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Where to Stay in Temecula Wine Country: 7 Best Areas & Places

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Napa Valley in Northern California represents one of the most well-known wine-producing regions in the country. Still, Napa isn’t the only area in California where winemaking is a treasured art.

The City of Temecula, which wasn’t incorporated until 1989, represents one of the most exciting areas in California for new vintners and visitors interested in wine tasting. It sits east of Interstate 15 in Riverside County, one of the counties that makes up the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Due to the rapid growth of new locales and some excellent local golf courses, Temecula has emerged as a popular destination for Southern California weekenders and an ideal place to relax on vacation and enjoy the Mediterranean climate of this grape-friendly region.

If you’re thinking about touring some of Temecula’s best wineries, you’ll want to know where to lay your head at night. Let’s explore which of the many areas and hotels in Temecula will suit you!

TL;DR: Best Places to Stay in Temecula

Best Areas to Stay in Temecula

Best Area for First-Timers/Tourists Central Temecula Valley Wine Country
Best Area for Budget Travelers Northwest Temecula
Best Area for Luxury Travelers East Temecula Valley Wine Country
Best Area for Safety Temecula City Center
Best Area for Families Old Town Temecula
Best Area for Golf South Temecula
Best Area for Weddings Northeast Temecula Valley Wine Country

Where to Stay in Temecula Wine Country, California

Temecula Wine Country actually encompasses the valley on the east, where most wineries conduct business. The city proper sits in the west, where you’ll find the best Temecula hotels, neighborhoods, and commercial shopping opportunities.

Several resorts and private villas featuring luxurious accommodations dot the hills in the east, while well-known hotels in Temecula and eateries inhabit the west. Choosing the right spot for your California getaway is easy when you know what you want from your vacation!

1. Central Temecula – Best Area for First-Timers and Tourists

Temecula gateway arch depict themes from western history and welcomes visitors
Michael Vi /

Central Temecula features multiple must-sees along Rancho California Road, and it’s an ideal area from which to explore the valley. There are a handful of resorts nearby, as well as excellent opportunities to join tours with various modes of transportation, like limousines and shuttles.

The central road that runs through the hills passes almost a dozen wineries – you’ll quickly realize you’re in wine country out here. They’re well-known, too; from Europa Village to Churon Winery, you’ll have options galore and your pick from their estate vineyards.

Some of the other Central Temecula hotspots include Miramonte Winery, Lorimar Vineyards and Winery, and the Lorenzi Estate Vineyards & Winery. Of those names, a few feature resorts or accommodations. These amazing Temecula winery hotels are sure to welcome you with warm hospitality.

Upscale Temecula hotels like the South Coast Winery Resort or the Carter Estate Winery offer on-site spas. The South Coast Winery Resort has vines on the property and a classy gourmet restaurant, the Vineyard Rose.

In case you missed it, top things to do in the central part of the valley include:

Pros of Central Temecula

  • Delicious food.
  • Plenty of wineries.
  • Variety in transportation.

Cons of Central Temecula

  • Fairly busy year-round.

Accommodations in Central Temecula

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2. Northwest Temecula – Best Area for Budget Travelers

Harveston Community Park play area
City of Temecula / Flickr

Suppose you’re interested in the most affordable vacation possible while staying in hotels in Temecula. In that case, you’ll want to look at the northwest area of town, near the convergence of Route 79 and Interstate 15.

You’ll find several places to eat and some opportunities for activities close to your hotel in the northeast area of Temecula, from chains like In-N-Out Burger to local breweries, such as 8 Bit Brewing Company.

When you’re not enjoying the food, beer, and wine, you’ll also find some lovely places to relax outside. Harveston Community Park features picnic tables and sports fields, and Long Canyon Creek Park has a few play structures for the kids.

Top things to do in the northwest part of Temecula wine country include:

Pros of Northwest Temecula

  • Plenty of outdoor activities.
  • Variety in breweries.
  • Complimentary breakfast and free parking at its many hotels!

Cons of Northwest Temecula

  • Because of its affordability, it’s also a more suburban area of Temecula. This can mean fewer activities close to you.

Accommodations in Northwest Temecula

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3. East Temecula – Best Area for Luxury Travelers

Oak Mountain Winery wine tasting hall
Oak Mountain Winery / Facebook

As you pass several wineries and countless vacation homes in East Temecula, you’ll find a lot of those houses are actually places where you can stay.

In this area, your go-to spots will include Danza del Sol Winery, Cougar Vineyard and Winery, Oak Mountain Winery, and Masia de la Vinya Winery, but it doesn’t stop there. One of the exciting features of this part of Temecula is the significant presence of horse ranches and other equine-related activities.

If you don’t have horse experience but are curious about riding, you might visit Rancho Pacific Equestrian Center, which houses horses and offers riding lessons. Green Acres Ranch, just down the street from Rancho Pacific, also offers classes.

If a luxury stay in the eastern part of the valley sounds like it’s up your alley, here are a few things you can get up to in wine country:

Pros of East Temecula

  • Arguably, the most beautiful region to stay in Temecula.
  • Plenty of hotels with modern amenities, king rooms, private patios and private terraces overlooking the sights, and spas with luxurious deep soaking tubs.
  • A widespread wealth of wineries and winery hotels, like the beautiful Ponte Vineyard Inn.
  • Nearby horse ranches!

Cons of East Temecula

  • Expensive – all those modern amenities will cost you!
  • Occasionally busy, depending on the time of year.
  • Lack of cheap hotels or budget-friendly options.

Accommodations in East Temecula

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4. Temecula Town Center – Best Area for Safety

View of the Veterans Memorial at the Temecula Duck Pond Park
Rosamar /

Temecula has a reputation as a safe city. Still, if you’re looking for the safest area, several well-known chains offer hotels in Temecula right in the center of town. This area also makes it easy to find entertainment and food nearby.

One of the main features of central Temecula is the Town Center Mall, a sprawling property with all the major department stores you might expect in a large mall. There are also other places to drink: Oscar’s Brewing Company, the Refuge Brewery, and more.

When you’ve had your fill of shopping, you can head over to the Temecula Duck Pond to relax or people-watch. If you head northeast to Margarita Road instead, you’ll find Margarita Community Park, a fun stop if you’re traveling with kids and want them to expend some energy at the playground.

Here’s a recap of what’s good in downtown Temecula:

Pros of Temecula Town Center

  • Easier access to shopping malls.
  • Safer part of town.
  • Close-by local parks.
  • Free parking, free breakfast, and sometimes an outdoor swimming pool at its nearby hotels!

Cons of Temecula Town Center

  • Another busy area, thanks to the hustle and bustle of so many shops.

Accommodations in Temecula Town Center

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5. Old Town Temecula – Best Area for Families

The old buildings view in Old town of Temecula
PradaBrown /

Old Town Temecula is one of the most entertaining areas of the valley besides the wineries that sit on the surrounding mountains. Here, you’ll find all sorts of antique dealers and restaurants and a handful of lovely yet affordable Temecula hotels.

Wandering through the area is an ideal way to spend an afternoon or evening, especially if you enjoy fun attractions. Everything is within walking distance, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about the history of the area before stopping to eat.

Feed your brain at the Pub & Grub, and don’t forget to stop by the Sweet Shop for dessert!

Other gift shops abound throughout, such as The Gardener’s Cottage, the French Soap Shop, and the Old Town Boutique. You can also try:

Pros of Old Town

  • Lots of shops and goodies.
  • Easy to find entertainment for kids.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Old Town

  • Busy! Plenty of visitors year-round.

Accommodations in Old Town Temecula

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6. South Temecula – Best Area for Golf

Temecula Creek Golf Club aerial view
Temecula Creek Golf Club / Temecula Creek Golf Club

What’s the best activity to pair with an afternoon spent in a wine-tasting room? A morning spent at one of the golf courses in Temecula and its surrounding communities!

You’ll find two golf courses, the Redhawk Golf Club and the Pechanga Golf Course, quite close to the southern border of the City of Temecula. If you’ve never golfed before but want to learn how, you can take classes at the Temecula Golf School.

You can also visit Temecula Creek Trail Park, which features picnic tables and a hiking trail, as well as unique restaurants like Horizon Buns Home Kitchen.

Top things to do in the south side of town include:

Pros of South Temecula

  • Proximity to golf courses for sportsmen!
  • Close-by hikes.
  • Vegan food!
  • Some stays, like the Temecula Creek Inn, are stunning four-star must-sees.

Cons of South Temecula

  • Busy! If you want to visit a specific golf course, we recommend contacting them ahead of time to be sure of space.

Accommodations in South Temecula

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7. Northeast Temecula– Best Area for Weddings

Colorful hot air balloons in the sky over Temecula
Steve Azer / Adobe Stock

In Northeast Temecula, the beautiful rolling hills foster an incredible venue for weddings. Not only can you propose to your beloved from the picturesque basket of a hot air balloon, but you can also get married at any one of several wineries and venues in and around Temecula.

The wineries closest to your stay in the Northeast will likely be the Doffo Winery, Vitagliano Winery, and Wilson Creek Manor Winery; however, Temecula isn’t huge, and most of the other wineries in the valley are within reach of a car or wine tour bus. When you’re not getting married or wine tasting, you’ll find some excellent opportunities for additional outdoor excursions.

Speaking of excursions, if you time your visit right, you might get to see the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival. This generally occurs in the summer and features loads of food vendors, a pair of music stages, wine tastings, and hot air balloon rides.

If you plan on spending some time in the northeastern part of the valley, here are a few things to keep you occupied:

Pros of Northeast Temecula Valley

  • Easy access to outdoorsy activities.
  • Access to tour buses around the region.
  • Plenty of hotels with a pool, hot tub area, and access to a fitness center.

Cons of Northeast Temecula Valley

  • Pricey! Weddings are expensive.
  • Due to tour bus scheduling, it’s more convenient to rent a car.

Accommodations in Northeast Temecula Valley

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Is Temecula wine country worth visiting?

As someone who adores California and wine, yes. People visit Temecula primarily to tour the wineries, so having a modest interest in the art of wine is helpful. Regardless, Temecula is a great stop on your California vacation, even if you don’t consider yourself a connoisseur of fermented grapes.

Why do people go to Temecula?

With nearly fifty wineries draped along its hillsides, the main draw of Temecula is its wine, but the landscapes and views here are mesmerizing. You’ll also find that the valley and its accompanying town offer some prime shopping, several golf courses, and opportunities to enjoy the Southern California sun.

How many days do you need in Temecula?

Three to five days should allow you to enjoy everything Temecula Wine Country offers, from wine tours to golfing to relaxing by the pool at your resort or vacation home. Los Angeles and San Diego aren’t too far away, so you may want to combine your time in Temecula with a Southern California road trip.

Can you walk from winery to winery in Temecula?

The best way to see Temecula’s wineries is with a tour bus or in your own car – drink responsibly and bring a designated driver. A tour bus is usually the best route if you plan to imbibe along the way or want to see as many wineries as possible on your journey through the valley.
Some of the best places to stay in Temecula offer wine tours, and there are options for biking between wineries.

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