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Peak Design Travel Tripod Review: Unboxing & Testing

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Searching for the ultimate tripod for your photography expeditions? The Peak Design Travel Tripod might be the perfect solution. In this detailed Peak Design Travel Tripod review, I’ll guide you through this exceptional product’s unboxing, design, features, and user experience of the carbon fiber version. Stay tuned to discover what sets this tripod apart from the competition and why it has gained a loyal following among photographers.

Travel tripods are crucial for photographers and videographers needing stable and portable camera support. They ensure sharp images and smooth video footage by minimizing camera shake, even in challenging environments.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Review (Carbon Fiber)
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

This Peak Design tripod is a premium option in this competitive market, offering an innovative design and advanced features that cater to the needs of demanding creatives.

Unboxing the Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod Review
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

As an aspiring photographer, I recently got my hands on the Peak Design Travel Tripod (the carbon fiber version). I was immediately impressed by how compact and lightweight this tripod is; it fits easily into my backpack and barely adds any weight to my gear.

When you first receive your Peak Design Travel Tripod, you’ll notice its sleek and minimalistic packaging, consistent with Peak Design’s design principles. The high-quality cardboard box is held together with strong adhesive strips. Inside, you’ll find:

  • The tripod itself
  • A convenient carrying case
  • Extra accessories
  • A user manual

You can watch our full unboxing on YouTube or embedded within this article for a more visual experience. Now, let’s delve deeper into the design and features of the Peak Design tripod.

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Design & Features of the Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod Closeup
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The Peak Design tripod is one of the most versatile and user-friendly on the market, adapting to any terrain, whether hiking through rugged landscapes or trying to set up on unstable beach sand. Some standout features of the tripod include:

Adjustable Legs

The adjustable legs can be set at numerous angles and lengths, allowing you to use the camera plate as a tripod on uneven surfaces or capture low-angle shots. The legs also feature a built-in ballast hook for adding weight, ensuring stability in windy conditions.

Ball Head and Quick-Release Plate

The smooth and easy-to-control ball head allows for quick adjustments to any angle. The Standard quick-release tripod plate is compatible with most other Peak Design camera accessories. If you’ve already got a stock of preferred Arca-type quick-release plates, you’ll find they’re most likely compatible with this ball head, too.


Hook Being Used with the Peak Design Tripod
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Another useful feature of the Peak Design Travel Tripod is its built-in hook, which can add weight to the tripod for stability in windy conditions. This hook can also hang camera bags or other equipment for easy access, which will work well for my Peak Design Tech Pouch and my Lowepro camera bag.

Carbon Fiber Construction

One of the most impressive aspects of this tripod is its carbon fiber construction, making it lightweight yet durable. The Peak Design tripod in carbon fiber supports up to 20 lbs of weight, which is suitable for most full-frame DSLR and telephoto lens combinations. If you shoot mirrorless and/or a lighter setup, you’ll find the tripod is exceptionally stable.

Leg Release Mechanisms

The Peak Design Travel Tripod features two leg release mechanisms, one for the lower leg sections and one for the upper sections. This allows for precise and swift adjustments without fumbling with multiple locks.

Smartphone Clamp

The Peak Design Travel Tripod has a smartphone clamp compatible with most phones for those who like to shoot with their smartphones. This clamp is easy to use and provides a secure hold on your phone, allowing you to take stable shots and lots of selfies.


The Peak Design Travel Tripod features a smooth panning mechanism that lets you easily capture panoramic shots. The panning mechanism is also helpful for video shooting, allowing smooth camera movements.

Bubble Level

The bubble level on the Peak Design Travel Tripod is a small but helpful feature that allows you to ensure that your shots are level. This is particularly useful for night photography, where minor adjustments can make a big difference in the final image.

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Using the Peak Design Travel Tripod

Using the Peak Design Travel Tripod on Beach in Costa Rica
Using our travel gear in Costa Rica (Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers)

So, what’s it like to use the Peak Design Travel Tripod? After using it for multiple weeks, I can confidently say that I’m genuinely impressed. Setting up the tripod is a breeze, and the design enables faster setup and takedown.

The quick-release system is secure, fast, and ergonomic, while the low-profile leg cams lock firmly in place. I also appreciate the 20lb weight capacity, which supports my full-frame DSLR and telephoto lens.

There are limitations in the head movement when the center column is down, and shooting vertical photos can be challenging without an L-bracket. Additionally, the carbon fiber model comes with a relatively steep price tag.

Still, I believe it’s worth it as the leg release mechanisms are a game-changer, enabling quicker and easier adjustments of the height and angle of the tripod. The included carrying case provides added protection during transport.

Where to Buy the Peak Design Travel Tripod

You can purchase Peak Design’s Travel Tripod directly from their website, or find it from one of these vendors:

  • REI – Great if you’re a Co-op member, as you’ll get 10% back as a dividend, or 20% off during one of their annual sales
  • Amazon – It might make sense to use Amazon if you’ve got Prime – or a bunch of Amazon gift cards lying around.

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Pros and Cons of the Peak Design Tripod – Carbon Fiber Version

Peak Design Travel Tripod Setup
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

I did find that the Peak Design Travel Tripod fit effortlessly into any situation I found myself in, in the jungle, on the beach, or even just traveling from town to town. When it’s time to pack up, the tripod’s legs collapse quickly, and the compact carrying case ensures easy storage and transportation.


  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design
  • Swift setup and teardown
  • 20lb weight capacity and multiple configurations
  • Pro-level stability and functionality


  • Head movement limitations
  • Vertical shooting challenges
  • Pricey investment

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Peak Design Travel Tripod Reviews

Peak Design Travel Tripod (Carbon Fiber)
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Beyond my review of the carbon fiber version of the Peak Design Travel Tripod, other customers have offered rave reviews about this nifty tripod. They praised the tabletop tripod’s ease of use and seamless reconfigurability.

Best Peak Design Tripod Alternatives & Accessories

If having an all-in-one kit is important to you, the accessory tripod options from Peak Design are sure to impress. They also offer a more budget-friendly aluminum version of the travel tripod, which is nice for people who don’t travel full-time or rarely pull out a tripod.

Peak Design Travel Tripod (Aluminum)

Peak Design Travel Tripod (5 Section Aluminum Camera Tripod)
Travel Tripod (Aluminum) / Peak Design

The Peak Design Travel Tripod (aluminum version) is a fantastic choice for photographers seeking a compact, lightweight, and high-quality travel companion. The slim and sleek design comfortably fits the diameter of a water bottle.

This compact size makes it a breeze to pack for any trip, eliminating the bulkiness and inconvenience of traditional tripods. The matte black finish adds a professional touch to this well-crafted travel companion.

Setting up the tripod was incredibly fast and efficient, thanks to its unique design and low-profile leg cams. The tripod held my full-frame DSLR and telephoto lens securely, and I was impressed by its 20lb weight capacity. The non-slip, shock-absorbing rubber feet added stability on various surfaces, ensuring my camera stayed in place even during challenging outdoor shoots.

Despite its higher price point, the innovative design, user-friendly features, and lifetime warranty make it a solid investment for any photographer seeking a reliable travel tripod.


  • Pro-level stability, load capacity, and deployed height
  • Unique design for quick setup and takedown
  • Built-in towable mobile mount


  • Pricey compared to competitors
  • Some users may prefer more height
  • Not the lightest tripod in its category

Peak Design Travel Tripod Universal Head Adapter

Peak Design Travel Tripod Universal Head Adapter
Travel Tripod Universal Head Adapter / Peak Design

If you’re looking for a versatile tripod adapter compatible with several tripod heads, the Peak Design Travel Tripod Universal Head Adapter is an excellent choice. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this universal tripod head’s compatibility and ease of use. It allows me to enjoy the compactness and stability of the Peak Design Travel Tripod while using other tripod heads with the convenience of universal ⅜ inch threading.

The tripod head adapter installs quickly with a 4mm hex-drive screw, and the included hex wrench makes the process seamless. This adapter is designed to work with both the carbon and aluminum travel tripod.


  • Compact and stable design
  • Easy installation with included hex wrench
  • Perfect for both carbon and aluminum Peak Design travel tripods


  • Additional purchase, not included with the tripod
  • Some users may struggle with leveling screws
  • Works only with Peak Design Tripod models

Peak Design Mobile Tripod – Black

Peak Design Mobile Tripod - Black
Peak Design Mobile Tripod / Peak Design

The Peak Design Mobile Tripod offers a versatile, compact, and stable way to capture perfect shots with your phone, making it an excellent investment for any photography enthusiast. The fully-articulating tripod provides stable support and functions like a kickstand, a grip for filming and selfies, and magnetic SlimLink technology that securely attaches the tripod to your MagSafe phone..


  • Compact and portable design
  • MagSafe attachment
  • Highly versatile with multiple use options
  • Durable, weatherproof aluminum construction


  • Price could be more competitive
  • It may feel bulky on mobile devices
  • Certain angles may compromise stability

Peak Design Travel Tripod Ultralight Conversion Kit

Peak Design Travel Tripod Ultralight Conversion Kit
Travel Tripod Ultralight Conversion Kit / Peak Design

While the Peak Design tripod is lightweight and compact, if you’re backpacking or really need to save space, there’s a way to make it even more compact. The Ultralight Conversion Kit replaces the lower 4 tripod legs. Losing the legs cuts the weight in half while still giving you 22.5″ of extension.

If portability and weight is a significant factor in your tripod choices and you rarely deploy full height, the Travel Tripod Ultralight Conversion Kit is exactly what you need. No tools are needed to swap out the legs.


  • Significantly reduces weight
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Only deploys to 22.5″
  • Expensive compared to competitors

Peak Design Tech Pouch

Peak Design Tech Pouch Review - Exterior View
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

I also recently gave the Peak Design Tech Pouch a test run, which ended up turning the experience into a published written review and an unboxing video on YouTube. The pouch’s design is well thought out, with multiple pockets and compartments that help you quickly locate your items. Additionally, with its clamshell-style opening, it can stand upright, whether full or empty, as noted during our unboxing.


  • Innovative organizer ideal for tech enthusiasts and photographers
  • Compatible with other Peak Design products
  • Efficient use of space with a well-thought-out layout
  • Ability to stand up straight when full for easy visibility of contents
  • Compact size fits well in most travel backpacks
  • High-quality, durable materials suitable for various travel situations


  • Can become bulky when packed to total capacity, which might limit its versatility in tighter spaces
  • Higher price point compared to similar products on the market
  • Despite the compact design, it might take up more space than individual cases for specific items

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Buying Guide for Travel Tripods

Travel Backpack, Tripod and Tech Pouch
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

As a photography enthusiast who’s always learning, here are my insights on choosing the best travel tripod for your needs. In this buying guide, I will discuss the key features you should consider before purchasing.

Weight and Portability

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a travel tripod is its weight and portability. The Peak Design Travel Tripod is highly portable, thanks to its compact design and lightweight materials.

Stability and Load Capacity

A good travel tripod must be stable and able to support the weight of your camera and lens. The Peak Design Travel Tripod has a maximum load capacity of 20 lbs, making it a stable tripod suitable for a range of camera setups.

Material and Build Quality

Travel tripods should be made from durable materials that can withstand harsh conditions during photography trips. The Peak Design Travel Tripod is constructed from premium materials like aluminum or carbon fiber, ensuring durability and a lightweight design.

Ease of Setup and Adjustment

A travel tripod should be easy to set up and adjust for shooting situations. With its intuitive leg locking system and smooth ball head, the Peak Design Travel Tripod allows for quick setup and adjustments whenever needed.

Price and Value for Money

Lastly, consider the price and value for money when choosing a travel tripod. While the Peak Design Travel Tripod may be slightly more expensive than other options, its design, build quality, and features justify the investment.

Feature Importance
Weight and Portability High
Stability and Load Capacity Medium
Material and Build Quality High
Ease of Setup and Adjustment High
Price and Value for Money Medium

Is The Peak Design Travel Tripod Worth the Price?

Peak Design Travel Tripod Unboxed
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Based on my experience, yes. I highly recommend the Peak Design Travel Tripod for its versatility, durability, and ease of use. If you’re seeking a well-made, reliable tripod for travel photography that can accompany you on any adventure, the Peak Design Travel Tripod is an excellent choice.

The most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a travel tripod are its weight, stability, and ease of use. Lightweight tripods are easier to carry on long journeys without sacrificing strength or durability. The Peak Design Travel Tripod balances these features to provide an excellent user experience without compromising performance.

On the other hand, if cost is a primary concern, or if the additional features aren’t crucial, more affordable alternatives may be a better fit.


What sets the Peak Design Travel Tripod apart from other travel tripods?

The Peak Design Travel Tripod is a unique travel tripod that stands out from the rest of the market. Its innovative design and construction make it more rigid and sturdy than most travel tripods. The five-section legs and spindly-looking center column might not inspire much confidence, but once it’s set up, it feels as steady as a rock.

It has a maximum payload of 20lb (9kg), much more than most travel tripods. The tripod’s compact design allows it to fit easily into a backpack or carry-on luggage. It also features a quick-release plate system allowing fast and easy camera mounting and dismounting.

How does the size of the Peak Design Travel Tripod compare to other travel tripods?

The Peak Design Travel Tripod is one of the most compact travel tripods available. When folded, it’s only 15.5 inches (39.4 cm) long, much shorter than most other travel tripods. The tripod’s unique design allows it to pack a footprint roughly the same size as a water bottle.

When fully extended, the tripod reaches a height of 60 inches (152.4 cm), sufficient for most photography needs. The tripod’s legs can also be set at three different angles, allowing for greater flexibility and stability on uneven terrain.

Are there any additional accessories available for the Peak Design Travel Tripod?

Yes, there are several accessories available for the Peak Design Travel Tripod. These accessories include a phone mount, a universal head adapter, and a carrying case. The phone mount allows users to attach their smartphones to the tripod, while the universal head adapter allows users to mount other tripod heads on the Peak Design Travel Tripod.

The carrying case is designed to fit the tripod and its accessories, making it easy to transport and protect. Additionally, the tripod’s ball head can be removed and replaced with other compatible ball heads, giving users even more options for customization.

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  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design
  • Swift setup and teardown
  • 20lb weight capacity and multiple configurations
  • Pro-level stability and functionality


  • Head movement limitations
  • Vertical shooting challenges
  • Pricey investment