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10 Best Museums in Amsterdam for Art Fanatics

10 Best Museums in Amsterdam for Art Fanatics

Amsterdam is a city of architectural wonders and beautiful art museums. If you are planning a trip, here are the best art museums in Amsterdam for art fanatics.

Are you planning to go to Amsterdam with your girlfriends? Create a plan or an itinerary on your whereabouts to achieve a smooth sailing vacation around the place.

Amsterdam is a historically significant place with some of the best museums in the Netherlands that are adored by art fanatics all over the world.

A good plus is that Amsterdam also offers a wide variety of cheap flights to travel from all over the world.

From gothic architectural cathedrals to the Dutch master Van Gogh museums, these are some of the best museums in Amsterdam for every art genre.

Amsterdam has some of the best vacation packages in Europe as you get to tour many scenic historic sites. There are some of the best free museums in Amsterdam.

Best Museums in Amsterdam

1. Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum Ticket

Van Gogh Museum at Museumplein

Many people may ask how many museums are in Amsterdam?

The answer is countless. Some museums are created based on specific interests but the number of art museums is numerous.

Every year art fanatics all over the world flock to see some of the most famous artwork created by Dutch artists. This 1.5-hour museum tour is perfect for all Van Gogh art lovers, you will get to see the physical paintings and letters from the famous Dutch artist.

The tour is most famous for housing over 500 drawings and 200 personalized letters in the Van Gogh exhibition.

The Van Gogh is the best museum in Amsterdam and is popular for being one of “the big three” in the city.

The multimedia guide will share stories and formulate the best behind-the-scenes experience which will help you understand the history behind each famous art piece.

The self-portrait exhibition is a wonderful sight as it is thought-provoking and has deep meaning.

There are pieces displayed by other artists who were inspired by the significant impact of Van Gogh’s paintings.

The museum gives an overview of the great artist’s life, you will get to see paintings like Sunflowers, The Potato Eaters, Almond Blossom, and many more. There are many 19th-century art pieces on display in the exhibition. 

Finish the day with a nice Dutch brand beer as you walk back to your hotel.


  • The organization of the museum is highly rated. There are timed specified entry tickets so that you can visit the museum at your convenience.
  • The tour is available in 11 languages


  • There may be a booking fee of 2 euros at the entrance.
  • Only features Van Gogh paintings and his contemporaries.

2. Amsterdam: The Upside Down Museum Entrance Ticket

This interactive museum is a fun experience that you can enjoy with your friends and family on a budget.

There are 25 different illusion rooms of over 1500 square meters for you to explore. This interactive museum is one of the most interesting museums in Amsterdam.

It is one of the largest interactive Instagram-worthy museums in Europe. They have many exhibitions with mind-bending illusions for you to discover and enjoy.

Strike a pose and take as many pictures as you want at your own pace on this creative art museum journey. Art fanatics will appreciate the modern take on 21st-century art with its new dimensions and illusions which can be mind-boggling.

The exhibition features a nightclub, amusement park, and futuristic backdrops for that perfect Instagram picture.


  • You will be accompanied by a greeter at the entrance of the Upside Down Museum. 
  • You can have fun at your own pace once you arrive at the time of your ticket booking.
  • You will be allowed to take photos at each exhibition. 
  • Each of the 25 rooms will have a different backdrop.


  • Food and drinks are not permitted on the premises, so make sure to eat a hearty meal before going to the museum.
  • Photo prints will not be provided by the Upside Down Amsterdam company.

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3. Madame Tussauds & Amsterdam Dungeon Combo Ticket

Madame Tussauds is a famous branch of wax museums. The exhibition houses many wax statues of celebrities, politicians, and music artists.

Art fanatics can take pictures with life-like models that are created with the finest details to give a realistic appearance. Get to see your favorite movie or music or even artists like Van Gogh in this interactive experience. 

The tour continues at the Amsterdam Dungeon where you can explore and learn about Amsterdam’s 500-year dark history. The Dungeon is a true theatrical performance as it requires audience interaction which makes a fun experience for everyone. 

A set of 10 professional actors give a mind-blowing performance where you will get to witness different features that are terrifying at the same time funny. There are new shows such as Forest of the Dead, where you get to see Amsterdam’s Fallowfield. This interesting concept makes it one of the best museums in Amsterdam Netherlands.


  • Booklets provided at the entrance and are available in Dutch, German and English.
  • You will get a fast track ticket to the Amsterdam Dungeon.


  • The Dungeon closes at 6:00pm everyday.

4. Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum Skip-the-Line Ticket

Bikes in Amsterdam at Sunset

The Stedelijk Museum is a famous art gallery in the heart of Amsterdam. With the pieces ranging from contemporary to minimalist art showcasing beautiful designs. The old museum is situated in Museumplein and is considered one of “the big three” museums in the Netherlands.

There is a new addition to the Stedelijk exhibition which has a futuristic vibe that was added to the museum in 2012.

There are nearly 90,000 magnificent artifacts on display which were all created by 20th-century Dutch artists. Some of the pieces include the work of Picasso, Pollock, and Warhol. The display of Dutch artworks makes it one of the most interesting museums in Amsterdam.


  • You will have access to a skip-the-line entry ticket to the museum to avoid queuing.
  • The audio guides are available in Dutch, English, French, and German
  • This museum tour will grant access to temporary displays


  • Since it is one of many museums to visit in Amsterdam due to its priceless works of art, a security guard may follow your group throughout the visit.

 5. The Art of Play Wondr Experience

There are many attractions in Amsterdam that you can enjoy with your friends and family. The main highlight of this museum tour is its modern art theme which caters to adults and children. This tour is another Instagram-worthy adventure, you can take amazing pictures in front of colorful backgrounds, a confetti shower, and a pink marshmallow pool.

As the name suggests, it is an interactive art playground for adults. There are 15 exhibits and a 100 square meters ball pit.

Art fanatics would love this experience as it opens a whole new world of art. For music lovers, there is a karaoke room for you to enjoy your favorite songs with your friends and family. 


  • The rooms are nicely decorated and you can have a fun experience with this new art museum concept as it is one of the best museums in Amsterdam.
  • The staff are very helpful and will lead you to every exhibit.
  • There is a cafe at the end of the art tour that you need to try, There is a huge selection of different cupcakes and coffee. You can also try the mouth-watering local dishes around the place and have a taste of the Amsterdam food. It sure is delicious.


  • At peak hours, the karaoke room is hard to get for your own group.
  • There might be a queue during peak hours.

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6. Moco Museum: Entrance Tickets with Banksy 

Art fanatics will go crazy over the Moco Museum as it showcases street, contemporary and modern art pieces all in one exhibition. Moco made its displays public in 2016 and ever since has created an unforgettable experience for an art lover. THere are pieces from Banksy, Haring, Hirst and the famous British artist Banksy.

 Admire each section of the museum as you stroll through the exhibition. Through this tour you will gain complete access to the current exhibitions like Studio Irma which uses digital art to create mesmerizing illuminations.

The Adam Parker Smith exhibition has many installments making it an interesting museum in Amsterdam. You will be mesmerized for hours with the Banksy and JR Room which all have deep meanings behind each piece.


  • This is the best museum in Amsterdam for Banksy fans.
  • Although there is no brochure there is access to an audio system which is available in several languages.


  • Make sure to visit the exhibition early as it can get crowded during peak hours.

7. Rembrandt’s Art: Guided Tour in Amsterdam & Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Discover Rembrandt’s famous art in Amsterdam. The Dutch painter revolutionized art through his techniques in the Dutch Golden Age.

Follow the footsteps of this famous painter as you get a once in a lifetime experience to roam the neighborhood where he lived with his wife Saskia. 

You can see his home where he was inspired to paint the Night Watch. The Rijksmuseum is one of “the big three” and has one of the most significant Rembrandt paintings, the Jewish bride and self-portraits. This tour is perfect for everyone who loves Rembrandts’ work.

The private tour is available in English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch. This museum tour will provide entrance tickets to the Rijksmuseum national gallery. 


  • Your personal guide will give you anecdotes and stories about Rembrandt’s life and the best museum in Amsterdam.
  • The museum tour has a highly-rated organization and service rating for being one of the best museums in Amsterdam.


  • Covid-19 restrictions have limited group sizes.

8. Body Worlds Amsterdam: The Happiness Project

The Body World Amsterdam museum is a sight to see for all art fanatics. Explore the new Happiness Project exhibition as you get to see anatomical figures and the evolution of human life. This gallery is perfect as it combines science and art making it an education and interesting experience.

The fascinating work of Dr. Gunther von Hagens brings to life the complexity of the human form. This tour is a great learning experience for all art fanatics as it gives you the artists’ view on human subjects.

The theme of this project unites all viewers and gives a very interesting experience making it one of the best museums in Amsterdam.

The gallery is 7 floors and will take an approximate 2 hours to explore each exhibit. Body Worlds annually attracts 40 million tourists and has a deep meaning of how happiness can affect the mind and the body. 


  • This tour covers the skip-the-line entrance ticket to the Body Worlds gallery.
  • The tour is accessible in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Dutch.
  • The ticket is valid for 24 hours

It showcases real-life art and is one of the most unique and best museums in Amsterdam


  • Children might find this exhibit scary as it uses body donors. 

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9. Amsterdam’s Weirdest Museum: Believe It or Not

Explore the Canal District of Amsterdam on a 1-hour cruise trip. Admire the views of the bridges, ancient bricked houses, and churches. Visitors can get to experience the waterways view from the early 17th century houses in the Golden Age. 

After the cruise stop by the famous Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum which showcases artistic and scientific collections that explores the ancient civilizations in Amsterdam.

Although there are many branches of this museum all over the world, it is of the best museums in Amsterdam as it is an exciting and informative experience. Art fanatics will love contemporary interactive art.


  • The audio tour is available in several languages including English and Dutch.
  • Children below the age of 3 are free of charge for this tour
  • You can take as many pictures as you like in this interactive museum.
  • This tour combo showcases one of the best museums in Amsterdam as you get to see a combination of magnificent bridges and beautiful museums.


  • The information boards in the museum are only in Dutch and English  

 10. Private Art Walk in Amsterdam

Aerial View of Amsterdam

Starting in the morning at a famous corner cafe, your 3-hour tour will include a private history session with your guide who will retell stories and anecdotes about Dutch art history.

On this trip, discover new museums and contemporary art. 

The museums cater mostly to Dutch artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Fran Hals and Jan Steen, however, these artists were drawn to create art from different perspectives giving each piece a deeper meaning. 

Experience the different artifacts which have rich Dutch history and meaning behind each piece. There are paintings such as the Dutch trade post in India which inspired Dutch artists.

From porcelain violins to pots you will get to see all the significant artifacts that rich traders left behind in Amsterdam.

The main aim of the tour is to help you understand the livelihood of Dutch people in the early 1600s in one of the best museums in Amsterdam.


  • The tour is offered in English, Dutch and German
  • This tour allows for a small group of 8 people and is one of the best museums in Amsterdam.
  • The guide will be with you throughout your journey so that you can all about Dutch art history
  • If walking is hard you can switch over to a taxi which will be a quicker way to visit the museums. 


  • This tour is not suitable for people with motor disabilities.

Overall, Amsterdam is a great choice to tour your family and friends. But, staying in Amsterdam is a bit costly.

You have to be resourceful to keep up. Or you may find the cheapest trips in the place, and everything would be fine.

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