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Amaze Amsterdam Review: An Honest Take on the Experience

Amaze Amsterdam Review: An Honest Take on the Experience

Amsterdam, a city known for its history, art, and culture, never ceases to amaze me. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore a new immersive audiovisual experience – Amaze Amsterdam. Tucked in an old warehouse in the city’s West harbor near Westerpark, this 3,000-square-meter labyrinth sparks intrigue and reels you into a captivating experience.

The moment I entered, I knew I was in for a treat. This experience showcases 30 years of expert show production, masterfully condensed into seven rooms and lasting over an hour.

This experience has added a refreshing touch to Amsterdam’s dynamic new media art and entertainment scene. The experience left me craving for more, eager to explore the hidden gems that continue to shape the spirit of Amsterdam.

Amaze Museum Amsterdam Overview

AMAZE Amsterdam Entrance
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

It took me way too long (over a year) to visit Amaze Amsterdam, created in Amsterdam’s West Harbor by some of the most well-known names in the Dutch festival industry. Occupying a 3,000-square-meter area of this creative Amsterdam district, Amaze takes visitors on an hour-long, emotionally stimulating museum.

My experience was nothing short of incredible. Each step was expertly designed, leaving me in awe. The entire walkthrough was a feast for the senses, from mesmerizing light installations to intriguing soundscapes. It truly lived up to its industry-leading reputation.

Some moments were highly interactive and intense, while others were calm and relaxing. This balance heightened my emotional connection to the experience, making it all the more memorable.

One small but significant feature I appreciated during my visit was the keyring provided upon entry. It acted as a token, enabling me to participate if I should encounter interactive areas throughout the museum. Please note that Amaze is a card-only establishment, so be prepared with your credit or debit card for any purchases.

Experience Highlights

Light Show

Red Lazers and Light Show AMAZE Amsterdam Photos
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The light show truly lives up to its name – nothing short of amazing. The intricate patterns of flashing images and colors swirled around the room, enveloping me in a world of dazzling visuals.

I forgot the outside world and got lost in the spectacle. The synchronization of the lights with the music was top-notch.

Immersive Experience

Interactive Exhibit at AMAZE Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The attraction was set up to guide me and my small group through a series of rooms, each with its distinctive theme and atmosphere. The attention to detail in each space was impressive, allowing my imagination to run wild.

The combination of visuals, interactive shows, audio, and interactive elements came together seamlessly, creating a cohesive and engaging narrative. As a fan of house music, I especially appreciated how the soundtrack enhanced the entire experience.

Final Room

Visual Experience at AMAZE Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The final room left a lasting impression. I appreciated how the show’s effects and the audio built up to a crescendo, amplifying the intensity and excitement of the multi-sensory experience.

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Amaze Lounge

Bar and Lounge at AMAZE Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Before and after the experience, you can hang out in the Amaze Lounge and bar to enjoy a drink or cocktail. The drinks are reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is visually stimulating.

I sipped a thoughtfully designed concoction, admiring the flavors and how the drinks put the entire museum one point higher for me.

Ticket Information

The ticket prices were quite reasonable. For an adult, the entrance ticket price ranges from $29.53 per person for 1 – 1.5 hours of mesmerizing show effects. Here is where you can buy tickets:

I felt the ticket price was well worth it. The level of detail in the labyrinth warrants the ticket price. You can’t help but be impressed by the extravagant light shows and captivating soundscapes created by some of the leading creatives in the Dutch dance music industry.

Staff and Service

Art at AMAZE Museum Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

I was struck by the exceptional staff and their level of service. As a local, I’ve had my fair share of interactions with various establishments in the city, and I must say, this museum stands out.

The welcoming atmosphere, warm hospitality, and the staff’s enthusiasm set the stage. The attentiveness of the employees was evident in every aspect of my visit. They were courteous, professional, and committed to ensuring I had the best possible time.

Following the completion of the tour, I stopped at the bar area for a quick drink before my bike ride home. It’s evident that the folks working at Amaze are not just employees – they are true ambassadors of this experience and love music.

Emotions and Atmosphere

Entrance to Amaze Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

As I entered Amaze Amsterdam, I could immediately feel a shift in the atmosphere. The attraction is designed to take you on an emotional experience, and it lives up to its purpose.

Walking through, my senses were heightened. The genius behind this audiovisual experience lies in its ability to engage our minds in an escape from our daily lives. It’s an attraction that can’t be covered in words alone – you must feel it to understand it.

Audiovisual Components

Visual Effects

I was captivated by the special effects and new media art surrounding me. The enchanting patterns of light danced across surfaces, painting a tapestry of hues and morphing shapes.

A dynamic laser swing set greeted me in one particularly astounding room. While taking my turn on the swing, I became an integral part of the visual spectacle as the lasers carefully traced my movement, creating an electrifying display around me.

Audio Experience

The audio component is a masterful piece of sound engineering. The immersive soundscape melded seamlessly with the stunning visuals throughout. The beats and rhythms were deftly woven into the fabric of the exhibit, acting as the soundtrack to this incredible journey.

From bass-heavy electronic beats to soothing ambient soundscapes, it was intricate and expertly designed to affect my experience through interactive areas of the exhibit.


The audiovisual journey they’ve created caters to many visitors, regardless of age or familiarity with the city. If you love Dutch dance music, you’ll love this experience.

As a local of Amsterdam, I was surprised by the refreshing atmosphere Amaze provides. Friends and small groups who wish to explore something unique in the heart of our beloved city will find Amaze the perfect bonding experience.

The experience is not targeted specifically toward children (the minimum age is ten years old) and people with epilepsy, as the lights and sounds may trigger seizures.

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Location and Nearby Attractions

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

When I visited Amaze Amsterdam, its location was quite easy to find. It’s near Isolatorweg, which is well-connected to public transport.

The surrounding area is full of attractions. After visiting Amaze, I strolled through the beautiful Jordaan neighborhood, just 1.9 miles away. The area boasts lovely historic buildings, charming shops, and cozy streets.

Another incredible nearby attraction is the renowned Rijksmuseum, also 1.9 miles from Amaze. As an Amsterdam local, I believe this world-class museum is a must-visit for anyone traveling to the city. The museum and impressive art, history, and culture collection will leave you speechless.

As for restaurants, Amsterdam offers a wealth of options. Near Amaze, I’ve had some delicious meals at several eateries within Westerpark, ranging from traditional Dutch cuisine to international dishes, such as Brouwerij Troost (one of my favorite breweries in Amsterdam) and the Ton Ton Club.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam near AMAZE, consider booking the Conscious Hotel Westerpark, which offers reasonably priced accommodation inside Westerpark.

Amaze Amsterdam Review: An Honest Take on the Experience

Want to know if Amaze Amsterdam immersive audiovisual experience is worth the ticket price? Here's an honest Amaze Amsterdam review.

Product Brand: Amaze Amsterdam

Editor's Rating:


  • he ticket prices were quite reasonable for the attraction's immersive experience
  • Exceptional staff and their level of service The attraction is designed to take you on an emotional experience, and it lives up to its purpose. The audio component is a masterful piece of sound engineering The immersive audiovisual journey they've created caters to many visitors, regardless of age or familiarity with the city


  • Despite its intricate nature, the experience is not targeted specifically toward children (the minimum age is ten years old) and people with epilepsy, as the many sensors may trigger seizures.

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How long do you spend in Amaze Amsterdam?

During my recent visit to Amaze Amsterdam, I spent roughly two hours in the immersive experience. This allowed me enough time to fully engage with the interactive and emotional aspects of the labyrinth.

Do you need to pre-book tickets for Amaze Amsterdam?

Yes, you need to pre-book tickets online through their website, Tiqets, or GetYourGuide. Tickets are only sold online as they limit the number of guests per slot to provide an optimal experience for everyone. Pre-booking your entrance ticket ensures you can choose the most convenient time slot for your visit.

How can I get to Amaze Amsterdam?

Getting to Amaze Amsterdam by public transportation is quite simple. The city has a well-connected network of buses, trams, and metro lines.

Additionally, Amsterdam is a bike-friendly city, so cycling to the venue is another feasible option. I suggest checking online maps or planning applications to find which transportation option suits you best based on your starting point within the city.

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