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16 Fun & Best Things to Do in Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Although quite a small town, Travelers Rest has so much to offer. If you’re looking for some exciting things to do in Travelers Rest, then you just need to grab a chair and go through this piece.

Being a small town in Greenville County, South Carolina, there are boundless things to do in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. The town is not overly congested as it has an estimated population of about 5,500 people. The town is perfectly sandwiched between the city of Greenville and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The name Travelers Rest was coined as a result of the town’s proximity to the North Carolina Mountains. While travelers were on their journey to the mountains, this was where they would first stop to relax before embarking on their grueling adventure.

Besides, during winter, travelers would have to rest within the town as they wait for the snow to clear out in the mountains before heading northwards.

Travelers Rest is just a few minutes drive north of Greenville and is full of family-friendly adventures. In fact, there’s an endless list of things to do in Travelers Rest on the weekend as a family.

The town boasts several upstate experiences, outdoor adventures, tasty foods, and even a winery. Let’s dive in and have a glimpse at some of the most incredible things you can do in Travelers Rest.

Hampton Inn Greenville Travelers Rest
1. Hampton Inn Greenville/Travelers Rest Top Recommendation

The Hampton Inn Greenville Travelers Rest hotel is located in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. This Hampton Inn has a large outdoor pool and offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the property. Rooms are air-conditioned and have cable TV. Bathrooms feature power showers, toiletries and some offer whirlpool baths. A cooked breakfast is served each morning at the Hampton Inn Greenville and a take-away breakfast bag can be provided on request.

Finns Cabin Log Cabin in Blue Ridge Mtns
2. Finns Cabin Log Cabin in Blue Ridge Mtns!

This year-round, pet-friendly cabin with a loft is located in Travelers Rest. The property offers free WiFi and has 2 TVs, a DVD player and a microwave. A dishwasher and a washer are also provided. The bedrooms feature shared bathrooms, as well as a private bathroom for the master bedroom with a shower and bathtub.

Best Western Travelers Rest Greenville
3. Best Western Travelers Rest/Greenville

This Best Western Travelers Rest/Greenville is located off US Highway 25 and offers a seasonal outdoor pool, free WiFi and a flat-screen TV in every room. A full breakfast is served daily. Nature trails and bird watching are 10.7 km away at Paris Mountain State Park. Rooms feature a flat-screen TV with cable channels. A refrigerator, coffee maker, and microwave are provided as well.

Best Things to Do in Travelers Rest, South Carolina

1. Swamp Rabbit Trail

Swamp Rabbit Trail Scenery

Travelers Rest has embraced its location on the far end of the famous 22-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail. This trail has been named on several occasions as one of the best trails in the United States.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail connects downtown Travelers Rest with Greenville while traversing across the Reedy River, city parks, and the old railroad corridor.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail has become a favorite trail for many tourists as it offers you the option to either ride a bike or walk as you enjoy the beautiful scenery and parks. Travelers Rest has also become a nice spot for cyclists as they can easily find a secure location to park their bicycles while they enjoy a nice meal.

If you are planning to visit Travelers Rest, please add biking on the Swamp Rabbit Trail to your to-do list.

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2. Hiking Trails

Swamp Rabbit Trail

South Carolina is well known for its fair share of mountains that are perfect for hiking activities. Hiking is among the great outdoor activities that attract most people to Travelers Rest.

The Paris Mountain State Park offers short to mid-range hikes, while the Swamp Rabbit Trail can also provide some good hiking spots. You can also continue with your adventure and experience the walking tours in Charleston.

3. Trailblazer Park

Trailblazer Park

Another unique gem of the Travelers Rest destinations is Trailblazer Park. Perfectly located near Furman University, and at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this park should be your first stop.

You can easily access the park either via a bike or through the Trailblazer Park spur off the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Whenever you are in Travelers Rest, SC, or Greenhill, make a point of visiting the park.

It is an urban green space that offers a good platform to enjoy diverse traditions and cultural assets as well as the locals. You can as well enjoy free events, festivals, and the beautiful mountain views that are visible from the park.

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4. Enjoy a Concert at Trailblazer Park

The free concerts that happen at Trailblazer Park are a major Travelers Rest attraction that involves both local and touring bands.

These concerts normally take place on Saturday evenings from May to September. The trailblazer concerts are free and are recognized to be among the best outdoor concerts in South Carolina.

Are you planning a visit to Travelers Rest between May and September? Make sure to check out the concert lineups on the official website of Travelers Rest.

You can’t afford to miss a chance to rock and roll at the park on Saturdays. Also, plan your Asheville itinerary to explore more and continue with your adventure.

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5. The Fall Bluegrass and Harvest Market

Concert at The Fall Bluegrass and Harvest Market in Travelers Rest
Source: Travelers Rest

Among the myriad things to do in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, these particular events grant you an opportunity to experience the authentic touch of the local community.

The events happen every Thursday in October, where the community celebrates with family-style dining and authentic Bluegrass music.

On the other hand, the harvest markets are set up under the pavilion, with vendors selling everything from handmade artisan products to fresh local produce. These Thursdays are always lit with bluegrass songs that are performed in the open-air amphitheater.

And that’s not all! Food trucks gather around, and local families sit together for a community-spirited evening. It is usually one of the most thrilling and joyous experiences in the Upstate.

6. Farmers Market

Travelers Rest Farmers Market Entrance
image by Travelers Rest Farmers Market/Facebook

The Travelers Rest Farmers’ markets offer a local shopping experience for tourists visiting the place from across the world. These markets run from May to September, where you can enjoy fresh products from the farm, events for kids, cooking demos, live music, crafts from artists, and the list goes on.

While shopping in Travelers Rest during this event, you just might get lucky to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. And for updates on the scheduled events regarding the markets, feel free to visit the Travelers Rest Farmers Market website.

7. Movie Nights at the Park

Event at Trailblazer Park in Travelers Rest
Source: Trailblazer Park Facebook

Yet another, of the quite unique things to do in Travelers Rest, SC over August, is enjoying an outdoor movie night. These outdoor movies happen every Saturday night in August from dusk at Trailblazer Park.

All movies on the big screen normally start at around 8:30 pm. The outdoor night can still serve as a low-cost date night, as all you need to do is bring chairs or blankets and enjoy great food from the various food truck vendors. For beer lovers, however, it is essential to note that alcoholic drinks are not allowed within the park.

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8. Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve

Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve

This is a 179-acre tract of land that is specifically designated to protect an endangered plant species. It gets its name after the bunched arrowhead plant that is present in only two counties across the entire United States. The Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve houses over 750 federally endangered bunched arrowhead plants.

These plants are extremely sensitive to both water pollutants, and variations in water levels, hence why their survival requires the uttermost care. Besides, the heritage preserve has also become home to various birds, which makes it an excellent spot for birdwatching.

The place is also open to the public, and it’s a perfect spot for hiking adventures.

9. History Museum of Travelers Rest

History Museum of Travelers Rest Entrance
image by History Museum of Travelers Rest/Facebook

Travelers Rest has been a gateway for both tourists and locals traveling back and forth across the mountains and coast, for the longest time.

This, therefore, insinuates that the town can tell interesting stories of the great men and women that have been there. The museum contains artifacts of this tiny town and all of its environs.

The museum, which is located at 3 Edwards Street, is open to the public, only on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm or by special appointment.

The artifacts housed by the museum highlight the history of the tiny town, being a resting place for travelers either journeying to the mountains or the coast.

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10. The Beechwood Farms

Goats in Beechwood Farms
image by Sburris65/TripAdvisor

While here, you can also visit the beautiful Beachwood farms, which are major suppliers for many national and local grocers. Visiting the farms gives you a chance to see the huge 18-wheeler trucks coming in to supply large retailers, or even get to shop by the roadside market.

A sunflower photography session on sunflower hill is another fun activity you can do if you’re visiting the farm between August and September. You get to see the stunning sunflowers as they bloom and seize those wonderful moments. Feel free to check out their website for any updates.

11. The Cherokee Valley Golf Club

Things to do in Travelers Rest, SC

Whether you are a golf fan or just want a cool recreational facility to unwind, then you may want to check out the Cherokee Valley Golf Club. It’s a great place to spend time with your family as you ease off the weekend at the foothills of South Carolina.

Several exciting activities await you in this serene environment, including swimming, biking, walking on the scenic landscape, and attending festive events.

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12. Copperhead Mountain Distillery

Copperhead Mountain Distillery Drinks
image by SamanthaLeeRE/TripAdvisor

The Copperhead Mountain Distillery is known for its various mountain crafts, moonshine tasting, and merchandise. For those that love rums and spirits, you can visit this spot for a tour or moonshine tasting. It is famous for its spiced rums as well as 11 flavored moonshines.

The Copperhead Mountain Distillery is usually open to visit from Tuesday through to Saturday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you can visit the distillery from 12 pm to 6 pm, while from Thursday to Saturday, feel free to take a tour from 11 am to 7 pm.

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13. Charlie’s Southern Rustiques

Charlie’s Southern Rustiques Stre Front
image by Meg S/TripAdvisor

Charlie’s Southern Rustiques is a specialty shop in Travelers Rest that is worth a visit whenever you are within the neighborhood. It is an antique shop that has a limitless collection of vintage collectibles, candles, and farmhouse décor.

While shopping in Travelers Rest, Charlie’s Southern Rustiques is a great gift shop to reminisce with unusual items.

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14. Enjoy Great Food and Eateries

Shrimp and Grits

Since most travelers stop by the town, restaurants in Travelers Rest has various eateries with unique designs and great foods. For breakfast, you would have to stop by Tandem CC for a cup of coffee or your favorite breakfast meal. The bright interior of the joint creates a delightful and welcoming ambiance.

Another breakfast joint is The Forest Coffeehouse, which is a “grab-and-go” eatery with a wide variety of drinks and snacks. Some of them include black cat chai, yogurts, smoothies, sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, and breakfast pizzas.

Moreover, if you happen to be in the mood for a good burger, Shortfields will serve you right. Besides, Shortfields is well known in the region for its local cuisine and great food, mellow music, and nice atmosphere.

Some other notable restaurants in Travelers Rest include Chicora Alley fire House, and Hare and Field, which works to satisfy your urge for local delicacies.

15. Canoeing and Kayaking

Kayak Ride

Both Travelers Rest and its neighborhood enjoy proximity to some of the prettiest bodies of water in the region. The beautiful upcountry vibrant lakes and the clear flowing rivers, provide a perfect playground for canoeists and kayakers. While the waters are perfect for any skill level, the nearby Whitewaters challenge even the most advanced paddlers.

If you need some adrenaline rush, do not leave Travelers Rest without participating in these water games. Be sure to stop by Sunrift Adventures, which is an outfitter store that will adequately arm you for the games.

16. Axe Throwing

People Throwing Axe at Craft Axe Throwing in Greenville, South Carolina
Source: Tripadvisor

Finally, even with all these things to do in Travelers Rest, don’t forget to throw an axe. Axe throwing is a thrilling game that nearly anybody can play.

All you have to do is to aim and throw an axe at a giant dartboard-like target.  And, the closer you get to the bullseye, the more points you gain. It’s an excellent game to enjoy with family and friends, or even the locals as you get to interact with them.

For even more fun, you visit the Craft Axe Throwing in nearby Greenville, a joint that conducts competitive and casual axe-throwing events for league, corporate, and social groups.

In these events, Craft Axe Throwing ensures that adequate trainers and instructors are present to help participants nail the bullseye. And don’t worry too much about the experience, just give it a shot and have fun.

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