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Mighty Travels Review: Is It Worth the Price?

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Finding travel deals online can feel rewarding and fun, especially when you find a great price for a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. Mighty Travels and its premium subscription programs offer one way to find airfare deals.

During the last century, the best option for inexpensive traveling was asking a travel agent to help you set up your travel. Unfortunately, the internet wiped out many dedicated travel agents, and popular websites like Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia began offering travelers travel deals.

Today, it seems like there’s a new website popping up every week that promises killer deals on hotel mistake rates, airline error fares, and hidden deals accessible only through a subscription service. But are those mistake fares only available behind a paywall, or can you conduct searches independently to find affordable travel deals?

Here’s an investigation into the Mighty Travels subscription service and whether paying for it is worth your money or whether you can find their travel deals on your own.

Our Mighty Travels Review Approach

We’ve been all over the world and have experienced so many amazing travel adventures, but we’re not just experts on travel ideas and destinations. We know you probably have a travel bucket list that’s a mile long and that finding flight deals and cheap flights makes travel possible.

This Mighty Travels Premium review should help you decide whether paying for this service is worth it or whether you can find these deals on your own without paying the subscription fee.

We want to pass on the best itineraries, ideas, and suggestions for your future travel plans, and you may decide that Mighty Travels is the best way to get travel deals. However, we’ll also cover competitors like and free sites like Travelocity, so you’ll have all the info you need to start finding deals.

What is Mighty Travels?

Mighty Travels Homepage

Mighty Travels is a subscription service that aims to help you find deals on everything from basic economy fares to business and first-class fares. They advertise that their service is the best for scoring deals on 5-star hotels and business-class flights.

You’ll head to the official website to use the service and create an account. The website will try to encourage you to sign up for a subscription right off the bat, but you can decline and conduct a few searches using the website’s simple search, too, before deciding on whether to subscribe.

The service is pretty straightforward, with a search engine that asks you for the cabin class, departure area, and destination area. You can add a radius to your airport search that will include other nearby airports and make your “to” and “from” searches as broad or specific as you want with the choice of airport, country, or region for your filters.

The tool won’t show you premium economy, business class, or first-class fares unless you subscribe. Yet, the tool is mildly useful for gauging trip costs even if it only shows you economy fares. The search results will include all the details about each ticket, including price and a link to some hotel listings.

Options for Your Mighty Travels Subscription

Screenshot of Mighty Travels Dashboard

Mighty Travels offers a paid premium and a free basic subscription, but you don’t get nearly the same deals when you try the free version. The company indicates that customers save an average of $300 booking a single flight deal, more than a $119 yearly subscription to Mighty Travels Premium.

Here are a number of key features that Mighty Travels offers:

Flight DealsMighty Travels helps users find discounted airfare tickets to destinations worldwide, with claimed savings up to 90% on some deals. It provides alerts for error fares and hot deals.
Hotel DealsIn addition to flights, Mighty Travels also offers deals on booking 5-star hotels at discounted rates.
Subscription ModelMighty Travels operates on a subscription-based model. Users can start with a free trial before purchasing a paid membership.
Priority Pass GuideThe service provides a comprehensive guide on using Priority Pass for airport lounge access.
Travel TipsMighty Travels helps users find discounted airfare tickets to destinations worldwide, with claimed savings of up to 90% on some deals. It provides alerts for error fares and hot deals.

How to Find a Deal With Mighty Travels

Flight deals from Mighty Travels

 Mighty Travels offers a simple search engine that will give you a list of flights (or hotels if you’re conducting a hotel search). One of the perks of the website is that it’s not complicated, busy, or distracting.

It’s easy to visit the site and get on with searching and finding deals. The best way to find a deal is to conduct regular searches and pounce on a deal when you find it.

Pros and Cons

Like any paid service, Mighty Travels has some pros and cons. You may find that some of these pros and cons don’t concern you. On the other hand, you might find that some of these drawbacks are a dealbreaker, especially if you’re trying to figure out whether to pay for the service.


Easy to Use

You may find it helpful to visit a website that offers all sorts of search parameters (Kayak is probably the best for in-depth, specific searches), but Mighty Travels gets the job done easily without fuss.

The search parameters are pretty simple, but you don’t necessarily need to know all of your details to search. Simply entering the basic parameters (departure and arrival regions) is enough to get you started. You may find the website useful for giving you travel ideas.

Less Expensive than

I like It’s a great service, but the top-end membership with is $199 a year, while Mighty Travels Premium is $119 a year. There is a middle-level membership from Going, too, but you won’t get access to mistake fares with the cheaper membership.

You might also find the Mighty Travels program more valuable for its ability to help you search for tickets departing from anywhere in the world. Going, on the other hand, focuses on departures from the United States, which is helpful unless you’re trying to find a deal on a flight that occurs wholly outside the U.S.

Buy Directly Through the Airline

The Mighty Travels service offers deals, but you don’t book them through their website. Instead, you head to the airline websites to make the reservations directly.

You may find this method comforting since you don’t need to rely on a third party to book your tickets, and it will confirm directly with the airline that your tickets are purchased and ready.

While online travel agencies (OTAs) are respectable places to book tickets, you can score your deals directly with the airlines with a link from Mighty Travels.


No Free Trial

The subscription has no free true trial option, so you must feel sure about the service before subscribing. The company will refund your money and cancel the service within three days if you don’t like their service, but it’s not the same as a free trial.

Try subscribing for a month before trying the yearly subscription, so you don’t lose as much money if you decide to discontinue using the company’s services or you feel that the service just isn’t right for your travel needs.

Round-Trips Only

The service always offers deals on round-trip fares. If you’re trying to piece together a trip with a handful of one-way tickets, you’ll find it difficult to figure out the costs. You might need to conduct additional searches on websites to determine one-way prices.

Further, it’s not possible to create a trip with multiple destinations. You’ll get great discounts on round-trip tickets, but you might find the search results limiting when visiting multiple locations during your travels. In this regard, the search criteria might be too simple to get the best airfare deals.

Our Mighty Travels Ratings

Hotel Deals displayed on

Mighty Travels is an excellent way to find cheap flights and hotels, but is it easier and more valuable than other services?

Ease-Of-Use: 5/5

One of the website’s standout features is the search engine’s simplicity. Finding cheap flights is as easy as entering some basic details, but you can enter several additional criteria.

If you want to avoid certain low-cost carriers or certain companies, the search engine makes it super easy to ensure your list of flights only includes the airlines you want. You may also tailor your search quite specifically with search results that consider lie-flat seating, SkyTrax ratings, and even the temperature at the destination.

Features: 3/5

One of the areas where the service falters is how it presents its results. Essentially, Mighty Travels is a very focused search engine that offers one specific type of airline result: round-trip flights. Yes, you can find good deals on hotel mistake rates, too, but the real value is in searching for flights.

Sure, the website offers many options for additional search parameters, but all the fares shown in your results list will include a single departure point and a single destination. You may find this limiting, especially when trying to piece together the best flight deals for a multi-stop or triangle trip.

Customer Service: 3/5

The company is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and they’re relatively simple to contact whether you’re inside the United States or in an international location. Not only do they have a phone number for contact, but they also offer email communications.

However, there is no live chat option, and actually finding the contact information takes a small amount of digging around the website. The site’s main interface is its search engine, and you have to look at your profile details to find the contact info.

Value for Money: 4/5

Overall, this “mighty” website presents a powerful option for finding the best deals for flying to other countries. It’s a little more affordable versus other options like, and the search engine is powerful.

The only real drawbacks to the website are that you can’t search for one-way flight deals, and finding the best deals requires paying a fee. However, with its friendly and simple interface, this website offers a legitimate and easy way to save money on airfares worldwide.

Mighty Travels Versus Other Options

Far from the only option, Mighty Travels is just one online site for finding flight deals. Try out these competitors to determine which search engine offers the best experience for your personal needs.

Mighty Travels “Paid” vs. Mighty Travels “Free”

Although the website pushes you to enroll in the paid service, you can use Mighty Travels Basic without paying for it to find some deals.

The search engine is less robust for free users, but you still get to use most of the site’s key features, even if you don’t pay. The relatively affordable cost of the yearly subscription also means it’s worth trying the website’s premium subscription at least once.

Mighty Travels vs.

Mighty Travels vs and Mighty Travels Premium are both subscription-based travel discount programs, but they work differently and may appeal to different types of travelers.

Mighty Travels helps you find travel deals by helping you search the internet for discounts, while (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) sends you information about travel deals found by their team.

If you enjoy getting ideas for future travel dates and are not too picky about where you want to go, the awesome email subscription service formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights may give you some good ideas. But, if you have a destination in mind, Mighty Travels makes it easier to conduct your searches based on where you want to go.

Mighty Travels vs. Dollar Flight Club

Mighty Travels vs Dollar Flight Club

Mighty Travels is a helpful search engine for finding deals on flights, but if you want daily deals delivered, Dollar Flight Club might be the way to go.

They “do the hard work for you,” which you may find valuable if you’re very busy and don’t have the time to visit many websites to find the best price on a flight.

Both services do have a premium option, but Dollar Flight Club does have a free trial, which you might want to try in any case.

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Mighty Travels vs. KAYAK

Mighty Travels vs KAYAK

Kayak is one of the biggest and most versatile search engines out there, and one of its standout features is the map option that will show you all the cheap flights in a given timeframe. In this regard, Kayak is quite adept at offering the maximum number of options for a given route.

It’s also free, while Mighty Travels is a paid service. However, reports suggest that Kayak doesn’t always find the best deals. It just finds a lot of deals. You might do better finding cheap flights with Mighty Travels.

Mighty Travels vs. Travelocity

Mighty Travels vs Travelocity

Like Kayak, Travelocity is a free service, but it suffers somewhat from the sheer amount of stuff happening within the site.

Travelocity is a behemoth of a search engine and is a third party that helps you book your flights or other travel plans. Mighty Travels is the way to go if you prefer a simple and focused interface.

Still, Travelocity offers a wealth of information for frequent travelers who want to know every detail possible about their options.

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Mighty Travels Tips and Hacks

Pay Yearly

A subscription can help you save money, but the biggest savings will come when you sign up for the yearly membership rather than the monthly option. A monthly subscription costs $29.99, and a yearly subscription is $119.00. That means you’ll save more than $240 a year when you spring for the yearly subscription rather than the monthly one.

Don’t Forget Hotels

Mighty Travels is primarily known for the deals it finds for airfare, but the service also features the option to find hotels. Maximizing your savings with the service, especially when paying for the subscription, means taking advantage of all the search options.

Try to Employ ALL the Parameters

It takes just a few clicks to search for Mighty Travels, but you’re missing out on the power of the search engine if you don’t select the other parameters that appear under the “more filters” button. From avoiding low-cost carriers to finding flights with lie-flat seats,

The Final Verdict: Is a Mighty Travels Subscription Worth It?

Mighty Travels Review: Is It Worth the Price?

Are you wondering if a Mighty Travels subscription is worth it? Here's our comprehensive Mighty Travels review to guide you.

Product Brand: Mighty Travels

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to Use
  • Less Expensive than Buy Directly Through the Airline


  • No Free Trial
  • Round-Trips Only

Mighty Travels Premium is an affordable and simple tool for scoring flight deals, and you can find value in the service whether you purchase the premium plan or are just interested in simple, free searches.

Overall, the yearly subscription is pretty affordable. All you need to do is find a flight that saves a few hundred dollars, and you’ve paid for your subscription.

The website is easy to use, and the only real drawback is that you’re roped into roundtrip flight deals. You might use the site to find your primary ticket and then employ other (free) sites for the small flights you might take within the country you visit.

Overall, Mighty Travels is an excellent search engine to try at least once, and it’s not difficult to find satisfaction with the paid service.


Is Mighty Travels Premium worth it?

If you spring for the yearly subscription rather than the monthly subscription, Mighty Travels Premium is reasonably priced and offers an easy way to find flight deals. Get to learn the search engine for free first, and then consider the paid option should you enjoy using the interface.

Which website is best for traveling?

There isn’t a single website that’s best for traveling. You almost have to use multiple sites to score the best deal on your future travel plans. However, you may only want to pay for one site to access deals and supplement your search results with free site visits.

How do you compare travel websites?

Conduct an identical example search on different travel sites and compare the results. Are the airfares the same? Are there more details on one site versus another? Can you set up travel alerts? One site offers better flights to Europe than another, but another is best for hotel deals.

How do I get the best travel price?

There is no single industry standard for getting the best prices on your flights, hotels, and other travel services. The savviest spenders always look at multiple sites to find the best pricing. Paying for a subscription can help, but getting the best deals usually means visiting multiple websites.

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