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40 Hilarious Travel Memes You Need to See

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Some travels are rejuvenating, while others tire us out. For those stricken with wanderlust, experiences unique to traveling are often best captured by travel memes.

Travel experiences are complex. Sometimes they are fun, other times frustrating. Some adventures satisfy us, while others disappoint.

Funny travel memes allow us to acknowledge shared experiences in ways other mediums cannot. Since memes represent the thoughts and feelings of a specific audience, they somehow make us feel less alone (while we roll over on the floor laughing).

When was the last time you saw memes about travel that made you say, “Wow, so others feel this way too!” Isn’t it amazing how simple captioned photos can promote a sense of community among travelers?

In this list, I compiled the best travel ban memes, inspirational travel memes, airline travel memes, and other funny travel images for your entertainment. I hope you get a few kicks out of them!

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Hilarious Travel Memes You Need to See

Solo Trips

Venturing out into the world by yourself can be thrilling and incredibly rewarding! You can call all the shots without worrying about anyone else’s itinerary or what they think.

But yeah, nobody said going it alone would be a walk in the park – you might end up feeling lonely occasionally. That’s where funny vacation memes come in – remember that laughter is the best medicine for homesickness!

Vacation memes are great for a giggle while zooming around to far-flung locales. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one who feels lost and confused sometimes when away from home. Plus, if you’re traveling solo, these funny memes are just what you need to own your “just me” vibe and crack up over all those lil quirks that come with going it alone.

If you’ve already seen the world on your own or if it’s that first time heading out all by yourself, here are some LOL-worthy vacation memes.

1. What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You

Travel meme broke
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2. Say… what?

Travel meme Spanish chihuahua

3. Me: Time to travel more. Bank account: Like a walk to the park?

Travel meme broke

4. Is it just the Flu?

Travel meme covid

5. *Hides when someone sneezes*

Travel meme covid

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6. No complimentary soap? The audacity!

Travel meme complimentary hotel items

7. Just look at all the places I can’t afford to go!

Travel meme no money

8. Sorry, folks, the world is closed

Travel meme covid

9. Never been so ready in my entire life

Group of people lining up for a flight
by @luxyhair

10. Every. Damn. Time.

Travel meme about airport security

11. Don’t mind if I do

Meme about overpacking
by Gufmeroo

12. “Ugh, I don’t know which language to speak!”

Travel meme multilingual

13. It’s not rocket science

Plane Landing Meme

14. Just five more minutes, please

Travel memes work travel

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Couple Vacations

Are you planning a romantic vacation for you and your boo? Whether you two lovebirds go big with a long-haul flight or keep it cozy in the woods, spending quality time together away from home will help you strengthen your bond and make memories last.

You know, sometimes little things don’t always go to plan, though! Send each other a funny vacation meme to help make those unavoidable hiccups less stressful.

Need to get ready for a fun-filled couple’s vacation? Nothing better than some quality, LOL-worthy memes! From a beach vacation meme to travel buddy memes, these hilarious travel and vacation memes will be the cherry on your trip. So get ready to giggle through any unexpected hiccups – it’ll make them so much easier.

15. A Tale of Unrequited Love

Travel meme travel ban

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16. When You Don’t Feel The Same Way?

17. It Gets Tough When You Have A Fashionista Girlfriend

Fashionista girlfriend travel meme

18. Big Macs over Bratwursts Any Day

Meme about euro food
by @itsaaronmac

19. I Hope You Don’t End Up With The Second One

Meme about types of boyfriend in travel
by Net Luxury

20. Couple Saving Tips? Hello, Instant Ramen Life

Travel Meme 7/11 food
by Travelmemery

21. I mean, I just want to confirm where we’re going!

Meme about two people in every relationship when traveling
by Work Hard Travel Well

22. Here We Go Again!

Meme about girlfriends bringing their essentials for the trip

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Family Getaways

Get ready to make lasting memories – it’s time for a family getaway! It doesn’t matter if you’re packin’ the car and hitting the open road or jetting off to an exotic destination. This trip is going to be one for the books.

You know what they say when traveling with your fam… No two trips are ever alike; it’ll be a wild ride full of chaos and laughter every step of the way.

From the horror of packing and loading up that car to all the surprise adventures you suddenly find yourself in, family vacations always make for some pretty funny situations. That’s where these awesome travel memes come in. Jumping on a packing meme or glancing at those silly vacation memes will brighten your day and remind you how fun family getaways can be.

Let’s plunge headfirst into a deep dive into the craziest, funniest family getaway memes around! We’ll have you laughing, agreeing in all the right places, and marveling at how much madness comes with traveling alongside your favorite people.

23. It’s gonna be a rough flight

Travel meme of babies crying

24. Didn’t notice those were there, sorry!

Travel meme complimentary items

25. When You’re A Mom Traveling With The Whole Fam

Meme about the reality of moms when traveling

26. Kick my seat back one more time, kid.

Travel meme about airplane legroom
by @staytraveledup

27. Are we there yet?

Roadtrip meme
by @fabhotels

28. Our Mom And The Never Ending Photo Session

Meme about photo session in every travel

29. C’mon, Mom. I just woke up!

Meme about parents every travel

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Group Adventures

Are you going on a fun-filled group journey with your ultimate crew and pals? YES! Let’s face it, great memories that last forever make sailing off to unknown lands with this dream team worth it. Plus, facing unexpected obstacles along the way only adds to the laughs – because who doesn’t love that?

Let’s plunge headfirst into the outrageous, wacky adventure travel memes take us on! Exploring all-time favorite traveling experiences such as how to save money, a hilariously cheeky flying meme, and unbelievably wild road trips – you won’t be able to contain your fits of laughter while scrolling through group vacation memes!

30. “It’s a private adventure to an exclusive island,” they said

Travel meme of an overcrowded beach

31. Table for Three, Please

Travel meme bestfriend

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32. “No Hab-low Spanish, Sorry!”

Travel meme language

33. Much to Learn You Still Have, Young Padawan

Travel meme 24 hour flight

34. One Does Not Simply Eat Airline Food

Travel meme airplane food

35. Taj Mahal? More like Taj Meh-hal

Travel meme unimpressed friend

36. Hides In a Friend’s Luggage Bag

Travel meme rich friend

37. 100 to 0 Real Quick

38. “It’s within walking distance,” they said.

Travel meme walking too far
by @TravelLoveFash

39. I mean, you’ll never know what you need. It’s better to be prepared!

Meme about packing light for travel

40. Sometimes, You Just Have To! YOLO!

Like these memes? Check out these hilarious airplane jokes to tell your friends while traveling.

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Different Types of Travel Memes

Let’s face it, we’ve all had those travel blunders – and the internet has no shortage of funny ways to capture them! Between airport hiccups and vacation craziness, many memes speak our language. Check out some of these side-splitting examples of the different travel memes available for us to laugh over next time you’re jet-setting around.

Airport Memes

Airport memes nail that complete chaos at the airport–from frantically packing to dealing with all those security questions and having to bide your time waiting at the gate! It’s always great to get a reminder that you’re not alone in your struggles, and these air travel memes provide us a chance for genuine laughs as we share our everyday experiences.

Vacation Memes

Vacation memes take us to incredible places in our imagination and make us feel so giddy about escaping the mundane! These memes are like sweet little teasers of the adventure ahead; they get us addicted to exploring, and we just can’t wait for what’s next!

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Road Trip Memes

Road trip memes capture all the excitement and joy of these epic journeys! They’re filled with hilarious navigation fails, friendships that only hours in a cramped car can bring out, and so much more. They remind us of the freedom and wildness of embarking on an unforgettable road trip – it’s relatable humor for anyone who’s hopped in the car for their cross-country adventure!

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Travel Fail Memes

Travel fails can be hilarious! From getting lost in translation to packing too much luggage or maybe even mistakenly doing something outrageous according to local customs – these memes point out the funny side of life’s little missteps. They make us laugh and remind us that sometimes unforgettable memories come from the most humorous mishaps!

Meme about travel fail not having a travel agent
Meme about too much packing for travel
by theadventurousfeet

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Creating Your Own Travel Memes

Let’s get creative! Crafting travel memes is all about showcasing that extraordinary perspective and letting you share the fun, unforgettable moments from your travels. We’ll dig into different templates, tools, and simple tricks to make it much easier for you to create fantastic travel memes that will have everyone cracking up and relating!

1. Choose Your Template

The first step is picking the perfect template. Templates give you the basic look of your meme and serve as a guide for tapping into your creativity – so you can focus on coming up with that hilarious caption or punchline.

There are numerous sites, apps, and other stuff where you can find great templates designed especially for travel lovers. Look out for symbols related to trips, like suitcases, planes, and passport stamps. These will make sure your followers know instantly it’s all about travel!

2. Utilize Meme Generator Tools

Meme generators are so excellent for making your fave travel memes! With these tools, you can quickly change a meme’s look and feel. Imgflip, Canva, and Meme Generator by Kapwing are just some of my faves – they’re so user-friendly with simple customization of text and images, plus flexible layouts. Get ready to meme it up!

These platforms make it so easy to create the best memes. With such a brilliant selection of templates, you have endless options.

And – check this out – you can add your images or use stock photos for an extra-special touch. Plus, you can get creative with fonts, colors, and text styles – how cool is that? Get meme-ing today!

3. Tap Into Your Travel Photos

You can take your photos and make them part of your travel meme designs – how cool is that? Think about it – you can use pictures of gorgeous landscapes, snaps of your friends being silly on vacation, or even those special candid moments from traveling. It’ll add such a personalized touch to everything.

And don’t forget – only the best and brightest pics will do the job – the ones that perfectly show off your humor and message. So get snapping like those travel bloggers!

4. Be Creative With Captions

Get creative and let your humor shine when crafting captions for those travel memes! Think puns, wordplays, and cultural references to add a bit of cleverness. Share the same experiences you have as a traveler – describe some funny moments, or make light of ironical observations – all while making sure the captions are snappy and punchy so they impact everyone’s laughter!

5. Share and Engage

Once you’ve made your awesome and epic travel memes, it’s time to show them off! Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are just the place to do it.

Don’t forget those hashtags like #travelmemes, #funnytravel, or #wanderlust – that’ll help you get even more eyes on your work. Comment on other travelers’ posts, too, so they interact with yours. Share stories of your adventures and create a community around fun & laughter!


Where can I find relatable travel humor and memes?

You can find the best travel humor and memes everywhere – on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Search on snazzy meme websites or fun forums to discover memes you’ll relate to. Hashtags are your best friend when finding hilarious content – use #travelmemes or #funnytravel and watch the laughter roll in!

Are there any travel meme accounts to follow for a daily dose of humor?

Yes! You can follow many amazing and hilarious travel meme accounts for your daily dose of laughter. The absolute best ones include Meme Central on Facebook, and you can also search through Pinterest – all regularly sharing the funniest travel memes imaginable. Plus, these fun accounts will keep you connected with the travel community through humor – such good vibes!

What are the best travel memes to share on social media?

The best travel memes for social media are those your audience loves and can relate to. Look for hilarious images and situations that all travelers understand, like when you have trouble at the airport or your suitcase is too full. Memes with clever captions and a fun play on words and pictures are perfect for posting online. At the end of it all, you want people to laugh out loud at your travel memes!

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