is actually great. It’s just an awesome turtleneck for that price.

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11. Winter Boots 

Columbia Women's Snow Boot

Let’s briefly interrupt the upper body clothing and quickly examine boot options. Wearing warm boots is a must for cold-weather travel. Speaking as a full-blooded Minnesotan, losing heat through your feet sucks, and frostbitten toes are no joke!

Warm winter boots can keep you comfy and warm in colder climates. Unlike regular hiking boots, winter boots are better for keeping your feet warm and help you maintain traction over snow and ice. 

For women, take a look at these Columbia Ice Maiden Snow Boots. These sturdy, waterproof shoes protect you from cold temperatures and give you a sporty look. The seam-sealed membrane bootie construction and lightweight midsole with superior cushioning provide long-lasting comfort. 

winter packing list

For men, try out these Merrell Thermo Chill Waterproof Boots. These warm shoes are designed to keep feet protected from moisture while keeping your toes toasty-toasty. They also add to an outdoor-ready look if you want to impress. Both of these pairs of boots are favorites here at ViaTravelers.

  • Pros: Both boots here are leather and have a rubber sole. The high-rise base helps prevent snow from getting in and provides warmth to feet and lower legs.
  • Cons: These boots are designed for extreme cold weather. So if you plan to extend their utility, you won’t be able to do that comfortably.

12. Women’s Embrace Long Sleeve Top

Black Women's Embrace Long Sleeve Top

For all the layer-savvy women reading this, here is an excellent option for the early winter season. Alo Yoga presents this lovely long sleeve top you will always want to wear for winter trips.

This long-sleeve top is a mixture of 63% polyester, 34% rayon, and 3% spandex. Along with this, the crisscross detailing at the back and pull-on closure make it more stylish. 

This top might not always be visible because you winter-wary ones will be layering it up with other winter travel outfits, but the soft fabric coming into contact with your body will make it worth every penny. This top is a versatile piece designed to work from street to studio, with supreme comfort being the core concept of this garment.

You can also give it to your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or other loved ones on special occasions. 

  • Pros: It is an extremely comfortable, lightweight, stretchable long-sleeve top, making it ideal for trips or casual occasions, and is an ideal base layer. If you like detailing, this can be a great option.
  • Cons: It’s better for early winter if you’re not looking to layer. You will definitely need to layer it with other warm clothes for really frigid temps – in which case, it makes an amazing base layer.

13. Women’s Winter Fleece Lined Leggings

Black Women's Winter Fleece Lined Leggings

While traveling, a stretchable pair of leggings is frequently better than cotton jeans or polyester jeans, sweatpants or skirts, and so on. If you want to be comfortable while traveling and warm in winter, get these fleece-inserted, non-see-through, and high-waisted CHRLEISURE warm fleece-lined leggings

The most important feature of these leggings is, of course, the fleece lining inside. It will trap the heat inside and protect your legs from the chilly weather outside. The texture and fit of these thermal pants can make your legs and butt the envy of those around you.

And, because these pants are high-waisted, they will tuck your tummy inside and keep your lower back warm, too. Another advantage of these leggings is a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that can lift sweat to keep you comfortable and dry. These warm form-fitting pants are perfect for winter travel and in any scenario where leggings are king.

  • Pros: The advantage of these pants is their fleece lining, which is heavenly.
  • Cons: It may not suit you if you use it in warm weather, which means you will cook inside your leggings.

14. Men’s Flannel Lined Slim Fit Winter Thicken Stretch Jeans

Flannel Lined Slim Fit Winter Thicken Stretch Jeans for Men

It is always said that men have limited options when it comes to clothing, which can make navigating choices difficult. Fortunately, we have come up with another essential piece of winter travel clothing for men. Look at these FREDD MARSHALL slim-fit winter stretch jeans!

Look at ’em! They’re super fly! These pants make an ideal pick for those who cannot give up denim and are looking for warm bottoms for their next trip.  

Made of cotton and polyester, these fleece-lined slim-fit warm jeans make a comfortable yet stylish pick for men. Like other extreme cold weather clothing, they can help you keep your lower body warm and make you feel comfortable in chilling winds. 

These classic-design straight-leg jeans make a great companion for winter trips. Pair them with a range of footwear, shirts, and jackets for a cool look.

You can match them with other winter clothes to stay warm and cozy. The design and material of these jeans allow you to pair them with any top you choose. 

Additionally, these pants are also perfect to wear during the autumn months. They also make a perfect Christmas gift. 

  • Pros:  Polyester for stretch and comfort. A variety of sizes and pretty damned warm.
  • Cons: The fleece makes these jeans a little thicker, and you may feel uncomfortable at points. 

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15. Men’s Long Sleeve Cardigan

Long Sleeve Cardigan

We have come across many comfy and stylish winter travel clothes above. Nevertheless, this NITAGUT men’s stand collar cardigan sweater is another best-selling cold-weather clothing item that deserves mention. This knitted sweater will keep you warm without giving you a bulky look. 

As you may know, rayon is a great alternative to traditional wool because of its warmth, lighter weight, and high durability. This high-quality 100% rayon fabric cardigan will give you a comfortable and soft experience. 

You can wear this button-down cardigan under a semi-formal jacket and over a formal shirt while winter travels. It matches jeans or chinos perfectly for a smart casual look. 

This stand collar sweater has numerous uses. It suits daily office work, business meetings, dinners, and parties. The cardigan also makes a great birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas present for your dad, husband, brother, or friend. 

Just take a look at this cardigan. It’s stunning and comes in various colors. It is especially ideal for the early winter season. So don’t wait much longer to get one. 

  • Pros: High-quality fabric. Appropriate for the office, business meetings, dinners, or other occasions. Machine washable. 
  • Cons: If this is your outer garment, it’s good for early winter only. In below-freezing temperatures, you must layer it with other warm clothes. 

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16. Women’s Long Sleeve Knit Open Front Outwear Coat

Women's Long Sleeve Knit Open Front Winter Outwear Coat

An open-front outwear coat is a must-have in every woman’s closet. If you’re looking for a warm yet fashionable long cardigan, check out this MEROKEETY’s long sleeve open front outerwear coat.

This knitted coat is made of pure polyester and is so soft and smooth that you will never want to take it out. The popcorn yarn material makes it unique and more classy. It features two pockets that keep your hands warm or accommodate essentials. 

You can pair this cardigan with a basic tee, skinny jeans, and high heels or boots for that simply elegant look. This is superb winter clothing to stay warm and comfy in colder weather. 

Remember not to bleach or iron this coat to maintain its look!

  • Pros: This cardigan is convenient for many daily activities, such as working, shopping, and partying. The big pockets are perfect. It is machine washable.
  • Cons: This isn’t the best outer layer for extremely cold weather. It would be best to lay it up with other warm clothes when the temperature goes low.

17. Men’s Wool Submariners Sweater

Men's Merino Wool Submariners Sweater

A good wool sweater is another essential item for extreme cold weather. As you may know, wool is one of the warmest fabrics; this vintage British submariners sweater can keep you warm, comfortable, and ready for any event, whether it’s ice fishing or opening presents by the fireside. 

If you’re looking for a classy yet comfy sweater, check out this men’s wool sweater from Original Montgomery, made to Royal Navy specifications. Made of 100% luxurious merino wool, this is a flattering piece that a man can wear that will keep him toasty warm. 

This hand-made sweater features a ribbed design and drop-shoulders that ensure optimum warmth. The roll-neck design makes it the best piece to insulate in the worst possible weather. 

The fabric of this sweater is soft and non-itchy. You can layer it with your favorite warm clothes for warmth and style. Since the quality is premium, this piece of clothing will last for years in your winter collection. 

  • Pros: Warm, soft, non-itchy material, and a classic look.
  • Cons: The size may vary a little, and it is hand-washed only.

18. Premium Cotton Scarf

Cotton Scarf

Known for warmth and comfort, scarves have earned an irreplaceable status as winter essentials. Look at this premium Arabic scarf from Hirbawi

Crafted in Palestine, this shemagh cotton scarf makes an ideal addition to your cold-weather outfit. It can help you protect your neck with comfort and ease. You can also use this to cover your ears and nose in chilled winds. 

This scarf features loose threads on the sides, making it stylish. The fabric is quite warm and keeps the cold wind out, which is suitable for cold weather. 

So, if you want to add winter clothing to your closet, this scarf is perfect. You can pick any available scarves in multiple colors depending on your taste. 

  • Pros: Cotton fabric makes it soft. It’s also versatile for all weather, times of the year, and outfits!
  • Cons: Hand wash only.

19. Women Thermal Touchscreen Texting Gloves

Women Cold Weather Touchscreen Texting Gloves

Looking for hand gloves for your winter travel? You can try these warm and thermal gloves from Vagasi. Made of high-quality suede fabric, these gloves are soft, stylish, breathable, and windproof. 

The velvet lining of these gloves offers proper comfort and warmth to hands. The delicate sewing and solid stitching make them long-lasting. You can wear these gloves for various winter outdoor activities, including snowboarding, ice skating, and ice fishing. 

These winter gloves are cozy and warm, making them suitable for ladies of all ages. The touchscreen capability allows you to use your phone or other devices without taking them off. 

These thermal gloves make an ideal gift for family and friends, perfect for keeping hands dry and warm. They make good pairs with a scarf and are suitable for all occasions. 

  • Pros: Extremely soft and warm.
  • Cons: The cuff is thick and can get stuck in sleeves.

What to Consider While Shopping for Winter Clothes

You should keep a few factors in mind while picking clothes for winter. Consider as many as possible while buying some cold clothing:

  • Natural fibers like fur, fleece, and wool work best. Therefore, make sure to buy winter travel outfits made from these fabrics. Be warned that natural fiber winterwear items have become increasingly expensive in recent years.
  • Clothes with a polyester outer layer are beneficial as you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. The material is water-resistant, allowing you to clean the outermost layer easily.
  • Prioritize finger-less gloves with mitten foldovers, winter socks, neck gaiters or shemaghs, woolly hats, and hand warmers. These items can make your traveling experience even better.
  • Try to shop from outdoor brands because they produce the best extreme cold weather gear without sacrificing comfort or trends. North Face, Fjällräven, Helly Hansen, Duluth Trading Co.; these guys are your friends.
  • Layering is not just essential; it can be stylish, too! Instead of wearing just one thick, downy jacket of a plain or dull color, try a colorful t-shirt, a submariner sweater, chunky fur-lined gloves, and a jaunty hat or scarf to tie it all together. These layers will elevate your overall look and make you look fashionable.


What is the warmest material for cold weather?

It’s a tie between wool and acrylic. Acrylic is a man-made fabric available at a reasonable price. On the other hand, wool is naturally odor-resistant and slightly pricier. Both materials will provide you with insulation by trapping your body heat.

Is fleece good for extreme cold?

It’s always good to have an extra layer of comfort, and fleece is one of the excellent materials for extreme cold. A combination of fine polyester, wool, nylon, and silk, fleece is essential as it provides an extra layer of warmth. It acts as an insulator and traps the heat inside to help you stay warm. Bear in mind that a few fleeces are waterproof.

How many layers of clothing are ideal for cold weather?

To be on the safe side, three layers are the bare minimum. The base layer must be soft and a perfect fit to trap heat. The middle one should be thick and warm. Similarly, the outer layer must be waterproof or snowproof. 

What is the thinnest but warmest material? 

Wool-acrylic blend and fleece are the warmest yet thinnest materials. They are in almost all good-quality outfits. Sweaters and cardigans made with these fabrics are perfect for wearing while lounging, traveling, or even as everyday outfits.

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