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15 Best Camera Bags for Travel

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Travel photography is a passion for many people, dedicated to encapsulating the beauty and emotions of their journeys in images. As essential as a skillful eye and a high-quality camera are to this craft, so is the need for reliable and functional camera travel bags.

Explicitly designed to protect and organize photography gear, these travel camera bags can combine practicality with style, catering to photographers’ unique needs.

Traditional backpacks and generic bags may fall short when organizing and maintaining expensive, delicate camera equipment.

However, good camera bags for travel are well-protected and laden with compartments, padded dividers, and easy-access zippers to ensure that lenses, camera bodies, and various accessories remain safe and secure while on the go.

Moreover, camera bags can be just as fashionable as they are functional, offering different designs and materials to suit diverse aesthetic preferences.

When considering the purchase of a camera travel bag, attention should be paid to factors like size, weight distribution, material durability, and weather resistance.

A bag that is comfortable to wear and provides convenient access to equipment is just as important as one that can protect the gear inside. Additionally, the right camera bag should have a degree of adaptability, allowing for changes in load and different photography scenarios.

We’ve spent countless hours and travels researching and analyzing various camera travel bags to help photographers of all levels find the one that caters to their specific needs and preferences.

Our selection aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the best camera travel bags, ensuring your photographic adventure is seamless and enjoyable.

TL;DR Best Camera Bags for Travel

Category Product
For Durability and Material Lowepro LP37280 Whistler RL 400 AW II
For Compartments and Organization NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack
For Size and Capacity Peak Design Duffelpack
For Comfort and Ergonomic Design Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II Outdoor Camera Backpack

We have compiled a list of the best camera travel bags to help you protect your gear while exploring the world.

Best Camera Bags for Travel

1. NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack

NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack- Travel Camera Bag by Peter McKinnon
NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack / Amazon

Our first competitor for the best camera travel bag is one of my favorites. We recently tested the NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack on a short trip and immediately appreciated its customizable storage features. The adjustable dividers allowed us to arrange our gear in a way that made sense for our needs, leaving room for clothing and personal items in a separate compartment.

Accessing our camera was easy with the side pocket, and we loved that the entire camera compartment could be unzipped for better organization. The bag also features a 16″ laptop compartment and various pockets for cords and accessories. We found the internal supports and external adjustment straps helped distribute the weight of our gear, making it more comfortable to carry.

While larger than standard daypacks, it’s perfect for weekend trips or extended outings. Remember, the bag can get heavy when fully loaded; water resistance is not explicitly mentioned. We recommend the NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack for photographers seeking a customizable and comfortable travel bag.


  • Customizable storage options
  • Quick access to camera and gear
  • Focuses on comfort and weight distribution


  • Bulky size for a daypack
  • No explicit water resistance or rain cover
  • It can become quite heavy when fully loaded

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2. Besnfoto Camera Backpack for DSLR, SLR, and Mirrorless Cameras

Besnfoto Camera Backpack for DSLR, SLR, and Mirrorless Cameras
Besnfoto Camera Backpack / Amazon

The Besnfoto Camera Backpack is a top choice for its practicality, durability, and convenience in protecting camera equipment during tough travels and long hikes. Our experience with the Besnfoto Camera Backpack has been highly satisfactory.

The waterproof surface made from high-quality tarpaulin nylon has proven its worth during our outdoor photography adventures, keeping our gear safe from the elements.

We appreciate the convenience of the quick side access to our cameras and the separate laptop compartment that securely fits up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The spacious rooms have been perfect for storing additional equipment, such as extra lenses or a DJI Mini 2 drone. The camera bag also features tripod holders, multiple mesh pockets, and removable padded dividers for further customization.

The expandable roll-top compartment is a fantastic addition, giving us extra space for storing personal belongings or small devices. We have also found the padded adjustable shoulder straps and breathable back comfortable for long hikes or extended travel.

However, we hope future versions can address the zipper quality and the water drainage issue in the bottle pocket, which can be quickly resolved by adding drainage holes.


  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant material
  • Quick side access and laptop compartment
  • Expandable roll-top and spacious compartments


  • Could have better zipper quality
  • Potential water drainage issues in the bottle pocket
  • Some reported fraying stitching on straps after extended use

3. Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21

Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21
Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21 / Amazon

We recommend the Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21 for photographers and filmmakers who prioritize protection and portability for their gear.

After using the Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21, we were impressed by its sturdy construction, making it virtually uncrushable. The patented Air Case layered wall construction ensures it can be checked as luggage or shipped without worry.

Its sleek, discreet design and compliance with international carry-on regulations made traveling convenient for us. The included quick-access tripod carrier was a bonus to keep our essentials close at hand.

One downside we noticed was that while the bag has enough room for 2 DSLRs and 8-10 lenses, it does not have collapsible dividers, so we had to pack our gear strategically. The dividers’ quality could also be improved, but on the whole, the Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21 provides exceptional protection and portability for camera equipment.


  • Excellent security with Air Case technology
  • International carry-on compliant
  • Removable padded camera insert


  • Pricey for a mid-range size
  • Dividers could be of better quality
  • Not expandable, so storage is limited

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4. Lowepro LP37280 Whistler RL 400 AW II Rugged Camera Roller

Lowepro LP37280 Whistler RL 400 AW II Rugged Camera Roller
Lowepro LP37280 Whistler RL 400 AW II Rugged Camera Roller / Amazon

If you’re a travel photographer needing a rugged, weather-resistant camera roller, the Lowepro Whistler RL 400 AW II is a top choice.

We took the Lowepro Whistler RL 400 AW II on a photography expedition a while back and were impressed with its advanced weatherproof materials and hybrid rigid-hard design. The rolling format made maneuvering around airports and outdoor terrain easy.

The bag held our two pro mirrorless camera bodies, one with a 400mm attached lens and 5-6 extra lenses and camera accessories throughout. We appreciated the inclusion of a full-size tripod attachment on the exterior and the Cradle Fit sleeves for a laptop and tablet. Our gear remained safe and organized within this rugged roller even with harsh conditions.

Although we loved the Lowepro Whistler RL 400 AW II’s quality and features, we noticed its heavier weight and lack of a shoulder strap. Also, the higher price point may not suit every budget. Despite these minor drawbacks, we found it an excellent investment for protecting and transporting valuable gear on travel photography adventures.


  • Excellent weather protection and durability
  • Spacious, accommodating two camera bodies and multiple lenses
  • Carry-on size and removable camera box for travel flexibility


  • Slightly heavy at 8.89 pounds
  • No shoulder strap included
  • Higher price compared to other camera bags

5. F-Stop Loka UL 37L Bundle

f-stop – Loka UL 37L Bundle – Ultralight Adventure Camera Backpack
F-Stop Loka UL 37L Bundle / Amazon

For adventure photography enthusiasts seeking a lightweight and customizable camera backpack, the F-Stop Loka UL 37L Bundle is an excellent option.

When lugging the F-Stop Loka UL 37L Bundle on a challenging photography trip, its lightweight design didn’t weigh us down. The form-fitting pack sits comfortably on the back while providing ample space for essential camera equipment and personal belongings. Moreover, the internal aluminum frame and adjustable support system ensured exceptional all-day carrying support.

The Slope Medium, Internal Camera Unit, was a versatile storage solution, fitting a gripped DSLR, mirrorless kit, and even an attached 70-200 telephoto lens. However, we needed extra compartments to organize smaller necessities like filters, batteries, and other accessories.

The provided rain cover was a welcome addition during unpredictable weather conditions, ensuring the safety of our gear. While the F-Stop Loka UL Bundle might be pricier, its durability, lightweight design, and included features make it an excellent investment for adventure photographers seeking a reliable travel bag.


  • Lightweight and adaptable design
  • Included Slope Medium Internal Camera Unit
  • Durable rain cover for extra protection


  • Limited compartments for additional gear
  • Higher price point compared to alternatives
  • Potential fit issues for taller individuals

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6. TARION Pro Camera Backpack

TARION Pro Camera Backpack Large Camera Bag with Laptop Compartment
TARION Pro Camera Backpack / Amazon

I highly recommend the TARION Pro Camera Backpack for its impressive storage capacity, durability, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for professional photographers and travelers.

While using the TARION Pro Camera Backpack, we appreciated how it easily held our full camera body, several lenses, and additional accessories. The versatility of the padded dividers allowed us to customize the bag according to our specific needs.

The quick side access enabled us to conveniently reach our gear without taking the entire bag off. We also found the dedicated laptop compartment extremely useful, and it comfortably accommodated a 15.6-inch laptop. Additionally, the bag’s shockproof interior padding and weather-resistant materials ensured the safety of our equipment.

One drawback was the bag’s considerable size, which may not be ideal for those who prefer a more compact option. Furthermore, while TARION may not be as popular as other brands, the excellent quality and functionality of the Pro Camera Backpack should not be overlooked.

Lastly, while getting acquainted with all the features took us some time, it did everything asked of it, and the overall user experience was pretty enjoyable. It’s a damned good camera bag.


  • Large capacity with customizable compartments
  • Quick side access and dedicated laptop compartment
  • Shockproof, weather-resistant, and includes a rain cover


  • Bulky size may not be suitable for everyone
  • Not as well-known as some other brands
  • It takes time to get used to all of its features

7. MOSISO Camera Backpack

MOSISO Camera Backpack, DSLR/SLR/Mirrorless Photography Camera Bag
MOSISO Camera Backpack / Amazon

The MOSISO Camera Backpack offers great organization and protection for hobbyists and professionals. It looks like something out of Star Wars, so the office geeks were salivating over it pretty hard.

Once clean of saliva, I recently used the MOSISO Camera Backpack on a photo-finding trip around Capri. I found its customizable padded compartments perfect for different cameras, flashes, lenses, and even my drones. Adjusting the inner storage space according to our needs permitted excellent organization, making accessing gear a breeze.

One standout feature is the open design, allowing easy packing and unpacking. The additional accessory pockets on the back provided sufficient storage for cables, SD cards, and small items, while the side pocket comfortably held our water bottles. The tripod holder kept our equipment secure, and the anti-theft pocket on the back gave us peace of mind for our valuables.

While using the backpack, we appreciated our delicate equipment’s waterproof PU leather hardshell protection, especially during unexpected weather changes. The padded shoulder strap was comfortable and adjustable according to preference, although the backpack could get a bit heavy when fully loaded.

Be cautious about the outer material, as it may be prone to scratching. Overall, the MOSISO Camera Backpack offers an excellent solution for those who need reliable gear storage and protection while traveling.


  • Customizable padded compartments
  • Complete the open design with convenient accessory pockets
  • Waterproof PU leather hardshell protection
  • Cool aesthetics


  • It can get heavy when fully loaded
  • Outer material may scratch easily
  • Limited color options

8. Meliae Chic Camera Travel Bag

Meliae Chic Camera Travel Bag DSLR Camera Purse for Women
Meliae Chic Camera Travel Bag / Amazon

Suppose you’re looking for a stylish, high-quality camera messenger bag too. In that case, the Meliae Chic Camera Travel Bag is a fantastic option for photographers on the go and as a great alternative to a clunky camera backpack.

On using the Meliae Chic Camera Travel Bag, we immediately fell in love with its leather craftsmanship and soft pebbled texture – it’s almost too nice to be a camera bag. The bag is scratch and water-resistant, giving it a sense of durability as well as luxury. The stylish hobo design allows it to double as an everyday handbag, which a lot of frequent travelers will appreciate.

The bag features two interchangeable and removable straps, making it comfortable for all-day wear. We found the padded dividers and shockproof inner basket great at safeguarding our camera and accessories. The multiple pockets also provide excellent organization for smaller cameras, lenses, and other essential items.

Perhaps most of all, we loved how the bag doesn’t scream “camera bag,” allowing you to blend in with the crowd without drawing attention to your expensive gear. However, we noticed that the bag’s high-quality leather made it heavier than the alternatives.

The elegant design might also feel too formal for more casual trips, and the bag might not be suitable for bulky camera gear. Despite these cons, we believe the Meliae Chic Camera Travel Bag is well worth considering for photographers looking for a stylish and functional camera bag for travel only.


  • Exquisite leather craftsmanship
  • Stylish and multifunctional design
  • Multiple pockets for organization


  • Heavier due to genuine leather material
  • It may feel too formal for casual trips
  • Not suitable for bulky camera gear

9. Manfrotto Manhattan Runner-50 Camera Roller Bag

Manfrotto Manhattan Runner-50 Camera Roller Bag
Manfrotto Manhattan Runner-50 Camera Roller Bag / Amazon

This camera roller bag adapts to various needs and sizes, making it an excellent investment for traveling photographers. Recently, we had the pleasure of using the Manfrotto Manhattan Runner-50 Camera Roller Bag during a trip to Burgundy in France, and it made our life much easier navigating the railway and bus stations.

The rolling design of shoulder bags helps you carry heavy gear without making you break a sweat. The other front quick access pocket allows easy storage of a 15″ laptop, while the top section keeps your camera gear organized and ready to use.

You can fit a DSLR with a 70/200 mm lens attached, a second DSLR body, and up to 3-4 lenses, and you also have room for a compact camera and some attachments. The Flexy Camera Shell inserts excellent protection for equipment, ensuring we never worry about our gear on the go. Additionally, we love the extra features, like the NeverLose tripod holder system, which conveniently, the best camera backpacks, lets you carry a tripod, a jacket, or even a skateboard.

We really appreciate this roller bag’s versatility and quality; for travelers who need a reliable and adaptable option, it’s one of the best bags on the market. The attention to detail and design is noteworthy, even though it may come with a higher price tag and a bit of extra weight. If those minor drawbacks aren’t deal-breakers, then the Manfrotto Manhattan Runner-50 Camera Roller Bag is a simply fantastic choice.


  • Ideal for travel with a removable bag and carry-on size
  • Spacious capacity for multiple camera bodies and lenses
  • Durable, water-repellent materials with an included rain cover


  • Heavier than some competitors at 8.93 pounds
  • Can expand if overloaded, causing size restrictions
  • A pricier option for those on a budget

10. Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 45-65L (Black)

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 45-65L (Black)
Peak Design Travel Duffelpack / Peak Design

We love Peak Design, and we really love the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 45-65L. It’s perfect for photographers and travelers seeking a durable camera bag. We’ve tested the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack on a multi-city trip through Europe to test its features and durability.

We were immediately impressed with how easily it expanded from 45L to 65L, giving us ample room for all our camera gear, accessories, and personal items. The 100% recycled 600D nylon canvas shell proved rip-proof and weatherproof, keeping our equipment safe and protected from the elements.

Carrying the bag was comfortable, thanks to the padded shoulder and waist straps, and you look damned good doing it as well – this is one of my favorite-looking duffel bags out there. We found the sling straps easy to stow away when we didn’t need them, making the bag more streamlined when required. The two internal and two external pockets provided extra storage, while the six padded external handles made it easy to grab and go.

One downside is that the bag can be pricier for some budgets, and the additional purchase of accessory cubes is necessary for optimal organization. Given the bag’s durability, versatility, and lifetime warranty, we feel confident that the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 45-65L delivers excellent value for those searching for a top-quality camera travel bag. Read our full Peak Design Duffelpack review for more information.


  • Expands from 45L to 65L for versatile storage options
  • Rip-proof and weatherproof materials for protection
  • Comfortable carrying with padded shoulder and waist straps


  • The price might be high for some budgets
  • Additional accessory cubes needed for optimal organization
  • It may be too large for some travelers

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11. Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II Modular Backpack

Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II Modular Backpack
Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II Modular Backpack / Amazon

For those seeking a versatile, durable, and eco-friendly camera travel bag, look no further than the Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II. Having used the Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II on a recent trip for a photo shoot, we were impressed with its rugged versatility and armored protection. The ActivZone back panel provided targeted comfort and support, which became incredibly valuable during long days of travel and shooting.

The modular exterior attachments and convertible utility belt allowed us to carry all our necessary gear in one bag, including a 13″ laptop in its CradleFit pocket. Moreover, as a sustainable choice, we appreciated that Lowepro incorporated 64% recycled and solution-dyed fabrics in the construction of this bag, positively impacting the environment.

Despite its hefty price tag and being slightly heavier than other options, the Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II shoulder bag does not disappoint regarding performance, durability, and adaptability. This camera travel bag is a worthy investment for any professional photographer or videographer.


  • Environmentally conscious with 64% recycled and solution-dyed fabrics
  • Adaptable interior and exterior attachment options for customizable organization
  • Quick 4-Point access for efficient gear retrieval


  • High price point
  • Heavier compared to some competitors
  • Internal space might not accommodate large equipment

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12. Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II Outdoor Camera Backpack

Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II Outdoor Camera Backpack
Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II Outdoor Camera Backpack / Amazon

If you’re a photographer or videographer who needs a durable and travel-friendly backpack for your gear, the Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II is worth considering.

After using the Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II backpack on one of our recent outdoor shoots, I can confidently say that it’s an excellent investment. The bag easily held our mirrorless and DSLR cameras, multiple lenses, and even a full-size tripod, making it perfect for on-the-go professional photographers.

Aside from its impressive capacity, we found the backpack extremely comfortable even after a long day of navigating rugged terrain. The ergonomic shoulder straps, adjustable sternum straps, and load-bearing waist belt, combined with the ActiveZone back panel, helped distribute the weight evenly and prevent discomfort or strain.

Regarding travel, the bag’s modular design allows it to be converted into two carry-on-size bags, and the waist belt can be removed for easier handling.

Moreover, the AW Cover provided additional protection from the elements, ensuring our gear stayed safe and dry throughout the journey. Overall, the Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 550 AW II is a robust and reliable bag that my fellow photographers and videographers will love.


  • Ample storage space for multiple devices and lenses
  • Comfortable for all-day wear, even with heavy loads
  • Modular design and carry-on compatibility for air travel


  • The price might be a bit steep for some users
  • It may not be suitable for those with a more minimalist setup
  • Opening and accessing your gear might take some time

13. Lowepro LP36775 Trekker 450 AW Camera Backpack

Lowepro LP36775 Trekker 450 AW Camera Backpack
Lowepro LP36775 Trekker 450 AW Camera Backpack / Amazon

The Lowepro LP36775 Trekker 450 AW backpack is perfect for photographers seeking an all-around spacious and well-crafted bag for their gear.

After testing the Lowepro LP36775 Trekker 450 AW backpack, we found its large storage capacity exceptional for housing multiple DSLRs (even with a 400mm f/2.8 lens), extra lenses, flashes, a tripod or monopod, a laptop, and personal gear. It also has a hydration-ready side pocket for on-the-go refreshments.

One of the backpack’s standout features is the ActivLift System harness. It mimics the back’s natural “S” curve, redistributing weight from the waist to the hips and offering excellent torso-length adjustability. Moreover, the airflow channels enhance breathability, making it comfortable for extended wear during our outdoor expeditions.

Furthermore, the Trekker 450 AW is built from 630D high-density nylon Oxford and 1000D Cordura materials, ensuring impressive resistance to abrasion, tears, and water while maintaining durability. Although the bag is quite heavy and might not be ideal for those with minimal equipment, we found it a superior choice for photographers with an extensive gear setup.


  • Ample space for DSLRs, lenses, and accessories.
  • Intuitive ActivLift System harness for easy adjustments and breathability.
  • Durable, high-performance tech fabrics for superior protection.


  • A bit heavy at 10.14 pounds.
  • Not ideal for those with a minimal gear setup.
  • Bulky in size, possibly not suitable for smaller individuals.

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14. f-stop Sukha 70L Camera Pack Bundle

f-stop Sukha 70L Camera Pack Bundle
f-stop Sukha 70L Camera Pack Bundle / Amazon

We recently enjoyed using the f-stop Sukha 70L Camera Pack Bundle and recommend it to photographers needing extensive gear storage and protection for hiking to their photo op.

During our time with the f-stop Sukha 70L Camera Pack Bundle, we barely came close to filing its massive 70-liter storage capacity. We fitted all our essential gear, including multiple cameras, lenses, two tripods, and a couple of the usual accessories for various photography situations, and still had room to spare.

The XL Pro ICU insert provided excellent cushioning and protection for our camera equipment, giving us peace of mind during our travels.

The included rain cover was instrumental when we encountered unexpected rain during our outdoor photography sessions. It kept our gear safe and dry, ensuring our valuable camera equipment remained top-notch.

However, we did find that the weight of the bag, at 4.6 pounds, could be a downside for those who prefer lightweight travel options. Additionally, the size of the bag might be too large for some users’ needs.

Lastly, while the XL Pro ICU does provide a certain degree of organization, some photographers may require additional compartments or accessories for a fully customized setup.


  • Spacious 70-liter storage capacity
  • Comes with XL Pro ICU for gear protection
  • Included rain cover for weather protection


  • Heavier weight at 4.6 pounds
  • It could be too large for some users
  • May require additional accessories for organization

15. Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case with Wheels and Padded Divider – Black

Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case with Wheels and Padded Divider - Black
Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case with Wheels and Padded Divider / Amazon

While it’s less fun to carry than others on this list, we highly recommend the Nanuk 935 Hard Case for its durability and protection.

As frequent travelers and photographers, we often use the Nanuk 935 Hard Case, which exceeded our expectations from the first trip. Built with stainless steel hardware and a high-performance gasket, this case offers excellent protection for your gear. Our equipment remained safe and secure inside when facing rain, sand, or rough handling during transit.

The case is thoughtfully designed to maximize both convenience and security. Its smooth-rolling polyurethane wheels and two-stage retractable pull handle made airport navigation a breeze.

As someone who values organization, the padded divider inserts with lid foam let us arrange our camera gear easily. The Powerclaw triple-action latches kept the case securely closed throughout our journey.

Although the Nanuk 935 Hard Case is slightly heavier and more awkward to carry, its robust construction and quality materials make it a reliable choice for protecting and transporting your camera equipment. We can confidently say that this case has earned its place as a trusted companion for our future photography adventures.


  • Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof
  • Smooth-rolling wheels and retractable pull handle
  • Secure latching system


  • Slightly heavier than other cases
  • Limited to black color
  • Price may be a concern for some buyers

Buying Guide to Find the Best Camera Bag for Travel

When choosing the best travel camera bag, it’s essential to consider various factors that cater to your specific photography equipment needs. In this buying guide, we will discuss some key features you should look for to ensure you pick the perfect camera bag for your gear.

Size and capacity

First and foremost, consider the size and capacity of the bag. How much gear are you bringing? Make sure it’s large enough to accommodate your camera systems, lenses, and accessories, but remember how easy it is to carry. If you travel frequently, you might want to opt for a bag that meets airline carry-on size restrictions.

Compartments and organization

Look for a bag with adjustable compartments to accommodate your gear without compromising protection. Additional pockets and zippered compartments help organize cables, memory cards, an extra lens, and other essentials, making them easily accessible while on the go. If you’re limiting your luggage, consider a camera bag with a laptop sleeve.

Durability and materials

Pay attention to the materials used in the bag’s construction. We recommend bags made from water-resistant or weatherproof materials to protect your gear from rain and moisture. Durable zippers and high-quality stitching go a long way in ensuring your bag lasts for years to come.

Comfort and ergonomic design

Your camera bag will often be on your back, hip belt, or shoulder for hours. Prioritize comfort by looking for padded straps, adjustable harness systems, and support belts. Bags with breathable materials and ventilation channels can also help keep you cool during long outings.

Security features

Travel invariably comes with risks, so opt for a bag with security features like lockable zippers, reinforced materials to prevent slashing, and hidden compartments for storing valuable items like passports and cash.

By considering these factors, you can ensure you choose the ideal travel camera bag that protects your camera gear and enhances your overall photography experience.

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