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11 Best Things to Do in Little Falls, Minnesota

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Prepare yourself for an adventure. Little Falls, Minnesota, is brimming with fun things to do. This midwestern city is becoming one of the Midwest’s most popular tourist destinations. You’ll find a lot to do in this beautiful little area.

A large number of our attractions may be reached on foot or by bicycle. If you’re in town, stop by the Great River Arts Center for a look at some of the area’s most talented artists.

Visit the home of Charles A. Lindbergh and the Linden Hill Conference & Retreat Center at Lindbergh State Park.  Tourists come from shopping on their Downtown Riverfront to lively historic neighborhoods. 

Here is a list of fun things to do in Little Falls, Minnesota.

Things to Do in Little Falls, Minnesota

1. Enjoy nature with their vast biking trails

Man in Orange Jacket Biking

Tourists travel most of Minnesota’s route on road shoulders and low-traffic roads. But, it also includes many scenic state and regional biking trails.

This consists of the Soo Line Recreational Trail and Camp Ripley Veterans State Trail. These are where tourists may bike, trek, or stroll and enjoy the serene environment. To the north of Royalton, Minnesota, runs the Soo Line Recreational Trail, a southern extension of the Soo Line Trail.

It is unlike the connecting piece to the northeast. This 10-mile segment does not allow motorized usage. It is only a destination for biking or walking. There is also an awaited bike trail named Camp Ripley Veterans State Trail.

The proposed Camp Ripley/Veterans State Trail would begin in Crow Wing State Park, near the southern terminus of the Paul Bunyan Trail. Then, follow the Mississippi River down to Little Falls before connecting with the Soo Line Trail in Royalton.

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2. Experience spiritual healing at St. Francis Convent and Campus

Address: 116 8th Ave SE, Little Falls, MN 56345, United States

The Franciscan Sisters were inspired by St. Francis and Clare of Assisi. It is a religious community of women devoted to gospel life and service to others.

It is at St. Francis Center and Convent at 116 8th Avenue Southeast, Little Falls, Minnesota. The sisters commit to nonviolence because they see the need for healing in our world. They also endeavor to build peace and justice communities wherever they are called to serve in their mission.

They fund some ministries and activities that are open to the public. This includes a chapel, life center, library, gift shop, and music center.

3. Reconnect with nature at Pine Grove Zoo

Tiger in Pine Grove Zoo
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 1200 Broadway W, Little Falls, MN 56345, United States

Pine Grove Zoo is a lovely public zoological institution in Little Falls. It was first shown in 1907. It was a park to be enjoyed by the locals located at 1200 Broadway W. 

The city’s Park Committee acquired two great-horned owls as public attractions in 1913. Then, the park’s zoological collections began in the same year. Many animals, including zebras, kangaroos, and the Arctic and grey wolves, may be seen in the park today.

The zoo’s Australian Exhibit has wild emus in its native habitat. But, its North American Exhibit features populations of prairie dogs, elk, and pronghorn. Additionally, the public may enjoy a children’s play area. Also, enjoy strolling pathways throughout the summer months.

4. Revisit history at the Charles A. Lindberg House Museum

Address: 1620 Lindbergh Dr S, Little Falls, MN 56345, United States

Charles A. Lindbergh is the most well-known native of Little Falls. He is recognized as an aviator and environmentalist. Lindbergh’s own beginnings were affected by his experiences at Little Falls. In appreciation of his acts, he was given the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Later published in his book, the story of his solo voyage across the Atlantic earned him a Pulitzer Prize for fiction writing.  His family and the town wanted to pay homage and recognition to his life. Discover interactive displays. An actual film is also in a vintage theatre.

During a guided tour of Lindbergh’s childhood home, you’ll learn about his love of the outdoors. Also, his tinkering on the farm, his first airplane, and other topics.

Stroll the Mississippi River pathways that Lindbergh used to run on as a kid. The area links to the nearby Lindbergh State Park. You can find the museum at 1620 Lindbergh Drive S.

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5. Visit the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum – Morrison County Historical Society Museum

Address: 2151 Lindbergh Dr S, Little Falls, MN 56345, United States

The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum is owned and operated by the Morrison County Historical Society.

It can also be found in the city of Little Falls, MN, and is located at 2151 Lindbergh Dr. S.  It was important for the museum to showcase a variety of facets of Morrison County’s past. It was inspired by the Greek Revival architecture common among the county’s early immigrants.

The structure used local indigenous building materials that are common in Morrison County. Building materials in the early years of the county were wood.

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6. Explore the Minnesota Military Museum

Tank in Minnesota Military Museum, Little Falls
image by Bruce S/TripAdvisor

Address: Camp Ripley, 15000 Highway 115, Little Falls, MN 56345, United States

Weapons, uniforms, medals, and insignia are all on display. There are military vehicles and artillery from the early 1900s and the only World War One 40 & 8 boxcars in the state, as well. Minnesota Military Museum also has a rotating special exhibition each year.

One of the first museums dedicated to military history was founded in 1977. This museum is the only place in Minnesota where military personnel’s experiences are depicted. The creators made it in such dramatic detail for the general public. 

Exhibitions highlight Minnesotans’ service and sacrifices throughout the state’s long military history. It tells a story from its colonial beginnings through World Wars I and II to the Persian Gulf War of the present day.

Besides tanks and helicopters, there is a slew of towed and self-propelled artillery pieces on display outside. Jeeps, an M274 “Mechanical Mule,” and a 1929 Reo truck are among the tiny vehicles displayed indoors.

Visit Minnesota Military Museum at Camp Ripley, 15000 Highway 115.

7. Get out on a kayak ride at Lindbergh State Park in Little Falls

Address: Little Falls, MN 56345, United States

Charles A. Lindbergh State Park is a popular destination for families. It is a riverfront location on Lake Michigan with outdoor activities available. Among the attractions of the picnic area are a restored WPA picnic shelter and a stone water tower that dates back to the 1930s.

Tourists usually canoe along Pike Creek or the Mississippi River. Visitors can also trek through the majestic red and white pine, aspen, oak, and grassland around it. Throughout the year, tourists may see bald eagles.

Take a tour of Charles A. Lindbergh’s house over your summer vacation. A neighboring park is home to a museum run by the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS).

There are many hiking routes that follow Pike Creek as it makes its way to the Mississippi. Visitors can explore the stream and river by renting kayaks or canoes.

The Little Elk section sits north of the main park area, where the Elk and Mississippi rivers meet. This section has plenty of historical artifacts added in 2003. There is a 1.5-mile loop route that visitors may make use of located at 1615 Lindbergh Dr. S.

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8. Enjoy at Little Falls Dam Festival

Crowd in Little Falls Dam Festival
image by Little Falls Dam Festival/Facebook

The community of Little Falls relies on the Little Falls Dam to provide water and generate power. Festivals are held there at various periods of the year.

Many people refer to the Little Falls Dam Festival as a fun place. Here they can take part in many activities such as food and beverage vendors.

There are also live music and other forms of entertainment. Examples of this are fun events such as Pull Tabs and beer gardens. There are games like rock climbing and bungee jumping for the youngsters to enjoy.

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9. Be amazed at the grandiose Linden Hill Historic Estate

Address: 608 Highland Ave, Little Falls, MN 56345, United States

This old house is at 608 Highland Avenue in Little Falls. The Musser family lived on the nine-acre Linden Hill Historic Estate.

It has two grand houses, until the late 1980s when they moved out. Friends of Linden Hill, a group that doesn’t make money, has been using the estate as a venue for events since 2007. Guided tours are available in the Weyerhaeuser Home. Also in the Linden Hill Historic House Museum and the Musser Mansion.

They can learn about life in the early 1900s. Also, tourists are invited to take part in guided tours of the estate. It happens there over the course of the year. Many people use Linden Hill as a place for fundraising and other events.

This includes school tours, wine tastings, picnics, tea retreats, brunches, and music performances. Linden Hill is well-known as a place where people can give back and be creative.

Our annual Christmas at the Mansions event is one of the most notable. During this event, visitors can go inside both mansions for ten days and see them decked out for the holidays in all their glory.

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10. Geek out at the Great River Arts Center

Great River Arts Center Exhibit
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 122 1st St SE, Little Falls, MN 56345, United States

The Great River Arts Center is at 122 First Street in Little Falls. It features works by local artists. There are many unique items and artworks available here.

Great River Arts is an art gallery in Little Falls that also hosts events throughout the year, from poetry readings to guest lectures. Local artists exhibit their work at Great River Arts, with new exhibits opening every six weeks, so there’s always something new to see.

Music, talks, and other activities are also held at the center on a regular basis. The new performing arts section, workshops, special events, and the gallery all take place in the Front and Main galleries.

11. Learn more at the Minnesota Fishing Museum Hall of Fame & Education Center

Minnesota Fishing Museum and Hall of Fame Exhibit
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 304 Broadway, Little Falls, MN 56345, United States

The Minnesota Fishing Museum is located in Little Falls, 304 West Broadway. The museum depicts the history of Minnesota’s commercial fishing business. It also houses an extensive collection of fishing poles, reels, lures, and tackle boxes. 

The museum also has an aquarium with real fish in it. They have video clips and interactive exhibits that teach visitors about native fish species.

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When to visit Little Falls, Minnesota

Summer in Little Falls, Minnesota, is a great time to visit. It is a time when many local attractions and festivals are in the area. Each season offers a unique experience for visitors and locals to enjoy. If you need a weekend getaway or a day trip – you can find plenty of things to do in Little Falls, Minnesota.

The summer months are one of the most pleasant seasons to visit Little Falls. Despite the heated weather, there are many things to do in the area. Whatever your interests, you’re sure to find something to do outdoors.

Little Falls also has many great restaurants that serve both lunch and dinner. All this while admiring the beautiful scenery of Little Falls.

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The main street in Little Falls’ historic downtown district used to be a hive of activity when it came to trade. There are a few small stores, restaurants, and hotels in the area.

Along the main street, you may find antique shops, cafés, and other small businesses to browse around. Downtown has long been a favorite gathering place for both locals and visitors alike.

When it comes down to it, the town of Little Falls is a hidden gem that should not be missed. Visit this gorgeous town on your next journey and take a break from your journey.

See some of the area’s breathtaking natural sights and allow yourself to be impressed by Minnesota. While you’re here, you may also take advantage of one of the many fascinating attractions that the area has to offer.

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