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105 Funny Travel Puns, One-Liners & Jokes For Your Next Trip

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Sometimes, you want it funny and witty. These travel puns will help you find the perfect words for that perfect caption. Traveling is a beautiful thing. And around the world, people love it. But you know what else people love? Travel puns. These are the best travel puns, jokes, and one-liners for your next trip.

Puns are jokes involving the use of clever wordplay to invoke humor. Puns are usually lighthearted, silly, and even cringe-inducing at times. So do not be surprised if you have an awkward blank stare occasionally.

Travel puns are, therefore, jokes about traveling. You can share these funny travel jokes with your friends to lighten your road trip up. A little humor during your travel doesn’t hurt.

You can also use them as captions for your social media when posting incredible trip photos. It will help to impress your friends and get you more likes and reactions.

Below is a compilation of hilarious travel puns. They have been placed in different categories to suit different scenarios and situations.

Best Travel Puns & Jokes

funny travel puns

Japan Travel Puns

Japan Travel Puns

Japan is a great destination for travelers. Here is a list of the best travel jokes you can use the next time you visit Japan.

1. After taking 4 hours to check out of my hotel in Japan, the receptionist said, “You really Tokyo time.”

Tokyo Pun

2. One of my friends got lost while touring Tokyo. Turns out it was all Ja-plan.

3. At the National Museum in Japan, you will get comprehensive lessons on sword fighting. But if you’re in a hurry, they will Samurais.

Samurai Pun

4. The Origami Museum in Japan was vandalized, but the story is just unfolding.  

It cleverly plays with the double meaning of “unfolding” to make a hilarious connection between vandalizing the Origami Museum and the unfolding of an origami piece. It’s so unexpected and funny!

5. Japan is planning to replace Tokyo with Kyoto as the capital city. They will not only move the capital east, but they will also move the “Kyo” to the east of “To.”

This joke plays with the names of Tokyo and Kyoto to create a hilarious scenario where the capital city is moved towards the east, and the letters are scrambled. This imaginative twist is just too funny.

6. The Japanese City where people love eggs is called Yolkohama!

Yokohama Pun

7. How long does it take to travel from Europe to Japan? Okinawa.

It’s all about how “Okinawa” sounds like “OK in a while,” it’s poking fun at how long it takes to travel from Europe to Japan. It’s just a fun way to show how far apart these places really are.

8. If you commit a crime in Japan and run away, you become a Fujitive.

9. People in Japan are shy because they eat a lot of koi fish.

10. The Japanese prime minister was ousted while hiking Mount Fuji. It was a really high coup.

Combining the words “high” and “coup” creates a hilarious pun that suggests the Japanese prime minister was ousted during a hike up Mount Fuji. Using “high coup” adds a layer of humor to the joke that brilliantly merges a political event with physical activity. I love how playful and witty this joke is!

11. Sumo wrestlers are some of the biggest stars in Japan.

12. Number 1 in Japan is a form of rash because it is itchi.

Itchi Pun

13. Most tourists assume that Japanese love rice, which is ricist!

14. My brother married a Japanese woman, and they have a daughter now. I’ll be traveling there to see my Japaniece.

Combining “Japanese” and “niece” creates a hilarious pun. Essentially, the joke says that since the person’s brother married a Japanese woman and had a daughter, they now have a “Japaniece.” How witty is that?

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Travel Puns for Different Countries

Travel Puns for Different Countries

 For those who love globe-trotting, we have prepared a few good travel jokes that you can carry with you the next you travel to a new country or city.

1. Finland has just closed their borders due to Covid 19. I bet no one is crossing the finish line this year.

2. Traveling is my Seoul mate.

Seoul Pun

The pun in the joke cleverly links “Seoul” (South Korea’s capital) with “soul mate,” suggesting a deep connection with travel. It’s a fun way to convey a love for adventure.

3. My sister hurt her leg while touring Fiji, Bali, and Hawaii. I guess it’s because she was Island hopping.

4. I love traveling to France because there’s nothing Toulouse.

The joke cleverly plays with the word “Toulouse” (a French city) and “too loose,” implying that France is a perfect destination as there’s no room for looseness or chaos. It’s exciting to think about how language can be used to create such witty humor!

5. Oslo has become such a dangerous city. There’s Norway anyone would ever want to go there.

Oslo Pun

6. I’d want to know why the winters are so cold in America. I think Alaska local.

This joke is all about the clever wordplay between “Alaska” and “I’ll ask a.” It’s a fun way to suggest that if someone wants to know why winters are so cold in America, they should “ask a local” from Alaska. Hilarious!

7. Rome is so beautiful that you can’t possibly ruin the view. But you will be Rome-ing the entire time.

8. I have not slept in days because I am preparing to climb the highest mountain in the world. I wonder whether I will Everest.

9. My dad thought Cuba would be boring. He’s now Havana a really great time.

Cuba Pun

10. I am not sure what to expect in Bulgaria, but Sofia so good.

This joke is about the clever wordplay between Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and the phrase “so far.” It’s like saying, “I’m not sure what to expect in Bulgaria, but things have been going pretty well up to this point!”

11. What do you tell someone who is about to go to bed in Stockholm? Swede dreams.

It’s a play on words combining the term “Swede” for someone from Sweden and “sweet dreams.” Instead of saying “sweet dreams” before bed in Stockholm, you can tell your friend to have “Swede dreams” rather. That one kept me rolling with a good laugh!

12. Do you know why many people love going to South Korea? To find their Seoul mates.

13. Have you been to South America? I don’t Bolivia.

Bolivia Pun

14. Czechs do not have time to waste. They are very Prague-matic.

It plays on the words “Czechs” and “pragmatic” to suggest that people from the Czech Republic are highly practical and efficient. And the pun with Prague adds to the humor.

15. I’m traveling to South America at the moment. I Ecua-dor it.

The joke cleverly incorporates a wordplay between “Ecuador” and the expression “I could do it,” implying that the individual is presently exploring South America, particularly Ecuador, and expresses their enthusiasm or agreement by exclaiming, “I’m up for it.”

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Birthday Travel Puns

Birthday Travel Puns

Do you know someone who is celebrating their birthday and they love traveling? There is no better way to put a smile on their face than by sharing a travel pun with them. Below is a collection of a few birthday travel puns.

1. Do you want a birthday party on Mars? Because I can planet.

Planet Pun

2. What do you mean a plane ticket is not the perfect birthday present? I thought you said you were going places this year.

The joke cleverly blends the concepts of wanderlust and birthday presents by suggesting that the recipient is an intrepid traveler or has exciting travel plans. It’s a fun way to tease and encourage their adventurous spirit playfully.

3. I brought you candies for your birthday because you’re a sucker for sweets.

4. What did the astronaut say to his wife after she bought him a spacesuit on his birthday? I’m over the moon.

Moon Pun

5. How do you wish a Mexican sheep a happy birthday? Fleece cumpleaños.

By cleverly replacing “feliz” with “fleece,” this joke creates a pun that combines the Spanish phrase “Feliz cumpleaños” with the word “fleece.” It’s a fun and witty play on words that will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially those who enjoy language-related humor.

6. I wish I could take you to the Arctic. That would be a bear-y happy birthday.

7. I know how much you love watching lions on Safari, so I wish you a paw-some birthday.

Safari Pun

8. I will be celebrating my birthday in Italy while eating my favorite ice cream. It will be gelato fun.

9. Why do people love celebrating birthdays in England? Because it’s always time to par-tea!

This joke is hilarious! It cleverly uses the word “par-tea,” which is a combination of “party” and “tea,” a beloved beverage in England. The joke implies that birthdays are always celebrated with tea and parties in England, making it a favorite pastime.

10. Did Kenya cut that birthday cake? We’re very Hungary.  

Hungary Pun

This joke is just too funny! It’s a clever play on words that combines the names of Kenya and Hungary to create a hilarious pun.

You see, because the two terms sound similar to “cut” and “Hungary,” the joke suggests that if Kenya were to cut the birthday cake, they would become very hungry. It’s such a playful and witty joke that will make you laugh out loud.

11. For your birthday present, I bought you a map of West Africa. You’re Ghana love it.

12. Birthdays are best celebrated at the beach. That is not something to flip-flop about.

13. A birthday party in the wild is just pandemonium.

Wow, this joke is so clever! It uses the word “pandemonium” to describe a wild and crazy birthday party. Combining “panda” with “pandemonium” creates a hilarious image of chaos and excitement at the celebration. It’s a fun and playful way to describe a lively and energetic party.

14. It’s your birthday? That calls for a shell-ebration at the beach.

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Valentine’s Day Travel Puns

Valentine's Day Travel Puns

Are you struggling to find the words to share with your Valentine’s date? If they are avid travelers, they will love these travel jokes we’ve compiled. Not only are they sweet, but they are also funny. They are a good way to spice up that Valentine’s Day message for your next trip.

1. I lost my map. So I wandered right into your heart and got lost in your eyes.

2. Where is the check-in desk? Because I keep checking you out?

Check-in Pun

3. Do you know what comes close to loving you? A free upgrade

4. You must have been overspeeding. Because you have fine written all over you.

This clever joke implies that the individual may have been overspeeding, as they seem to have “fine” written all over them – referring to a traffic ticket. Flirty yet funny!

5. You’re so beautiful, and I can’t stop Czech-ing you out

Czech Pun

6. You’re so fly, can we fly together?

7. The people at the customs asked whether I had anything to declare. I told them I have nothing to declare but my undying love for you.

8. I wanted to visit South Korea, but I remembered I had already met my Seoul-mate

9. You remind me of the sunset at the beach. I guess that’s why my eyes are always glued to you.

Beach Pun

This joke is so fun! It’s like the person being talked to is a stunning sunset on the beach that you can’t take your eyes off. The speaker is totally glued to them, like they’re just that captivating. Hilarious!

10. My love for you is endless like the Sahara, but I can never desert you.

11. I would love to take you around the world, but you are my world.

12. This is my promise to you; that I will love you forever, Nomader what.

13. I have many favorite places in the world. By most favorite is right here next to you.

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Terrible Travel Puns

Terrible Travel Puns

This is a compilation of general puns about travel that are downright silly. But that is what makes them funny, right?

1. Mountains are not just funny. They are really hilly areas.

2. Why did the volcano say to the mountain? I lava you3

3. How do you know that an elephant is ready to travel? When he has packed his trunk.

Elephant Pun

You have to hear this hilarious joke! It’s all about wordplay and how an elephant’s trunk can be associated with packing a trunk. The joke suggests that when an elephant packs its own trunk, it’s ready to travel. It’s such a clever and lighthearted play on words that is sure to make you smile or even let out a little laugh.

4. I hate getting tied down in one place. So let’s take an ad-van-ture.

5. We’re about to cross the ocean, and I bet it’s going to be a ferry wonderful time!

6. Do you know why hiking is fantastic? Because it helps in altitude adjustment.

Hiking Pun

The joke cleverly blends “hiking” and “altitude adjustment” through wordplay, highlighting how hiking can aid in acclimating to high altitudes. The humor stems from the playful connection between hiking and adapting to various elevations, making it a fantastic experience.

7. Getting up this mountain was brutal. Now let’s enjoy this s-peak-tacular view.

8. Want to learn skydiving? Chute first; questions later.

9. You should never let a man jump into a pool in Finland if he doesn’t know how to swim. Otherwise, He’ll sinky.

Finland Pun

It uses a pun by mixing “sink” and “Finland” to create the word “sinky.” It’s hilarious because it implies that if someone jumps into a pool in Finland without knowing how to swim, they’ll sink.

10. What did the shark say to the diver? “I’m feeling fintastic.”

11. All this driving is tire-ing.

12. Much as road trips are very tire-ing, they are so much fun.

13. If you are going to sleep, I wish you suite dreams.

14. Please don’t come into this hotel with a hostel attitude. What we want is someone with a lodge-r than life attitude.

The joke cleverly blends the words “hostel” and “lodge-r” (meaning an exuberant and lively individual) to form the phrase “lodge-r than life attitude.” It amusingly implies that the speaker desires someone with a buoyant and enthusiastic disposition like a lodge. The wit lies in the playful correlation between the terms.

15. What’s bedder than a vacation in a nice hotel? Nothing.

It plays with the word “bedder” (which sounds like “better”) and combines it with the idea of a comfortable bed and a luxurious hotel stay. The punchline is hilarious because it implies that there’s nothing better than a vacation in a nice hotel.

16. “Having to unpack my suitcase after vacation is like the ultimate emotional baggage.”

17. I saw some nice windmills today. I was a huge fan!

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Air Travel Puns

Air Travel Puns

Do you love flying? Well, the next time you are on a plane or at the airport during a family vacation, you can drop the following travel puns that will leave your companions howling in laughter.

1. The airline lost my luggage, and so I sued them. Unfortunately, I lost the case.

2. That trip was so fun. I thought it was going to be plane. The food was plane though.

This joke cleverly uses the word “plane” to create a humorous association between a thrilling adventure and bland cuisine. Essentially, it implies that although the journey was exhilarating, the the food served up was far from exciting. The hilarity stems from the stark contrast between the two interpretations of “plane,” which could easily provoke a smile or even a hearty laugh.

3. Flying first class makes me feel air-mazing.

Flight Pun

4. I just got on the plane, but I really do not have any plans. I think I am just going to wing it.

It cleverly plays with the word “plane” (meaning an aircraft) and “plans,” creating a pun. It’s hilarious because it implies that the speaker has no set plans for their trip and will just go with the flow or “wing it.

5. My suitcase started shedding tears immediately after I picked it up. I guess it’s because I was carrying emotional baggage.

6. What kind of water do they provide at every airport in the world? Plane water

7. Nowhere else does time fly fast than when you’re on a plane

8. What’s the first thing that people do when they land in Romania? They book-a-rest.

It uses a play on words by blending “book a rest” with “Bucharest,” the capital of Romania. The result is hilarious because it implies that as soon as someone arrives in Romania, they immediately book a rest. It’s all thanks to the similarity between the two words and is a good joke for city names.

9. I want to make a movie about how to fly a plane. But first, I have to shoot the pilot.

10. Why did the plane go back to the airport? Bad altitude

Altitude Pun

11. What is the name of a tiny plane? A MIG-Jet

It uses wordplay to connect the name of a tiny jet, the MIG-Jet, with the word “mighty.” It’s hilarious because it implies that even though the plane is small, its name sounds “mighty.”

12. “Time flies when you’re on a plane.”

13. A pilot told a very funny joke and but the passengers did not laugh. It flew over their heads.

14. Flying for long distances is very Boeing at times

15. Where do you go to learn how to get on a plane? Boarding school

It totally plays on the double meaning of “boarding school” – you know, the kind of school you go to – but in this case, it’s used to make a hilarious suggestion that it’s a place to learn how to board a plane. It’s such a fun and playful way to twist the phrase, and the humor comes from how unexpected it is.

16. When you’re at the airport, what kind of chocolate can you buy? A bar of plane chocolate.

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Beach Travel Puns

Beach Travel Puns

One of the best and most relaxing places to visit is the beach. No wonder many people love spending time there while on vacation during the summer holidays. If you need funny travel puns for the beach, we have you covered.

1. Why was the ocean angry? Because the ocean didn’t wave back.

2. What did the wave say to the water? You need to take things in a slow m-ocean.

3. We are a-boat time to go on a long vacation where we can get some vitamin sea.

Using clever wordplay, the joke cleverly blends “a-boat” (a witty twist on “about”) with “time” to form the phrase “a-boat time.” It amusingly implies that it’s high time to embark on a lengthy getaway, all while incorporating the pun “vitamin sea” to highlight the joys of being near the sea.

4. What did the beach say to the ocean? “Are you shore you don’t want to tag along?”

Ocean Pun

5. What did the beach say to the water? “I need some vitamin sea.”

6. When you go vacationing at the coast, remember to keep it reel.

By blending the fishing term “reel” with the expression “keep it real,” the joke crafts the phrase “keep it reel.” It’s a witty reminder that you should get involved in fun fishing-related activities when you’re vacationing at the coast.

7. The beach asked the ocean, “Water you doing?”

Water Pun

8. What did the beach say to the water? “I’ll sea you later.”

9. The best day to go to the beach is always a sun-day.

10. I was so tired. I needed a sea-esta on the beach.

It takes “sea” and “siesta” and blends them to make “sea-esta.” It’s hilarious because it implies that the person telling the joke is worn out and needs a break by the shore.

11. Island life is a fanta-sea because you get to party like a lob-star.

12. With such a beautiful view, it is impossible to be salty.

13. Whenever I see water, I feel so so-fish-ticated.

14. Don’t worry mate; everything whale be alright.

15. If you’re eager to stay updated while at the beach, follow the currents.

This joke creates a delightful wordplay by cleverly blending the concept of “currents” (as in ocean currents) with staying informed. It amusingly implies that if one wishes to stay updated while basking on the beach, one should follow the ocean currents – a witty play on words!

16. Keep palm and enjoy the cool breeze under the beautiful palms on this beach.

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