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The Hoxton, Amsterdam

Boutique hotel situated in a series of Amsterdam canal houses.

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Key Details

Address: Herengracht 255

Phone: +31 020 888 5555

Official Website: Hotel Website

Rating: 4.5

Check Prices + Reviews: Check Prices

Starting Rates: $400.00




Amsterdam, a city packed with history, culture, and unparalleled charm, has its fair share of accommodations to cater to the diverse needs of its visitors. Amidst the many hotels, The Hoxton offers exceptional value and style in a city known for its sometimes overpriced lodging options.

Nestled among five historic 17th-century canal houses, The Hoxton, Amsterdam, has a rich history, once occupied by the city’s mayor. In 2015, the Hoxton brand, famous for running trendy hotels throughout Europe, transformed the space into a design-conscious haven with a modern vintage-hipster vibe.

This open-house hotel features cleverly designed rooms, lively communal spaces, and delicious food and drink from morning to night, earning rave reviews from travelers and critics alike.

Guests at The Hoxton, Amsterdam, can expect comfort and convenience. Discovering this gem in the heart of Amsterdam will elevate any traveler’s experience, making it an unforgettable stay in a city that never fails to delight and surprise.

Location and First Impressions

The Hoxton Amsterdam holds an enviable position along the historic Herengracht canal. As you wander through the labyrinth of cobblestone streets, the beauty of Dam Square unfolds before you. Venture onwards, and you’ll find yourself by the iconic Anne Frank House—a vital addition to any Amsterdam itinerary.

Moments away from Dam Square, the Hoxton offers a prime location for exploring the city. Attractions such as nearby attractions of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam and the National Monument lie just a stone’s throw away. In between sightseeing, indulge in some premier canal-side lounging—Herengracht’s picturesque views are second to none.

During your stay, don’t miss out on the plethora of vibrant cafes, galleries, and boutiques in this prestigious neighborhood. As you meander through Amsterdam’s enchanting streets, allow North Holland’s blend of history and modern charm to sweep you off your feet. Just remember to leave time for canal-side relaxation as you soak up the serene ambiance that Amsterdam is famous for.

The Hoxton in Amsterdam is beautiful on the outside, and given that it’s right on the canal, it made my history buff heart happy. The building looks like something out of a 17th-century novel. Inside, the walls are covered with art, even the elevators! So, I will have to say that my first impression was, “Wow.”

The Check-in Experience

Everyone at the front desk was great. Plus, the check-in was quick and smooth. They answered all my questions (which were a lot) about the best things to do in Amsterdam.

I had only been to Amsterdam a few times before, so I was thankful for the tips. There weren’t any staff to take our bags up, which was surprising, but it didn’t bother me too much.

Atmosphere and Design

Enter The Hoxton, Amsterdam, and immerse yourself in its hip and trendy atmosphere. This design-conscious hotel is a marriage of five historic canal houses, radiating character and charm. The distinctive blend of leather and brass accents creates an ambiance of refined sophistication, attracting a discerning and stylish clientele.

Each cosy room within The Hoxton, Amsterdam, features unique elements, ensuring no two stays are the same. Admire the skill and craftsmanship behind every hexagonal mirror, a geometric glimpse into this hotel’s dedication to detail. The Hoxton successfully marries modern design with vintage accents, striking the perfect balance of contemporary chic and timeless elegance.

Venture beyond the guest rooms and discover dynamic meeting rooms catering to intimate conversations and grand gatherings. The versatility and openness of the hotel’s design encourage social interactions and collaborations, maintaining its status as an open-house hotel.

As you stroll through the hotel, take in the breathtaking views of Amsterdam’s inner canal ring. The Hoxton flawlessly integrates the history of old canal houses with its contemporary ambiance, allowing guests to relish a truly authentic Dutch experience.

Rooms Overview

The Hoxton, Amsterdam, effortlessly combines style and convenience, offering guests many amenities and hotel features. Room service remains an exceptional touch, pampering guests and ensuring they are content with their stay.

Guests can expect cozy yet roomy beds for a comfortable night’s sleep. Additionally, hexagonal mirrors and safes provide added convenience and attention to detail. Despite the occasional tiny room, most spaces appear well-designed to best use every square inch.

Our room was nice. We booked the Biggy, which is one of their larger options. With their canal view rooms, you’ll get a great perspective of the Herengracht Canal out the windows.

The beds were comfy, and the blackout curtains helped me get some much-needed sleep after late-night exploring. But there was no coffee maker in our room. I am a coffee fiend, so that was definitely a bummer.

Lucky for me (and my wife, who doesn’t want to deal with me when I haven’t had my coffee), there was a place to get coffee at the hotel. The room didn’t have robes, and we had trouble getting fresh towels.

They were a little short-staffed, so we just went with the flow. If you want something smaller and less expensive, they have other sized rooms, from Cozy to Shoebox to Roomy.

Property Amenities & Facilities

The Hoxton, Amsterdam, astounds its patrons with a concierge service that will swiftly address their every need, meandering toward an unforgettable experience in the city’s heart.

As language barriers crumble, the hospitable staff at the 24-hour front desk effortlessly communicate in English, French, and Spanish.

When it came to room amenities, our room was very nice. The windows overlooked the Herengracht Canal. The beds were comfy, and the blackout curtains helped me get some much-needed sleep after late-night exploring. But there was no coffee maker in our room. I am a coffee fiend, so that was certainly a bummer.

Lucky for me (and my wife, who doesn’t want to deal with me when I haven’t had my coffee), there was a place to get coffee at the hotel. The room also didn’t have robes, and we had trouble getting fresh towels. They were a little short-staffed, so we just went with the flow.

Undoubtedly, the hotel understands the significance of the modern traveler’s demands. Keeping pace, it provides state-of-the-art conference facilities for those who deftly blend business with leisure. Alas, work woes can’t escape the true wanderer, but The Hoxton ensures the load remains bearable amidst the essence of Amsterdam.

Ah, the charm of Amsterdam unfolds best on a bicycle! The Hoxton entices visitors to embrace the city’s cycling culture by offering bicycles for rent and public transportation. The peaceful canals and winding lanes beg to be traversed on two wheels, making the ride an experience.

The Hoxton presents free WiFi, laundry service, dry cleaning, and valet parking services for weary travelers who shun the laundry blues. Who can forget about the air conditioning?

If you’re visiting Amsterdam in the summer, there is a chance of 90-degree Fahrenheit days, and air conditioning is rare here, so this is clutch. These small conveniences indeed amplify the overall stateliness of the stay.

Dining & Cuisine

There is a cute on-site restaurant called Lotti’s at the hotel. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and late-night bites. I love eggs benedict, so I had to try the Lottie’s Benny. Delicious!

Rise and shine to a unique offering: the breakfast bag. While a breakfast bag seems questionable, it’s filled with morning fuel, and this convenient on-the-go option includes delightful yogurt, invigorating OJ, and a hearty banana—a simple yet satisfying choice for those eager to adventure Amsterdam.

For caffeine enthusiasts, the hotel also encompasses an enticing coffee shop. Guests with a penchant for lighter fare can opt for the snack bar lounge, which supplies thoughtful nibbles for those interlude munchies.

From the creativity of Lotti’s Restaurant to the modish bar scene, the Hoxton Amsterdam delivers an array of edible ecstasy in the realm of food and beverage.

Patrons soak in the ambiance while savoring scrumptious Dutch and Italian cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The delectable dishes win the hearts of both locals and visitors, establishing this vibrant spot as more than your average hotel restaurant.

We didn’t try lunch because we were busy exploring the city, but Lotti’s Restaurant was our go-to for a nightcap with a snack. The spicy whipped feta is to die for, and the Campari and soda were the perfect ends to my nights in Amsterdam.

No gastronomic journey is complete without a generous dose of liquid libations, and Lotti’s Restaurant does not disappoint. The well-stocked bar presents a myriad of sensational cocktails, refreshing beers, and fine wines. Guests relish that spirited touch added to their meals, concocting quite the immersive dining experience.

Unique Selling Points

The Hoxton, Amsterdam Interior
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The Hoxton Amsterdam excels in offering a balance between quality and affordability. Known for its cleverly designed rooms and lively communal spaces, this open-house hotel provides guests a comfortable experience without breaking the bank.

The hotel is nice, but my main selling point was its proximity to the city center. So many things were within walking distance. Shops, museums, restaurants. You name it, and you could probably walk there. Amsterdam has a vibrant nightlife, so getting out and exploring without spending money on a cab was nice.

Surrounding Area

Since I had not been to Amsterdam before visiting this hotel (I subsequently moved to live in Amsterdam full-time!), I am glad we chose a place that was so close to everything. We walked to the Anne Frank House and Dam Square in 10 minutes.

The Van Gogh Museum is only two miles away for art buffs like my husband. If beer is more your jam, like me, the Heineken Experience is a little over a mile away. Just don’t drink too much you can’t walk back!

The Hoxton, Amsterdam Reviews

Scouring TripAdvisor reveals that The Hoxton, Amsterdam, scores a laudable 4.5 out of 5 by its guests. This luxurious yet budget-conscious abode snags the 35th position out of 420 hotels in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Patrons rave about the exceptional value and style offered, especially when considering the sometimes exorbitant rates for accommodations in Amsterdam.

Through reviews, one finds a common thread of satisfaction from world travelers. They unanimously appreciate the hotel’s prime location, their ideal base for exploring the city’s iconic canals and picturesque neighborhoods. The Hoxton effortlessly blends historic charm and modern amenities, reflecting Amsterdam’s unique spirit.

Moreover, Lotti’s, the in-house restaurant and bar, lures guests and locals with its tantalizing Italian and Dutch cuisine, catering to epicureans at any meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The ambiance at Lotti’s resonates with the guests’ need for relaxation after a day of sightseeing, creating connections and imparting a truly memorable dining experience.

Of course, no hotel is without its flaws. A handful of visitors expressed concerns regarding the size of the rooms. The smallest room category, “Shoebox,” might leave space-conscious travelers desiring more breathing room.

Verdict: Does The Hoxton Offer Good Value for Money?

The Hoxton, Amsterdam Key Drop-Off for Checkout
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

I feel like everywhere is so expensive these days. That’s why it’s important to feel like you’re getting good value for your money.

The Hoxton has rooms of different sizes for different budgets while maintaining a great location. You’ll be within walking distance of nearly every amazing attraction in the city.

I think the location makes it worth the price. I loved the view of the canal. The hotel restaurant is tasty and has a few options for various interests.

Though they were short-staffed, their staff were friendly and accommodating. The beds are comfortable, and the rooms have most of what you need for a comfortable stay. I wish there had been robes and a coffee maker, but I honestly don’t feel like that took away from my experience that much.

Lotti’s helped me get my caffeine fix every morning. I would definitely recommend this location to others. My best friend and her husband are actually going on their honeymoon next month and are staying at this hotel because I raved about it so much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the location of the Hoxton Amsterdam convenient for tourists?

The Hoxton Amsterdam is a perfect tourist spot on the Herengracht canal at number 255. Its prime location straddles the Singel and Herengracht canals, offering easy access to central Amsterdam’s attractions. A short ride from the airport, you’ll find yourself at the hotel by taking a train to Amsterdam Central Station.

What amenities does the Hoxton Amsterdam offer?

Boasting an upper-middle-range status, the Hoxton Amsterdam presents stylish rooms with clever design, ensuring comfort. The hotel occupies five 17th-century canal houses, exuding a cool, sophisticated vibe similar to Williamsburg. Communal spaces foster lively interactions amongst guests, and the property features modern meeting rooms for your convenience.

What dining options are available at the Hoxton Amsterdam?

You’ll discover Lotti’s, a trendy restaurant and bar in the middle of The Hoxton lobby. Fusing Italian and Dutch cuisines, Lotti’s caters to guests and locals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The establishment’s retractable glass roof opens on warm days, providing an alfresco dining experience and adding a touch of charm to the overall atmosphere.

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