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It’s no secret that I love to travel. If I had the money, I would travel the world for months and months at a time. Unfortunately, I often find that my budget limits my travel, and I know I’m not alone.

The average person will spend about $1,800 to $2,500 on a one-week vacation. A family of four will spend between $4,100 and $5,100 on average for a one-week vacation. It’s almost prohibitively expensive.

I want to take great vacations, but I don’t want to spend more than I have to. If I can cut my expenses on one trip, I may be able to take an extra trip later in the year, so that’s what I’m always thinking about. That’s where handy resources like travel comparison sites come into play.

Wondering which booking sites are the best and how compares? Our comprehensive review will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed booking decision.

Flights are often the largest cost to consider when planning vacations. Airline prices are still pretty steep and vary significantly, so air travel is a great place to try to save money.

I’ve been evaluating flight search engines, airline booking sites, and travel comparison sites for now, but this is the first time I have played around with

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As someone who loves to travel, I’m interested in cheap flights, so a key factor in reviewing is whether it offers cheap tickets.

I am also interested in the quality of customer service, the reputation of the airlines, and the fee structure. For example, I want to know whether the site charges hidden fees or cancellation charges beyond what the airline charges. I also want to work with a reliable company to ensure my travels go smoothly.

How Does Work?

Different Offers of / is a London-headquartered travel comparison site that sees a lot of traffic (hard to say no to something called “cheap flights”). On average, has about 9 million people visiting the site either via the website or app per month.

Although offering cheap flights is its primary business, it also offers deals on hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. It also provides travel news and tips, which I appreciate.

Sample Flight Search in as part of our review / does not sell tickets but works with more than 300 partners, including Priceline, Expedia, Alaska Airlines, Qatar Air, American Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines.

You can book flights or rent hotel rooms in various popular destinations, including Argentina, Bali, Amsterdam, Rome, San Diego, Morocco, and Auckland. The cheapest flight tickets are available if your flight date is flexible.

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How To Use to Find Cheap Flights

Sample Flight Dates in /

The site is straightforward to use. You begin by entering your departure and destination airport or city. When I queried some example flights and hotel packages from Buffalo, New York, to Amsterdam, the site referred me to Priceline, one of its partners.

The hotel options appeared first, with reviews and strengths of the hotel, such as sustainability or comfort. Clicking on one of the options opened a screen with detailed information, including ratings, amenities, and room types. The screen also provided options for the lowest prices, free cancellation, or pay-later deals.

Once I entered a room choice, I went to a screen offering flight options. The site provided the option to filter by airlines and by the number of stops. flight comparison options /

It offered options to book one-way or round-trip tickets. The website does not offer multiple options, but the app does. Once I’ve chosen a flight option, I purchase tickets with Priceline.

Because is a search engine rather than a ticket seller itself, it works differently than online travel agencies. The company doesn’t set refund or cancellation policies. Instead, these are set by the partner. The payment methods also depend on the partners.

Once I’ve purchased tickets, my booking number, reservation number, and confirmations will come from the partner. I will ask the partner any follow-up questions rather than If I need to cancel my flight, I’ll contact my partner.

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How to Score the Best Deals on different flight price comparisons /
  • First, be flexible if you can. If you’re flexible, will show you more options, giving you a better chance of finding a great deal. Also, prices can vary significantly with even a slight date change.
  • Second, consider alternate airports. Sometimes, a flight will be significantly cheaper at a nearby airport.
  • Finally, book with reputable partners to have the best customer experience.

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Is Reliable?

Reviews are mixed. You can find good deals through the site, but the quality of customer service varies.

Customers have posted several positive reviews describing the benefits of One review called it a great place to search for cheap flights.

The review said the site is easy to navigate. Another said an associate was very helpful when the airline canceled his flight. The associate got him back up and running quickly.

Another review says the person bought a ticket for an international flight at nearly the last minute and saved $700. Another review says the site shows cheap, fast, and convenient flights.

One review called “a good app.” Finally, another review said the reviewer had used other sites, but was the easiest.

Pros and Cons

Every cheap flight site has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of


  • Because one search scans hundreds of partners, the odds are good that you’ll find a cheap ticket price. Travelers with flexible schedules will find the cheapest flights.
  • You will likely find a ticket if the situation dictates that you must travel at the last minute.
  • The prices shown include all mandatory fees.
  • The website is very easy to use.
  •’s newsletter provides handpicked deals.
  • The company has reputable partners.
  • It is free!


  • Customer reviews demonstrate that customer service varies widely depending on which partner you purchase tickets from. Reviews say that some partners provide horrible customer service while others provide an exceptional customer experience.
  • Airline tickets may end up costing more money than you expect. Most partner sites’ prices do not include nonmandatory fees such as seat selection or baggage fees.
  • You can only search for multi-city airline tickets on the app.

Overall Impression of

With all that in mind, let’s get down to the overall ratings. I have listed some of the sites’ key features and assigned a rating on a 5-point scale.

Ease of Use: 5

The site is intuitive and easy to use. Prices and options are easy to find. reviews demonstrate that other customers found the site quick and easy to navigate.

Features: 3

The site is adequate; however, other airline booking sites offer more features. For example, some sites can filter by environmental impact, flight duration, layover length, recommendations, and other factors. The site also doesn’t offer rewards, although some partners do.

Also, depending upon the partner site or sites you’re referred to, your features may differ.

Customer Service: 3 provides very little customer service. You’re dependent on the company from which you buy tickets. Some reviews describe partner sites as scams or engaging in false advertising.

Others talk about poor service issues, such as failing to receive their tickets and not being told of cancellations or other critical flight info. Other reviews describe good service. Site users should look carefully at the partners they book from and make purchase decisions based on reputation rather than just low prices.

Value for the Money: 5 is a free service that offers cheap flights. vs Other Travel Booking Sites

One way to determine the quality of a travel site is to compare it with other sites. Here is how compares with its competitors. vs

Going (Formerly Scott's Cheap Flights) Review
Going / Going

I’ve used a lot in the past, and they’re my go-to group for finding good deals on plane tickets. Going offers some cheap deals, but the best deals are for those who pay for premium or elite packages.

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Dollar Flight Club website
Dollar Flight Club / Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club is a subscription service that tells members about the cheapest flights leaving from their home airport. The basic service is free, but the best fares are for those who pay for a premium membership.

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Kayak booking flights page
Kayak / Kayak

Funny enough, Kayak actually manages the site. Kayak is another free search aggregator with a robust filter tool. You can filter by aircraft type, flights with no change fee, airlines, and other options. Not gonna lie; I love Kayak.

If you’re not ready to book, you can set up price alerts and book later. It also has a fly-anywhere feature if you don’t have a specific destination in mind and want to let the flight price help you decide. Kayak also allows you to find deals on hotels and rental cars.

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Momondo Landing Page
Momondo / Momondo

Momondo also searches hundreds of sites to help you find the right tickets for you. It has a calendar view to help you choose the best times to fly and has an anywhere function if you don’t have a specific destination.

It displays baggage and seat selection information to help you avoid surprises later on. It also has a more robust filter tool than

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The Final Verdict: Is Legit? Review: Is It Legit to Use?

Are you planning to check out flights on Here's a review to find out whether it's legit or not

Product Brand:

Editor's Rating:


  • Travelers with flexible schedules will find the cheapest flights. You are likely to find a ticket if you must travel at the last minute. The prices shown include all mandatory fees. The website is easy to use.'s newsletter provides handpicked deals.


  • Customer reviews demonstrate that customer service varies widely depending on which partner your purchase tickets from Airline tickets may end up costing more money than you expect. You can only search for multicity airline tickets on the app. is a legitimate site that compares airfare and hotel deals through several partners. The company does not sell tickets itself; you make your reservation directly with the partner. Reviews demonstrate that many people have found the website and app to help find convenient, low-cost travel deals.


Is a reliable website for finding the best deals?

Yes, is recognized by many people as being a helpful site for finding discount prices. It has been operating for more than 20 years.

Like all travel websites, it receives positive and negative reviews; however, the negative reviews generally reflect on the partner rather than If you book with the company’s best-known partners, you’ll have a safe and smooth experience.

How does find the cheapest flights? uses proprietary innovative technology to search its more than 300 partners for the best fares that meet your entry criteria. Because of its robust partnership network, the company can provide its users with good deals.

What happens if I need to cancel or change a flight booked through

Because is a comparison price site and not a travel agent, it doesn’t sell you the tickets. Instead, you buy tickets directly from the partners. has no authority to cancel or change your flight or offer you a refund. You’ll need to contact the partner that sold you the ticket.

Are there any additional or hidden fees when using

The site is free. However, the price you see on the partner sites does not always include fees for seat selection or checked bags. You should read the terms and conditions of your flight carefully before booking to avoid spending extra money.

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