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101 Funny Travel Puns For Every Travel Lover

Sometimes, you just want it funny and witty. These travel puns will help you find the perfect words for that perfect caption.

Traveling is a wonderful thing. And around the world people love it. But you know what else people love? Travel puns.

Puns are jokes involving the use of clever wordplay to invoke humor. Puns are usually lighthearted, silly, and even cringe-inducing at times. So do not be surprised if you an awkward blank stare once in a while.

Travel puns are therefore jokes about traveling. You can share these travel puns with your friends to lighten up your trip. A little humor during your travel doesn’t hurt.

You can also use them as captions for your social media when you post those cool photos from your trips. This will help to impress your friends and get you more likes and reactions.  

Below is a compilation of travel puns. They have been placed in different categories to suit different scenarios and situations.

Best Travel Puns, Any Time

funny travel puns

1. Japan Travel Puns

Japan is a great destination for travelers. Here is a list of travel puns that you can use the next time you are visiting Japan.

  • After taking 4 hours to check out of my hotel in Japan, the receptionist said,  “You really Tokyo time.”
  • One of my friends got lost while touring Tokyo. Turns out it was all Ja-plan.
  • At the National Museum in Japan, you will get comprehensive lessons on sword fighting. But if you’re in a hurry, they will Samurais.
  • The Origami Museum in Japan was vandalized but the story is just unfolding.  
  • Japan is planning to replace Tokyo with Kyoto as the capital city. They will not only move the capital east, they will also move the “Kyo” to the east of “To.”
  • The Japanese City where people love eggs is called Yolkohama!
  • How long does it take to travel from Europe to Japan? Okinawa.
  • If you commit a crime in Japan and run away, you become a Fujitive.
  • People in Japan are shy because they eat a lot of koi fish.
  • The Japanese prime minister was ousted while hiking Mount Fuji. It was a really high coup.
  • Sumo wrestlers are some of the biggest stars in Japan.
  • Number 1 in Japan is a form of a rash because it is itchi.
  • Most tourists assume that Japanese love rice, which is ricist!
  • My brother married a Japanese woman and they have a daughter now. I’ll be traveling there to see my Japaniece.

2. Travel Puns for Different Countries

For those who love globe-trotting, we have prepared a few good travel puns that you can carry with you the next you’re traveling to a new country or city.


finland puns
  • Finland has just closed their borders due to Covid 19. I bet no one is crossing the finish line this year.
  • Where do sharks go when they want a vacation? Finland
  • My sister hurt her leg while touring Fiji, Bali, and Hawaii. I guess it’s because she was Island hopping.
  • I love traveling to France because there’s nothing Toulouse.
  • Oslo has become such a dangerous city. There’s Norway anyone would ever want to go there.
  • I’d want to know why the winters are so cold in America. I think Alaska local.
  • Rome is so beautiful that you can’t possibly ruin the view. But you will be Rome-ing the entire time.
  • I have not slept in days because I am preparing to climb the highest mountain in the world. I wonder whether I will Everest.
  • My dad thought Cuba would be boring. He’s now Havana a really great time.
  • I am not sure what to expect in Bulgaria but Sofia so good.
  • What do you tell someone who is about to go to bed in Stockholm? Swede dreams.
  • Do you know why many people love going to South Korea? To find their Seoul mates.
  • Have you been to South America? I don’t Bolivia.
  • Czechs do not have time to waste. They are very Prague-matic.

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3. Birthday Travel Puns

You know someone who is celebrating their birthday and they love traveling? There is no better way to put a smile on their face than by sharing a travel pun with them. Below is a collection of a few birthday travel puns.

birthday puns
  • Do you want a birthday party on Mars? Because I can planet.
  • What do you mean a plane ticket is not the perfect birthday present? I thought you said you are going places this year.
  • I brought you candies for your birthday because you’re a sucker for sweets.
  • What did the astronaut say to his wife after she bought him a spacesuit on his birthday? I’m over the moon.
  • How do you wish a Mexican sheep a happy birthday? Fleece cumpleaños.
  • I wish I could take you to the Arctic. That would be a bear-y happy birthday.
  • I know how much you love watching lions on Safari so I wish you a paw-some birthday.
  • I will be celebrating my birthday in Italy while eating my favorite ice-cream. It will be gelato fun.
  • Why do people love celebrating birthdays in England? Because it’s always time to par-tea!
  • Kenya cut that birthday cake? We’re very Hungary.  
  • For your birthday present, I bought you a map of West Africa. You’re Ghana love it.
  • Birthdays are best celebrated at the beach. That is not something to flip flop about.
  • A birthday party in the wild is just a pandemonium
  • It’s your birthday? That calls for a shell-ebration at the beach.

4. Valentine’s Day Travel Puns

Are you struggling to find the words to share with your Valentine’s date? If they are avid travelers, then they are going to love these travel puns we’ve compiled.

Not only are they sweet, but they are also funny. They are a good way to spice up that Valentine’s Day message

  • I lost my map. So I wandered right into your heart and got lost in your eyes.
  • Where is the check-in desk? Because I keep checking you out?
  • Do you know what comes close to loving you? A free upgrade
  • You must have been over speeding.  Because you have fine written all over you.
  • You’re so beautiful, I can’t stop Czech-ing you out
  • You’re so fly, can we fly together?
  • The people at the customs asked whether I have anything to declare. I told them I have nothing to declare, but my undying love for you.
  • I wanted to visit South Korea but I remembered I have already met my Seoul-mate
  • You remind me of the sunset at the beach. I guess that’s why my eyes are always glued to you.
  • My love for you is endless like the Sahara, but I can never desert you.
  • I would love to take you around the world, but you are my world.
  • This is my promise to you; that I will love you forever, Nomader what
  • I have many favorite places in the world. By most favorite is right here next to you

5. Terrible Travel Puns

This is a compilation of general puns about travel that are downright silly. But that is what makes them funny, right?

  • Mountains are not just funny, they are really hilly areas.
  • Why did the volcano say to the mountain? I lava you
  • How do you know that an elephant is ready to travel? When he has packed his own trunk.
  • I hate getting tide down in one place. So let’s take an ad-van-ture.
  • We’re about to cross the ocean and I bet it’s going to be a ferry wonderful time!
  • Do you know why hiking is great? Because it helps in altitude adjustment.
  • Getting up this mountain was hard. Now let’s enjoy this s-peak-tacular view.
  • Want to learn skydiving? Chute first; questions later.
  • You should never let a man jump into a pool in Finland if he doesn’t know how to swim. Otherwise, He’ll sinky.
  • What did the shark say to the diver? “I’m feeling fintastic.”
  • We have been driving for so long now. Let’s take a brake.
  • Much as road trips are very tire-ing, they are so much fun.
  • If you are going to sleep, I wish you suite dreams.
  • Please don’t come into this hotel with a hostel attitude. What we want is someone with a lodge-r than life attitude.
  • What’s bedder than a vacation in a nice hotel? Nothing.

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6. Air Travel Puns

Do you love flying? Well, the next time you are on a plane or at the airport, you can drop the following travel puns that will leave your companions howling in laughter.

funny travel puns
  • The airline lost my luggage, and so I sued them. Unfortunately, I lost the case.
  • That trip was so fun. I thought it was going to be plane. The food was plane though.
  • Flying first-class makes me feel air-mazing.
  • I just got on the plane but I really do not have any plans. I think I am just going to wing it.
  • My suitcase started shedding tears immediately I picked it up. I guess it’s because I was carrying emotional baggage.
  • What kind of water do they provide at every airport in the world? Plane water
  • Nowhere else does time fly fast than when you’re on a plane
  • What’s the first thing that people do when they land in Romania? They book-a-rest.
  • I want to make a movie on how to fly a plane. But first, I have to shoot the pilot.
  • Why did the plane go back to the airport?  Bad altitude
  • What is the name of a very small plane? A MIG-Jet
  • A pilot told a very funny joke and but the passengers did not laugh. It flew over their heads.
  • Flying for long distances is very Boeing at times
  • Where do you go to learn how to get on a plane? Boarding school
  • Some planes are just ugly and plain-looking

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7. Beach Travel Puns

One of the best and most relaxing places to visit is the beach. No wonder many people love spending time there while on vacation. If you need funny travel puns for the beach, we have you covered.

  • Why was the ocean angry? Because the ocean didn’t wave back.
  • What did the wave say to the water? You need to take things in slow m-ocean.
  • We are a-boat time to go on a long a vacation where we can get some vitamin sea.
  • What did the beach say to the ocean? “Are you shore you don’t want to tag along?”
  • What did the beach say to the water? “I need some vitamin sea.”
  • When you go vacationing at the coast, remember to keep it reel.
  • The beach asked the ocean, “Water you doing?”
  • What did the beach say to the water? “I’ll sea you later”
  • The best day to go to the beach is always on a sun-day.
  • I was so tired. I needed a sea-esta on the beach.
  • Island life is a fanta-sea because you get to party like a lob-star.
  • With such a beautiful view, it is impossible to be salty.
  • Whenever I see water, I feel so so-fish-ticated.
  • Don’t worry mate; everything whale be alright.
  • If you want to stay updated while at the beach, follow the currents.
  • Keep palm and enjoy the cool breeze under the beautiful palms on this beach.

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