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35 Hilarious Travel Memes You Need to See

Some travels are rejuvenating while others tire us out. For those stricken with wanderlust, experiences unique to traveling are often best captured by travel memes.

Travel experiences are complex. Sometimes they are fun, other times frustrating. Some adventures satisfy us while others disappoint.

Funny travel memes allow us to acknowledge shared experiences in ways other mediums cannot.

Since memes represent the thoughts and feelings of a specific audience, they somehow make us feel less alone (while we roll over the floor laughing).

When was the last time you saw memes about travel that made you say, “Wow, so others feel this way too!”

Isn’t it amazing how simple captioned photos can promote a sense of community among travelers?

In this list, I compiled the best travel ban memes, inspirational travel memes, airline travel memes, and other funny travel images for your entertainment.

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I hope you get a few kicks out of them!

1. What you don’t know won’t hurt you.

Travel meme broke
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2. Is It Just The Flu?

Travel meme covid

3. *Hides when someone sneezes*
Travel meme covid

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4. It’s gonna be a rough flight.

Travel meme of babies crying

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5. “It’s a private adventure to an exclusive island,” they said.

Travel meme of an overcrowded beach

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6. Table for three, please.
Travel meme bestfriend

7. No complimentary soap? The audacity!
Travel meme complimentary hotel items

8. “No hab-low Spanish, sorry!”

Travel meme language

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9. Say… what?

Travel meme Spanish chihuahua

10. Much to learn you still have, young padawan.

Travel meme 24 hour flight

11. A tale of unrequited love.
Travel meme travel ban

12. One does not simply eat airline food.

Travel meme airplane food

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13. Me: Time to travel more. Bank account: Like a walk to the park?

Travel meme broke

14. Just look at all the places I can’t afford to go!

Travel meme no money

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15. Taj Mahal? More like Taj Meh-hal.

Travel meme unimpressed friend

16. Didn’t notice those were there, sorry!

Travel meme complimentary items

17. Sorry folks, the world is closed.

Travel meme covid

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18. *Hides in friend’s luggage bag*

Travel meme rich friend

19. Just five more minutes, please.

Travel memes work travel

20. “Ugh, I don’t know which language to speak!”

Travel meme multilingual21.  Hello instant ramen life.

Travel Meme 7/11 food
by Travelmemery

22. Work who?

Travel meme quarantine
By Goodtime Koh Phangan

23. *Pretends the world isn’t burning*

Travel meme covid travel ban
By @smartphone_travel

24. Never been so ready my entire life.

Group of people lining up for a flight
by @luxyhair

25. When you see it…

Funny travel meme of hotdogs on a beach
by @great_value_vacations

26. Kick my seat back one more time, kid.

Travel meme about airplane legroom
by @staytraveledup

27. Shut up, Facebook.

Travel meme about Euro trip
by @hipshut

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28. 100 to 0 real quick.

Travel planning fail

29. Every. Damn. Time.

Travel meme about airport security

30. Don’t mind if I do.

Meme about overpacking
by Gufmeroo

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31. Are we there yet?

Roadtrip meme
by @fabhotels

32. It’s not rocket science.

Plane Landing Meme

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33. “It’s within walking distance,” they said.

Travel meme walking too far
by @TravelLoveFash

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34. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Slow baggage carousel

35. Big Macs over bratwursts any day baby.

Meme about euro food
by @itsaaronmac

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