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Tripped Travel Gear Review: Accessories for Your Next Trip

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I’ll be the first to admit that my travel gear packing style would send most travelers into a rage. Like many of us, I have the best intentions when packing.

I always tell myself that “I’m going to be so organized,” “everything will have a place,” and “I’ll be able to quickly grab anything I need since I’ll be so organized.” Well, that’s the version of me that I aspire to, but if I’m being truly self-aware, it is most certainly not who I am currently…well, until now!

Recently, I was sent some sweet travel gear from our friends at Tripped to help me become the traveler I aspire to be, and you know what? It’s helped! Who knew all you needed was the right gear?

This Tripped Travel Gear review reflects my experiences with the items Tripped offers: the tech organizer and the travel backpack. I took them on my most recent adventure to western Norway, and they were exactly what I had been missing–the right tool for the job.

We’ll also hear from two of our other awesome writers, Cassie and Kim, who also had the opportunity to give some Tripped gear a test drive.

Here’s a full video montage of all three ViaTravelers writers demoing the products from our YouTube channel. We’ll dive into each of the products in more detail below. We’ve also released videos on the ViaTravelers Amazon Influencers storefront.

What is Tripped Travel Gear?

Tripped Travel Gear logo
Tripped Travel Gear

Tripped is a travel gear company based in the United States founded by two adventurous souls (Tim and Fin) and a dog (Pepper). They’ve spent years traveling the world and decided to make their gear after many years of trying different brands.

Everything Tripped sells Tim and Fin uses personally, so you know you’re getting a quality product behind which they stand. We’re not sure yet if Pepper has tried any of the products – she might be the face of the brand.

Where Can I Buy Tripped Travel Gear?

Tripped Travel Gear can be purchased on the Tripped website, which will actually lead you to everyone’s trusty one-stop digital shop, Amazon.

What Products Does Tripped Travel Gear Sell?

Tripped offers four product lines to help you on your travels, whether a long-distance, multi-country excursion or a 5-mile hike. Remember that Tripped’s owners use the entire Tripped Gear product line, and you can bet they’ve put it to the test so you don’t end up with any travel breakdowns.

But just in case you’re still on the fence, a few members of our team here at ViaTravelers have also tried out these products, and we didn’t hold back on our reviews.

Best Tripped Travel Gear

Tripped Travel Gear Compression Packing Cubes Review

tripped compression cubes
Jacks / ViaTravelers

If you’ve never experimented with packing cubes, prepare for your world to be rocked. When these started hitting the market, I brushed them off, thinking they were just another marketing scheme. Boy, was I wrong!

To be fair, most packing cubes are marketed to make it seem like they will save space, and you’ll be able to pack so much more with them. I was equating them with those vacuum-sealed bags you use for clothes you’ll never wear again but can’t get rid of (looking at you, wedding dress).

Compression packing cubes are made to organize your stuff neatly. I’m not sure about how much space they actually save, but they do change the game when it comes to me rooting around in my bags, looking for something.

They keep me more organized than I usually am, and depending on my folding technique, they may offer enough space to pack more than I usually would. Tripped offers a few different size options, so you can pick the packing cube set that’s right for you. 

Each set comes in various colors so you can find one that speaks to your soul. This is also great for families because you can color-code your squad. No matter what color you pick, you can rest assured that these things are built to last.

The ripstop polyurethane fabric is as tough as you are, yet super lightweight. The fabric is water-resistant, and the YKK zippers are reinforced with double-stitching, so you don’t have any breakdowns to ruin your trip.

tripped compression cubes in luggage
Cassie / ViaTravelers

Cassie, one of our ViaTravelers writers based in Texas, was recently allowed to put these packing cubes to the test, and here’s what she had to say about her set of packing cubes:

“I’ll be honest, I am not an organized traveler. I am notorious for stuffing my clothes in a carry-on bag with as many essentials as possible. I hate checking bags. Aside from the additional cost, and the horror stories of airlines losing luggage, I also hate lugging the massive thing around everywhere.

My setup worked better for the most part until I’d return with my carry-on in disarray at the end of every trip — my clean clothes mixed in with my dirty clothes, a liquid or two spooling on the bottom, and always a sock missing. So, when I got to review Tripped Travel Gear’s Carry-On Packing Cubes and tech organizer, I figured it couldn’t hurt.

The packing cubes immediately won my favor in the “looks” category after I received The National Park pack, which includes beautiful colors depicting Yosemite, Arches, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Sequoia, and Grand Teton. Tucked in your carry-on, it begs you to take a new trip outdoors.

After staring at the cubes designs for too long, I used them. While it wasn’t life-changing, it helped me get at least one aspect of my life together — organization. With two large cubes, two medium cubes, one accessory/shoe bag, and a dirty laundry bag my carry-on actually looked like a carry-on instead of a heaping mess in the closet.

Testing the dimensions listed on the Tripped Travel Gear website, I packed each cube with the suggested clothing items. It all fits! I could pack a couple of pairs of pants and skirts, a handful of shirts, undergarments, a hat, and sunglasses.

However, unless it’s a small pair of sandals or flip-flops, there isn’t much room for shoes in the accessory bag. But I did find that you could place about two pairs of sneakers or heels in the dirty laundry bag instead.

Another aspect of the packing cubes I liked is that each cube has two zippers. The second zipper helps release excess air and increases compression for more space. Having more space is always a huge bonus when you only travel with one carry-on and a personal item, but it does require a little work to fully zip the cube.

I also liked that it seemed to be made from quality material. Years ago, the first packing cubes I ever used tore within minutes of my landing, so it was nice to find that with Tripped Gear, the material held up without any damage.

My other favorite part of these packing cubes was the handles. Attached at the top, the handles made it much easier to grab clothes and throw them in a backpack without having to take the items out or dig around after sinking to the bottom. I’d give the packing cubes from Tripped top marks for imagery, usefulness, space-saving, and accessibility.

I would highly recommend the packing cubes and the tech organizer from Tripped Travel Gear to help any disorganized traveler such as myself get it a little bit more together. “

Dimensions of the Compression Packing Cubes:

  • Small: 7″ x 10″
  • Medium: 10″ x 14″
  • Large: 12″ x 16″

Pros of the Compression Packing Cubes

  • Water-resistant
  • Several different colors to choose from
  • Durable

Cons of the Compression Packing Cubes

  • Cubes are sold individually, must purchase the entire pack
  • The zippers don’t open the bag entirely (more like a backpack)
  • Many reviews have said the bags don’t compress as well as others on the market

Tripped Travel Gear Business Class Packing Cube Review

Tripped Travel Gear
Kim / ViaTravelers

“I had the pleasure of testing out the Tripped Travel Gear Business Class Premium Packing Cubes on a recent trip. I’ve used all sorts of packing cubes in the past, and I’ve always thought that the typical compression cubes were the best bet. It wasn’t until I tried the Premium Packing Cubes that I realized smushing all of your stuff together isn’t the only way to pack efficiently.

While the Business Class Packing Cubes do offer compression they don’t require you to use all of your muscles to get the bag closed. The smooth YKK zippers made it easy to reduce space without feeling like they would burst – and I’m just slightly over-packer!

I think the mesh panel was a big help here – air was easily pushed out to make room for my clothes. Tripped does offer an option without the semi-opaque mesh panel, if you prefer a streamlined look.

There’s also a small space at the top of the bag between zippers that help push air out, too. The zippers meet at this spot, and there are two pull tabs, which make opening these packing cubes a breeze.

My favorite feature of these premium packing cubes was the clothes divider that helps keep dirty clothes separate. It’s big enough to fit a bathing suit and microfiber towel or beach blanket and helped keep the rest of my clothes dry when I had to pack up after a day in the pool at Disney’s Coronado Springs.

While I wouldn’t necessarily put sopping wet clothes in here and expect the water-resistant divider to hold, it was more than sufficient for a damp bathing suit. I’d expect the same for any muddy clothes or dirty clothes.

Size-wise, two packing cubes fit side by side in my carry-on with plenty of storage space for other gear.”

The Tripped Travel Gear Business Class packing cubes remind me of the Peak Design packing cubes, particularly with the easy-open tabs that I have not seen in many others, and the dark grey option with no mesh panel.

The Tripped fabric is a little less sturdy than the Peak fabric, but that makes these cubes lighter and easier to compress and fit into a suitcase. The mesh panel is a serious benefit when comparing Tripped vs Peak Design, too, so I appreciate the option to see what I’ve packed at a quick glance.

Dimensions of the Business Class Packing Cubes:

  • Compressed: 10″x14″x3.25
  • Unzipped: 10″x14″x6.5″

Pros of the Business Class Packing Cubes

  • Dirty clothes divider
  • Easy-open pull tabs
  • Durable

Cons of the Business Class Packing Cubes

  • Only comes in one size
  • Not a lot of color options
  • Open spot near pull-tabs means it’s not immune to leaks

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Tripped Travel Gear Day Pack Review

tripped day pack
Jacks / ViaTravelers

The Day Pack by Tripped is a lightweight, foldable backpack that is perfect for the outdoor adventurer. Don’t let the lightweight material fool you–it can hold its own, plus some!

It has perforated shoulder straps that breathe easy, tear-resistant fabric, and tons of compartments and pockets to help you stay organized. The 14-ounce pack even has a microfiber top pocket to store your sunglasses safely.

This is a great pack for a day on the beach, an afternoon of hiking, or even as your carry-on bag through the airport. I wanted to use this day pack as my carry-on for a recent adventure, but it’s not padded, and I was going to be taking my laptop and, quite honestly, didn’t trust myself.

I tend to drop/toss things around and let gravity do the work, and I couldn’t take the risk of forgetting this day pack isn’t designed for that. That’s not the pack’s fault; that one’s on me.

You can get it in seven colors, I have the jet black one, and I love how small it folds up to pack in my luggage. It folds into itself very easily and zips together effortlessly. At $24.95, this is easily one of the most durable, well-made day packs on the market in this price range, and I love that you can get it in different colors to match your personality.  

Dimensions of the Day Pack

  • 35L capacity
  • 14 oz weight

Pros of the Day Pack

  • Lightweight and packable
  • Tear-resistant fabric
  • Multiple compartments

Cons of the Day Pack

  • No padding, which can make the straps uncomfortable for long days

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Tripped Travel Gear Tech Bag Review

tripped day pack and tech in grass
Jacks / ViaTravelers

These days, it seems like we have to pack as much tech gear as we do underwear, and cables and wires can easily become a tangled mess shoved in your bags.

The Tripped Travel Gear Tech Bag is one of the best tech organizers on the market that will keep all of your cords, cables, power bank, and plugs together, and there are multiple pockets and slots, so everything has a place. It keeps all of your tech products nice and snug, so you won’t have any tangling, and it’s also padded for some extra security. I love that the bag stands upright on its own, and for the price point ($44.95), it feels like a quality bag that can stand up to whatever I throw at it (or in it).

I recently took this tech bag on a trip to Norway, and I’ll admit it kept me much more organized than I usually am. Typically I use plastic bags or, honestly, Ipsy bags (IYKYK) for my tech equipment, but they’re never large enough, so I end up having multiple tech bags.

What the difference can make when using the right tool for the job is embarrassing! Just the organizational features alone make me vote in as one of the best tech pouches on the market.

Tripped tech bag
Kim / ViaTravelers

Kim has been using the Tripped Tech Bag and she’s got nothing but good things to say:

“The Tripped Travel Gear Tech Pouch is one of my favorite travel accessories of all time – I’ve had one for years, even prior to joining the ViaTravelers team. I clip my HeroClip to it and hang it off the back of the airplane seat in front of me and use it as my in-flight goodie bag for every single flight.

Tripped Travel Gear tech pouch packed for travel, hanging off the back of an airplane seat.
Kim Magaraci / ViaTravelers

Typically, I’ll pack it with the little things I need on a long flight, like headphones, a notepad and pen, tissues, cough drops, Emergen-C packets, and all my cables and chargers.

I’ll also put my smaller tech accessories like memory cards and camera batteries in here so they don’t get lost in my luggage. While it’s a bit small for my ATH-M50x headphones, my partner’s Over-Ear Beats fit fine on one side.

I’ve carried the Tripped tech pouch on at least a dozen flights, and mine still looks great – I’ve never second-guessed the zipper or the stitching, so that’s a huge win.”

Cassie has also tried out the tech bag:

“As someone who mostly works from home, I put my everyday items in there, including an iPhone charger, computer charger, camera charger, and extra SD card. There was still plenty of room left, but now whenever I plan a trip, I can throw my passport in there, and it’s all ready to go! It has made keeping up with my many cords effortless and accessible.”

The Tripped Travel Gear tech pouch reminded us of the similar Peak Design tech pouch. Looking at them, they seem to be similar, with the Peak bag being a little roomier on the inside and a little less bulky on the outside. The Peak Design pouch also features the brand’s signature loops, which make it easy to attach to luggage or clips on your travels.

Overall, the tech organizer won the approval of all three of us who tested it at ViaTravelers, so the only question is, what’s holding you back from buying the Tripped Tech Organizer?

Pros of the Tech Bag

  • Weather-proof
  • Multiple compartments and interior pockets for organizing
  • Self-standing

Cons of the Tech Bag

  • Due to design, the zipper will leave a little gap when closed
  • Bulky

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Tripped Travel Gear Toiletry Set Review

tripped travel bags
Kim / ViaTravelers

The Toiletry Set ($39.95) is a three-piece with a hanging toiletry bag, a TSA quart 311 liquids bag, and an accessory organizer pouch perfect for curling irons and hair straighteners. The hanging toiletry bag has a detachable clear plastic bag and mesh material on the pockets for easy access, and the clear compartment makes it a cinch to see what’s packed inside. The set is available in five colors, so you can be as quirky or muted as you want. 

Kim had the opportunity to take these for a spin, and here are her thoughts:

“One thing that I didn’t expect was how the Tripped Travel Gear Toiletry Set would change how I travel. I’ve been using the same old, grimy Sephora 3-1-1 bag since 2017, and it barely fits my shampoo, sunscreen, and other liquids. I just thought I had to learn to pack lighter – turns out, I needed a better 3-1-1 bag.

The one in the Tripped Travel Gear Toiletry Set fits all my liquids just fine, with room to spare. The hanging toiletry bag that’s the main product also fits my makeup and accessories, with lots of little zippered pockets (including a mesh panel) to keep things separate and clean.

A smaller waterproof clear bag snaps onto the main toiletry case, but I didn’t pack it for this trip. It will be useful for backpacking or camping when I often have small microfiber towels to put away without damping the rest of my stuff in the main compartment.

I was really happy to see that the packing cubes and toiletry set came in a matching Dusty Rose color. While most of my travel stuff is navy or black, that’s only out of necessity because colorful travel gear is hard to find. I’d much rather have color throughout my luggage, so that’s truly appreciated!”

Having individual zippered compartments helps stay organized, and it’s surprising how much gear you can fit into it. I like that the three-piece set is customizable, and you can detach it easily to fit your upcoming travel.

Pros of the Toiletry Set

  • Three colors to choose from
  • Plenty of compartments for storage

Cons of the Toiletry Set

  • More expensive than others on the market

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Verdict: Is Tripped Travel Gear Worth the Price?

Tripped Travel Gear Review: Accessories for Your Next Trip

In this Tripped Travel Gear Review our team of travel experts tested the Tripped packing cubes, tech pouch, toiletry set, and backpack.

Product Brand: Tripped Travel Gear

Editor's Rating:


  • Compression Packing Cubes are sold individually, must purchase the entire pack
  • Tech Pouch is a bit bulky Some products are more expensive than others on the market


  • Plenty of compartments for storage Several different colors to choose from Durable
  • Lightweight Tear-resistant fabric

Overall, all three of us had very similar experiences. We loved Tripped Travel Gear’s products and will use them on our next adventures.

Kim was a little worried about the gap in the Business Class packing cube zipper since that leaves clothes vulnerable to accidental leaks. Jackie would have preferred the packable backpack to have more padding on the straps, and the tech pouch was a little bulky for all of us.

That said, it’s been about a month since we all received Tripped Travel Gear to test out, and overall, we’ve all been happy with the quality and design of the products we tested.

The Compression packing cubes and tech pouch, in particular, are big hits. Tripped Travel Gear checks all the essential boxes, and that’s certainly enough to get our stamp of approval.

Budget-wise, Tripped Travel Gear product line falls somewhere in the middle-to-upper tier. Peak Design gear is pricier, and it’s easy to find cheaper toiletry sets on Amazon. If you want to invest in some quality travel gear without blowing your entire budget, I think you’ll find Tripped an excellent choice.

What are the best Tripped Travel Gear packing cubes?

Tripped Travel Gear offers two different styles of compression packing cubes. The Business Class packing cubes are their premium line, with a divider, see-through panel, and easy-open tabs. These would be best for frequent business travelers or anyone who prefers to stay in a hotel.

The standard Tripped Travel Gear compression cubes come in fun colors and are more weatherproof than the Business Class ones. They’re also more affordable and come in a variety of sizes. These would be best for campers, backpackers, or someone with a blend of travel styles.

How much do the Tripped Travel Gear packing cubes hold?

According to Tripped, the large compression packing cubes will hold a week’s worth of shirts, the medium will hold a week’s worth of underwear and socks, while the small will hold 5 women’s size medium t-shirts.

What fits in the Tripped Travel Gear tech pouch?

The Tripped Travel Gear tech pouch is roomy enough to hold most compact folding over-ear headphones (like these Beats), along with a Kindle Paperwhite or similar-sized small tablet, plus accessories.

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