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14 Fun & Best Things to Do in Liberia, Costa Rica

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When people talk about visiting Costa Rica, they rarely say their final destination is the city of Liberia. This may seem surprising at first. After all, Liberia is one of Costa Rica’s largest cities by population, so without further ado, here are the best things to do in Liberia.

A little over 45,000 Costa Ricans call it home – and it’s also the location of one of the country’s two international airports. It seems that there must be some things to do there – right?

However, if you’ve ever been to Liberia, then you know that this northwestern city is mostly residential and that it’s not exactly a vacation destination.

What is Liberia, Costa Rica, known for? Well, most people fly into Liberia and immediately leave town for the beautiful and alluring beaches for which the Guanacaste province is known or other exciting destinations nearby.

Although your visit to Costa Rica will likely take you elsewhere in the nation for most of your trip, there’s still a good chance that you may spend some time in Liberia because of the arrival or departure day and time of your flight.

Based on others’ reactions when you mention Liberia, you may expect your days spent there to be lost – but that doesn’t have to be the case. Read on for suggestions on spending your days in and around Liberia – and you’ll likely be happily surprised by the things you find.


  • Best Thing to Do With Kids: Ponderosa Adventure Park
  • Place to eat-Related Attraction: Cafe Tio Leo
  • Best National Park Overall: Santa Rosa National Park
  • Best Closest Beach: Playa Hermosa
  • Best National Park for Hiking: Rincon de la Vieja National Park
  • Best National Park for Birdwatching: Palo Verde National Park

Things to Do in Liberia

1. Cafe Tio Leo

A table at Cafe Tio Leo

Address: HC86+CP4, Provincia de Guanacaste, Guardia, Costa Rica

Do you like coffee? If so, then you’ll love taking a coffee tour with Cafe Tio Leo, a coffee plantation that’s just outside of town.

This is one of the top things to do in Liberia, and it is a great place to start or end your Costa Rican adventure and to pick up some coffee straight from the source.

Each three-hour tour will teach you the history of Tio Leo Coffee, a brand making great coffee since 2014, while you walk through this mountainside coffee farm.

You’ll also learn about cooking empanadas, how chocolate is made, how coffee is roasted, and how sugar cane juice is extracted from sugar cane.

A knowledgeable guide will be on hand to answer all your questions, and you’ll have the chance to purchase coffee from the shop at the end.

Coffee doesn’t get much fresher than this, folks, and you’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge and some excellent coffee to take with you back home.

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2. Ponderosa Adventure Park

Ponderosa Adventure Park
Image source: TripAdvisor

Address: 200 mts sur del puente de el rio “El Salto, Provincia de Guanacaste, Liberia, 50101, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its abundant wildlife. Still, most visitors don’t expect to have the opportunity to view and interact with African animals like giraffes and zebras while visiting this Central American country!

That’s where Ponderosa Adventure Park comes in. This fantastic, multi-faceted adventure park has so much to offer, and wild animals roaming in wide-open spaces is just one of them.

In addition to animal encounters, this park allows guests to swim at the base of a waterfall, kayak along a river, zipline, try high-ropes activities, and ride horses through the forest on tranquil trails.

You can pick and choose the activities you want if you’re short on time, or buy a full-day entry ticket and do it all!

This is a great way to experience so many of the wonders of Costa Rica all in one place. If you’re looking for things to do in Liberia with kids, this is a great opportunity for families or adventurers of all ages. This is one of the best things to see in Liberia; don’t miss it.

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3. Immaculate Church of Concepcion de Maria

Address: JHH6+XW5, Guanacaste Province, Liberia, Costa Rica

There are people of all religions living in Costa Rica, but most Costa Ricans identify as Catholic. As a result, you’ll find many Catholic churches throughout the country, which are quite beautiful.

If you are in downtown Liberia and would like to visit a particularly striking and unique-looking church, the Immaculate Church of Concepcion de Maria is worth a stop. It seats 600 and is always open.

It’s newer than many of the other churches you’ll find in Costa Rica, and it has a more modern look than others; it has no air conditioning and was constructed with airflow in mind, although it’s still quite warm on hot days. This is one of the best free things to do in Liberia.

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4. Museo de Guanacaste

Museo de Guanacaste
Image source: TripAdvisor

Address: JHJ6+376, Av. 1, Provincia de Guanacaste, Liberia, 50101, Costa Rica

Suppose you’d like to learn a bit about the history of Costa Rica and the Guanacaste province in particular and are looking for Liberia attractions. In that case, this museum is worth checking out.

The Museo de Guanacaste is housed in the former city headquarters and jail, so it has the feel of a fortress. However, the in-development exhibits inside focus on cultural exhibits, Costa Rican heritage, and Costa Rican art.

This part of the country is rich in archaeological finds, and some artifacts are on display here, particularly between 1000 and 1350 AD.

Staff is sometimes on hand to answer questions about the things you see. This museum is a work in progress, so keep that in mind; it will be quite a while before it reaches its full potential.

5. Numu Brewing Company & Maderos Brewery

Numu Brewing Company
Image source: TripAdvisor

Address: Solarium Logistics Center, 19F, Guanacaste Province, Liberia, 50501, Costa Rica

Whether it’s the beginning of your trip to Costa Rica or the end, it never hurts to sit back and drink a nice, cold beer. These two breweries in Liberia will welcome you with open arms and are excellent spots to knock back a brewski.

Both breweries make craft beer that you’ll love, and they both have excellent food options as well. You’ll be happy in either one, but why not try both?

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6. Guanacaste/Daniel Oduber Quieros International Airport

Daniel Oduber Quieros International Airport
Image by Emw/CC BY-SA 3.0

Address: Blvd. Aeropuerto S/N, Provincia de Guanacaste, Liberia, Costa Rica

Most people don’t think of an airport as an attraction, but if you stay in Liberia, you are probably coming from or going to this airport. It’s one of four international airports in Costa Rica and is the second busiest after the main airport in San Jose.

A new 250,000-square-foot terminal was completed in 2012. Many people fly into Guanacaste Airport each year; it’s the airport with the easiest access to the popular northwest corner of the country.

Most people visiting Liberia stay near the international airport for ease of arrival and departure. There are several hotels and vacation rentals just a step away, but even the hotels and vacation rentals a bit further out offer easy access by cab or ride share to the airport.

The closest hotel to the airport is the Hilton Garden Inn Guanacaste Airport. This well-rated hotel has a restaurant and a pool and is less than a mile away.

However, if you prefer to stay in a more resort-like atmosphere, you might prefer to stay on the beach. It’s only about eight miles or forty minutes away. Hotel El Velero in Playa Hermosa is beachfront and offers a lovely pool, a private beach, a restaurant, and more.

Vacationers and visitors who like privacy might like a vacation rental best. The Explore Paradise-Linda Vista Cottage sleeps six in two bedrooms with four beds and has a pool, air conditioning, internet, and television.

Pets are allowed, but children are not. This is a bit south of Liberia, but it’s a quick, 40-minute tour to the airport from there.

If you want more space to spread out, you might like this Simply Breathtaking. Simply Exquisite Villa. It’s 4700 square feet with a private pool, four bedrooms, and four bathrooms.

It has a view of the Pacific, laundry facilities, internet, air conditioning, and more. This one allows children, but not pets. This accommodation is north of Liberia but is only about thirty minutes from the airport.

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Things to Do Near Liberia

7. Palo Verde National Park

Address: 9MM8+978, Provincia de Guanacaste, Bagaces, Costa Rica

There are four national parks within easy driving distance of Liberia, and they’re all winners; if you’re looking for Liberia things to do, then national parks are a great option. Palo Verde National Park is south of town and covers 45,492 acres.

Much of Guanacaste province is tropical dry forest. Still, this park focuses on conserving floodplains and marshes, one of Costa Rica’s most endangered ecosystems, so the environment is a bit different from nearby and surrounding areas.

This park is best known for its diverse bird species that use the marsh for nesting and migratory stops, so it’s a birdwatcher’s paradise. Over sixty species of birds are commonly seen here, so bring your binoculars and come early in the day for the most successful sightings.

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8. Barra Honda National Park

Address: 5JGH+25V, Provincia de Guanacaste, Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Barra Honda National Park is also south of Liberia, and if you have time, you can easily combine a trip to it and Palo Verde National Park in one day. This park is quite tiny at only 6,177 acres, but it exists mostly to protect what’s underground.

The limestone caves here were created by rain filtering back into rivers over the past 70 million years, and the cave complex today is believed to only be 50% explored so far.

The deepest cave found so far plunges 740 feet into the earth’s surface, and archaeologists have found pre-Columbian human remains, artifacts, and jewelry dating as far back as 300 BC in some of the shallower tunnels. Cave tours are offered daily, but you must book your visit beforehand.

9. Santa Rosa National Park

Address: R7QV+5XC Hacienda Murciélago, Provincia de Guanacaste, Costa Rica

North of Liberia and on the coast, you’ll find Santa Rosa National Park. It was originally founded to protect the site of the Battle of Santa Rosa, one of the most important battles in Costa Rican history.

Costa Ricans first stopped the invasion from the north by filibustering William Walker in 1856. Later, Costa Ricans also fought off invasions by Nicaraguan forces in this same area in 1919 and 1955.

In addition to the historical significance of this area, it is also protected for its natural diversity. There are ten unique natural habitats within the park, from savannas to forests to marshes to mangrove woodlands, to name a few.

Over 250 bird species and 115 mammal species are found in Santa Rosa National Park, and there are numerous trails for visitors to explore on its 96,000 terrestrial acres.

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10. Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Address: Guanacaste Province, Liberia, Costa Rica

Do you want to see a volcano while you’re in Costa Rica? If you’re not headed over to La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano National Park to the east, a visit to Rincon de la Vieja National Park to the north of Liberia may be your best bet.

This park is on the smaller side at only 34,000 acres but encompasses three volcanoes – Rincon de la Vieja, Santa Maria, and dormant Cerro Von Seebach. Rincon de la Vieja erupted in 2017 and is still active; you never know when it will come alive again.

Like all parks in Costa Rica, this park is home to abundant wildlife, including a wide variety of mammals and over three hundred species of birds. The park also has volcanic vents and geysers and numerous spectacular waterfalls that are well worth the hikes it takes to reach them.

If you don’t have a rental car, there are lots of tours that will take you up to Rincon de la Vieja. One great option if you have five hours to spare is this Rincon de la Vieja One-Day Nature Tour from GetYourGuide. It includes lunch, a visit to hot springs, a waterfall, and more.

11. Playa Hermosa

If somehow you’ve found yourself in Liberia and have not yet been to a Costa Rican beach, you need to focus on fixing that immediately. There are countless incredible beaches in the Guanacaste province on the Nicoya peninsula, but the closest and most directly accessible one from Libera is Playa Hermosa.

It’s a straight shot west on Route 254. Playa Panama is still a bit closer (by only about seven minutes). Still, Playa Hermosa has everything you’re looking for in an afternoon at the beach, and you’ll be there from Liberia in just forty minutes.

Curl up on a beach chair for a few hours, sip some cocktails, and take a dip – it’s a great way to kill time before your flight or a perfect way to introduce yourself to the wonders of Costa Rica before you move on if you’ve just arrived.

Once you’re done at the beach, if you have time, many boat tours also leave from this area. You can probably easily find a tropical sunset tour to end your day by watching the sun dip below the horizon before heading back to your hotel in Liberia.

There are so many exceptional outdoor activities to enjoy in this area; don’t get tied up too long, though, and be careful not to miss your flight!

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Tours Leaving from Liberia

12. Chocolate Private Tour

Chocolate Private Tour
Image source: Viator

If you’re in Liberia without a car, you’re in luck! Dozens of great tours include transportation to many of the places described above and more, and they all fall under the umbrella of fun things to do in Liberia.

For example, this Rainforest, Wildlife, Waterfall, and Chocolate Private Tour from Viator will take you and your companions on an unforgettable adventure around the area.

You’ll stop at Tree Chocolate Farm to learn how chocolate is farmed and made, the Llanos del Cortes waterfalls for a swim, and the Finca Verde Lodge for wildlife viewing and lunch.

This is a complete and wonderful day with little effort on your part; your guide will take care of all the details.

13. Volcano and Hot Springs Day Trip

Volcano and Hot Springs Day Trip
Image source: Viator

Another tour you might enjoy is this Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs Day Trip from Guanacaste from Viator. It includes transportation and guided hiking at Arenal Volcano National Park and a visit to the world-famous Mount Baldi Hot Springs in La Fortuna. You’ll also learn about local wildlife from your enthusiastic guide, and it even includes breakfast and lunch.

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14. Adult Canopy Zipline, Hot Springs, Horses, and More

Adult Canopy Zipline, Hot Springs, Horses, and More
Image source: Viator

If you want to get into the canopy and see the forest as the wildlife does, this Zipline, Hot Springs, Horses, and More Tour from Viator is for you! You’ll participate in the above activities, and the guide will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel in Liberia.

You will also enjoy an authentic Costa Rican lunch during your trip. This excursion will surely be a day to remember!

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15. Adult ATV Mountain Tour

Adult ATV Mountain Tour in Costa Rica
Image source: Viator

An ATV is a great way to see the woods and mountains of Costa Rica, and you can do exactly that on this exciting ATV Tours Guanacaste Costa Rica Tour from Viator! This is a great option if you have limited time, as this tour is only three hours, but those three hours will be jam-packed with fun and adventure.

The tour operator will pick you up at your hotel in Liberia for a morning or afternoon ride and will lead you through the forest, where you’ll see abundant wildlife. This is an adventure that you’ll never forget!

Is Liberia, Costa Rica, worth visiting?

Absolutely! Liberia, Costa Rica, is definitely worth visiting. Not only does this charming city offer a variety of great places to explore and discover, but there are also numerous exciting activities to enjoy just a short distance from the town. Don’t hesitate to plan a trip to this delightful destination and take on an unforgettable journey in Costa Rica.

Places to Stay in Liberia

1. Hilton Garden Inn Guanacaste Airport Top Recommendation

The Hilton Garden Inn Guanacaste Airport is the perfect place to stay when visiting Liberia, Costa Rica. The hotel is located opposite Daniel Oduber International Airport and offers a free airport shuttle service on request. The hotel features an international restaurant, outdoor pool, modern rooms with 32-inch LCD TV, and a well-equipped gym. The Garden Restaurant and Bar offers a full menu for lunch and dinner. Snacks are available at the 24-hour convenience store. The Hilton Garden Inn Liberia Airport is the perfect place to stay for business or pleasure.

2. Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino

This hotel features an outdoor pool, an on-site restaurant serving both typical local cuisine and international dishes, a bar, gym, tennis courts, and meeting facilities. It's also home to a casino, perfect for those looking to try their luck while on vacation. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the hotel, ensuring you stay connected during your stay. The elegant and spacious rooms are all air conditioned and come equipped with ironing appliances, a safe, flat-screen cable TV, and an outdoor lounge area overlooking the gardens and pool area.

3. Hotel Javy

The hotel features family rooms, so you can stay comfortably with your loved ones. The rooms are also equipped with balconies, patios, private bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs—everything you need for a relaxing stay. In the morning, enjoy a delicious continental breakfast before exploring the area. Hotel Javy also provides helpful information at the reception to help you make the most of your trip. Book your stay today and experience all that this wonderful hotel has to offer!


Is Liberia safe to visit?

Although Liberia is one of the biggest cities in Costa Rica, it’s still rather small as cities go. For the most part, it is safe, but it’s still a city – use your street smarts, keep your wits about you, and don’t drop your guard, and you should be just fine.

How can I get around near Liberia, Costa Rica?

As you can see, most of the organized tours listed in this post include pickup and drop-off at your hotel, so if you opt for one of those, you won’t have to worry about transportation. However, if you wish to go out on your own, you can rent a car at the Liberia airport or take cabs or ride-share services to get around.

If you feel comfortable taking public transportation, there are also plenty of buses in this area – ask a local which one to take to get where you want to go – they’ll be happy to help if they can.

When is the best time of year to visit Liberia, Costa Rica?

Honestly, any time of year is a great time to visit any part of Costa Rica. The rainy season is from May to November, but even those months are a joy in this tropical paradise. Furthermore, rain is light and uncommon in Guanacaste province anyway. You’ll be happy with your visit and enjoy yourself no matter what time of year you choose.

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