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20 Best Packing Cubes for Travel

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At ViaTravlers, we’re all about travel hacks like smart packing. Packing cubes help you organize your suitcase or backpack when traveling, so you won’t spend hours at your destination looking for your favorite clothes.

Many packing cubes also have compression capabilities, which means you can pack a little more in the same size suitcase. You’ll appreciate the compression when you pay fewer baggage fees to the airline or less to the porter who carries your suitcases to your room.

TL;DR Best Packing Cubes For Travel

Best For Product
Mix-and-Match Peak Design
Compression Tripped Travel Gear
Durability Patagonia Black Hole
Style Vera Bradley

Expert Picks: Best Packing Cubes For Travel

While the best packing cubes for you depend on your needs, here are the 20 we’ve found to meet a variety of situations. Take a peek and consider them for your next trip!

1. REI Expandable Packing Cube Set

REI Co-op Expandable Packing Cube Set

REI offers a set of expandable packing cubes. They are made of ripstop nylon with a water-resistant finish. The mesh on top lets you see the contents.

An extra zipper lets you expand the size of each packing cube and provides some compression. The cube set meets the bluesign criteria for environmental sustainability. Their about $30 price puts them in the mid-range. The set will fit into a carry-on suitcase along with a toiletry bag.

The downside is that the set includes only two cubes, one medium and one large-sized, while many other sets offer more variety. People Magazine says these cubes are the best for outdoor travel but says the size doesn’t translate well to luggage.

One user said she and her husband fit two pair of jeans, two shirts, two pair of Smartwool socks, two pair of underwear, and a pair of athletic shorts into the small and medium cubes without needing to expand them. The cubes fit perfectly into her under-the-seat carry-on. Another one felt the older style of the cubes was better quality.


  • Water-resistant
  • Mesh panels
  • Sustainable


  • Lack of size variety

2. Peak Design Packing Cubes

Gray Peak Design Packing Cube
Peak Design / Peak Design

Peak Design packing cubes come in a range of sizes, and you can buy each cube separately or buy a set of three, six, or eight cubes. They are waterproof, and each has dual storage zones for separating clean and dirty clothes. They also are sustainably made and Fair Trade certified.

They also have dual compression zippers, which means you can fit two in the space of one. They have a weatherproof ripstop nylon/poly shell that automatically closes small punctures. They have a lifetime warranty, and Trip Savvy says they are the most durable packing cubes on the market.

The downside is that they are more expensive than many other packing cubes. The small cube is $30, and the medium cube is about $40, although you can buy pre-owned ones.

Peak Design also makes a shoe pouch, which sells for $25 and holds one or two pairs of shoes. The bundled set saves money. Peak Design also has some special needs pouches and cubes that you can buy separately, including a tech pouch and wash pouch.

One user called it a quality item but found the sizing odd for his use. Another found them practical and especially liked the dirty clothes compartment. However, they thought the price was a bit high.


  • Weatherproof
  • Dual zones to keep dirty clothes separate
  • Durable with a lifetime warranty
  • Compression zippers
  • Sustainable and Fair Trade certified


  • On the expensive side

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3. Tripped Travel Gear Compression Cubes

tripped compression cubes
TRIPPED Travel Gear / Amazon

Tripped Travel Gear produces sets of packing cubes for luggage of various sizes, such as carry-on, checked, and weekender. Travel and Leisure magazine says reviewers named these cubes the best for compression.

They compress by about 30 percent. They also are among some of the most attractive and include a six-piece set that includes leisure scenes in various colors. Some sets also include shoe bags, a tube pouch, and a laundry bag.

These cubes tend to be a little more expensive than many other packing cubes. Travel and Leisure readers say they are worth the price, but Trip Savvy disagrees.

One user wrote that she loves them and has been using them for 15 months. Another found them cute and useful. Another user was pleased with the size, noting that she got two complete outfits into the large one.

Our team got to test out a few different products from Tripped, and you should check out our full review of Tripped Travel Gear packing cubes before you go shopping.


  • Excellent compression
  • Colorful


  • More expensive

4. Briggs & Riley Zippered Packing Cubes

Briggs & Riley 3 Pack Zippered Packing Cubes/Luggage Organizers
Briggs & Riley / Amazon

Good Housekeeping rates Briggs & Riley Zippered Packing Cubes as the best washable cubes. The cubes come in three-piece sets. The small set fits into a carry-on bag, and the larger set fits into a checked bag.

You can wash them in the washing machine’s delicate cycle. They have a mesh front for easy viewing of the contents, and one side of the medium double-sided cube has a PVC lining for storing wet items.

These cubes also tend to be a little more expensive than others. The large set retails for about $70. They also don’t offer any compression and come only in black. The all-mesh side also won’t protect your clothes in case of a spill.

One user says the cubes are worth the extra cost and are excellent cubes with amazing capacity. Another customer says he loves the Briggs & Riley luggage but that these were just packing cubes and nothing special.


  • Washable
  • Mesh sides
  • PVC lining
  • Excellent for compression


  • The mesh sides allow spills inside and outside the pouches
  • Pretty expensive for just three cubes

5. Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes set
Gonex / Amazon

Gonex compression packing cubes are made of lightweight, waterproof nylon. They compress about 30 percent and work in a travel backpack or suitcase.

Good Housekeeping calls them the best compression packing cubes, and many Amazon readers give them great reviews. They come in 14 colors and have durable handles and metal zippers. A multi-size four-pack sells for about $35.

Gonex recommends rolling your clothes when using these cubes. The downside is that you must buy Gonex packing cubes as a set.

One user thought the set was so great that she ordered another. Another person complained that they did not unzip all the way around, making getting items out more difficult. A third person called them an “excellent buy.”


  • Reasonably priced
  • Great range of colors
  • Lightweight waterproof build


  • Only comes as a set
  • Zipper does not go all the way round

6. Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Packing Cubes

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Packing Cubes Set
Eagle Creek / Amazon

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cubes have a mesh window that shows you their contents. They’re made of a ripstop fabric that is water-resistant, and they feature an innovative zipper that allows you to fold, roll, or stack your clothes within the cube.

Eagle Creek packing cubes come with a No Matter What lifetime warranty. They are made from recycled fabric and are bluesign certified. They are also washable and come in several colors.

Pricing is in the middle range at about $43 for the set of three cubes, including one garment folder. The folder can be difficult to pack for some people. Also, dust and dirt can get in through the mesh window.

One user expressed surprise at how small the cubes become when compressed and said they enabled her to share a suitcase with her children. Another expressed difficulties in having the warranty honored.


  • Mesh window
  • Water-resistant
  • Warranty
  • Sustainable
  • Washable


  • Mesh window allows dirt

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7. Osprey Ultralight Packing Cubes

Osprey UL Packing Cube Set
Osprey / Amazon

These Osprey Packing Cubes, sold as sets or individual cubes, are made of ultralight polyester. They are durable and relatively inexpensive. You can buy a set of three for less than $40.

The set of three contains one large, one medium, and one small cube that are just the right size for the average bag. You can choose from a range of sizes if you purchase a single cube.

The slick fabric makes slipping them out of your suitcase easy; however, it also means the cubes will shift around in your pack or suitcase. Another potential drawback is that the cubes have only one zipper that opens the cube only halfway. Some other cubes have two zippers or one zipper that fully opens the cube.

One user packs his daily work gear in a cube and says they still look new despite his rough working environment. Another person suggested Osprey sell the cubes individually to make getting the size you want easier.


  • Wide size range
  • Durable and ultralight


  • Zipper only opens cube halfway
  • Might shift around in suitcase

8. Shacke Pak 5 Set Packing Cubes

5-Pack Shacke Packing Cubes in Black
Shacke Packing Cubes / Amazon

The Shacke Pak 5 set packing cubes includes four cubes (small, medium, large, and extra large) and a laundry bag for about $25. It’s a great choice for families and comes in a range of colors.

It has mesh on one side to allow you to look in and is waterproof. Shacke says the cubes clean easily and have snag-free zipper pulls. Good Housekeeping and Trip Savvy both put it on their list of best packing cubes.

The entire set will fit in large checked luggage, but there’s no compression offered, so it’s not the best for carry-on travel.

After scouring reviews, many users say these cubes made them packing cube believers. They praised the quality of construction and design.


  • Easy Clean
  • Mesh side
  • Waterproof


  • No compression

9. Well Traveled Compression Packing Cubes

Well Traveled Deluxe Set Compression Packing Cubes for Travel
Well Traveled / Amazon

Well Traveled packing cubes come in sets of four or eight pieces. Each set includes a laundry bag. The compression packing cubes save space by 60 percent when you use compression zippers.

They are made of durable materials, such as twill. The sets also include luggage tag holders and tags. They also are water-resistant and made by a small business.

They come in three colors and are relatively inexpensive – a set of four is about $25.

Seventy percent of Amazon users gave the product five stars. Customers called them a great option for both organizing and compressing. One customer who flew on a budget airline was particularly happy with how the compression enabled her to pack everything in a backpack small enough to count as a personal item.

A potential downside is that the fabric is not waterproof, and the quality is not always consistent from set to set.


  • Excellent compression
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable materials


  • Not waterproof

10. Thule Compression Cubes

Thule compression packing cubes
Thule / REI

Thule Compression Cubes are made with lightweight material yet hold a surprising amount of stuff despite their ostensibly fragile build. The medium cube is straightforward with two zippers, one providing access to the cube and the other to compress it. It opens wide but has no compartments.

The medium cube sells for about $25; however, you can buy a set with a small and medium-sized cube for $45. The material is bluesign-approved. Two medium size cubes will fit in most carry-on luggage. Unfortunately, the cubes come only in white.

An overwhelming majority of reviewers gave this brand five stars. They praised the quality of materials, features, and construction quality.


  • Lightweight yet provides enough space
  • Sustainable
  • Compression capable


  • They only come in white

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11. Patagonia Black Hole Cube

Patagonia Black Hole Cube 3L - Small
Patagonia / Patagonia

Good Housekeeping labels the Patagonia Black Hole cubes as the most durable. The cubes are made from waterproof, ultra-durable ripstop fabric.

The body fabric, lining, and webbing are recycled, and the cubes are Fair Trade made. The small comes in eight colors, the medium size in five colors, and the large in three colors.

They have an external chain for easy clipping into duffel bags, and the medium and small have two compartments separated by mesh. There are a couple of drawbacks. These bags do not compress items, and Packhacker says the interior tag is annoying.

One user said the cubes were a perfect accessory to his Black Hole backpack. Another one said the small cube was nice but basically a toiletry bag.


  • Durable
  • Sustainable and Fair Trade
  • External chain


  • No compression

12. Amazon Basics Organizer Packing Cubes

Amazon Basics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set
Amazin Basics / Amazon

Amazon’s own Basics line provides an excellent budget option with its four-piece basics set. The set includes small, medium, large, and slim.

The slim size is perfect for smaller items and can fit into the corners of your suitcase. They feature double zipper pulls and a mesh front and are made of ripstop fabric. The set is about $25.

The downside is that these cubes offer no compression. They are also just as advertised — basic, which means they aren’t necessarily fashionable. They do come in various colors.

Eighty percent of users gave these cubes a five-star rating. They found them durable and a great way to fit more items into your suitcase. Some users mention questionable build quality.


  • Slip size
  • Mesh front
  • Budget-friendly


  • No compression
  • Not the best quality

13. eBags Light Packing Cubes

eBags Light 5 Piece Packing Cube Set
eBags / Amazon

eBags Light Packing Cubes are lightweight and have a large capacity. The large cube can accommodate three pairs of sweatpants. The small cube can accommodate four pairs of boxers.

They have a mesh top and have tubing around the outside that provides structure. The cubes have a polyurethane coating, so they stay put in your bag. eBags provides a lifetime guarantee.

A five-piece set has one slim, two small, and two large cubes and sells for about $48. The set will fit into a carry-on and comes in a choice of three colors. Part of the fabric is water-resistant.

The primary disadvantage to these cubes is that they lack a compression zipper.

One user calls these cubes a must for frequent travelers or “must do it all in a carry-on” travelers. They said they fit a whole week’s worth of underwear and a pair of pajamas in one small cube.

Others praised the capacity and utility. One user complained the zipper was low quality.


  • Large capacity
  • Structure
  • Mesh top
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • No compression

14. Cotopaxi Cubos 10L Travel Cube

Cotopaxi Cubos 10 L Del Dia Travel Cube
Cotopaxi / REI

Cotopaxi Cubos 10L Travel Cube is made of repurposed remnant materials from the manufacturer’s other products. The 10L cube is the largest offered by Cotopaxi, a certified B Corp. B Corp status means the company meets the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and social and environmental performance.

The cube comes with a warranty. The price for one large packing cube is about $23

The Cotopaxi cubes are well-built with mesh and nylon paneling, so you can see what’s inside. They also have a wraparound zipper to make packing easier. Because the cubes use scrap materials and Cotopaxi gives employees creative license to choose colors, no two are alike.

Some people may find this unpredictability exciting, while others may find it disturbing. The Cotopaxi packing cube is the New York Times pick for the best-upcycled cube. The disadvantages of this large cube are that it doesn’t come in a set and lacks compression zippers.

Users gave this packing cube a 4.7 rating on average. One says it allowed them to stay organized while also packing more. Another user was unhappy with the lack of compression zippers. A third user called the cube convenient and said it prevented losing socks in their travel pack.


  • Nylon and mesh panel
  • Socially responsible brand
  • Warranty
  • Great carry capacity
  • Jolly colors!


  • No compression
  • Only one size

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15. Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate Compression Cubes

Eagle Creek Pack-It Set of Isolate Packing Cubes
Eagle Creek / Amazon

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate Compression Cubes are made of lightweight, tear-resistant, water-resistant ripstop fabric. The cubes weigh about half as much as most packing cubes.

For example, the large cube weighs about 1.3 ounces. The translucent fabric enables you to see inside, and the zippers self-repair in case of overpacking (don’t ask me how this works!). Best of all, Eagle Creek provides a “No Matter What” warranty.

The set comes with one small and one medium cube in either black or one pattern. The set sells for about $50.

One user says she traveled all over Europe with the cubes and loved them. Another user complained they ripped near the handle.


  • Lightweight
  • Tear-resistant and water resistant
  • Translucent fabric
  • Self-repairing zipper
  • No Matter What Warranty


  • Limited color choices
  • No compression
  • Inconsistent build quality

16. Bagail Packing Cubes

BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel
Bagail / Amazon

Notable as a starter set of packing cubes, these lightweight packing cubes from Bagail are made of water-resistant nylon fabric.

Bagail packing cubes also have a one-year guarantee. They are sturdy and have a double zipper, and are machine washable on a gentle cycle.

They are also pretty inexpensive — an eight-piece set is less than $30. The set includes three packing cubes, a laundry bag, a makeup bag, a shoe bag, and two accessories bags.

Several colors are available. A downside is the lack of compression zippers, although Bagail does make a set of compression packing cubes.

Seventy-five percent of users gave the packing cubes a five-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer says they never rip, snag, stretch, or fade in the sun.

Another person calls them a game-changer for organizing luggage. One dissatisfied customer complained about the zippers, and another about the appearance. Hey, you can’t please everyone.


  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Washable


  • No compression

17. Travelwise Packing Cubes

TravelWise Luggage Packing Organization Cubes
Travelwise / Amazon

Travelwise Packing Cubes are a great budget option and one of our top budget brands. These cubes are made of a durable water-resistant nylon material with a mesh top.

The two-way zipper goes all the way around the top, so you can just put them in the drawer without unpacking them. The cubes store inside themselves when not in use.

The five-pack set includes two small, two medium, and one large cube for about $33. They come in nine different colors. A downside of these cubes is that they lack compression zippers.

Nearly eighty percent of Amazon users rated these cubes five stars. Positive reviewers praised their organizational utility and quality. However, two negative reviewers were unhappy with the quality. One said the fabric tore before they could use them.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant


  • No compression
  • Inconsistent build quality

18. Vera Bradley Packing Cubes

Vera Bradley Compression Packing Cube 3-Piece Set
Vera Bradley / Amazon

If fun and fashion are important to you, these Vera Bradley Compression Packing Cubes may be the best packing cubes for you. The set of three cubes comes in fun floral and medallion patterns.

They also sport durable materials, such as lightweight, water-resistant ripstop polyester. The compression cubes have a zipper system that allows the large cube to expand by as much as two inches.

The set comes with two small and one large cube for $60. The main disadvantage to these cubes is their price. You are paying extra for the designer’s signature patterns and name, which may be worth the money to some people but not everyone.

About half of the reviewers on Amazon gave these cubes five stars. One man bought them for his wife, who is a big Vera Bradley fan.

He thought the fabric and colors were great but thought they were overpriced and too small to hold clothes for the whole trip. Another customer said they were cute and well made but wished they had some ventilation for dirty clothes.


  • Fashionable (as far as packing cubes go)
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Compression


  • Expensive set for just three cubes

19. Miamica Clear Packing Cubes

Miamica 3-Piece Luggage Packing Cubes, Clear/Black – Includes Small, Medium and Large Suitcase Organizers with Durable Design
Miamica / Amazon

Miamica makes the best clear packing cubes — according to Good Housekeeping anyway. The transparent packing cubes are made of a synthetic material designed to help you stay organized while also being fashionable.

They also are easy to clean. According to many users, the set of three multisized cubes fit into a standard-size carry-on bag.

The set includes one small, medium, and large cube, costing $20. One major disadvantage is that they do not compress.

That said, over sixty percent of users gave these packing cubes a five-star rating on Amazon. One user said the cubes were smaller than they expected but still held everything and kept them well organized on their trip.

Another person praised the convenience of not having to go through each cube to discover the contents. Another person said they thought the materials looked cheap.


  • Clear
  • Easy to clean
  • Good price point


  • No compression

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20. Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof Packing Cubes

Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Packing Cubes, IP67 Waterproof Travel Bag
Nite Ize / Amazon

Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof Packing Cubes keep your clothes dry even if they are submerged in water for up to an hour. They are an excellent source for those rafting on a backpacking trip.

They have a clear window to let you see what you’ve packed, and the texture of the material makes them easy to grasp. These packing cubes also are made of durable materials.

The Nite Ize packing cubes are innovative. They have a zipper that keeps dust, water, and air away from your clothes. The zipper is in its first iteration and requires a little tugging to work.

The cubes come in medium and large sizes, and each is sold separately. The large is very large. It’s great for sweaters and other bulky items, but if you don’t need to pack those items, you are better off buying a medium.

The cubes also act to compress items. For the most part, users of these cubes give very favorable reviews.


  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Clear window
  • Durable
  • Innovative zipper


  • The zipper is still in the testing stage

What Are Packing Cubes?

Different blue cube bags, set of travel organizer to help packing luggage easy, well organized
sasimoto / Adobe Stock

Packing cubes are bag-like compartments that fit into your suitcase or travel backpack to help you maximize your packing game. They come in various sizes and shapes to fill certain functions. For example, some are small, medium, and large cube-like containers that work well for clothes and accessories, while others hold shoes or makeup. They can make packing and organizing your luggage a breeze!

Choosing Packing Cubes

If you’ve never used packing cubes before, you may need to develop a strategy for choosing them. Think about how you’ll use them. For example, if you travel with wet items, a waterproof packing cube is a necessity. If you plan to separate dirty clothes from clean ones, you’ll want a cube with anti-microbial materials.

Also, think about what type of bags you’ll be carrying. If you plan to use a travel backpack, you may find collapsible and lightweight packing cubes work better. If you use hard-side luggage, packing cubes with structure may fit best.

Consider whether being able to see the contents is important to you and whether you pack clothes belonging to other family members in the same bag. Colorful cubes can allow you to color code each person’s clothes or organize them by color code. Also, consider which packing cube sizes you’ll need; for example, small packing cubes for accessories or socks and some larger ones for pants and other items.

You’ll also want cubes that will fit in your suitcase. If you usually carry a backpack, you’ll want backpacking packing cubes. You may also want specialty packing cubes for items such as shoes or a garment folder for formal items that must look crisp when you arrive at your destination.

Finally, ask yourself if you’re always trying to fit one more item into your suitcase. If so, compression packing cubes will help you save space and may be the best packing cubes for you.

Using Packing Cubes

You can use packing cubes to organize your backpack or suitcase in several ways. Some people prefer to use their cubes like drawers, putting tops in one, bottoms in another, and socks and underwear in a third.

Others prefer to organize their clothes by day using cubes. Some prefer to organize by activity; for example, putting beach clothes in one cube and theater clothes in another. If you are visiting multiple destinations, you could also organize by destination.

You’ll also need to decide which packing method works for you. Some prefer to roll or fold the clothes before putting them in the cubes. While many packing cubes work well with all packing methods, some will work better for rolling or folding.


Are Packing Cubes worth it?

Yes. Packing cubes provide benefits whether you travel frequently or only occasionally. You can use packing cubes to organize your clothing and accessories so that you can easily find them at your destination.

You can organize by type of garment, day, family member, or destination. Many are compression packing cubes, which can help you fit more into your suitcase. Because items are enclosed in the cubes, they don’t move around in your suitcase.

Of course, packing cubes come in various price ranges. You’ll need to decide which features or brands are worth paying more for.

How do I choose the right Packing Cube set for my needs?

A packing set exists for just about every need. To find the best packing cubes for your needs, do the following:

First, consider how you travel. Do you travel with only carry-on luggage so that you need to maximize space? Do you use a travel backpack or suitcase? Is your suitcase hard or soft? Do you go on rafting trips or boat rides with your bags? Do you share your bag with others?

Then consider your preferences. Do you need to see what is in each cube before you open it? Are colors, patterns, or designers important to you? Do you have preferences regarding the brand’s sustainability?

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