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13 Best Airbnb Alternatives: Similar Apps & Sites

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Unsurprisingly, sites like Airbnb have popped up all over, claiming to be the best for finding a great vacation rental. How do you decide which Airbnb alternatives to choose for your next vacation? Let’s look at the best Airbnb alternatives and their benefits and drawbacks.

There’s no denying that Airbnb has wreaked havoc on the tourism sector! Thanks to the peer-to-peer marketplace, lodging options have expanded, catering to both budgets and preferences.

Unlike any other third-party website, Airbnb has bookings, dependability, and safety flaws. They’re also not quite as generous to those listing rental properties as they once were! You might also wish to look at other similar Airbnb apps and vacation rental websites.

Here’s a rundown of the best Airbnb alternatives worth considering. Make sure to think about these options no matter where you’re going and compare prices. Everyone will look for something to their taste, from budget—visitors to families, including homestays to luxury apartments.

Best Sites & Apps Like Airbnb for Hosting or Booking

1. Vrbo 


With over 2 million listings in 190 countries, Vrbo is one of today’s most popular vacation rental sites. It mostly rents out entire homes, from treehouses to beach cottages to luxury villas.

Unlike Airbnb, Vrbo does not offer shared spaces. Consequently, it’s great for families or groups searching for spacious, conventional, or full-service accommodations. It’s a popular Airbnb alternative because of its diverse options at various pricing points.

Input the desired location, check-in, check-out dates, and the number of guests (adults, children, and pets) to see available rentals. You may refine your search by defining the kind of accommodation, price, rooms, features, facilities, house rules, etc.

You can also bookmark your favorite spots on Trip Boards and book them later. Vrbo has a mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones. Finally, many of us at ViaTravelers use Vrbo constantly for a valid reason. They are arguably the great alternative to Airbnb—and might even be slightly better!


  • Wide selection of rentals
  • Ideal for families, couples, singles, pets, you name it
  • Useful filters
  • Simple and secure booking procedure


  • No shared spaces or homestays
  • Accommodation options are costlier than others

2. HomeAway


If you’re searching for a whole house to rent for a short period, HomeAway provides rentals in over 190 countries across the globe. Follow the easy steps to find the ideal holiday home. You first type in the city, state, or country you want to visit. Then, enter your trip dates to see whether a rental is available. Use filters and maps to narrow down your search results.

You can save vacation rentals to your favorites list, track communications to and from property owners, and manage your booking information in one place with your free HomeAway account.

There’s no need to share these lovely rental properties with loud neighbors or inquisitive owners–the beauty of HomeAway is that you get the entire place to yourself. It is like choosing a home away from home.


  • Wide selection in 190 countries
  • Ideal for extended families
  • Useful filters
  • Simple and easy booking procedure


  • No shared spaces or homestays
  • Costly accommodation

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3. EcoBNB


When selecting environmentally friendly lodging, Ecobnb is an excellent alternative to Airbnb. It connects you with green hotels, one-of-a-kind homes, and organic farms where you may stay responsibly. The platform promotes environmentally friendly tourism with a low environmental effect.

Ecobnb has developed an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable tourist strategy. This platform has a set of sustainability requirements that hosts must achieve. This includes lights that use less energy, environmentally friendly cleaning products, water heaters, solar panels, and water flow reducers.


  • Local/organic foods
  • Accessibility without a car
  • Recycling of waste
  • Have a vacation with a clean conscience


  • Pricey

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4. Tripadvisor Rentals

Tripadvisor Rentals

Tripadvisor is one of the most popular travel guides and sites like Airbnb for finding holiday rentals. With over a million listings, Tripadvisor Rentals is one of the largest vacation rental sites on the internet.

Single bedrooms, beach cottages, metropolitan lofts, and luxury villas are a few lodging options. Consequently, it’s suitable for both lone travelers and families.

Once you choose the destination in the “Rentals” section, a list of relevant search results will appear. Use the filters to search for a specific lodging, facility, or amenity. The number of reviews, bedrooms, baths, and visitors are all provided to aid in comparing the possibilities in a list format. However, you must click on each one to view rates, availability, and other rental information.

One of Tripadvisor’s main vacation rental qualities is the large number of user reviews. You can also use the mobile app to manage your reservations.


  • Simple and easy-to-use site
  • A wide range of options
  • A significant number of user reviews
  • Suitable for all sorts of travelers


  • Susceptible to skewed
  • MANY fake reviews
  • A little fiddly

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5. Plum Guide

Plum Guide

Plum Guide is a newcomer to the holiday rental scene, starting in 2016. Plum Guide specializes in a small, hand-selected assortment of vacation lodging alternatives. They reflect the top 3% of each destination’s lodgings.

Unlike peer-to-peer apps like Airbnb, this vacation rental site goes through an expert-vetted procedure to ensure they appear exactly as they do on the website. Plum Guide has rentals throughout the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States.

Enter your destination, length of stay, and number of guests on the site. You will receive a list of vacation lodgings with information on pricing, beds, bathrooms, and guest numbers.

This Airbnb option is for you if you are a quality-conscious traveler seeking accommodations in accessible areas with high-end facilities for a vacation home. Alternatively, the prices are on the higher end of the scale.


  • High-quality lodging alternatives
  • Assurance that the status of the rentals matches the description and images
  • Simple booking procedure


  • Limited options
  • Limited coverage

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Another platform that links guests with vacation rental owners is – another one of our all-time favorite travel resources. It’s arguably the most famous Airbnb alternative today, with millions of active listings globally. You may stay anywhere from a budget hostel to a five-star resort, from a modern studio apartment to a seaside villa.

You can look for lodging by entering your trip information and stating that you are traveling for work. Filters such as budget range, property type, amenities, and neighborhood may be used to limit the search results further.

The list view gives you a sense of the pricing, the number of bedrooms, and other vital data. The site is ideal for travelers with special needs because it provides multiple accessibility filter choices. Both Android and iOS smartphones may use the mobile app.


  • A wide range of lodging alternatives
  • Suitable for all sorts of tourists
  • A plethora of handy criteria for narrowing search results
  • Discounts and deals for reservations
  • Great global coverage


  • Customers complain about improper bookings
  • Customer service can be unreliable
  • All the information can be a bit much

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7. Agoda


Agoda is a vacation rental booking service headquartered in Singapore, primarily targeted at the Asian market. It’s the most cost-effective Airbnb option for visitors visiting Asian nations. It contains nearly 2.5 million listings across the globe, including rentals, hotels, inns, and hostels.

To receive the listings accessibly there, enter the destination and other needed data. Price, star ratings, property amenities, and property types may all be used to refine your search. If you’re eager to look for reduced listings or last-minute offers, look for a section called “Secret Deals.”

The Agoda app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and allows you to search for and manage your reservations effortlessly.


  • Deals on reservations are regular
  • Good selection of accommodations
  • The booking procedure is simple


  • There are a few issues with bookings due to the slow website

8. Homestay


As the name implies, Homestay is a website focused on tourists searching for homestays or private rentals. You can reserve a room in a resident’s (host) home and stay there for a specific time. Homestay is unlike other vacation home rental services in that it provides both short—and long-term rentals.

Homestay seeks to give high-quality lodging at a reasonable cost. Because you reserve the host’s extra rooms for usage most of the time, we think it’s perfect for lone travelers, students, and anyone looking to learn about a new culture organically. The website offers approximately 63,000 rooms in 176 locations across the world.

Through homestay, you may also learn about local living, eat their food, and experience their culture and traditions. You may also obtain a quick summary of each rental in the list form, including the number of reviews, the minimum and maximum number of days permitted, and the price.

You can narrow your search results by using filters for meals, types of travelers, interests, facilities, and accessibility. The ‘host welcomes’ criteria makes finding female-friendly homestays especially easy. Android users can download the Homestay mobile app.


  • A local experience
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for long-term stays
  • Simple booking procedure


  • Privacy not be guaranteed
  • Limited options
  • The app is only available for Android users

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9. Vacasa


Vacasa is a vacation rental service provider with over 30,000 rental listings in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica. Unlike Airbnb, it administers the homes on the host’s behalf to provide visitors with a high-quality experience.

The lodging possibilities include beach resorts, condos, hotel suites, and townhouses. Vacasa also offers dependable client service, both on-site and off-site. Consequently, it’s an excellent alternative for tourists searching for reliable and secure lodging.

So, how do you use Vacasa? Type in the destination and any needed information then hit the ‘Search’ button! You may also use filters to discover properties with the amenities you need, such as wedding venues, beach access, lake views, or pool spas.

In the list view, you can compare pricing, ratings, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the number of people accommodated for each property. The Vacasa app is available for Android and iOS smartphones.


  • Compare the availability of each property directly in the list form Assurance of well-maintained homes
  • 3D tours of chosen rentals
  • Simple booking procedure


  • Some customer service complaints
  • Limited locations
  • It may not be suited for budget travelers.

10. Sonder 


One of the main reasons why people turn to alternative vacation rental companies like Airbnb is that they are unreliable providers. Sonder, like Vacasa, wants to solve this problem by taking property management into its own hands. Sonder has over 6300 modern-styled rentals in over 35 locations across ten countries.

The organization maintains the interior and provides 24-hour service and high-quality facilities to ensure guests stay pleasant. It’s a fantastic alternative for long-term and short-term rental sites because you can find hotel rooms, suites, studios, apartments, lofts, and other affordable accommodations from mid to high. It’s a suitable option for both long-term and short-term rental sites.

Sonder homes are typically in high-traffic areas in large cities, so they won’t be cheap to rent or list. But, if accessibility and convenience are crucial to you, it is one of the most outstanding vacation rental companies.

Choose your city and input your trip information to see available rental alternatives.


  • Consistent service
  • Short and long-term rentals
  • Covers major cities
  • Higher-end properties


  • Rentals are not affordable
  • There is a limited selection

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11. Expedia


Expedia Group began as a flight booking site and has become one of Airbnb’s most formidable competitors. It has approximately two million property listings across the globe to assist tourists in finding the ideal vacation or staycation destination. The selection is vast, and it may be both beneficial and daunting!

In the ‘Stays’ area of the Expedia website, input your destination and check-in and check-out dates. You can only compare properties based on their pricing in the list view. You may pick the kind of property, budget, meal plans, and facilities, among other things. You may also read reviews to understand the accommodations and facilities better.

Expedia is a terrific Airbnb alternative that offers shared spaces and whole residences for all types of tourists. It also offers many last-minute bargains to help you save money on your hotel room. The Expedia mobile app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.


  • Good selection
  • Simple booking method
  • Regular rental specials and discounts


  • Customer service complaints
  • Hosts or property owners may not be trustworthy (according to some reviews we’ve read)

12. GlampingHub


GlampingHub is a perfect vacation rental and caters to those who spend their vacations in unique, natural settings. Treehouses, tipis, castles, igloos, and tunnels are outdoorsy accommodations. Consequently, it’s an ideal Airbnb option for luxury campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those new to camping with cash to burn!

You may enter your destination, see whether any glamping-style properties are available, and then use filters to narrow down the lodging, facilities, pricing, etc. GlampingHub now covers over 110 nations, with most glamping places located in rural areas.

The service, like Airbnb, merely links you with hosts/property owners and supports a safe booking procedure.


  • Diverse types of lodging
  • Promotes environmentally friendly tourism
  • Easy and secure booking method


  • Limited options
  • Properties harder to vet/authenticate

13. Marriott Homes and Villas

13. Marriott Homes and Villas

In 2019, the megabrand Marriott introduced a home renting service that has steadily gained appeal among regular fliers. The option to earn and redeem Marriott Bonvoy points for vacation rentals opens up a world of possibilities for enthusiastic people about travel rewards and villa collections. This is the primary selling point of the program for home management companies.

Since Airbnb and most of its rivals do not offer rewards systems, it is difficult (or even impossible) to book a vacation rental using points and get it for “free.” Conversely, Marriott Bonvoy points can be acquired through credit and debit cards and exchange partnerships at a relatively low difficulty level.

The best way to redeem your Bonvoy points for a stay through the Homes and Villas program is not usually the one that offers the highest value and reliable service. Check whether or not the cash and point expenses of arranging a rental are comparable to ensure that you are getting a decent deal.


  • Gain and spend Marriott Rewards Points
  • Bonvoy point
  • Rigorous requirements for quality


  • Low scope of offerings
  • Redemption options with a low point value

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Why Would You Opt for Airbnb Alternatives?

Airbnb Alternative

While Airbnb is a terrific resource for locating secluded cottages in the woods or opulent flats amid significant cities, it’s always good to have a few options in mind.

For instance, the lodgings you’re interested in might be booked months in advance due to popularity or demand. Rising prices and fees, combined with this, will compel one to seek other low-cost options. Alternatives to Airbnb can be helpful in this situation.

You may take an RV or camper across the countryside or even overnight in a treehouse beneath the stars. Believe it or not, many websites provide just the type of break you want and plenty similar enough to Airbnb without you having to fork out money to them!

Alternatively, you might be looking to list a property as a short-term vacation rental at a more appropriate site or one where the listing site doesn’t take quite as large a cut of your profits.

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Things to Consider Before Booking a Vacation Rental Property

One of the simplest ways to get a foot on the traveling stairs is to look for Airbnb alternatives when you book accommodation. Ultimately, Airbnb has a firm grip on the vacation rental market. Booking a vacation rental is often called “getting an Airbnb.”

If you’re unhappy with Airbnb’s price, usefulness, or security, there are some excellent options. None can rival the big fish in sheer size, but they all cater to a specific tourism niche.

When comparing sites like Airbnb (e.g., Booking versus Vrbo), constantly evaluate the total cost, including taxes and fees, as the extra expenses can quickly mount up.

Is the Airbnb business, however, for everyone, anywhere? Before hiring the home-sharing frenzy, performing homework and looking for alternatives is critical. Here are some crucial considerations to make if you are seeking to have a house or apartment to rent out on Airbnb or another short-term rental platform:


Among the finest crucial elements to consider when looking for an Airbnb alternative are the property’s success and location. Consider whether regions are suitable for tourists.

  • Is it a walkable neighborhood?
  • Is it close to public transportation, hospitals, schools, or universities?
  • Are there any entertainment districts close by?
  • Is it feasible for business travelers to get to the central business district?

These are vital to examine since, in each city, some regions attract more people.


When Airbnb originally started, one of the features that drew people in was the option to stay in unusual places like castles, tree homes, yurts, caves, and igloos. While we don’t believe having an Igloo in Australia is practical, we may seek certain unique features in a house that will make it stand out.

  • Unique design, unique features, or eye-catching colors.
  • Views of the harbor, city, mountains, and parks, among other things
  • Reserved rooftops
  • Private outdoor entertainment places.
  • Anything with a stylish style or a distinct and distinguishable style.

While the proposed location is not required to be brand new, properties should ensure a certain level of hygiene—bathrooms and kitchens, particularly- before servicing and placing their services on sites. Remember that the property will be operated as a small company, and evaluations will be crucial.

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When looking for a rental service, it’s crucial to consider how you would enter your area. It’s critical to have a “self-check-in” option on the mailbox, such as a lockbox, smart lock, or combination lock, so guests can check in at leisure.

It’s also helpful if owners need to schedule a cleaning and need to grant remote access. Look for access controls in these Airbnb alternatives that do their best to greet and assist visitors and will always be accessible if they have a problem.

The two primary reasons are that folks are sometimes unclear when they arrive or intend to arrive late at night. Every guest receives detailed automated check-in instructions, and most are comfortable with the self-check-in option.

This has grown more commonly accepted in recent years, and most travelers are familiar with the procedure and willing to allow themselves in. Just verify these Airbnb alternatives provide a complete House Manual that answers all queries.

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Recognizing the Market

Studying and comprehending the present situation is critical before committing time, sweat, and money to select an Airbnb alternative. Investigate the amount that will be spent on booking. Do tourists use Airbnb alternative services in your destination location?

Establishing Your Requirements Before Searching

The best way to prevent dissatisfaction with your rental is to keep your expectations realistic and clearly understand what you want to achieve.


It is indispensable to remember that if you choose to filter the listings by dates, only those ads that are accessible on those dates will be displayed in your searches in these Airbnb alternatives.

Please select your party’s total number of adults, children, and infants to serve you better. The number of guests allowed is based on the available beds.

Most sites and apps will have a Home Type filter if you want to have the entire house or apartment to yourself. You also have the choice between a shared room or a private room.

Facilities & Bedding Accommodations

Your needs for specific conveniences will be prioritized depending on the kind of journey you take. Hosts can provide amenities, so it is essential to expand and review this part.

When you reserve a rental property rather than a hotel, make sure that you have access to additional amenities, such as a kitchen or a washer and dryer. This is usually the case, but check whether those features are included.

Even though Wi-Fi access is typically free, you should ensure it is included in the room rate before making a reservation.

You can also check this section to see whether access to outdoor areas, a hot tub, a washing machine, and a dryer are provided and if necessities such as toiletries, a hairdryer, etc., are provided. Also, verify the number of restrooms and check if enough showers meet your requirements.

House Rules and Communication with Guests

Ensure you check out the procedure for checking in and the house rules. This section is sometimes buried in the top listing area – but everywhere is different.

After reviewing this info, you will better understand aspects of the property, including whether you can check in on your own or through a lockbox, whether the host lives nearby or on the property, and whether you can check in directly. Hosts are usually willing to engage in as little or as much interaction as their guests desire.

Review the house rules, which often include stipulations such as a ban on smoking and social gatherings, specific times for checking in and out, a pet policy, and quiet hours. Ensure you are completely transparent with the hosts regarding any daytime guests you may have and anything else violating any of these rules.

There is also a provision in the house rules titled “You Must Acknowledge” that enables hosts to bring up anything that might not live up to the standards, such as the possibility of noise.

There is a possibility that some hosts will specify a damage deposit fee in this section. Be aware that you accept and consent to these terms and conditions when making a reservation.


If you’re in the mood for an accurate pricing search on a vacation rental, you must ensure that you enter the dates of your stay. Vacation rentals like Airbnb and their alternatives usually do an excellent job of being transparent about their prices.

You will see line items for the nightly base rate (typically advertised in your initial search) broken down by each date of your stay. When you have more guests than the maximum number allowed, the host may charge you an extra cost per person.

Cancellation Policy

The host is responsible for determining their cancellation policy, which might range from flexible to moderate to strict. The cancellation policy will be indicated in the listing; therefore, you should take note of the terms before you book and know any portion of the fee is refundable for modifications or cancellations before making a reservation.

If you contact your host directly, they may be willing to make an exception to their cancellation policy to refund you. Additionally, vacation rentals have a policy in place for handling exceptional situations.


Once you have located the ideal listing and it is time to make a reservation, ensure you are familiar with the booking terms. Before booking a listing and learning more about the process, you must have an account with the vacation rental service and get confirmed by the business.

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Slow Down And Put Money Aside

During the traveling months, you’ll have to ask yourself if you can afford to pay for the residences when the vacation rental service charges increase. It’s good to have significant money besides what you think you’ll need for a rental vacation trip.

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Final Thoughts: What Are the Best Alternatives to Airbnb?

Airbnb is the uncontested king of sharing economy lodging, and these are just a few of the many Airbnb alternative sites available. Some have comparable features, while others provide more specialized services, but they all want a piece of the pie that Airbnb has helped make.

Overall, it depends on your wants and tastes and the place you’re visiting. Try Vrbo and Vacasa if you seek premium accommodations to accommodate bigger groups. If you seek an alternative to Airbnb,, Agoda, or Tripadvisor Rentals could be a good fit. Glamping Hub is a great place to go if you desire something different to stay at.

Regardless of which short-term rental sites you choose, study the contents of each listing to ensure that it has all you want. If you have any queries, contact customer service or the rental owner.


Can I use Something Else Instead of Airbnb?

Many sites, such as Airbnb, provide a comparable homestay experience at a cheaper cost and beautiful places. Look into VRBO and for worthy alternatives.

Is Airbnb a Better Option Than VRBO?

In theory, yes; in practice, it’s highly debatable. Users who desire long-term rentals choose VRBO, whereas Airbnb caters to all rentals. If you desire your place to rent, go to VRBO; if you desire all sorts of rental options, from penthouses to closets, go to Airbnb and trawl their dizzying range.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Airbnb?

Yes, and Homestay offer many cheaper possibilities than Airbnb. Just verify that you’re using the appropriate filters.

What Is The Best Service For Finding a Place to Rent a House?

VRBO, Vacasa, and Housing Anywhere are excellent alternatives for house rentals. You may acquire short-term, mid-term, and long-term rentals for a fraction of the price of Airbnb.

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